IPhoto: Export videos with titles

All of my videos are in iPhoto, and I've added titles to all of the videos within iPhoto.
However, when I EXPORT these videos to my desktop, iPhoto doesn't export them with the titles that I've assigned to them in iPhoto.
iPhoto exports them with their generic title (such as "img_0015.mov") that they originally had when I first shot the videos.
How can I get iPhoto to export all of these videos with their titles intact?

Are you checking this checkbox in the slideshow settings pane?
which will give you this in the slide:

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  • Export Video with Multiple Audio Tracks

    I need to be able to export video with audio on multiple tracks. I have moved to CS6 from FCP 7 where this was rather easy to do. I can make a preset in AME with more than enough mono tracks but after the encode the video is always smashed to one mono track. I am not doing a 5.1 mix, there are different mic's on each track that need to remain independant of one another and mixing them down within Premiere is not feasable. Are there no options to just have the audio 'pass through' like Compressor? Sorry if there are other posts but I have been searching forever and can not find a simple answer on this topic.
    Also, is there no way to have the source timecode burn in? Putting a filter on the video in a sequence is unacceptable, I am very displeased to find that this doesn's seem possible in AME or Premiere, it has been part of Apple's suite for years.
    Example of my preset from Compressor:
    Name: Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy)
    Description: QuickTime movie with Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy) and audio pass-through
    File Extension: mov
    Estimated size: unknown
    Audio: multi-track pass-through
    Video Encoder
              Width: (100% of source)
              Height: (100% of source)
              Pixel aspect ratio: Default
              Crop: None
              Padding: None
              Frame rate: (100% of source)
              Frame Controls: Automatically selected: Off
              Codec Type: Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy)
              Multi-pass: Off, frame reorder: Off
              Automatic gamma correction
              Pixel depth: 24
              Spatial quality: 50
              Min. Spatial quality: 0
              Temporal quality: 0
              Min. temporal quality: 0
    Timecode Generator
              Position: Lower Right--Title Safe
              Alpha: 1.000
              Label: Source Timecode
              Start Timecode at 00:00:00:00 false
              Text Color: r:0.0000, g:0.0000, b:0.0000
              Font: Helvetica, 36

    Hi James,
    For exporting a multitrack .wav file, you have to start a project with a multichannel audiomaster (3-16 tracks).
    Copy and paste your complete edit to the new editsetting.
    Now in the audiomixer you can route your audiolayers to the multichannel you like.
    (CH1+2 pan to left is channel 1, pan to right is channel 2 and for a stereo track pan to center : channel 1 for left and channel 2 for right.)
    Then you export your project to a 3-16 tracks multitrack .wav file.
    When you need mono tracks you can import your multitrack .wav file in premiere. Then send it to Audition (edit in Audition) and then adobe will convert the file into mono tracks.
    You'll find the mono tracks in your audio capture folder or can premiere search for then by 'reveal in explorer'.
    The multi track .wav file has got timecode within the file.
    When exporting in QT you can also choose for a multitrack audio file. It also contains your timeline timecode.
    .avi or .mp4 video files cannot be exported with more than 5.1 channels of audio
    MXF OP1a in XDCAMHD can also be exported with max. 16 channels of audio. It also contains your timeline timecode.
    Hopefully you can get further with Premiere Pro with this info.
    Succes with it!!
    gr. Mano

  • Final Cut Pro X export troubles: exports video with only half the audio.

    Ever since I updated Final Cut Pro X, I've been having problems exporting. I either get error messages or the audio doesn't fully export. When I tried exporting a master file to my desktop, I got a message saying “error occurred when creating frame” then lists the frame number. Someone suggested copying the project file and pasting it into a new project. I did that, and it exported without the error popping up; but halfway through the video, the audio disappears, and does so in the same spot it disappeared in a previous youtube export before I tried the copy/paste method. I don't have the original footage; I'm making color correction changes to an edit; so I'm not sure if the second half of the video is somehow corrupted, don't know how to check that, and not sure what to do if it is.
    Another suggestion given to me was to delete the event my footage is in, then create a new event, re-upload all the footage into that one, and relink my project files to it. He also said don't delete my event and project folder at the same time, which I'm not even sure how you simultaneously delete two things on a laptop. I don't understand how this method would work though, since deleting the event makes my project disappear since it has nothing to link to. I'm scared to try this method since I don't want to lose my work; I really don't want to color correct it all over again.
    Is there any way to successfully export the file suitable for youtube posting, or is this a bug in the system they haven't fixed yet?

