Need 1GB RAM for Partial Installation

I want to install DW, PS, Bridge on this computer, but PP,
AE, Encore on a
second computer. Do I still need 1GB of RAM for the
installation? (I have

On Sun, 26 Aug 2007 14:04:10 -0500, "KJones"
<[email protected]> wrote:
>I want to install DW, PS, Bridge on this computer, but
PP, AE, Encore on a
>second computer. Do I still need 1GB of RAM for the
installation? (I have
They say 512Mb here:
I run on about 900M and it is fine - if a little slow on some
activities - I'm thinking of putting another block of memory
~Malcolm N....

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    I am looking for a 1GB RAM. Is there any recommendation?
    I called the Apple store, they have it instock, but the price is $300. I tried to ask them what brand, but they had no idea. They said it's "made for Powerbook"
    Also found a Kingston on eBay (KTA-PBG4333), and the price is pretty reasonable--almost half of what Apple sells, and comes with a lifetime warranty.
    Is anyone using Kingston? Is it reliable and anyone recommend it?

    Do also be aware that at least numerous of the hi-res Aluminums have really finicky memory slots and pretty much require the "factory original" Samsung's. When I first upgraded mine I got the 1GB OWC, which kept freezing my machine; sent it back for another 1GB, which couldn't be recognized; and finally sent it back to them and got the Samsung, which has run flawlessly. They tested the chips I sent back and they worked fine-- just not in this machine... (My uncle's does the exact same thing-- and based on the threads, a bunch of other people's too).
    Thus, whoever you get it from, make sure they've got good customer support. In the event yours is one of the ones who need the "factory original" RAM, you'll want good people!

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    I want to upgrade my imac from 10.4.11 Tiger to Snow Leopard, I have tried to install but it states I need 1GB RAM to install
    can anyone help as to what I need to do next.

    Go to a site such as OWC's or Crucial's and buy the RAM.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply. I downloaded few packages from Sun freeware website. My issue is when i installed emacs-23.1-sol10-sparc-local.gz which i downloaded from SUN freeware website installs SMCemacs. My required package is SFWemacs. Similar scenarios persist for few more packages. So if you know where i can get the following packages apart from Sun website and Sun freeware website:

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    I need 2  4GB RAM for 2010 27 "computer where to buy it?

    I installed exactly the combination you are considering in my 21.5 inch i-Mac a couple of weeks ago. I bought it from OWC based on comments and recommendations on this forum (and the fact that they are close to me as I was thinking of picking it up to save delivery time). As it turns out I had it sent, the RAM arrived the next day and I installed it in 10 minutes and it runs and performs perfectly.

  • Need more steps for EP installation

    Dear All,
    after installation the Enter Prise Portal, what r the steps r required.
    how to run the portal with system administration.
    EX: ep 7.0 sp14 with communucation users -
    please provide the steps.
    Thanks in advance.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Mohammed,
    I will not go into much detail as you can find the require in the Portal Administration Guide link below. After you have install Portal, look into the part with:
    1) Fi[First Steps (Logging On to/Off the Portal, The Portal Interface, Personalizing Your Portal)|]SAP NetWeaver Portal is both a development and a runtime environment. This document describes the interface with which you will be working and gives an overview of the initial tasks that you need to perform as a portal administrator.
    After installing SAP NetWeaver Portal, you can log on to personalize your own portal environment and to begin creating a custom portal for deployment in your enterprise.
    2) [Initial Configuration Tasks |]
    This section provides a set of initial tasks you should perform in the portal after you have installed it and successfully logged on for the first time. A reference to where you can find detailed information for each task is specified.
    a) Perform the mandatory tasks. See Mandatory Tasks.
    b) Analyze the optional tasks and perform those that are relevant to your system landscape. See Optional Tasks.
    Regarding your question on how to run the Portal with System Administration, check out details on Super Administration:
    3) [Standard Portal Content|]
    This section describes the roles and content shipped with the portal. It does not cover standard content that is specific to other portal add-on capabilities, such knowledge management and collaboration.
    4) [User Administration|]
    The user administrator performs all tasks that are relevant to user management and role assignments. In the portal, all user management functions related to users and groups are provided by the user management engine (UME). The UME is integrated in the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java.In addition, you can find information about administration functions that are specific to the portal. These are: Assigning roles to users and groups; Mapping users u2013 for Single Sign-On purposes
    5) [Content Administration |]
    The content administrator is responsible for all tasks that are relevant to content creation and maintenance directly in the portal.
    6) [System Administration|]
    The system administrator is responsible for the configuration and ongoing support of the portal and its landscape. This role therefore contains configuration, maintenance, and support related functionalities.
    The above are some basic steps you can take after Portal installation. Go through the documents and you can identify which steps you can start with and plan the needed steps require.
    Hope that helps and award points for helpful suggestions.

