IDVD created DVD plays on some DVD players and not others, HELP!

Hi everyone,
I just finished a huge wedding photo montage and burned it using iDVD to a standard DVD-R. I popped it into a Sony home DVD player and all went well, and looked great. Next I tried the DVD in a Mintek portable DVD player (so it's easier to take to the wedding and connect to the LCD projector) and the DVD is not recognized. I tested another computer burned DVD (from a wedding video that was burned on a PC) in the mintek and it does work. I also tested the mintek using a standard store bought DVD movie and it worked fine.
Any thoughts on why this might be happening? I've browsed through the prefs for iDVD in search of some "compatibility" options but there aren't any.
The wedding is Saturday so I'm really hoping to get this sorted out quickly.
BTW I'm using the MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-815 (the one that came standard in the original 1GHz, 17" Powerbook)
Thanks everyone!

Your problem is the Mintek portable DVD player.
Some older DVD players will not play the newer burned media.
This is by design to force conusmers to always upgrade and update there equipment to stay a head of the technology curve.
I had the same problem with a 2 year old stand alone player wouldn't play anything I burned. It would play on other computers and on newer stand alone players but not on a 2 year old player. (VERY FRUSTRATING) I bought a new cheap stand alone and quess what , All was good it played.
There are different codes that are on these players that distingish the players capability.
Good Luck.

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    Thnx for the comments Chris CA.
    Yes, Audio CD is selected when I burn the CDs.

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    Try deleting the photo cache from your computer and then re-try the photo sync and see if they then copy over - the location of the cache, and how to delete it, is on this page

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    Highlighting only works on text documents; a scanned document (image) cannot be highlighted.

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    Hello all,
    First, please forgive my ignorance because I do not work with video much and have no idea what I'm doing. Someone created a video that I need to burn so the DVD can play on any DVD player. The folder is titled "VIDEO_TS" and then the files within it have the following extensions: .BUP, .IFO, .VOB. with VIDEO and VTS as the prefixes. the largest file has a .VOB extension. The master disk is a DVD-R and I burned the video on a Verbatim DVD-R which played fine on my MAc, a PC and two DVD players. However, I tried it on two other DVD players and it could not be played. So now I'm trying to figure out how I can created a DVD that will be compatible with any DVD player or create an alternate version that can be played on the machines that currently can't play the DVD.
    Does all of that make sense? I've been all over the internet and seen different suggestions for similar problems but I don't want to spend money or waste time trying different tactics that won't solve my problem.
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    This is a question very familiar in iDVD forum. I use to answer like this.
    • Brand of DVD used matters - I only use Verbatim (more organic dye in these) - but there are other GOOD Brands
    • DVD-R - plays on more DVD-players than DVD+R as it plays on even older DVD-players (DVD+/-RW - don't even think of it)
    • BURN SPEED - is a major contributor to this problem - I never go faster than x4 - I use as standard x2
    There are two kinds a blanc DVD can be burned as
    • DATA-DVD - Files from DeskTop just stored on a blank DVD - few DVD-players can play this (only very very new ones and they are rare - if I'm rightly informed)
    • Video-DVD - a DVD-authoring program is a MUST. iDVD, DVD-Studio Pro, Burn, Roxio Toast etc etc
    I'm told that Compressor can do this - I never got it to deliver a Playable-DVD - BUT THIS IS DUE TO MY NEGLECT !
    So when iDVD or Toast creates this very special structured DVD - You find the two (must be there) folders VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS (empty) - and if the DVD-player don't find this = it will not play.
    Yours - very happy with iDVD and Toast (and DVD-Studio Pro - but this is hard to get right) - Bengt W

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    Dear Gurus, I have a requirement where for some shipping points I need to be able to split an invoice on sales order (i.e. a separate invoice for each customer order) and for other shipping points I require a single invoice for multiple customer sales orders.  Using the copy control rules for LF to F2, I have set the Refence Number to B but this does not achieve what I want.  Would it be possible to achieve this via a copy requirements routine and by setting the values in VBRK-ZUKI?  Do I just copy the standard 003 routine and apply my changes here?  If yes, where do I insert the code - the top or bottom?  Regards