    Just turned off background rendering.
    I'm not certain what you mean for specs in a specific point in the video, but here are the specs for the entire edit I initially received:
    Dimensions: 1920 X 1080
    Codecs: H.264, AAC, Timecode
    2 Audio Channels
    Total bit rate: 12,083
    Size: 951,735,770 bytes (951.7 MB on disk)
    Here are the specs for the exported video that has the audio issue:
    Dimensions: 1920 X 1080
    Codecs: H.264, AAC, Timecode
    2 Audio Channels
    Total bit rate: 12,274
    Size: 966,817,082 bytes (966.8 MB on disk)
    The video is 10:28 minutes long and the audio leaves at 5:57.
    If that wasn't what you were looking for, just let me know. I'm not very good with technical stuff sometimes so may have misunderstood.
    Is there something I should have done to the piece before I began color correcting it, like transcoding?

  • Flicker showing up in exported videos with various codecs

    I am exporting videos using various codecs and all of them are showing a flicker occasionally that is obviously not in the original footage or in the editing footage. The flicker is a brief one-frame looking jump to black. The flicker only seems to occur viewing it on the web. Viewing the same file on my system using "Preview" (Mac OS X) produces the same flicker. However, watching it using the full QuickTime viewer does not show the flicker.
    The footage was shot using a DSLR and is from a Pentax K7 and is 1280 x 720, 25 fps.
    Edited footage in Premiere CS6 looks fine. I am using export settings for 720p from H.264 for YouTube, Vimeo and straight HD 720p at all three available frame rates (23.976, 25.0 29.97). I have also exported using QuickTime codecs at HD 720p, H.264
    Here is a link to two examples of the videos with the flicker probelms. One flick occurs in the first one in several places, the first one right at the beginning as the fade-in is still occurring, but occurs in both videos throughout occasionally.
    Any idea as to what is causing this and hot to fix it?

    Bad form putting QuickTime's on the web.  This requires unwanted plug-ins to be required for viewing.
    Use MP4 instead.

  • Exporting video with normal settings but video plays buffered

    I have a preset in APP that i always use for TVC, today i went to use the same preset (with good quality footage) and when i go to play the exported video it plays very buffered and you can barely watch it.
    I exported a video yesterday using the same preset and now that does the same thing (yesterday i worked fine) on other computers too it also buffers.
    Any ideas?

    fiatchrysler wrote:
    the frame rate was very high i changed it down to 25 (thats the only thing i changed' and exported it again as H.264 format and 'match source'. still shows as skipping when playing exported video.
    The video footage i am using to create this video is in quick time - would that have anything to do with it?
    Did you try manually lowering the bitrate as I suggested?
    If the original MOV footage plays fine, I don't see a reason for it being an issue after being exported.

  • Exporting video with Flash CC

    How do I adjust settings to Flash CC for exporting video? A Quicktime video that was once about 50MB from Flash CS6 is now 7GB with Flash CC.

    Thank you. However, I see no setting options in Flash Pro CC prior to
    creating the video.  It's now an odd two-step process to create a Quicktime
    video with the settings and size I want via Encoder.
    On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 12:56 AM, Catherine Joseph <[email protected]

  • Exporting videos with a 00:10:00:00 sequence timecode and 4 mono channels of audio

    I have to export a video for broadcast with a starting timecode of 00:10:00:00.  I have found out how to change my zero point on my sequence so that the video starts at the right timecode, however when I export my sequence, it exports it with a timecode of 00:00:00:00.  I have tryed both checking and unchecking the 'use 00:00:00:00 timecode' box with no avail. I am using Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.3)  exporting to format: Mpeg2 MFX and codec: IMX30 Pal.
    Also does anyone know how to export a video from premiere with 4 mono channels rather than one stereo track.  This is in the delievery spec and would be really grateful if you can get me out of this pickle!