  • Need Oracle DataBase For XI Installation????????

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    Should we Install ORACLE DataBase  While Xi Installation????????
    With Oracle also Can We do the Installation????????
    Here What is the Use of ORACLE Installation?????????????/
    Please Let Me Know All the Details............

    Thanks for ur quick reply.
    <i>XI is also an application and yes it does need a database.</i>
    In the Real time Where we wil use this Oracle database........
    And what is the Link Between the XI And the Oracle DataBase.Where it wil be  Xi is going to Use the Oracle DB??????????/Is there Any Connection??????
    Can u please Allobarate this .......

  • Need urgently help for OBIEE Installation (11g)

    Hi all,
    I am having problems trying to install Oracle Business Intelligence 11g on Windows 7.
    The Installation Wizard hangs on the step: Domain Configuration (0%). The Creating Domain shows In progress.
    The log under the Inventory directory shows me only following:
    INFO: Ending the inventory Session
    INFO: Using an existing InstallAreaControl for this Inventory Session with existing access level 1
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    INFO: The ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME env var is set to
    I really don't know what to do. I am searching for a solution on Internet, but I don't find it.
    I need urgently help. I would appreciate someone could help me.
    We can do together via Webex or something similar. It doesnt worth it for me to type here and wait till someone give me an answer (if any), trying to find out how I did.
    I hope to find the help I need. I am desperated :-(

    Can I install the OBIEE 10g version?I am not sure but i think OBIEE is not certified with windows 7. i could not find any MOS doc confirming same. Please log a call with oracle to confirm this.
    would it work fine with the Oracle Database 11g and the RCUs?. Yes OBIEE 10g will work with oracle database 11g.

  • How do I install Mac OS X-Server on my Intel Base-Dell XPS? What's I need to have for this installation?

    I have Dell XPS with Quad core Intel CPU, 4 GB RAM and 500GB HDD + 500GB RAID. I really want to install Mac OS X Server on it but I can not find where to buy OS X Server and I'm not sure that it suitable to my XPS, I'm afraid that is not acceptable to install. Anyone have idea about this please give me some information,thank you.

    Hello Benz_KU,
    I am afraid you won't be able to install Mac OS X server on you Dell computer. There are technical reasons for that as well as legal reasons: according to the "Software License Agreement for Mac OS X Server":
    "This License allows you to install and use one copy of the Mac OS X Server software (the “Mac OS X Server Software”) on a single Apple-labeled computer at a time."
    Best regards

  • Desired RAM for Computer

    I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum, but I’m wondering if someone can help me understand. When I bought my laptop, it was the laptop for my line of work and there were two ram options – 4 and 6GB. I bought the 6GB. That was 3 years ago. I’m now hearing things that lead me to believe I don’t have enough ram. That would make sense with the high usage alerts and occasional slow response times I’ll get.
    I’m now learning that a graphic designer needs at least 8GB, preferably 16GB of ram on their computer. My question is – why? When I look up the system requirements for Photoshop, it only requires 1GB of ram, same with InDesign. The internet probably much, much less. The standard programs I’ll have open at the same time are Photoshop, InDesign and the internet. However, even if Photoshop if the only program open at that time, I might still get high usage alerts. I do realize that Windows 7 uses some ram too, but I’m still having a hard time understanding the logic behind 16GB ram. I don’t want to buy and install tons of extra ram just to do it. I want/need to understand why I’m doing it.

