L.C value not appearing in MB51 report

Dear gurus,
The l.c value not appearing in MB51 t.code,are there any other reports to see this values if so,plz explain in detail

Dear Jay,
It will be available in MB51, may be check your variant for hidden fields or your authorization, You will get in MR51 also
In Standard SAP System Asset GR will not have any Finance document at the time of Goods Receipt, So you are not getting Amount in LC, If you want to trigger finance document at the time of GR, you have to change the account assignment category A properties like i.e., remove the tick of GR Non valuated  in the below path
SPRO-->Materials Management-->Purchasing-->Account Assignment-->Maintain Account Assignment Categories, Select A
Goods receipt made after this change will be triggered the finance document.

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  • Values not appearing in Controlling reports

    Hi Gurus,
    For following reports I am not getting any values .Is I am missing any configuration.My client needs to be resolved on top priority.
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    S_ALR_87013140 - Target/Actual/Production Varainace - Periodic
    S_ALR_87013142 - Target/Actual Comparison - Cumulative
    S_ALR_87013143 - Target/Actual Comparison - Periodic
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    S_ALR_87013148- Variance  Catergories Cumulative
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    Nitin Amritkar

    I would suggest you to close this thread here post this to CO-Forum for better response.

  • Lead time values are not appearing in the report for current year.

    Hi friends,
    Iam checking a report in production.  where lead time values are displayed as 0 for 1 key figure lead time3 (w/0 dim) . i found there is a formula for this it shows like NODIM ( 'Lead Time 3' ).and there is a value for cal.lead time
    how can i get values in the report.
    Thanks ,

    Although your question is not clear, I understood that the formula built on that KF is NODIM. Basically it means, units of measurement is not considered when calculating.
    Eg: 5 Minutes + 5 Kilograms = 10
    You please try to analyze your KF by the above logic. Then you would be able to figure out why the data is not appearing in the report..
    Assign if helps...

  • SCCM 2012 R2 - Software metering Reports Parameters Value not appear to choice

    Hello Every Body
    I hope to get answer as soon as possible
    I have SCCM 2012 R2 & SQL Server 2012 SP1, my problem is ( all software metering Reports Parameters Values Not appear so I cannot select
    ( All parameters Available Value set to Get Values From a Query) 

    Has it been over 45 days since you created the active SWM rules? Do all (most) other SWM reports
    all other reporting in SWM which doesn't ask for month and year working
    only the problem in year & Month Parameters Values
    these reports doesn't need a 45 days to work, alwasy when i install SCCM reports working only from the second day of installation

  • WHT amount not appearing in FBL1N report for Document type RE

    Dear Friends,
    While running FBL1N report for any vendor where TDS is applicable, the WHT amount is appearing for KR document type. But when it is RE document type the WHT amount is not appearing in the report. How can we resolve this? Any enhancement/any note to be applied?

    FBL1N is having the classic withholding tax field hence please don't refer the those fields.
    please don't refer those fields.
    Please review attached note 363309 for detailed explanation.
    BSEG-QBSHB is designed to fill for the classic withholding tax. And
    extended withholding tax information is stored exclusive in table
    You can check in table BSEG for the fields and will find that system
    do NOT update field BSEG-QBSHB.
    In your line layout,you define a field BSEG-QBSHB. But actully the field
    of vendor/customer line item is filled with zero from FI. Thus,it shows
    zero in line item display.
    And as note 363309 says,
    "Remove the field which contains the withholding tax information
    from your display variant.
    If you want to display the withholding tax information, double-click on
    the document number and subsequently choose 'Withholding tax'."
    Madhu M
    Edited by: M Madhu on Jan 18, 2012 9:13 AM

  • Saved default Parameter values not appearing in Run Time version of report

    I've created a report in Crystal 2008 and set up a number of parameters. I supplied each of them with a default value. I check it out in Crystal Reports and a nice looking window opens up that shows all my parameters with the default values. I save the report and open it within our application and upon pressing print, a plain looking box appears that lists my parameters but none of the saved values are included. Is this a problem with my version of Crystal Reports (ver. that I can get an update for to fix; Or, is this a problem with the crviewer.dll that we are running in our application (ver, dated March 8, 2005)?
    I'm worried about updating to the latest Crystal 2008 crviewer.dll because I've read where it is only for reports with Saved Data and that won't work for us. We need the ability to refresh the data on the reports.