    Just curious but try a test export in another CODEC.
    In the past I have never had a problem doing what you want in .mov or .avi. (never delivered Mpeg2 MFX and codec: IMX30 Pal.)
    FWIW: I never use TC in that way now ...since all our broadcast delivery became file based.
    Cant imagine why 00:10:00:00 as an example ... would  even be a "delivery spec" any more!   Question them maybe.

  • Exporting Video with Iphoto

    I exported some videos in Iphoto and didn't select "Original" when exporting.  After exporting I'm only left with thumbnails of the videos in .mov format but the video in only 1 second long.  I deleted the originals in Iphoto.  Is there anyway to restore or recover these videos?  I noticed the videos are various sizes so I'm hoping the orginal data is still in there...  Thanks!

    Guess what - you answered my question with "no Information"
    "As to what you exported unless you exported the original then youhave no video"
    All I needed, thanks for the help 

  • Export video with Lumetri effects - 2 to 3 videos render fine, after that flickering, colored frames

    After I spent 45 minutes waiting to be transferred to to right department with the support chat, only to find out technical support isn't available during the hours I called, I am going to try this outlet to get some advice:
    I have about 50 video files to export, each 20 seconds to 2 minutes long. They all have Lumetri effects on them (I suppose that's what causes the problem).
    I can render 2, maybe 3 videos without problems. The next one might be fine for a while, but then all I get is strobelight frames, flickering, and different color frames. One time I even received a blue screen of death. I restart Media Encoder, add files to the queue, same thing happens. 2 - 3 will work, after that it exports garbage.
    I am using Premiere Pro CC to edit the video, Media Encoder CC to export it.
    The original footage is HDV 50i - 1440 px by 1080px - 1.333 pixelr ratio.
    Besides some dip to black and cross transitions the only other effect is a title layer with some static color effects on it, and 2 Lumetri effects (warm midtones and dream 1).
    I thought at first maybe it is because I encode in FLV, 1800 mbps, but also when I used uncomressed AVI with the same settings as the original footage the same problem occured.
    I have two ATI radeon HD 6950s 1GB in my pc hooked together with cross fire, 16GB ram, the project file is on a SSD, the raw footage on a HDD. AMD Phenom II x4 processor with 3.4 GHz.
    OS: Windows 7 64bit.
    I did update to the latest GPU driver last night - that didnt fix the problem.
    Since I noticed the fans becoming quite loud during rendering, I did put two Ice packs from the freezer on top of the case and pulled it away from the wall a little bit to allow for better cooling (and it did stay a lot cooler with the ice packs).
    I do also get funky looking frames inside Adobe Premiere after trying to watch the footage with the Lumetri filter for a while. I'll have to restart the program and it'll work fine.
    Any suggestions what I could do? Settings, or something? I dont want to attend to my machiene for so many hours, importing 2 video files at a time, having to review each of them for errors. I'd rather set it up once, and let them all render...

    @Peter Garaway:
    Thanks for the response.
    I use two Lumetri effects:
    Warm Midtones
    Dream 1
    Both applied directly to the clip of raw footage which is in the sequence that gets exported. There is actually one sequence, where I fixed some of the footage putting it into another sequence first, then the sequence into the final sequence that gets exported.
    All my clips have both Lumetri effects applied to them. The flickering took place randomly, but it would definitely get worse the more I attempted to render (the first 2 to 3 no problems, on the 3rd or 4th maybe a few flicker seconds in the middle, any more would be 100% flickering - if any flickering or only like a green solid...)
    Now Shrishti from tech support insisted the problem was within the sequence. And that kind of made sense, because once we successfully rendered one sequence, there would be no more trouble rendering it a second time, even if the program was already in flicker mode. And also for some reason while we were playing around with it when one sequence failed, even after restarting Media Encoder, it would fail again afterwards.
    However last night after it failed I would just try again, doing 2 at a time and it would be successful.
    Now I say it failed, but of course no errors no nothing... Just as in the result didn't look the way it was supposed to.
    Also I want to mention that especially when I kept it running after it failed (meaning you leave it runnning, producing only garbage) the fans of my computer kept running louder and louder. Not sure if it was the GPU or CPU. Rigth now it keeps rendering in Software mode and the fans are barely louder than under normal usage.
    I use the AMD catalyst driver which I downloaded from here:
    While Shrishti was trying a couple of different settings at one time the screen went dark, as it came back on there was a message coming from the windows tray, saying the display driver had crashed, but recovered. One time I also received a bluescreen message, which I will try to attach to this post.
    well i guess it doesnt have too much information on there other than... what is that? a memory address?
    This happened I believe after the first attempt with the updated driver (I updated from 13.3 to 13.4 )

