Inserted FLV not playing in published files

I am trying to insert an FLV file but keep getting the following error when trying to publish:
"The Flash video can not be loaded. The output may not be proper." When I try to run the output files the video player is blank.
I am using Captivate 5.5.
The FLV file plays correctly in preview mode and also plays correctly when I play it independantly using a media player.
The file is located in the same folder as  the CPTX file and the output SWF and HTM outputs.
I prefer to use the insert FLV option as it provides the playback controls which aren't available from the Insert Video option. It does play correctly using the Insert Video option.
Please help!

I have discovered something really unexpected. I tried publishing to the EXE format which worked. If I then published in the Flash format it works! If I try to publish again it reverts to the old problem.
Is this a bug?

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  • Flash Video not playing in Published file

    I published the files. I then click the "view ouput" button.
    I am able to see the video playing locally. However, when I copy
    all the contents in the publish folder (.htm, .swf, .flv, etc.) to
    my web server, the flash video does not play. The rest of the .swf
    animation plays, just no video.
    I do see a security message
    I did choose progressive download and selected Flash version
    as Flash Player 8.

    Hi all
    Take a look at what fellow Adobe Community Expert Paul
    Dewhurst offers up.
    here to visit Paul's site
    Cheers... Rick

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    My Macbook Air (still with Lion) will not play .avi video files (brought over from an older PC where they play with another viewer). This site implies Quicktime Player should be able to do so. Is there a codec or something else I'm supposed to download?

    I had found this through other threads, but it is what worked, even allowed my AVI files to be played in PowerPoint. Changing to 32-bit encryption did not work, BTW.

  • Adobe will not convert a Publisher file to PDF - it indicating an ERROR

    Adobe will not convert a Publisher file to PDF.  It is indicating an error

    Hi brussels1965,
    Please let us know the Adobe Application you are using and also the error message that you are getting.

  • Albums can not play because original files can not be found

    Suddenly about half of my albums in iTunes will not play.  Error message says tunes will not play because original files can not be found.  The other albums still play fine.

    This happens if the file is no longer where iTunes expects to find it. Possible causes are that you or some third party tool have moved, renamed or deleted the file, or that the drive it lives on has had a change of drive letter. It is also possible that iTunes has changed from expecting the files to be in the pre-iTunes 9 layout to post-iTunes 9 layout,or vice-versa, and so is looking in slightly the wrong place.
    Select a track with an exclamation mark, use Ctrl-I to get info, then cancel when asked to try to locate the track. Look on the summary tab for the location that iTunes thinks the file should be. Now take a look around your hard drive(s). Hopefully you can locate the track in question. If a section of your library has simply been moved, or a drive letter has changed, it should be possible to reverse the actions.
    Alternatively, as long as you can find a location holding the missing files, then you might be able to reconnect iTunes to them using my FindTracks script.

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    For some reason my Quicktime will not play a mpg file. It says that my computer does't have the proper codec to support the file.

    The info in this thread should help you - 

  • Play multiple published files

    I had been using Jesse Wardens's excellent Captivate Player ver 1.2 for quite a while to play multiple published files. Now that I upgraded to CP5 the player no longer works - I'm sure because of the action script version change.
    Does anyone know of a similar player that will allow the student to basically navigate multiple published .swf files like Jesse's?

    Hi kmarty,
    did you try the Captivate own Aggregator file creator.
    File > New > Aggregator Project
    Add several files and play them.
    If you set in the first of the imported files the TOC to overlay, it will be available for all files.
    Plus the names in the Aggregator list can be changed and these are shown in the TOC too.

  • FLV File does not play when published to my web server

    Hi. I have created a short video in VC3 and selected the FLV option to create a web page. When I uploaded the entire file content to my web server (windows 2003 server hosted at Network Solutions) the FLV file will not play. Now... if I do the same with a WMV tile, the video plays.
    You can view the file at
    We have another video published in WMV format, although the video vs audio sync is out of wack at the moment, at
    What am I doing wrong?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi again
    You should probably double-check to ensure the standard.js file was also copied in when the HTML page was imported. It should be there but it never hurts to double check.
    You might also perform a double-check to ensure things ended up in the correct folder (if you are organizing your project into folders). It could be that you moved the HTML page into a different folder and orphaned the JavaScript file.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • FLV embedded in a SWF file, does not play in HTML file.

    I embedded a FLV file into flash movie clip, which on publish plays well on SWF file, but when the same is embedded in HTML, it does not play.
    What is it i'm missing ..
    Kindly help.

