Is it harmful for the laptop battery to turn it ON on the AC power for long time?

Thank you for reading my post.
Is it harmful for the laptop battery if I put laptop on for a long time on AC power?
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the simple answer is no.
The Lenovo powermanager should do the work for you.
May be you are able to switch charging to automatic charging in powermanager settings.
I don´t know if the option, in the newest versions of powermanager, is choosen as standard.
May be there isn´t a switch or checkbox, cause the manager is doing it already.
But it won´t harm your battery, when you let it plugged in AC.
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    Hi Saranya,
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    Best Regards
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    TechNet Community Support

  • When request is submitted it goes for pending standby for long time

    Hi all,
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    Ours is 12.1.2 EBS - RAC ( - HPux (11.31) env for production
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    increase some processes in cuncurrent manager.

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    (1). WebI report is running for long what are the steps i need to check for it ?
    (2). Can you tell me about performance tuning in BO ?
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    (1). WebI report is running for long what are the steps i need to check for it ?
    The first step is to see if the problem lies in the query on the data source or in webi itself. Depending on the data source there are different ways to extract the query and try to run it against the database. Which source does your report uses?
    (2). Can you tell me about performance tuning in BO ?
    I would recommend to start by reading the administrator's guide. There is a section about how to improve performance.

  • The 0co_om_opa_6 ip in the process chains takes long time to run

    Hi experts,
    The 0co_om_opa_6 ip in the process chains takes long time to run around 5 hours in production
    I have checked the note 382329,
    -> where the indexes 1 and 4 are active
    -> index 4 was not "Index does not exist in database system ORACLE"- i have assgined to " Indexes on all database systems and ran the delta load in development system, but guess there are not much data in dev it took 2-1/2 hrs to run as it was taking earlier. so didnt find much differnce in performance.
    As per the note Note 549552 - CO line item extractors: performance, i have checked in the table BWOM_SETTINGS these are the settings that are there in the ECC system.
    -> OLTPSOURCE -  is blank
       PARAM_VALUE- is blank
    -> OLTPSOURCE - is blank
       PARAM_VALUE- is blank
       PARAM_VALUE- is blank.
    Could you please check if any other settings needs to be done .
    Also for the IP there is selction criteris for FISCALYEAR/PERIOD from 2004-2099, also an inti is done for the same period as a result it becoming difficult for me to load for a single year.
    Please suggest.

    The problem was the index 4 was not active in the database was recommended by the SAP team to activate it in se14..however while doing so we face few issues se14 is a very sensitive transaction should be handled carefully ... it should be activate not created.
    The OBJSELSIZE in the table BWOM_SETTINGS has to be Marked 'X' to improve the quality as well as the indexe 4 should be activate at the abap level i.e in the table COEP -> INDEXES-> INDEX 4 -> Select the  u201Cindex on all database systemu201D in place of u201CNo database indexu201D, once it is activated in the table abap level you can activate the same indexes in the database level.
    Be very carefull while you execute it in se14 best is to use db02 to do the same , basis tend to make less mistake there.
    Thanks Hope this helps ..

  • ABAP process job ( BI_PROCESS_ABAP ) in process chain running for long time

    Dear Experts,
    We have an ABAP process job  BI_PROCESS_ABAP  in a process chain. This job is running for a very long time than previous run time.
    Recently we had an ORACLE database upgrade from 9.2 to 10g.
    From the very next day , we are having this problem.
    And also previously this process-chain was under control of BASIS guys . they were using a tool called CRONACLE to schedule it. At the time of upgrade this tool was crashed and they asked us to schedule it in BW system instead.
    Underlying program is using two custom tables.
    one is having both primary & secondary indexes but the other table is having only primary index.
    I am not sure whether we have secondary indexes on other table prior to upgrade or not.
    Where must be the problem?...
    At the time of upgrade BASIS has re-organized the table space along with database upgrade.
    please help me...

    Please ask yr basis consultant to check the system parms.
    Below i have listed down SAP recommneded system parms .
    abap/heap_area_total 4000000000
    abap/heap_area_dia 2000000000
    abap/heap_area_nondia 2000000000
    Also check in SM37 if any other jobs are running for long time, peventing the your job running.
    Check the SM12 for locks or SM58

  • Wait step in quality is waiting for long time

    hi friends
      I have transported the workflow to quality. Am using a wait step in my workflow. Its waiting in that step for long time nearly 1 hour still its not cross the step. The workflow works fine in my developement. But in quality its not moving to the next step. i comparted the wait step in quality and developement. In developement wait step in outcomes tab green light is glowing in Actvie mode. but in quality green light is visible but in blured vision. even i have checked the configuration in swu3 in development and quality. Both have same configuration. What could be the problem that its not crossing the wait step. Plz help me

    hi Pavan
      I havn't used any deadline. Its working fine in development. y in quality its not working. That is my question. Even i have checked in the development wait step from the log i have these 3 steps for histroy
    Wait step created                                No errors
    Condition for wait step fulfilled               No errors
    Result Processing                               No errors
    But in quality
    Wait step created                                No errors
    Only these step is alone there. its has not yet come to other step. But my condition is fullfilling has i checked from the container elements. Am waiting for more than 3 hours. Still its not come to next step. y what could be the reason.

