Lumia 520 Many Questions

I just purchased this phone Lumia 520-already very confused.
How do you save to SIM card.  My storage is being used up rapidly.
Mainly: How do you save apps and contacts to SIM and/or S/D card. 
Facebook: loaded all my contacts and pictures on my phone.  How do I unsync them or delete them?
I need major help, please if someone has this information let me know.
This is my first smartphone and I thought I had it down, I am finding out I do not.  I am confused about Cloud and SKy Drive as well?
Thank you in advance for any help you can give to me.  The Nokia tutorial doesnt cover these items.
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1.You can't save contacts to SIM
2.You can only store Media Files and Maps data (using THIS application) on the SD Card
3.Go to the 'people' hub and tap (...) at the bottom -->settings-->filter my contact list ..and uncheck 'Facebook'
 Other Storage > Refer THIS

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  • I have iphone5 and now been given Nokia lumia 520 for work. How can I ensure that my calendars all sync in real time between each phone? Many thanks for any advice

    I have iphone5 and now been given Nokia lumia 520 for work. How can I ensure that my calendars all sync in real time between each phone? Many thanks for any advice

    Well if you got the Phone Pggray43 at a Local Corporate store in your Area)  you should be able to return it as long as you have all the contents.!  Phone, Charger and any other accessories that came with it the Box of Course.. As long as you have not went past the 14 Day return.. the store can go over what you used as in Air Time and Data..
    Now if you've went past the 14 Day return you be Liable to pay a E.T.F =  Early Termination Fee the fee for this is around $300 so hopefully you have not went past the 14 Day return window the Manager if Available is the one I would talk to tell them your on Social Security and you just can't afford a phone as this I'm sure they'll work with you to get something solved..
    Hope ya have Good Luck.! b33

  • Lumia 520 question

    Hi, i have to questions about operating the lumia 520: on the second screen where all the apps are listed , suddenly the apps are shown with the starting letter above them, how can i switch that off? when i fisrt started the phone the apps werent devided, i had only the magnifying glass with whon i could search.Now when i am tapping on a letter i get all letters shown on the screen.
    #i have linked my facebook acount to the messages thead and i can not send pictures or file or videos on the chat, jsut the location.can i do something about that so i can send pictures in the cahat?
    Thanks for the help since i am new to the lumia phones.
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    To partly answer your query.. once the No. of Items in the 'Applications' list exceeds 40 it will start showing up the Starting letters. Once auto enabled there is no setting to disable it except Resetting the device. But why do you want it to be removed ? Once you get used to it, its very convenient to search an item quickly ..

  • Lumia 520, message storage?

    Hi there,
    I am thinking of getting a Lumia 520 ,but a rather strange question I have is, around how many messages can the phone store at any one time? I do a lot of texting throughout the day, my current phone holds about 1000 messages, but I find that its just a pain having to sort through all those messages to delete them (yes I know, I could just delete them all ). I am looking for a...cheapish but yet decent and tough phone, that can withstand a few minor bangs etc.
    I mostly use my current phone for texting,and photos which is about it but as Im upgrading, I would like to get a phone that has a decent camera (my current, has a 2MP I think it is), good for checking emails on, perhaps playing games, checking things up on google etc. Would this be a good phone for me does anyone think? or would another suit my needs better?
    thank you to any and all answers  

    Jezabelle28 wrote:
    I am thinking of getting a Lumia 520 ,but a rather strange question I have is, around how many messages can the phone store at any one time? I do a lot of texting throughout the day, my current phone holds about 1000 messages, 
    No definitive answer available but may run into problems ~ 4000 mark
    Happy to have helped forum in a small way with a Support Ratio = 37.0

  • Mobile network problem in my lumia 520

    Once network gone, I have to Restart it then again mobile network come.calling proble occurs many times even network is dispayed. Network problem sshould be rectify.

    Hi mbkrish,
    Do you experience the network issue regardless of your area? Aside from calling, are the other network services working fine like SMS messaging and mobile data connection? Is this for a Lumia 520 as well? If so, I hope you're using a standard microSIM and not a cut one as this is what the phone is designed to use.
    BTW, the reset that the Nokia Care Center recommended is the one under Settings > about, is that right? After the reset, have you checked if the system apps are updated? Go to Settings > swipe to applications > store > check for updates. 
    Let us know how it will go. 

  • Re: Lumia 520 - Opening a video sent from WhatsApp...

