Multiple Workspace Structures

Is it possible to have multiple workspace structures, and upon a setting (cmdline or otherwise) have jDev see a certain structure only.
-Nat [Let's ROLL!]

If this does not address your question, please add more information to your original question.ok. I want to maintain multiple workspace hierarchies/structures. On the hard drive I might have a directory "C:\DevApps". All the workspaces are inside this directory, with their projects inside them. C:\DevApps\ws1, c:DevApps\ws2, etcetera. Suppose I have 20 workspaces there.
Also on the hard drive I want to have a "C:\DevClasses" (or if it makes it easier a "F:\DevApps"). Inside this directory I also want to have ws1, ws2, ... etc. Now, I need to be able to tell jDev (upon startup, or otherwise) to 'use' and display one of these structures only.
Also note that you can create as many workspaces as you need and show just the ones you want in their own navigator.If this works without creating multiple navigator windows, please tell me how. I wasn't aware that you can have a filtered list of workspaces. Sounds plausible.
Thank you much

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  • How to permit multiple workspaces to access the same schema?

    When creating a new workspace (version 3.2), I am getting the following warnings:
    "Warning: The requested schema already exists. Warning: The requested schema is already assigned to one or more workspaces. Please ensure that giving multiple workspaces access to the same schema is permitted by the security policies at your site before approving this request."
    How do I "ensure that giving multiple workspaces access to the same schema is permitted"?
    What are the advantages/disadvantages of doing so?

    The correct answer to it would have been: I use manual provisioning.I didn't ask a detailed enough question. What I am wondering is how you are set up to to workspace provisioning at your site. In apex_admin, if you navigate to Home>Manage Service>Instance Settings there is a radio group like:
    Provisioning Status:      
    0 Manual - An administrator manually creates each workspace
    0 Request - Link displayed on login page enabling users to request workspaces
    0 Email Verification - Workspace created after email address is verified by the user
    The help text for this is:
    Provisioning Status:      
    Determines how the process of provisioning (or creating) a workspace works for your development instance. Options include:
        * Manual - An Application Express administrator manually creates new workspaces and notifies the Workspace administrator of the login information.
        * Request - Users request workspaces directly in a self-service fashion. Selecting this option displays a link on the Login page enabling users to request a workspace. When a user requests a workspace, each request is submitted to a queue for approval.
        * Email Verification - Works similar to Request except each user receives an initial email containing a link. Clicking this link validates the user's email address before the request is processed.
    Note: To enable users to request a workspace using a link on the Login page, you must choose Request or Email Verification. If you select Manual, no link appears on the login page.How is yours set up?
    As to the first original question (How do I "ensure that giving multiple workspaces access to the same schema is permitted"?), I still do not know.Whether it is permitted or not is a decision made by the apex site administrator who approves/declines workspace requests. Whether it ought to be permitted is a different question and is really same as your second question which involves issues you said you are now starting to understand better. So I think we've covered your original questions. If not, please elaborate.
    As to the last subject (How did the hidden workspace get created and how do I get rid of id? What happens if I don't?), this happened at work, so I can only tell you more on Monday (luckily...). Until then, here is what I remember. The work space was created, which is proven by the fact that when I want to create a new workspace with the same name, I am getting an error, which says that a workspace with that name already exists. However, I cannot delete the workspace, since it show up nowhere.No hidden workspace got created. I'm pretty sure the request is just in the queue waiting to be approved/declined. In the meantime a workspace with the same name cannot be requested.
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  • Can I have multiple event structures with the same event cases?