    First, clarify this... are you embedding the .flv into the time line, as in:
    The .FLV file is imported on the  timeline of a movie clip.
    I embedded the .flv file,
    If you are in fact embedding the video, then there is no external video file... it's embedded into the timeline.
    If you are using the FLVPlayback component and an external vid file to display the video and the .swf when testing plays the video just fine but not on the HTML Web page:
    SWF plays external video file, as soon as I embed SWF in HTML, it no longer playes the external video file.
    then it's most likely a pathing problem.
    If you are placing the .swf on a Web page and the .swf and/or the .flv file are not both in the same folder as the Web page.... then the .swf should NOT work when you test it directly! That's because it should be pathed to play from the Web page and not the location of the .swf.
    For your review:
    Almost always when it works on the local machine and not the server, it's a pathing problem.
    You can put your Flash related files in whatever folders you want, they do NOT have to be in the root, they do NOT all have to be in the same folder. But if you have a problem and if sticking them all in the root folder works, then you know that the issue was a pathing problem.
    Just remember that paths used in the .swf become relative to the Web page on which the .swf is placed, NOT it’s physical location.  So for example, if your .swf is in the flash/data folder and you use that .swf on a Web page in the root folder, you are in effect, removing that .swf from flash/data and putting it in root. So if the .swf is loading any related files (xml, images, video, etc), the path used inside the .swf to load the .xml file has to be relative to it's new location in root and then back down into flash/data. This is true even though when testing the .swf by itself, it can be inside flash/data and work just fine, since relative to it's location, the path is just fine, they are in the same folder. But if that same path is used when the .swf is placed on a page two folder levels up, the relative path has changed, the old "same folder" path will not work.
    In fact if you are placing the .swf on a web page in a different folder than the .swf is stored in, and that .swf calls external assets, then direct clicking and opening of the .swf in it’s folder should NOT work! That’s because the paths to the external assets should be relative to the Web page and not the physical location of the .swf.
    So just be sure that you use addresses relative to the final Web page locations (not physical file locations) and you can put the Flash related files in what ever folders you want.
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video
    Best of luck,

  • Imported Flash files are not playing in published output

    Adobe Presenter 7 with the latest updates and PowerPoint 2007
    When I insert a Captivate 3 generated Flash file into a Presenter slide, the flash file does not play in the Published output. The slide's image is displayed for 5 seconds and then stops.
    After further review, I found that my imported Flash files are not included in the output. Any ideas?

    Hi Terry,
    It's been awhile since I've messed around w/ Captivate 3, but I have a quick question: does your Captivate content include a skin.swf file?  If so, then you may have to look at a couple of different solutions to fix the playback problem that you're seeing with Presenter.
    One fix includes eliminating the skin by turning the borders option off which will eliminate the "_skin.swf" file. That'll be one less file to deal with, but you need to do that BEFORE publishing in Captivate.  From there, you should end up with one swf file from your Captivate content; and then at that point you can include that swf in your Presenter content.
    And while we're at it....are you using any Full Motion Recordings at all?  I've seen instances where, as you reported, Captivate content will run for awhile, but then the screen "goes blank" I'm just curious to know if your Captivate content in actuality has many more files than the "base" swf---which is probably the swf you included in PowerPoint.
    Having said that, can you share more information about what your Captivate project looks like (in terms of the number of swf files you're working with, etc), and let's see if we can resolve this for you.

  • Quicktime files not playing on published iweb site.

    I can't seem to get my QT movies to play on my iweb published site.  Occasionally, I can get them to play, but even then it's only in slideshow mode (i.e., they won't play if you just select the movie thumbnail from the album view).  I compressed them using QT pro (they are small files) and used the "fast start" option so theoretically they should start playing right away.  Some of them just show the QT logo and some show the QT logo with a question mark.  I recently upgraded to mountain lion, but had this issue before the upgrade.  I use fatcow as my domain host and  used to use go daddy.  I don't recall having this issue with go daddy, but it seems unlikely that that change is what is causing the issue.
    please help.

    Usually this happens when the path to the movie file is not correct or the files isn't uploaded at all.
    Also check your movie file names to make sure there are no spaces or special characters in them.
    There are better ways to display movies on a website and you can see some here...
    To make sure your movie will play in all browsers and on all devices, an HTML5 player with flash fallback is the preferred option...
    For mobile devices like iPhone/iPad the movie should be prevented from loading with the page files by using a poster image and setting preload to "none".

