KF value is not Displayed in BEx Report ..where as cube, mpro end ok..!!

Hello Experts,
I ran a bex report. In that report KF some NetsSalesValue has not displayed in the BI Report for all the Sales Organiations where as other KFs has displayed the value for all the Sales Organizations.
For that i checked my end. BI report is pulling data from Cube --> Multiprovider --> Bex Report.
I myself checked KF value into Cube level, multiprovider KF level value is avaialable.
And also i checked, in the query properties is there any filters, RKF, CKF, but...i found the KF is a basic KF.
And also..i checked the whether the rollup has happened..properly or not and ran the query but no use.
For your info upto 3 days..back KF value has presented in the report. After that only this issue has encounterred.
I am in confusion where the exact issue will be.
If any body faced this kind of scenario is your project, kindly reply me.
For any more clarifications i will respond you immediately.

check aggregates,index etc for cube
check key figure selection as well in Multiprovider for respective Infoprovider
just create test query on Infoprovider and then on Multiprovider and see..
Check RSRT - regenerate the query
also see there are various options like execute+debug has ....just check them
Thanks and regards

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    Hi, Saro,
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    Summary column should be place one level up of the query and set the following values under summary
    Reset As

  • Data for a node in Hierarchy not displayed in BEx report.

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    When i view the contents of the cube for a particular orgunit (5000397), employee (5980) for a particular time range (01.01.2011 - 16.01.2011), it gives me some data. However when i execute a report in BEx (7.0) with the same restrictions; it shows 'No applicable data found'.
    In the query designer I have corectly assigned the hierarchy properties to 0ORGUNIT with the hierarchy name, version and date (last date of the user entered time range). Also the hierarchy has been uploaded with the latest data i.e. for orgunit 50000397 there is an entry for the period: 01.09.2009 - 31.12.9999.
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    Can you check and make sure..that there are no other Global filters in the Query Design..

  • Actual YTD & MTD value is not showing in BEx report....

    Dear Experts,
    Thank you all for the suggestions and support in solving the issues.
    I need your help once again in one of the complicated issues I am facing.
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    We are using one report Dealer Target.
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    Actual YTD should show the a net sales from 1st'April to till date .
    And Actual MTD should show the 1st of any month to that date (User input).
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    In this case have you restricted Value Type for Actuals as 10 and Budget as 20 ???
    This may be the reason why you are not getting Actaul values, pls check for the same.

  • List of values is not displayed in web inteligence report

    I created a web inteligence report and put into my favourite folder. The report consist of a selectable list of values in a prompt but it does not appear in my favourites folder.
    The users with administrator rights that copied this report into their own favourites folder are able to see the list of values in the prompt.
    It seemed that the list of values does not display in the prompt when non administrator rights opened this report in their own favourites folder.
    Anyone can figure out how to set the access rights so that non administrator can see the list of values when the web inteligence report is opened in their own folder.
    I am using Business Objects XI 3.1 ..

         CMC -> Connections
    -     Right click connection name, Click u201CTools > Check Relationshipu201D
    -     In u201CQuery Resultsu201D, Right click Connections, Click u201CUser Securityu201D
    -     Assign Security for u201CEveryoneu201D
    -     UNTICK both Inherit from Parent Folder and Inherit from Parent Group
    -     Assign u201CView on Demandu201D
         CMC -> Universes
    -     Right click u201CUniversesu201D folder, click u201CPropertiesu201D
    -     Under u201CUser Securityu201D, click Everyone and assign security
    -     UNTICK both Inherit from Parent Folder and Inherit from Parent Group
    -     Assign u201CView on Demandu201D

  • BEx hierarchies not displayed in Crystal report parameters

    Hi All,
    I am trying to using a Bex query that has a cost center hierarchy with a variable that allows users to select specific nodes or even cost centers. In BEx reports, this query works fine and gives the users the view of the cost centres in a hierarchial manner. However, in Crystal reports, the query provides a drop down menu displaying a simple list of all the cost centres (not in a hierarchial manner). This confuses the user as to which element is a node and which is a cost centre
    Kindly suggest how can we achieve the cost centre hierarchy to appear in the parameters in Crystal.

    this is a duplicate to this entry:
    key figures are not displayed in crystal report
    Please do not post the same problem multiple times
    Ingo Hilgefort

  • Is it possible to Display BW Bex report iviews in Tabbed Interface?

      Is their a way to display BW BEx Report Iviews in Tabbed Interface?
      My requirement is to show four BEx Reports using 4 tabs on a page. Can we achieve this functionality in portal? If yes can some one guide me how to proceed?
    Sai Krishna Reddy

    why not have a webtemplate with tabbed interace and use that webtemplate to create BWP iview?
    check out the following how to document on this subjec.
    <a href="https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/5074a890-0201-0010-a489-dd05902a28c8">How to Create Buttons and TabStrips in BI Web Applications</a>

  • Issue in query created on infoset - characterstic values are not displayed

    We have created a query based on an infoset(customized). In this query, values of only one object(sold-to-party) is not displayed. Where as for the same object, values are displayed in the other query created based on the respective ODS.
    note : Query based on infoset is alone not coming.
    This is the description of the error -
    System error in program CL_RSMD_RS and IF_RSMD_RS-READ_META_DATA-02. and it is showing (No entries found).
    And apart from that, the values of their respective attributes are also not displayed in the report.
    I even verified the object in RSA1 where data is available for that.
    Need Help to solve ....