    I'm doing an application that reproduces the front panel of the HP6675A power supply. To achieve this, I have done a state machine with different states
    (initialize, measures, voltage, current, ocp, ov, store, recall, etc). In each state, should have an event structure that catches the events of the buttons, like for example: if the current state is the Voltage mode and the user press the current button the next state will be the Current mode. For this in each state of the state machine should be the same event structure with the same events.
    My problem is that the Vi doesn't work properly when I have multiple event structures with the same event cases. There are some possibily to do this, and how? Or is impossible to have multiple events? I have been reading some posts, but I don't find solutions. 
    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you very much.
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    natasftw wrote:
    Or as others mentioned, make two parallel loops.  In one loop, have your state machine.  In the other, have just the Event Handler.  Pass the events from the handler to the state machine by way of queues.
    A proper state machine will not need the second loop.  The "Wait For Event" or "Idle" state (whatever you want to call it) is all you really need in order to catch the user button presses.  The setup is almost there.  Maybe add a shift register to keep track of which state to go to in the case of a timeout on the Event Structure.
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  • How to map idoc segments to multiple output structures

    Dear experts,
    On Pi I need to map segments from an Idoc to 2 different outputstructures. My scenario is as follows:
    incoming Idoc on PI -> if segment eq 'X' then map to outputstructure '1'; if segment eq 'Y' then map to outputstructure '2'
    Idoc structure is as follows:
    - 1 header segment
    - 1..n detail segments (which I need to map to outputstructure 1)
    - 1 summarisation segment (which I need to map to outputstructure 2)
    Output needs to be a .txt file.
    I would like to use the graphical message mapping on PI, how can I map the Idoc to multiple output structures?
    Thanks in advance,

    You can do 1:n multimapping
    in message mapping in messages tab ..add both the structures in target tab and do the mapping
    and in operation mapping add both the message interface on the target side
    PLease go through this blog

  • Same developer account to multiple workspaces

    I'm not sure if I am just missing something in the documentation or what, but I'd like to give the same developer account access to multiple workspaces. When I create a new developer, I see the text field for default workspace, but I can only pick one entry. Is there a way to give the same developer account access to multiple workspaces?

    ...I see the text field for default workspace...
    The text field is for default schema.
    Accounts are created for single workspaces only. However you can create an account having the same name (and password) in any number of workspaces.

  • Multiple Source Structure in single flatfile using lsmw idoc method

    Hi Abapers,
                we have a requirement for Business partner Data mIgration into CRM system using LSMW idoc method,I got a flat file
    which has multiple source structures like(header structure,Tax structure,Mailstructure,Identification structure,bankdetails structure,card strcuture........etc of 12 structures) with identification for each structure. can any one help me how to handle this in lsmw or any link of this kind of scenario will be helpful for me .
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Saeed,
    For example if you want t create bom through lsmw then we will *** two files one header and other item one.In the same way .In lsmw start by keeping the idoc method i will only propose at second step how many files it need. Just map the idoc and see. Post if need more help.

  • Multiple tree structured rows in output header

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement to create an output layout in which there are 3 dynamic rows in header and each row is having its own sub devision (like a tree structure). The number of columns will depend upon the data.
    I am able to create N number of dynamic columns according to data fetched at run time but dont know how to create multiple tree structures rows in header.
    Can any one please suggest how can I achieve this in SAP?

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement to create an output layout in which there are 3 dynamic rows in header and each row is having its own sub devision (like a tree structure). The number of columns will depend upon the data.
    I am able to create N number of dynamic columns according to data fetched at run time but dont know how to create multiple tree structures rows in header.
    Can any one please suggest how can I achieve this in SAP?

  • Creating multiple workspaces

    Is it possible to create multiple workspaces for the same account? I'd like to separate our Dev/Staging/Production SCOM instances into their own workspaces.

    Yes you can create multiple workspaces for the same account.
    There are two ways to do this:
    On the home page for Operational Insights, click Sign Up (rather than Sign In).
    You will be presented with a screen to create a new workspace.
    In the Azure portal, you can click +New -> App Services -> Operational Insights.
    You can then create a new workspace
    In both cases the workspace will be linked to your existing account.
    In the Operational Insights portal you can switch between workspaces by clicking on the workspace name in the top right of the page (near the Settings (cog) icon.
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  • Program for multiple workspaces?