    My Lumia 520 takes at least 10 mnts to open up a video sent via WhatsApp. It is too long. I got dis phone via flipkart. Photo uploading to my profile in many sites wil not happen. Occasionally it uploads. What is the solution? (Someone said me phone sold by flipkart will b defective.)
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    hi mate, are u in an area of decent network coverage and reception for 3g? check this and if this issue occurs over WiFi?

  • Lumia 520 wifi reception

    Hey guys,I have become a great hater of Lumia 520...i only wish I didn't buy it.its said I can only update my phone os through WiFi connection...but every time I connect the farthest it downloads is 13%..then either restarts the whole process again.not to mention that the 13% it goes takes an hour.ill say pole deserve options,if I can afford to update through mobile data I should be able to do so,and if Nokia did so much care they could also have made it possible to download via PC and use USB cable to update.i hate it when I buy stuff with my little cash then someone makes decision on how to do what I want to back then in the good days was the fone everyone used.u ddnt need to mention the brand only the make like say...3310,1100,etc.what happened,that young green smaller companies are making user friendly phones that fly off the shelf?like say,huawei,bird,etc...ill tell you,Nokia chose to use windows os while other bright brands go android,I wish's there was a way to change to android.i am greatly dissapointed and I'm having a hard time not to smash it on the wall.can someone from Nokia reply to me or I go on rampage on my blogs discrediting this piece of wood.i may not achieve much but I'll make sure whoever sees this dsnt fall where I fell .********
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    Hi PankajS,
    Your question has been aswered on this thread t5/Nokia-Lumia/Lumia-920-Wifi-Proxy-User-Authentication/m-p/1636366#M29213
    Note: The thread will apply to all Windows Phone 8 Lumia device.

  • Nokia Lumia 520 in Moldova

    I want to buy a Nokia Lumia 520 here in the UK to give to someone living in Moldova, next to Romania.  Is there any reason the person cannot use it in Moldova, in the same way as she can in the UK, where it was bought?  I know that the mobile phone warranty does not cover Moldova, outside of the EU.  Thanks.

    Hey, Apart from the warranty I would like to provide you with this information which I have found on internet for you.
    See every mobile device works on some frequency bands and that need to be present in mobile to work in a particular region , it may support one or more than one band. As per Nokia UK website Lumia 520 supports 
    WCDMA network: 900 MHz, 2100 MHz (this is 3G frequency)
    GSM network: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz (this is 2G frequency)
    1. Now UK frequency bands where you live are:
    2G capabilities GSM 900, GSM 1800
    3G capabilities UMTS 900, UMTS 2100
    4G capabilities LTE 800, LTE 1800, LTE 2600
    So Lumia 520 in your region support 2G and 3G
    2. Now Mandova frequency bands where the mobile device will be operational:
    2G capabilities GSM 900
    3G capabilities UMTS 2100
    4G capabilities LTE 2600
    So Lumia 520 of UK should work atleast for 2G at GSM 900 frequency and 3G at UMTS 2100.
    Hope you were looking for this kind of reply.Any further questions ping me up.
    -Thank you
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  • Lumia 520 messaging not connecting

    When I started using my phone everything was good, until 2 weeks ago that it wouldn't connect to my msn everytime it happens I am obligated to go to Airplane Mode which leaves me with no calls or data plan option and it's frustrating, I got a data plan for a reason, and I hope there is a solution to it. And I don't even get toast notifications from nothing (WhatsApp, Facebook, Msn, Skype) I checked the battery saver option and it is turned off.
    I'm just starting to regret buying this phone with so many flaws like this.

    Hi everyone! I'm having the same problem, only a few hours after I bought the damn phone Lumia 520. What can we do for a solution? Thank you in advance! Greetings from Greece!

  • Lumia 520 "Remote wipe of user data via Internet"

    I'm interested in purchasing a Lumia 520 and read on the spec site that it can do "Remote wipe of user data via Internet" (
    Is there any special software that I need to be able to do this (like have it connected to a BlackBerry server in the case of enterprise BlackBerry devices) or is it as simple as stated on ( where all you have to do is log into where you can erase a linked phone?
    This phone will be used for business so in case it is lost I need the ability te remote wipe it. Our company currently has a BB server and we all have BB devices, but with BB not doing so well I was thinking of getting a Nokia.
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    WHNOKLUM520 wrote:
    So far so good. That's great news. If I could ask one follow up question though:
    Would it matter if the same SIM is installed on the phone? Lets say the 'thief' was able to get into the phone with a different SIM (if the security was not setup correctly) - would the phone be erased based on the SIM that's installed or on the IMEI number of the device?
    If there's no data connection, cannot access your phone to send push notifications and if push notifications fail, then it will try to send SMS to your phone.
    I just tried to ring my phone after taking out the SIM card, it was connected to wi-fi and I could ring it.
    The silence will fall

