IPod iMessage troubles

I am having troubles with iMessage on my iPod 5.  I have iOS 8.2.  It won't let me text just one person.  I can text anyone else but this person.  I send a message, and it just shows the red exclamation point and says "Not Delivered".  I tap "Try again", and it does the same thing.  Again, this is only with one person.  (the same person)  I have turned my WiFi off and then on again, and it still does it.  I deleted the contact and then tried to text the person again, and this time it said that the person wasn't registered with iMessage.  I have always been able to text the person before.  I also tried turning iMessage off and then on again, but it still didn't work.  I seemed to have more troubles with my iPod after the last update.   
Does anybody have any answers?  Please and thank you!!

I now wonder if my iMessage problem is with my Contacts instead, (or possibly my friend's device) because I tried Face Timing my friend, and that didn't work either.  I did delete and remake the contact as I said the first time.  But every time I try to start a new text to my friend again,  it still is saying that she isn't registered with iMessage. 

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  • IPod iMessage Doesn't Work Properly

    I have a fourth generation iPod Touch and I use iMessage so that my iPod Touch and iPhone people can text me (without using service like Google Voice etc.). Since this is an iPod Touch, not an iPhone, iMessage connects via email address, not phone number.
    The problem I am having is that texts, EVEN from iPhone users get sent to my real email adress in Gmail--on the internet; it's not funneling it through iMessage. But, I can send out texts via iMessage to iPod Touch's with iMessage installed via email address or to iPhones.
    What causes this? Even when I have strong WiFi signal (because I guess it forces it into email instead of just storiing up all of the iMessage texts until the next time I am on WiFi) it still receives iMessage texts as regular emails in Gmail online, not as texts in the iMessage app, but I can send one out and then and only then does a reply come.
    Makes sense?
    I basically want ALL texts sent from iPhone and iPod Touch 4G to come into iMessage appon my iPod Touch 4G NOT as regular emails in my Gmail inbox. It works off and on.
    I am on the latest iOS6 version.

    Have you tried it on another computer? i get that message sometimes and i just plug it into my Tablet PC and it seems to work fine on the computer that was originaly giving me trouble.

  • IMessage trouble with two iPhones and one Apple ID

    I'm having trouble with iMessage after updating both of my iPhones to iOS 6 and not being able to use iMessage with one of the phones.
    Some background:
    -I have two iPhones, one on AT&T in the U.S., and one on NTT DoCoMo in Japan, both with separate phone numbers, using the same Apple ID.
    -The AT&T iPhone is a 4, the NTT is an unlocked 4S.
    On my 4 (AT&T), on iMessage, I have the option to send/receive as my U.S. phone number and my Apple ID. Works just like before updating.
    On my 4S (NTT), on iMessage, before I updated, I was able to send/receive using my Japanese number and Apple ID. After updating, I have the option to send/receive using my U.S. number and Apple ID. My Japanese number is greyed out and I cannot select it. When I turn on iMessage, it says "Waiting for activation..." and does not do anything. Turning iMessage off and on, some times I get an error message staying that activation cannot be completed.
    I have rebooted the phone multiple times, turned on/off iMessage and FaceTime, turned the Set Date & Time Automatically option on/off, and reset Network settings several times. Nothing works; iMessage will not activate on my NTT 4S. Please help!

    Finally resolved this issue after months of off and on troubleshooting.
    I have no idea exactly which steps "fixed" the issue, but here's what I did. None of the basic troubleshooting steps that are on here worked for me, and this is including restoring both phones in iTunes as a "last resort" step that two Apple technical service representatives suggested.
    I found a post on here from user "tungddao" who suggested:
    "Turn on iMessage then make a phone call to : 011+445773142076
                 With Facetime & Siri: 011+447786205094"
    I called both numbers with my NTT 4S, and both numbers hung up right away. I also texted both numbers, and the FaceTime one went through, while the iMessage number did not. I then checked my SMS blocking settings with NTT. There were no blocks, but I reset the settings to "unblock all" anyway.
    I was able to activate iMessage and FaceTime with my Apple ID and my NTT phone number. Halfway there.
    I then turned on my ATT 4, and while I could send/receive using my Apple ID and NTT phone number, the ATT number was greyed out, which was the opposite of what had happened before, when I could use the ATT number, but not the NTT one. On my NTT 4S, I could select my ATT number, but it was stuck on "verifying" for days, and I knew it wouldn't go through.
    So, I signed out of my Apple ID on iMessage and FaceTime on my ATT 4, and turned both services off. I turned on data roaming, and turned off WiFi. *This step was key to activating both services, as they would not activate over WiFi for some reason.
    I turned on iMessage and FaceTime without signing in to my Apple ID just yet. They both activated successfully, and then I signed into my Apple ID on both services, and from then on, I can use both numbers and my Apple ID on both phones! Finally!
    These are my current options:
    Phone 1 (4S on NTT): Phone 1's #, Phone 2's #, Apple ID
    Phone 2 (4 on ATT, roaming here in Japan on Softbank): Phone 2's #, Phone 1's #, Apple ID
    Hope this helps someone out there, as this issue was real frustrating for me.