    Hey, i'm looking for a program that lets me have multiple workspaces (like in linux). I use my mac to reduce astronomy data which requires a bunch of windows, and it'd be more convenient to be able to have an entire workspace for that. Any recommendations for a program that does this?

    If you upgrade to Leopard you can use Spaces which is included. Otherwise your options for third-party software are:
    CodeTek VirtualDesktop Pro 4.0b1
    VirtueDesktops 0.54 Beta 5
    You Control: Desktops 1.3 b5
    Find them at VersionTracker or MacUpdate.

  • Coverage Strategy use multiple Category Structures

    Hi AFS Expert,
    In the same Coverage Strategy, does it allow to use multiple Category Structures to do the transfer from requirement category to stock category?
    E.g Category Structure: AA, BB
    "Category Structure AA --> Coverage Strategy CS1 --> Requirement category" transfer to "Category Structure BB --> Coverage Strategy CS1 --> Stock category"
    Is it possible to do?
    Looking forward your kind advise.

    Hello Mag,
    The coverage strategy is configured for a single category structure and it maps the category values of that category structure. We can define the sequence in which the stock categories map the requirement categories. We will not be able to map the requirement category to stock category across category structures.
    Hope this information helps.
    Mag Sai wrote:
    > Hi AFS Expert,
    > In the same Coverage Strategy, does it allow to use multiple Category Structures to do the transfer from requirement category to stock category?
    > E.g Category Structure: AA, BB
    > "Category Structure AA --> Coverage Strategy CS1 --> Requirement category" transfer to "Category Structure BB --> Coverage Strategy CS1 --> Stock category"
    > Is it possible to do?
    > Looking forward your kind advise.
    > Thanks,
    > Mag

  • Assigning a user to multiple workspaces ans schemas

    Is there a way to assign multiple workspaces and schemas to a single user? If so, how?
    Thanks in advance.

    The way it works is...a workspace can be associated with multiple "parse-as schemas". An application developed in that workspace can use any one of those schemas. An application can use only 1 parsing schema.
    When you create a developer userid in a workspace, you can either give him access to all the schemas associated with that workspace or restrict to a subset of schemas.
    Hope this helps

  • Multiple event structures in one VI

    I have two event structures in a single VI, one that handles events that freeze the user interface and one for events that don't. The latter group are all triggered acquisition tasks, where you arm the  data acquisition, but possibly might want to abort it (or do other things, while waiting for the data to come. Obviously you need a stop button to be active and responsive. In retrospect, using two loops was possibly a poor choice, but one I made because it never occured to me that these things would only fire once and have to be put in a while loop to be kept active. No other language does that as far as I know. Anyway, the question is how do I keep both active? Do I enclose both in a single while loop? Do I give each there own while loop. Do I give up and merge the two event structures into one. For clarity I would like to keep them seperate, but that is not essential. I'ld like to know what my options are.
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    rossu wrote:
    If they are in sperate while loops will they both run. If they are in one loop will the loop recycle if one structue is still waiting for an event to occur?
    The answer to this is fundamental to how LabVIEW works. A loop will not proceed to the next cycle until everything inside it completes. If you have two event structures in the same loop, both of them need to process an event (or a timeout) before the loop will iterate.
    You can have multiple event structures in the same VI.
    By "freeze the UI," do you mean the "Lock front panel..." checkbox in the event dialog? There is no problem with having some events that do lock the front panel and some that do not in the same event structure. I'm not sure that this is what you mean by "freezing" the UI, though.
    EDIT: and one more comment. Generally you should not put long-running tasks (like data acquisition) inside an event structure. Instead, the event case should pass those tasks off to a separate loop (for example using a queue) so that the event structure can quickly go back to listening for other events.