  • Stiff Battery cover for Lumia 520

    Today I configured my first Lumia 520 and it was an 'interesting' experience.
    I have 2 complaints:
    1. Whilst the battery cover adds a nice feel to the phone, it is stiff and very difficult to peel off.
    2. The online instructions provided for peeling off the battery cover frightens me, that I will bend the motherboard, hence break the phone.
    This was an issue associated with wearing mobiles around ones waist causing many repairs.  Motorola models seemed the worst affilicted.
    I'm filled with trepidation.

    The technique described in the online instructions lets the back cover be removed with very little force.  You just have to be sure that you insert your thumbnail between the soft outer cover and the hard inner shell, and not between the hard shell and the screen.
    At first glance it can seem that you are supposed to put your thumbnail into the cutout for the earpiece, but that's not right.  There's a narrow, hard ridge that runs right around the edge of the screen, and you insert your thumbnail outside that ridge to peel away the soft plastic case that clips around it.
    Hope that helps.

  • Lumia 520 bricked by Windows Phone Recovery Tool

    So I'd installed win10 preview for my lumia 520 and it was not good enough for my daily using and i tried to downgrad it. there was an instruction after starting to flash that hol power key and volume - for 3 or 15 seconds and when you felt vibration hit the button to start the process...
    i'd tried it but my phone didnt restart...even i hod them for about 2minutes but nothing will happen just blank screen.
    when i used windows phone recovery it find my phone but it shows an error that restart your phone and try again
    Recovery tool said operation unsuccessful. Red screen with NOKIA written.
    what's your suggestion?
    thanks for your help
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    As farby said, did you get the updated version AND verify the versions number as explained in post linked to?
    User Expectations & Recovery efforts:
    For users who have already unusable devices, we’re continuing to research this situation.  There is no guarantee that using this updated version of the tool will recover an already-bricked device.  If your device is showing the red Nokia logo, please do the following:
    Ensure your device has a good power source (connected via USB cable that can transfer data and charge the device simultaneously)
    Close the WPRT, re-open, and take the update to the new version of the WPRT.  The new version is1.2.4
    Once he new version is installed, re-attempt the flashing process.
    If your device is not recognized, click the "My phone was not detected" button and continue the attempted recovery process
    If your device is on a blank/black screen and is unresponsive, you may attempt the same steps as listed above.  Devices that do not have the red Nokia logo on the screen are in a different state and will not have the same recovery rate should they be recoverable.  Please do try to recover and share your results.
    So while the cause of the failure is know and the application is fixed there is no guarantee that a an already bricked phone will recover with the new version. Also I suggest you post your questions and results in the linked post as it is most likely the team working on this will post updates and see your responses.
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  • Wallpaper Lumia 520

    Good afternoon, my name is Bruno, I got a Lumia 520, after the last update Lumia Black, I can not insert my photos or any wallpaper on the main screen to download apps thought could enter them on my smartphone, but accused the application need to upgrade
    to windows 8.1, tried the update and the same application, accused the same request, I wonder if some limitation because my device there is the entry model or whether I have to wait for the final update?

    Please ask this question on
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  • Lumia 520 unlock button

    I bought my Lumia 520 not far from release date, and two months later i had a unlock button problem but i thought it was just software and i reset and it didn't change and because the Nokia care centre is far from me i had to use the cam button to unlock my phone, then it would work and stop. It once stopped working for a whole week so i switched it on using the charger when it was off due to battery. On the 21 September it stopped working completely, it has dropped in after i tried to press it while on the charger. What do i do from here? And why are so many people complaining about this phones unlock button?

    Your next port of call is your nearest Nokia Care Point 

  • Lumia 520 store

    i am a new owner of lumia 520 , i have problem on store connectivity. when i am download/update/installation of any apps will load error massage is we can't connect to the microsoft at the moment. Please could someone put me out of my misery and tell me where I'm going wrong..

    It could be one of many things. There could be a problem with your internet connection, your microsoft account may not be set up properly, the regional settings may not be right etc etc. 
    To tell you what you may have done wrong, perhaps you could start by telling us what you have done. 

Maybe you are looking for