  • .flv not playing in browser

    Hi Everyone-
    I'm facing an enormous conundrum and I was hoping somebody here may be able to shed some light on it.
    I have a flash presentation that presents .flv files to the user. I have the main menu in a .swf file, and when the user selects one of the segments to watch, it calls up another .swf to display inside with an .flv embedded in it. This is so we only have to program one little popup menu and it frames all the videos. The presentation is going to be burned to a disc so a user will be able to watch it locally without having to be connected to the internet. Initially, I would just publish a Flash projector file and be done with it, but the disc kicks up the AutoPlay program on a PC, and the client has indicated that this simply will not do; it has to run right out of the box without the user doing anything. I offered what I figured would be a benign solution; embed the .swf into an html file and have it launch in the browser upon insertion.
    Here is where it gets sticky: The whole presentation works just fine ... until I try watching it in a browser on a PC. The .flv file simply will not play. At all. The file works fine if I open the containing .swf, and the menu .swf, locally or deployed to a server. I've tried re-embedding and re-publishing on a Mac and a PC, I've tried fixing the Javascript call in the HTML file, I've checked my video codecs (on2 VP6) I've put all the files on the root of the disc, I've put all the files in a sub-folder of the disc, I've checked, double-checked and double-dog-checked all of my pathnames, tested it in every browser on every computer I can get my hands on... but still no dice.
    The bizarre part is that all of the similar projects we've done are not working as well, so I can't check how the previous ones were set up for any kind of comparison. I'm sorry if this a long-winded post, but after hours of research and publishing and moving, I'm not any closer to a solution. I'm really hoping someone can help me out here.
    Thanks in advance!

    The video does not have a skin on it. It just loads, plays and ends. I have an ActionScript listener attached so that when the video ends, it goes back to the main menu.
    I hope it will be helpful to add in some info that I left out of the first post. I don't know how handy it will be, but here we go:
    The presentation is coded in AS2. It was built before AS3 came out, and since all the projects we've done have been very similar, it's easier (and cheaper) to just swap out some files and graphics than fixing what ain't broken.
    I'm using Flash CS3 on a Mac running 10.6.6, but I've also tried publishing it on a PC with Windows XP in CS3 as well.
    The only place the .flv files don't work is in a web browser on a PC, regardless of whether it's embedded in an .html file or if opened by the browser. If I view the .swf files in Flash Viewer, the .flvs load right up, and they work when I view them directly in an .flv player as well.

  • SWF does not play after publish.... OS compatibility bug?

    I have embedded SWFs that will not play once the Presenter file is published.  They appear to be "frozen" on the first frame.
    Here's the setup:
    The SWFs are scripted in AS2 (not AS3)
    SWFs are built in Flash Pro CS5 and are published to Flash Player 9.
    They are not Captivate files.
    PowerPoint 2007 (12.0.6535.5002) SP2 MSO (12.6535.5002)
    Presenter 7.0.5 Build 7588
    Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 64bit
    BUT, I can open the same file on another computer with this setup, and it publishes just fine.
    The SWFs are scripted in AS2 (not AS3)
    SWFs are built in Flash Pro CS5 and are published to Flash Player 9.
    They are not Captivate files.
    PowerPoint 2007 (12.0.6535.5002) SP2 MSO (12.6535.5002)
    Presenter 7.0.5 Build 7588
    Microsoft Windows Vista Business
    The only difference appears to be my OS.  Does anyone know of any bugs with Presenter in Windows 7?
    As I type this, literally, I got a notice that there's a Presenter 7.0.6 Update. So I went ahead and installed it on the Windows 7 box.  Republished the Presenter course, and wouldn't you know it... the SWFs are now playing!
    The patch says this: The Adobe® Presenter 7.0.6 update resolves Adobe Presenter's compatibility issues with PowerPoint 2010 and some important issues identified in Adobe Presenter 7.0.5 (Although the patch site doesn't bother providing us with a list of what those important issues are! Thanks Adobe, you rock.)
    --- Well, it fixes MY issue for Windows 7/Presenter 7/PowerPoint 2007 too.

    See the updated within the post. Installing the 7.0.6 patch was the fix.

  • Audio for flv not playing...please help

    In Captivate 3 - I have imported an flv of an avatar - the avatar motions and lips are moving yet the associated audio is not playing. When I play the flv out of captivate it works fine. Anyone experience this before, or something similar? Any thoughts, tips, or suggestions. Any direction is greatly appreciated.

    Hi there
    When does this occur?
    When previewing
    After publishing
    Cheers... Rick
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  • .FLV not playing in Firefox

    I don't understand what happened :(
    the code I have is this:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase','',0,0,0','widt h','32','height','32','title','Little
    girl','src','little_girl.flv','quality','high','pluginspage','','movi e','little_girl.flv'
    ); //end AC code
    classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase=",0,28,0"
    width="32" height="32" title="Little girl">
    <param name="movie" value="little_girl.flv">
    <param name="quality" value="high">
    <embed src="little_girl.flv" quality="high" pluginspage=""
    type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="32"

    Maybe you can help me. Here is my code:
    wlecome.swf is set to load FLV file called welcome.flv
    Everything plays locally, but when I upload to website, the
    wlecome.flv file does not play. I'm not even certain it is loading.
    In the contentPath I only have welcome.flv Even when I typed in the
    whole location as it resides on the server it still doesn't load.
    It used to when welcome.swf only contained text.

Maybe you are looking for

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