  • Click wheel iPod connectoiin troubles

    I am having troubles with my click wheel 20 GB iPod (colorless screen). When I attempt to turn it on, it displays the folder and exclamation point icon. When I connect it to my computer (windows XP), it sometimes shows the do not disconnect screen and says it is charging, but it will not show up in iTunes, and it shows up under "my computer" intermittently, and when I open it there, nothing shows. I have tried recharging it,resetting it, all those re words, and still nada. One last note:I started experiencing these problems after connecting my iPod to a computer with iTunes 7. Help would be much appreciated.

    Mitch, another forum member on here, has a good post about what to do if you have a / folder on your iPod.
    Check out the steps in his post here:
    Mitch: Exclamation point and folder and nothing else

  • Help I itunes will not recognize my iphone or ipod. Trouble with USB driver, device not running in safe mode, and HDCP not supported.

    Help! When I connect my iphone or ipod touch to my computer, windows recognizes my device but itunes will not. I can still see my songs, videos, and access the itunes store but my phone and itunes store have no connection so it does me no good. I have for 2 days now tried every trouble shooting method posted with no luck. I think I may have finally found a lead. My Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is showing up under portable mobile devices while it is supposed to be showing up under universal serial Bus controllers from my understanding? Also, while running my diagnostic report under itunes it also says itunes is not running in safe mode, it is not showing enabled in windows firewall (which it is checked), and the HDCP is not supported. I don't know what to do? I am in tears here, someone please help!!!

    See Here for Device not recognised:
    Here for General Support:
    This may also be helpful:
    AMDS for Windows

  • Ipod having trouble syncing music

    I used to have all my music onto my ipod until when i synced it to add more music it said that the folder couldn't be found and it erased all of my music from my ipod. Since then I havent been able to sync more then 100 songs before it says the same error message and again deletes all my music from my ipod. I have restored my ipod about 5 or 6 times and it still does the same thing. Any ideas to what the problem could be?

    Hard to gues as you do not mention your issue.
    What "trouble" are you having?

  • Computer crashed, lost all itunes but they are still on IPOD- sync trouble

    My computer crashed and I lost everything including my itunes library- luckily all my music is on my ipod. I found the latest itunes and installed it and then found I had to register the computer for itunes which I did. There is an option to tranfer purchases (which I assume means transfer them from my ipod to my computer) but every time I try this the whole thing freezes. Also the computer appears to sometime have trouble recognising the ipod- when I try to access the USB through my computer is says there is no disk. It appears I can't put any new songs on until I sync the ipod- but my only options appear to be sync and erase and I will lose hundreds of dollars of music.

    Welcome to AD!
    Is your PC authorized for the itunes store? If so, when you connect your ipod, you should see a message about transferring purchases. Here is a screenshot of that message
    Clearly, you DO NOT want to push the "erase and sync" button!

  • My iPod iMessage isn't working after I updated to the 8.2 version ! Help how do I make my iMessage work again ?

    imessage isn't working after I updated to the 8.2 version

    Hello TMT0302,
    I'm sorry, I'm a bit unclear on the exact nature or scope of the issue you are describing. If you continue having issues with iMessage after a recent update to iOS 8.2, you may find the information and troubleshooting steps outlined in the following articles helpful:
    If you get an error when trying to activate iMessage or FaceTime - Apple Support
    If you can't send or receive messages on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
    - Brenden

  • IMessage troubles

    Hi guys. I have a serious question.
    Yesterday I was texting a friend on my iPhone. I accidentally sent the person an iMessage instead of a regular text message. I usually don't like iMessage since I use an alternative for online texting, so after a while I decided to turn off iMessage so I could go back to shooting regular text messages.
    I haven't heard back from the person yet, and now I'm wondering whether or not his iPhone is replying to my texts via iMessage which is now disabled on my phone.
    How does this affect me? Will I receive his iMessages as regular SMS messages now? Or will he get an error if he tries to text me while I have iMessage disabled? Or will iMessages be "lost in space" when someone tries to iMessage an iPhone with that feature disabled?

    It shouldn't affect you at all. Apple will automatically detect whether the phone number has imessages available or not. However, if you have another apple device such as a Mac, iPod Touch, iPad and you have activated those devices to receive imessages using your phone number, there is a chance you are getting them in one of those devices without you knowing. Hope it helps!

  • HT3529 Trying to set up sons iPod iMessage, but when his email address is put in it comes up "unable to verify email because it is already in use"...any ideas how to fix this?