  • Using multiple events structure inside state machine to control the Tab

    Hi y'all,
    Anne here.I have a Tab indicator in my front panel and I want to be able to control the flow of my program based on what controls I clicked inside the tab. I am using a state machine architecture and inside every state, I use an event structure to check for user interaction  to determine the next state and what tab page is going to be displayed next. This means that I am actually using multiple event structures in my application and I use them in just one while loop, but just that they are not running in parallel since I am only using "one event structure per state" which means that only one event structure is running at one time. My questions is, programming technique wise, am I doing it correctly? So far, I am not facing any problem (I am still in the early stage of the project) but I want to check with you all first on your opinion regarding this architecture. Will there be any issue on using multiple event structures in a vi? Since I will be using a tab, and the controls available in the tab will be the controls that will control my event structure for that state, by right, there should be no issue. Am I correct to assume this? Is there any limit on the use of event structures? I have attached here a simple sample of the architecture that I am talking about for your reference. I have attached a 2010 version and a 8.6 version. Let me know what you think or any opinions that you may have.
    Hoping to hear from you soon! Thanks so much in advance!
    State Machine-Event Structure ‏19 KB
    State Machine-Event Structure ‏25 KB

    Hi jak888,
    I decided to use tabs cause I don't want to have subvi pop ups every time i need to perform the process in the state and show an update in the front panel. This is actually going to be more of an ATE where you will have to choose first whether the one using is the operator or the engineer. If the operator is logged in, she will proceed to choose what test to run (this state will have its own event structure). This part, I don't want a pop up, so what happens is that from Login page, if the user logs in as operator, the tab will automatically switch to the Test Selection page. After selecting the test, it will proceed to Start Test state and the tab will show the Result Summary page. If the user logs in as engineer, then a totally different tab will be automatically shown next and so on. By doing this, I will be able to show an update on the front panel objects without having the subvis pop up. I will also just need to use the call reference functions to call my subvis, making my Main VI more generic. The tab Page header will be hidden so the operator will actually not see that there is a tab and that there are a lot of controls and indicators cause they are hidden in the tabs and that page will only be shown based on what they selected from the main tab. 
    I appreciate your thoughts! thanks so much!

  • How to achieve multiple hirearcy structure using RBS feature in Project server 2013

    How can we achieve multiple hirearcy structure using RBS feature in Project server 2013?
    The below is the screen shot of hirearcy.
    There are different departments and one AM may handle 4 or more department. How to achieve this permission levels so that GM can see all departments officers created project, same with other levels

    Hi Sunitha,
    You could populate the RBS lookup table with 2 levels (department and sub department). Then configuring correctly your
    security categories based on the RBS, the resources in the 1st level (departments) will see projects from all theirs sub departments.
    Some more references:
    Hope this helps,
    Guillaume Rouyre, MBA, MVP, P-Seller |

  • Multiple event structure in a while loop

    Dear All,
                   I had a multiple event structure inside a while loop. The purpose of doing so is because I had a few 2D picture on the front panel. I would like to detect which 2D pictures had been click using the mouse down event structure for 8 of my 2D pictures.
                  The problem that I faced now is that when I of the event case or one of the 2D pictures had been click, it will not exit the while loop. I had to click on all the 8 2D pictures before it will exit the loop.
                  I had uncheck the under the "Edit Event" --> "Lock Front Panel (defer processing of user action) until this event case completes". But I am still stuck inside the loop.
                  Each 2D picture will perform different action therefore I cannot have an event case of all 2D pictures inside else I would know which 2D picture had been click.
                 Is there any other way out of this situation? Pls help. Thanks a lot

    A producer/consumer architecture (look at the examples that ship with LabVIEW) is comprised of two parallel while loops. One loop contains the event structure. The other contains your consumer which is basically a queued state machine. It receives messages from the producer via a queue. Your event structure can register a separate event for each 2D picture control or it can use a single event that would determine which spefic controls was clicked on. This is a more general approach and expands easily. Here is a basic example of what I am talking about.
    Mark Yedinak
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    Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot
    Event ‏14 KB

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