  • Workflow trf executing for longer time

    Hi All,
    Workflow trfc executing for longer time in transaction SM58. Why will this happen ? Is there any resolution available ? Please advise on this issue. Below are the details :
    Caller: WF-BATCH
    Status Text: Transaction Executing
    Program: SAPMSSY1
    Kind Regards

    Check if WF-BATCH user is not locked or the pwd changed. The same as the process started, see the event trace if you are triggering any wflow from this. And CLick on the event and see the "REceiver Data" and "Trace Data" if any errors are there.
    Sometimes, if this user got locked for some reason, it results in issues like you mentioned.
    Hope this helps

  • Automatic logout after lock screen for long time?

    When I leave my mac screen locked for long time, sometimes I see the following message after unlocking screen:
    "Logout has timed out because the application [x] failed to quit...."
    Where [x] is some application trying to quit, and is waiting for user confirmation. This happens even when the computer is plugged in to AC. Has anyone else seen this problem? TIA

    Found it:

  • DISASSEMBLE is being executed for long time in SPAM

    Hi ,
    I am trying to applying SAP_BASIS patch in new XI 3.0 server .But it got hanged in <b>DISASSEMBLE is being executed</b> for long time in SPAM.
    Can any one will me to solve in this issue.
    Thank You !

    The following Patch manager may be useful

  • How to stop process chain if it yellow for long time

    hello all,
    I see that my process chain is running for long time and is yellow for more than last 24 hours now. I can see where the chain is stuck(not going ahead).
    What do we normally do in such scenarios?
    Also one more question I have is about delete PSA request process variant. Can i use the same variant in two different process chains, is yes than do I have to include the name of the PSA tables that are in both the process chains. When the variant runs in 1st chain does it delete the PSA tables from the second chain as well..(i hope i made this clear)
    Thanks in advance

    Once you have done with your init load manually. Then in case it was just the start of the process in ur Process Chain then first remove the chain from schedule and then go to the start process of the process chain and save the setting for immediate, uncheck the periodic box and save and then come out of the screen and then execute and activate the chain.
    1. Before changing the setting in the start process make a note of the start time and also its periodic value.
    2. Once the chain is completed then change the setting in the start process back to previous start time and periodic value.
    3. Don’t forget to save and activate the chain.

  • Cldg switch command hangs for long time

    Hello Experts ,
    We have renamed the veritas volumes vol1 and vol2 of disk group "dg", which is under cluster control.
    The renaming of volumes are successfully completed and modification updated in Cluster CCR (cldg sync dg) and volumes are mounted successfully in node002.
    We have switch over the disk group "dg" from node002 to node004. The disk group switch over to the node node004 successfully and able to mount the volumes.
    Again, we have switch over the disk group "dg" from node004 to node002, but the switch command is not successful and hanged for long time. When we check the /var/adm/messages in node002, the below messages appeared
    Oct 22 11:49:39 node002 scsi: [ID 107833 kern.warning] WARNING: /[email protected],600000/[email protected]/[email protected] (mpt0):
    Oct 22 11:49:39 node002 Disconnected command timeout for Target 0
    Oct 22 11:50:49 node002 scsi: [ID 107833 kern.warning] WARNING: /[email protected],600000/[email protected]/[email protected] (mpt0):
    Action plan followed for renaming the volume:*
    node002:/var/tmp/bak# umount /local/mqm/log/mq_log
    node002:/var/tmp/bak# umount /local/mqm/qmgrs/mq_qmgr
    node002:/var/tmp/bak# vxvol -g dg stop vol1
    node002:/var/tmp/bak# vxvol -g dg stop vol2
    node002:/var/tmp/bak# vxedit -g dg rename vol1 vol1_log
    node002:/var/tmp/bak# vxedit -g dg rename vol2 vol2_qmgf
    node002:/var/tmp/bak# vxvol -g dg start vol1_log
    node002:/var/tmp/bak# vxvol -g dg start vol2_qmgf
    node002:/var/tmp/bak# cldg sync dg
    Please advice on this error and how to resolve this.
    R. Rajesh Kannan

    But what is device mtp0? It doesn't sound like a disk name. It is having SCSI problems. I don't know if these messages are relevant though.
    I don't use VxVM as a rule, but your procedure seems reasonable to me.

  • Interface execution going on for long time.

    Hi All,
    I am executing one interface and that is running for long time on one of the step.
    but its underling query is easily returning rows in database.
    How to check why is not completed that step.
    Thanks for help.

    So it means there is not such option available to check what is going inside particular execution.
    But some how it got executed...after a long time.

  • Deletion of user if he hasn't login into system for long time

    Hi Experts,
    can anyone tell me that does acess enforcer provides nay facility of automatic deletion of those users who haven't login into system for long time.
    Please suggest.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Anubha Pandey

    Hi Anubha,
    no, Access Enforcer is a tool for assigning/removing authorizations via workflows.
    Run a regularly report in ABAP to delete the users that haven't logged on.

  • Installing the printer takes a long time and then the installation fails

    Installing the printer takes a long time to complete installation and although I used Genuine disk and a new printer
    System Windows 8
    Please help
    Is there could be missing from the file system
    How to Get it

    What is your printer model?
    Do you try installing it via USB or through the network?
    Does the installation stalls or hangs before or after selecting the crequired connection type for the printer?
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