    Trying to set up iMessage on my sons iPod touch....he doesn't want my email address, but when I put his email address in it comes up "unable to verify email because it is already in use"...any ideas how to fix this.

    iOS: Troubleshooting FaceTime and iMessage activation

  • Ipod overheating troubles

    I usually start playing game called Order and Chaos online and have my ipod plugged in i have rubber thin case and my ipod gots overheating within 15 minute and this trouble me and take 30-45 minute to cool down comepletely on lockscreen.  I tried taking off the case it helped a little but still it overheats around the upper front screen and the upper back (1-2 cn above apple logo) areas and when i smell it like actually smell it close up it smells like burning circuits or metal and this freak me out im worry it be ruining my ipod. I have ipod touch 4gen on iOS 5.0.1 and im worry about this so i want to know and btw mu case is thin rubber or silicone case if that helps and it heats hot but not enough hot to burn or untouchable
    1) what to do to stop from overheating so fast
    2) are you guys have this trouble too
    3) what damage might this causing
    Please dont share your own story of over heating ipod or repeat same things i say and im not gonna take it back to apple for battery replace unless it under 20$ ok and sorry for my bad grammar and spleling i do fast this time because last time i wrote this message i click on add/ edit product by accident and i lost it so thank you please halpme

    There's two things that actually generate heat in your iPod; making the CPU works hard and charging the battery and there's nothing you can actually do to reduce the heat of these more than removing your case to let the device cool himself by air convection.
    Games like Order and Chaos that make intense CPU usage will get your iPod warm.  Since high CPU usage imply energy consumption, you will then plug your device to continue playing, therefore combining the two heat generating events.
    You can say that your iPod is heating, but how could you say it's "overheating"?  That would imply that it generate more heat than it is actually designed to withstand which would be hard for you to monitor.
    While it is quite normal that you feel heat when you play O&C while charging, it is not to smell burned circuit (but can you make the distinction between warm circuit and overheating circuit? I doubt that it is an objective way to do a diagnostic.  For me, it seems to be completely normal.
    Since you can't measure if the internal temperature is above what it should be, your best option is probably to go at genius bar to get their feeling.  If something's wrong and still under warranty, you'll get a new one.  If no longer under warranty, at least, you will have some objective information to assess if you may get harmed by using it like this (there is a few story about this but they are exceptions).
    Any silicon case will reduce heat dissipation.  It may not be significant to reduce your iPod's life, it will help to cool it down if you remove it.

  • IPod imessage signout and now won't get past the "What phone number/email would you like to use screen" It just returns me to the sign in screen

    I got home from college today and my imessage and facetime are both not working and are promting me to sign in again, however after sign in is complete and I click the next button after selecting my phone number and email it just returns me back to the sign in screen? It has been working for months and has just started this now. I've tried restarting and changing my DNS, hopping on another WiFi etc and can't seem to fix it.

    Hi Rilean,
    I understand that you are having some issues with activating iMessage on your iPod. I have an article for you that should be able to help you address these issues and troubleshoot a little further:
    If you get an error when trying to activate iMessage or FaceTime - Apple Support
    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities. Have a good one!

  • Imessage trouble

    (I hav an 8gb ipod touch with ios.5.0.1) i just turned off imessage in settings and turned it back on,
    Now when i click imessage on my home screen it says enter apple id so i do that and click log in,
    next i click the "next" button in the top right hand corner and it says "verifying email" and then it takes me back to the log in page,
    So it never logs in and goes to the "create message" page
    If anyone has any suggestions plz post  

    If the iPad is giving you other problems, you may have a defective device, but without knowing what the other issues are and if you have done anything to troubleshoot the problems, it would be impossibly to make that determination.
    The device does come with a one year warranty. If you are still within the one year time frame, contact Apple. Actually the warranty doesn't even matter because you can take the iPad to an Apple Store and ask them to take a look - the warranty wouldn't even matter for a Genius Bar appointment.
    You didn't say specifically if you have ever been able to send a text previously. You can look through this troubleshooting support site and see if some thing in it provides help.
    Is the Send button blue when you try to Message? Do you get any specific error message?

  • After downloading iOS 6 on my ipod, iMessages won't send.

    Yesterday, I downloaded iOS 6 to my ipod touch. I really like the new software but soon after I downloaded, my iMessages stopped sending. I've tried everything including resetting the wifi settings on my ipod, synching to my computer, turning iMessage on and off, and turning wifi on and off. iMessage is really important for me because I am over seas for nine months and it's how I communicate with my parents and friends. Is there anything else I can try doing?

    The same here after IOS update to SIX. But I have my wifi back going first to:
    Turn all off
    Then go to:
    Choose one network
    Then back to settings
    turn on Cellular Data
    Turn on Enable 3G
    Close settings and see if Wifi is visible in the display

  • Ipod Imessage send failure

    For the past 3 days my IPod has reported "message send failure" when texting any other IPhone or IPod user.  These messages are, however, being delievered.  The recipients reply to me, however they also have their texts flagged as "message send failure".  They do not have this problem with any other texting, therefore I believe my IPod is the problem.  This is new.  3 days ago I downloaded IMessage for my Mac also.  Could this be interfering somehow? How can I get these messages to stop being flagged?

    Check your router settings and connections to see if you are on WiFi. You need a WiFi connection to use iMessage. Tell me if this works.

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