    In VOFM, first of all "Copying requirements" are used when we want to stop creating a target document from a source document or to prevent certain items from copying to target document under certain conditions. Copying requirements can't be used to do invoice split.
    Data transfer routines are the ones that allow invoice split (in addition to allowing copying fields from source to target). Although "copying requirements" is a loosely used terminology, it is important we make distinction between copying requirements and data transfer routines as both are different and perform different functions.
    SAP uses field VBRK-ZUKRI (a 40 character field) to store the combination of field values that are used as basis of invoice split. Invoice split happens if any of the fields stored in VBRK-ZUKRI differ across orders/deliveries (or their items) from which invoices are created.
    We assign VBRK-ZUKRI during item copy control in data transfer routines. The fields are simply concatenated and assigned to VBRK-ZUKRI.
    in VOFM, "Data transfer" routine 003 for Billing documents for example splits the invoice for each reference document, as shown by code below
    Include FV60C003
    *       For each reference document an invoice is created
              MODUL(3) VALUE '003',
              VTWEG LIKE VBAK-VTWEG,
              SPART LIKE VBAK-SPART,
              VGBEL LIKE VBRP-VGBEL,
            END OF ZUK.
    In the above coding we are concatenating VBAK-VTWEG (Distr channel), VBAK-SPART (Division), VBRP-VGBEL (Reference Order from billing item) as the criteria for invoice split. So if any of these field differ then it will cause a split. So basically we are creating one invoice for all items that reference a single order
    So what you need to do for your requirement, is to copy the logic of data transfer routine 003 in VOFM to your own custom 9XX routine and make the assignment to ZUK / VBRK-ZUKRI only when shipping point (LIKP-VSTEL) is not equal to certain values that you don't want split to happen. It is better to maintain those shipping points in a custom table and make the check on the table rather than hard coding, so that in future it is easy to add more shipping points or remove existing ones if needed.
    Also remember to assign the new data transfer routine number 9XX to all relevant item categories in VTFL for your target billing type and reference delivery type

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    My next guess would be HD-DVD, which is also not properly supported on the Mac. If there's some special extra form of copy protection, I suppose this could also present an issue. I've heard of that on CDs, but not DVDs. Another possible issue is if the discs are from a different region coding than your own. Imported DVDs can often have such region coding. Lastly, burned DVDs of pirated content often won't play because of broken copy protection duplication or if the content lacks the original menus on the original DVD.

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    I have an HP Photosmart Premium C410b which works a treat apart from when I try to use ePrint. I use my own ( hosted) domain email address for nearly all of my email. And when I send emails to I get the following bounce back :
    Delivery status notification
    We're sorry; your message to "[email protected]" has failed. The recipient's mail server responded with: "Diagnostic-code 550 - (5.7.1 Command rejected)". Please check the recipient's email address for typos or unnecessary spaces and resend. Thank you.
    So then I added my backup googlemail account as an 'allowed sender' and it works perfectly. I have even tried to do this with 'everyone' allowed to send to hpeprint still same problem. (i.e.. works for but not my main personalised domain email).
    It sounds like the hpeprint email server / firewall is rejecting my personalised domain email address. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem.

    Hi all,
    We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix to implement in the near future.
    This is because some of the email from some certain are incorrectly identitifed as spam mail by the server.
    Thank you for your patience.
    I am an HP employee
    **** Please mark the post that solves your problem as "Accepted Solution" ****

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    only in safari ?
    tried other browsers?
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    then the safari forum may have more safari experts who may not read posts here

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    Hi, alcalc.
    The problem most likely occurs because of the CD players being used.
    What types of devices read CD-RW discs?
    Written CD-RW discs have slightly different optical characteristics (lower reflectivity and signal modulation) than prerecorded (pressed) and written CD-R discs and therefore are not as widely compatible. They can be read only on MultiRead-compliant CD-ROM drives, CD-R/RW recorders and MultiRead-compliant DVD-ROM drives and recorders. CD-RW discs are, in addition, compatible with some consumer electronics devices including MultiPlay-compliant portable, car and set-top CD audio players and MultiPlay-compliant DVD-Video players and recorders. Again, all CD and DVD devices that read CD-RW discs do not necessarily display the MultiRead or MultiPlay logos. If in doubt, consult with the hardware manufacturer.

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    Have you checked out data driven graphics?

  • Disc playback stuttering/skipping on some set top boxes; not others

    I have built a dvd in DVD Studio Pro 3, and it plays fine on my computer, small portable dvd player and my region free dvd player, but it stutters a lot on my older set top box I purchased back in the year 2000. I am using the default compression settings of 1 pass VBR 4 low 7 high, and encoded all audio and video previous to import using quicktime and apack. I am using Maxell ink jet printable DVDs that are version 2.0/8X-SPEED DVD-R Revision 3 and can be written 1X to 8X speed. The dvd consists mainly of motion menus that run from 30 seconds to 44 seconds (there are 82), with several short tracks, the longest of which is 3 minutes. This is a dvd menu design portfolio, so the menu complexity was the goal. Total disc size is 2.5 gb.
    Compressor won't install on my system so I had to compress each piece of video individually in quicktime...recompression would take 100 hours that I just don't have, and since I'm not sure the bit rate is the culprit (since the dvd plays fine in so many players) I am very reluctant to recompress all the video without knowing definitively that is my problem. I am considering trying some basic apple brand dvds, but don't know if the dvd media could be the problem. I saw on another post that Maxell is considered a reliable brand. I was wondering about dvd speed and compatibility, since the first dvds I bought were too new/too fast to play in any of the set top boxes, and only played on the brand new portable dvd player and in the computer. Any help/advice would be very much appreciated.