    Hi Mike,
    It likely is the viewer causing the problem. 2008 now has cascading parameters and the activex viewer does not support them.
    All I can suggest is you try CR XI R2 which you can upgrade for free, you have to contact CIC to get a keycode to deploy your app, and test again.
    R2 is out of support now so no fixes available...

  • Plan next yrs values not appearing in Report Painter

    In our one of Z report (developed thrugh SAP std Report Painter functionality), Plan next yrs column does not shows any value in output of report.
    Basically this column should show next years plan values for WBS Element cost elementwise.
    When I double click on any of the cell of this column, I am getting output with 0 records but selection criteria is appearing as Period 7 and Fiscal year as 2999 on output screen on the top. So I am thinking that output is not appearing because of wrong selection criteria field values/characteristics values.
    Just wanted to know from you all guys, what things should I check in Report Painter to resolve this issue? Also what are the causes of this issue?
    Could you please tell me the remedial procedure and transaction code to resolve this kind of issue?
    Edited by: SWAPNIL PRAMOD KHARUL on Jan 30, 2011 12:17 PM
    Edited by: SWAPNIL PRAMOD KHARUL on Jan 31, 2011 9:29 AM

    Thanks for reply.
    Characteristics are:
    Value Type: ZCJUL01
    Value Type:10
    Period:  7
    Object ind.:1  to 5
    Object ind.:P
    Fiscal Year: Z-GJHNJ Next Year  to 2999
    I think it looks like wrong Period selection characteristics value.
    Please suggest/guide what has to be done?
    Edited by: SWAPNIL PRAMOD KHARUL on Feb 3, 2011 9:19 AM
    Edited by: SWAPNIL PRAMOD KHARUL on Feb 3, 2011 9:21 AM

  • COPA Plan values not appearing in report

    I posted COPA Plan values using KEPM and line items are appearing in KE25 but no values are not being appeared in COPA line item report we created using report painter. We used KE94 and KE91.
    Actual values appearing correctly in report.
    Any help??

    Check if you have Plan/Act indicator maintained correctly with the plan value. If it shows up in other reports, I don't see any reason why it will not show up here. I would also check other parameters entered in the report and see if any other characteristic is preventing plan values from populating.

  • Commitment value for service PR not appearing in 12ksta report

    We have two types of service PR-- COS & CCV. Although the PR is not deleted, its Deletion indicator in the COOI table in the COS PR is set automatically while same Deletion indicator is not set in the EBAN table.  As a result ZERO Value is appearing in the WGHBTR, WTGBTR,WKGBTR,WOGBTR of the COOI table and zero value in the 12KSTA report. Why this difference of the Deletion indicator in the two tables for the same PR ?
    With the similar configuration, there is no problem with the CCV PR .
    How do I remove the Deletion indicator from the COOI table for the COS PR ?
    Please help.
    SM Hussain

    Dear Saurav
    We checked thru OKKP,CUNI,RKACOR04,RAKANBU01, CJEN. CJBN and including your suggested notes like 152571,47992, 671563, 167350 etc with no results.
    We are wondering how Deletion indicator is set in COOI table when the PR is not actually deleted, if you can help us to throw some light on this aspect.
    With regards
    SM Hussain

  • GL not appearing in PCA report S_ALR_87013336

    Dear Experts,
    For acct XXXX, there's balance & we can view line item thru FI (tcode: FBL4N). We can see PC been assigned to those line items, but the GL XXXX not reflecting in PCA report (tcode S_ALR_87013336).
    GL XXXX is a Balance Sheet GL (not a Reconciliation GL). This GL is not added to 3KEH. There are other GLs too, which are not added to 3KEH, but still those are appearing in PCA report S_ALR)87013336.
    If you can please advice about this discrepancy.
    Edited by: Hussein  Merchant on Apr 18, 2011 5:05 PM

    After adding 'trip type expenses in the layout' in the layout, save the layout as a variant and give it a name.
    Next time when you run the report, put that variant and then run
    Values will come

  • Value not appearing in the workbook

    Hi Friends,
    There are some values in the workbook which are prob appear through cell references. In dev sys its fine. We have moved the workbook to Quality, but here the values are not appearing. The value is period value which is not comming from either query columns or rows. I am unable to track down from where this value is appearing in the workbook. This period value appears where this (Layout ->display text elements ->General) appears ofcourse in Dev not Quality. There are many tabs(Queries) in the workbook.
    How to know/check from where this value is getting populated.
    Thanks & Regards,