  • HT1257 Exporting photos with titles

    Exporting photos for use on Windows through the Finder (not through Share) does not allow the titles I have attachged to the photos to be expored along with them. Does anyone know a way that will allow this?

    Use the File ➙ Export ➙ File Export menu option.  In the export window select Use Title in the File Name drop down menu.  That will replace the original file names with the titles you assigned in iPhoto.

  • How to export photos with titles in chronological order. Checking box for title and keyword doesn't seem to work

    I want to export a group of JPEG photos including titles in the order in which they were taken.  Checking the box to include titles and key words seems not to work.

    You can not
    exporting creates files - files have no order - the order is set by the program you use to view them - for example in the finder you can view files by the date created, date modified, size, alpha, etc
    So to control the order when viewing in the finder you must have an attribute that the finder can sort on set - the most common way to export photos in a specific order is to make an album in iphoto in the order you want and then export the album using the sequential naming option of the export command - then view them in the finder using a alpha sort - Exporting From iPhoto
    However since you want to retain your existing title that will not work for you

  • Best practices export video with 5.1 surround sound

    I've created my first 5.1 FCPX project and would like to play on an Apple TV2 as well as a Windows 7 HTPC running Windows Media Center.  I've been trolling this and FCPX discussions and still having much difficulty.  I've exported Quicktime movie using ProRes 422, opened in Compressor 4 and verified that file has six channel audio.  I seletect target, HD for Apple Devices, Device Apple TV HD and select include 5.1 sound. 
    Here is the summary for output:
    Name: HD for Apple Devices (10 Mbps)
    Description: Compatible with Apple TV (2G), iPad, and iPhone/iPod touch with Retina Display
    File Extension: m4v
    Estimated size: 117.7 MB
    Device: Apple TV HD
    Frame sync rate: Automatic
    Video Encoder
              Width and Height: Automatic
                        Selected: 960 x 720
              Pixel aspect ratio: HD (960x720)
              Crop: None
              Padding: None
              Frame rate: (100% of source)
                        Selected: 29.97
              Frame Controls: Automatically selected: Off
              Codec Type: H.264
              Multi-pass: On, frame reorder: On
              Pixel depth: 24
              Spatial quality: 50
              Min. Spatial quality: 50
              Temporal quality: 50
              Min. temporal quality: 50
              Average data rate: 5 (Mbps)
              Maximum data rate: 14 (Mbps)
    Audio Encoder
              Sample Rate: 48.000kHz
              Channels: 2
              Bits Per Sample: 16
              AAC encoder quality: high
              Data rate: 128 Kbps
    Include Dolby 5.1 Audio track
    Compatible with Mac, PC, iPad, Apple TV (1st gen.), Apple TV (2nd gen.) and iPhone 4,
    Resulting m4v file only has 2 channels as seen in get file info and when playing on the ATV2 and HTCP.
    What am I missing here?

    I had the same problem - my findings:
    - source has 6 channels --> verified via inspector in Compressor
    I create 1 Job (in compressor) with exactly this source:
    - one with (a modified) "HD for Appledevices..." giving a *.m4v and "Include 5.1" checked - output is stereo
    - one with Quicktime - H.264 + Audio = 5.1  giving a *.mov that does have the 5.1 track
    So I consider case #1 as a bug in Compressor 4.02 or the Settings-profile.
    Anoying - because I am almost sure it worked in the past!

  • Final Cut Pro X is exporting video with horizontal lines?