    I just realized that a few of the specs I posted are mistaken -- I was using the default settings in Apack to convert my aifs to ac3 and it is 448 kbps. They are only 2 channel ac3 files (no surround sound). You mentioned 192 kbps. I can't find any reference to acceptable ac3 settings in the manual. Is 448 too high?
    I also realized my mp2s are at the bit rate of 7.5, 5.5 rather than 7.0, 4.0 as I posted earlier.
    Do you think either audio compression or video compression could be the source of my problem? Does it make sense for higher compression to work fine on newer players and not on older ones?

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    I've downloaded a number of songs directly from iTunes onto my ipad2. Why can I edit one song I downloaded and not others in I movie? I don't get it. These songs are from the same album, so if its a copyright issue what's the deal? Help me please!

    If just some of the tracks on the album are giving you that message, that suggests that those tracks are damaged.
    If your country's iTunes Store allows you to redownload purchased tracks, I'd delete your current copies of the tracks and try redownloading fresh copies. For instructions, see the following document:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    Otherwise, I'd report the problem to the iTunes Store.
    Log in to the Store. Click on "Account" in your Quick Links. When you're in your Account information screen, go down to Purchase History and click "See all".
    Find the items that are not playing properly. If you can't see "Report a Problem" next to the items, click the "Report a problem" button. Now click the "Report a Problem" links next to the items.

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    Looking for some info, Creative is not much help. Ok, right now I have an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum. It can use the digital inputs to decode either Dolby Digital, DD EX, DTS, and DTS ES to the analog speaker outputs. (Also a 5. setup.)
    I recently built a new PC, and would like to replace the sound card, but I use that feature (as well as some others). Seeing how Creative doesn't want to easily display the capabilities of there cards, I would like someone to let me know what card will allow the fallowing in Windows XP, Vista, and theoretically Windows 7.
    Hardware decoding of Dolby Digital, DD EX, DTS, and DTS ES and allow a proper 5. playback through analog speakers.
    Recording of whatever is playing out of the the speakers. The recording selection is labeled "What U Hear")
    The reasons behind me wanting to buy a new card are simply that I would prefer to run it through PCI-Express, and have full compatibility at the release of Windows 7 without any loss of features I need. From what I can tell, if things work in Windows Vista they will work in [email protected]

    All I can say to you (someone correct me if I'm wrong) is that Xtremegamer's doesn't decode DD/DTS via hardware with official drivers (altough they're capable of - all X-Fi are capable of decoding). XtremeMusic does the job with official drivers. I don't know the rest of the models. Someone adds [email protected]

  • Problem viewing streaming video in some wifi networks, but not others

    When I am at work (university), I can not view YouTube videos or video streaming from news sites such as cnn mobile on my ipod touch 2g.
    When I called Apple support, they had me reset-restore. I still had the problem. I went to the Apple store Genius bar and the problem no longer existed, the videaos downloaded and played from both sites!
    But at my diner and at work, I get the message, "This movie could not be played" in a popup box with an OK button. The same message appears if I use the YouTube application. I click on any video, and the same popup appears. In Cnn the popup is preceded by a shaded capital Q that looks like the blue Quicktime Q; in Youtube the pupup is preceded by a YouTube icon in gray with the "Tube" surrounded by the rounded rectangle, their icoon...
    At the Apple store the popup never appeared, and the videos downloaded and played.
    I have no trouble playing movies I have downloaded from iTunes.
    I did not have this problem when I initially got my iPod Touch, and I think it appeared after one of the last two system upgrades, but I am not sure.
    I am curious that it the problem happens at two places, my diner and at work.
    The speed of my wireless work network, as judged by the ipod app speed test is 9915 kbps download and 6971 kbps upload, so plenty fast.
    The first time I noticed this issue was with the application "At Bat Lite" which also won't play video highlights at work.
    I do not have WiFi at home
    Any thoughts about what would cause this lack of functionality apparantly only at some networks but not others?
    Oh, one more piece of data: at work a Macbook will play YouTube both on ethernet and using wifi...
    Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions,

    It seems I have two networks available at work, one is behind our firewall, and I login to it. This is the network that I can't view streaming video. There is also a "Guest" network that I don't need to login to. This one works with the YouTube and the news site videos.
    Thus, I conclude there is a setting that WiFi network administrators can invoke that specifically can block streaming video on some protocols (whatever the ipod touch uses) and not others (whatever the Macbook uses). But the same router hardware supplying the Guest network does not block these protocols. Presumably this has to do with security on one side of the firewall(?)
    Anyway, apparently outside of the WiFi controls available in the ipod touch settings.

Maybe you are looking for

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