    After adding 'trip type expenses in the layout' in the layout, save the layout as a variant and give it a name.
    Next time when you run the report, put that variant and then run
    Values will come

  • Field label not appearing in OIM Report Page

    Though this sounds like a silly problem, but I am not able to figure out what could be the problem.
    I have created a new report in OIM and it is working perfectly fine as per the stored procedure. The only problem is that one of the label name is not appearing correctly in the report page display. It consists of the following fields:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. User iD
    4. Custom field of the target application resource -say- abc.
    In the xlWebAdmin.properties file, I added a new property for the custom field -
    The same value has been written in the XML metadata of the report.
    However, in the report page in OIM the label appears as - ???en_US.report.CustomReport.label.CustomField???
    Please advice.

    Actually, we are getting a few errors while running the script and hence I was looking for any alternate, if possible.
    java.io.IOException: java.io.IOException: /app/oracle/product/APP/10.1.3/j2ee/home/jsp/bin/ojspc: not found
    at java.lang.UNIXProcess.<init>(UNIXProcess.java:148)
    at java.lang.ProcessImpl.start(ProcessImpl.java:65)
    at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(ProcessBuilder.java:451)
    at java.lang.Runtime.exec(Runtime.java:591)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    It is unable to locate "ojspc" path. I am not sure as to where this path is referenced. I have to change it there, so that it refers to thecorrect one.

  • Order plan cost not appearing in PS report.

    Dear PS friends,
    I have an issue in order plan cost updation ( budget report ).
    Used the prescribed WBS in maintenance order ( additional data ), but its not appearing in planned cost of CJ31 screen.
    Checked the following
    a)  WBS is account assignment element.
    b) Network type order appended indicator in OPSV.
    c) Setting in network type parameters for " determine plan  
    d) WBS and order - both are showing plan cost when booked separately, but not integrated.
    Can anybody help me to resolve this ! 
    Thanks in advance
    --  Sri  --
    Edited by: Srinivasan Madaswamy on May 18, 2008 2:15 PM

    In case of the maintenance order (Order Category:30)
    Please check the follwoing in Tcode OPSV:
    1. type is maintained default i.e ++++ (this will consider all the order types mantioned for maintenance order.
    2. Please selelct the appropriate controlling area.
    3. Appended plan indicator has to be checked mark,
    4. Assigned funds in the plan indicator has to be checked mark,
    5. In Tcode IW32: In the additional data Tab assign the WBS Element. Save the maintenance order.
    Hope its useful.
    Reward point if useful. Revert abck if any other issue.

  • Sales order values not coming in copa report can been seen in ke24

    i have did sd and billing and actual settlement through va88
    i can able to values in ke24 actual line items.
    but when i cant able to see values in ke30 copa report aganist sales order characteristic
    and aganist record type A values are not flowing in copa report.
    please help me.

    hi ajay,
    i have again prepare actual line items report from ke94 ,ke91 and executed report ,
    here for that particular sales order values are flowing through record type C but not flowing for record type A.
    sales order is not displaying for record type A.
    and for that c only revenue and  and  raw material cost is flowing.

  • Container values not appearing in alerts - SAP CRM 7.0

    Hi Experts,
    I have 2 issues:
    1. I am calling an alert on lead creation by calling an action with processing type as TRIGGER ALERT.
    The alert appears on the home page but the container values defined in the long text are not appearing. The containers defined are as follows:
    OBJECT_ID - Object type - BUS2000108 - business transacton number
    Call later date - Z field in CRMD_ORDERADM_H - structure - CRMD_ORDERADM_H - Field Zabcd
    Please let me know if there is something i'm missing or if i need to define these values in the Method TRIGGER ALERT???
    2. If i want to call this action on a particular date (call later date as above), is it possible to take the reference of this date in the start condition?
    Nitin Sehgal

    Dear Nitin,
    The first I am not sure, so hopefully someone else can help you with that.
    For the second, If you want a Z-field to be used in the action conditions, you should add an attribute to your BOR-object in SWO1.
    How to do this can be found here.
    Hope it helps...
    Pieter Rijlaarsdam

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