    I filmed a show with 2 different cameras (one is a canon vixia, the other is a canon dos 7D, i realize the quality is different for them) and I used the multi cam editor to match h up the clips and audio file to switch back and forth. I think i created proxy media to use for the multi cam clip. Whenever i export my movie, the movie plays with horizontal lines, and whenever there is faster motion, the person gets blurred. What is making final cut pro x export like this? How do I fix this? I've tried exporting with Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy), and H.264, but all video files have the lines going through it and the motion is a bit blurry. Please help me!!

    There are quite a few Vixia models from Canon; which is yours?
    Without looking at the image, it's not certain, but your description sounds like interlaced footage displayed on a computer. The 7D only shoots progressive, so it's possible your other cam was set to record interlaced. If your first clip placed on the timeline was an interlaced clip, FCP would automatically set the project to interlaced.
    In a addition to your model #, what would be useful is to select one of the Vixia clips in the browser and then to take a screen shot of the top  part of the Info pane.

  • Premiere CS5 will not render video with titles on the fly in preview window

    I am trying to use CS5 and notice if I add a title to the timeline overlapping any video and then attempt to play the video as soon as it hits the part with the title the video stops playing in the preview window. The background sound keeps going but video play back stops. In premiere CS4 it would render titles on the fly no problem. Why wont it do it in CS5? I should not have to render the timeline it should do at least a rough realtime playback without a full render. In CS4 it would play any and all effects on the fly depending on the resolution and the performence would vary depending on how many and what effects and transitions were applied to the clips but its very useful to get a quick idea how it will look. If I scrub, the titles playback while scrubbing no problem its only with actual playback it happens. Other effects and transitions I apply seem to render on the fly and play back in the preview window ok, it only seems to be the titles having the issues.
    Any ideas?

    Version = 5.0
    Language = english
    Latest updates = applied
    Issue happens regardless of sequence settings
    Windows 7 64 bit
    latest updates
    1650x900 , 32 bit color
    Intel core 2 duo 3ghz cpu
    8 gig ram
    Nvidia 9600 gt with latest drivers
    multiple monitor setup
    Audigy 2 platinum pro sound card from creative , latest drivers
    3 hard drives,  drive 1 = 1TB with 747gb free, drive 2= 1TB with 750 gb free, drive 3 = 200gb drive with 75 gig free
    Usualy capture video from a canon HV30 using Cineform Neoscene capture software, this is 1440x1080 HD 24p clips. (issue with the titles happens on any imported video in any format though, even with no clips but on a matt background)
    Cineform Neoscene capture software version 5 latest version
    Only using stock premiere plugins
    No error message
    I want to use the built in premiere title function to place titles along with fades and what not and then play back clips in the preview windows with the titles applied rendering on the fly. This works perfectly in CS4, just not in CS5. When I try it in CS5 after you hit the play button it will play the clip but as soon as you get to the part of the clip where the title is the video playback will freeze, mind you the clip is still playing in the sense that audio is still going just the video playback stops in the preview window. As a note if you scrub the video on the timeline the video clips will display with the titles applied it should, it is only when you hit the play button the problem happens.
    I have tried adjusing the quality settings in the preview window, updated my gfx card drivers and system drivers along with directx. Premiere is updated. I have tested other effects and transitions and they display fine, including super imposures such as chroma key or ultra key. I have adjust playback settings not that there was much to adjust there.
    I will say again in CS4 never had this issue, I am surprised to see it here.
    Please any ideas would be appriciated thx.

  • Exporting Video with Adobe Media Encoder filled up my OS Drive

    I exported a 2+ hour video queued from Premiere CC 2014 to Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014. I had some dynamically linked files to both AE CC 2014 and AU CC 2014. All my media caches where set to a different drive on my pc. After the export was done, I was left from 42 GB on the OS to 13 GB on the OS drive. Does anyone have a clue of what happened and where those "cached" files might be so I can get rid of them?
    I would greatly appreciate some guidance in this matter.

    To whom it may concern,
    I have resolved my own problem. I did some minor maintenance on my computer, some file management and got the GB on my OS drive up to 33 GB. I restarted my computer and it booted up with 75.5 GB on the OS drive. It seems to have "flushed" all the previously cashed files from my export. If anyone has a clear idea of how this happened, I would love to know still. If anyone is interested on knowing what I did as "maintenance" I can also share this. Just post a reply to this discussion and I will share.

Maybe you are looking for

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