    Can any one answer for Issue-2. Even I am also facing the same.
    Thanks in Advance.

  • New created values are not displaying after upload

    I have created 2 key figures(Infoobject),4 new nodes and leafs(Hierarchy), to include the new logic at R/3 end as well as BW end.Every thing is fine even after doing full upload(repair).
    When i execute the query the data is not populated in its respective infoobjects and hierarchy nodes and leafs.
    Even 1 infoobject which is used for Counter value is not showing the counting as it's defined as aggregate to the info object Count and that included to ODS which is responsible for counting. after full upload it's not showing the counter values.
    After full upload(Repair) all these entries are not displaying in the report against the data which is present at RSA3 level.
    Can any one tell me how to make them available in the query even after data is uploaded / available in the bw.
    Gaurav Upadhyaya
    Edited by: Gaurav on Aug 26, 2008 10:55 AM

    You can´t see hierarchies in an infoprovider, so this is ok. A hierarchie is a part of an infoobject. But you say  you have 2 new kefigures and they are not filled. I suppose you added both keyfigures to your DSO/Cube and to the datasource (in your source system). Have you extended the transformations between datasource <-> DSO and DSO <-> Cube too? Are the keyfigures correctly connected (in the transformations)? If yes, check your PSA after loading. Are the keyfigures filled here? If no, check the RSA3 in your source system. Are the fields for you keyfigures filled there?
    Pls. check this all and tell us, what the result is.

  • Service order values posted to WBS, values are not displaying in CJii3

    We have posted thevalues from service order to wbs.
    values are not displaying in cji3.

    If the data has been successfully loaded into BPC, then it should be visible in BPC report.
    You need to make sure that you are looking at the correct data region. Check in RSA1 and check which data region has the data. Maintain the same region in the report as well.
    Hope this helps.

  • 0.00 is currency not displaying in ALV REPORT......

    Hi All,
    There is a currency field in the internal table which is not displaying only value 0.00 if the value is 0.03 then it is displaying in ALV.
    I have checked the Internal Table passed in the FM: REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY but it is carrying the value 0.00. But while displaying it is not displaying in the report.
    I have also checked the Field catalogue there is no such conditions mentioned.
    Kindly help me.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi MP,
    while handling witht eh currency fields make sure that the following are taken care of
    in the field catalog use:
    gs_field-datatype = 'CURR'.
    gs_field-inttype = 'C'.
    also the following
    fieldcatalog-no_zero = 'X'. should be taken care of otherwise it will not display the zeros appearing in the final internal table for ALV display.
    Hope its helpful

  • Explorer Measure Values  does not display as in BW

    I have developed some of the explorer reports based on BW queries. The Measure values display correctly in BW query , but  the value is not displayed correctly in explorer if I add multiple dimensions in the Info space
    If I add only one dimension Eg:- Calender Year in infospace the result of the explorer matches with the BW query but if I add mor ethat 1 dimesnion , if I have added Region , Country to the infospace and then drill down the result by any of teh dimesion the result does not match

    Hi Merhan,
    Yes, that would probably solve the problem. However I do want the actual <pattern> to be in there to access it in JavaScript.

  • Condition value is not displaying in sales order

    Hi Friends,
    when i am creating sales order, condition type(JEXP,JECP,JA1X..) is displaying in cond.type column and percentage(14%,2%,1%) is displaying in amount column and
    the condition value is not displaying in cond. value column in conitions tab of  sales order.
    In analysis it is showing as condition record found...
    please help me...
    with regards

    can it be that you have a problem with units of measure? Often, if there is no value in Condition value, the problem is in the master data of material. Did you use standard schema? If you not, have you tried it with standard schema? What is your value under "per" and "UoM"?
    Regards Thomas

  • Rate and accessable value is not displaying for the tax invoice output

    Hello All,
      Rate and accessable value is not displaying for the tax invoice output. Rest of all outputs for invoices shows Rate and accessable value.
    Scenerio is free of charge sales order (samples) removing the goods from pant so excise invoice has been created and also updated. but for tax invoice out put rate and access value is not displaying.
        Pricing procedure: In pricing procedure account keys have not been maintained because there is not gl account upadation during billing for free of charge delivery.
    Thanks & Regards,

    hi Gurpreet,
    You can add values to that transient column programatically,either by getiing the row from the iterator and then row.setAttribute('Column_name','Value');
    Or providing value to it in the SQL...

  • Grand total values are not matching with Detail report

    Report has grand totals and when I drill to the detail report, grand total values are NOT matching with parent report totals, I did some analysis but I'm clueless on this issue.
    Please provide your thoughts and insight on this issue..

    is your summary and detail reports hitting different facts, like summary hitting aggregate and detail report hitting it's corresponding detail level fact..?
    if then,
    From Front-end:
    Fix the filter values in detail report that are passing from master report then try delete each columns then check the grand total. If you found your values is matching by deleting particular column then you need to investigate what is the issue around with that dimension table..
    From Database side:
    1. check first aggregate table has proper aggregate data of it's detail..
    2. Take the detail report obiee generated query and try to comment each dimension table and it's corresponding joins to the facts, (before, this delete all the dimensional columns and other measures from select statement and put only that measure where you are getting wrong value, so that you need not to comment all the select and group by columns which saves your time.. ). Need to check by commenting each dimensional wid and it's table from clause, if you found that values is matching then there is some problem with wid columns data population in your ETL.
    Is that BI-Apps project?
    btw, whtz ur name?

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