    More RAM is better.
    Much more is much better.
    Photoshop stores not only the document you're editing, but also history states, cache levels, and other maintenance data.  Plus certain operations need extra RAM for intermediate work products (Content Aware Fill is a good example).
    The larger (pixel count) images you work with, the more the RAM needs multiply out.  Use a deep data format and RAM needs double.
    If I were building a brand new workstation today I would prefer 48 GB of RAM, though realistically 24 GB would probably be "enough" as long as a really fast scratch volume is available.
    My current workstation has 16 GB of RAM.  I usually work with 10 megapixel photos in 16 bits/channel, and sometimes I stitch several together.  I use every bit of the 16 GB and quite a bit of scratch space.

  • Report for Partial Invoice and pendinf Invoices

    Hi all,
    We need a report for Partial Invoices /Pending Invoices done w.r.t. Purchase Orders with PO document type as one of the selection option.
    We have tried ME80FN, please suggest if there is any other report available.
    Prashant Rathore

    check ME2N or ME2M with proper selection paramter value...
    and get results...
    check PO history EKBE table...

  • How can i allocate more RAM for my onboard video card on a 2011 macbook pro 13 inch running windows 7 via bootcamp

    I noticed that since Macbooks.. macs in general use an EFI instead of BIOS.  . .. Now i need to allocate some more RAM for the onboard video card since its currently running with an estimated 50mb.. I would like to increase this to 512  and cut the 3.95 down to 3.5 MB for the rest of the system ( allowing me to run more graphic intensive games and the such ... ) I know this could slow down the entire system.. ( i am aware of this ) and have gotten a 3rd party application to control and close out uneeded processes during gaming.. I just need more ram for my onboard video card.. Any help?

    You don't allocate more RAM towards your video card, you put more RAM into the machine and hopefully some machines will bump the CPU graphics RAM allocation up a little.
    The problem is you bought a integrated only graphics computer, if you want to 3D game you need a dedicated graphics computer with it's own or dedicated VRAM.
    If your this serious about 3D gaming, your on the wrong platform.
    Get a Windows 7 64bit i7 8GB RAM expandable 3D gaming tower with a good power supply and video card upgrade path, this way every few years you buy and stick in a new video card to play the latest games.
    Mac's are not gaming machines and never will be because they would last too long if we could upgrade them.

  • Need for installing Oracle9i ( on EL4 Upate 5

    I need Patch 4198954 for the installation of Oracle9i ( on EL4 Update 5 but I do not have a metalink registration. Therefore, I can't download. Does anybody has a copy?
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance

    Someone might have already posted this. For your information in case whoever needs this:
    p4198954_21_LINUX is not really important. What it does is it provides the compat-oracle-rhel4-1 and compat-libcwait packages. You can simply download them at Oracle site.

  • HT1342 so how do i know if i need more ram? (upgrade from snow- mt. lion)

    Here is the mac that i have. I want to upgrade from snow l. to mt, lion when it comes out. articles are saying that i will need 4gb even though the updae page says 2gb. how do i read the activity monitor to see if i need more ram for the update? or do i just need to wait, install teh update, and then check? I want to get this all done in the next month so help would be great!

    2 GBs is the minimum required. 4 GBs or more would be better. Your model supports up to 8 GBs.
    About OS X Memory Management and Usage
    Reading system memory usage in Activity Monitor
    Memory Management in Mac OS X
    Performance Guidelines- Memory Management in Mac OS X
    A detailed look at memory usage in OS X
    Understanding top output in the Terminal
    The amount of available RAM for applications is the sum of Free RAM and Inactive RAM. This will change as applications are opened and closed or change from active to inactive status. The Swap figure represents an estimate of the total amount of swap space required for VM if used, but does not necessarily indicate the actual size of the existing swap file. If you are really in need of more RAM that would be indicated by how frequently the system uses VM. If you open the Terminal and run the top command at the prompt you will find information reported on Pageins () and Pageouts (). Pageouts () is the important figure. If the value in the parentheses is 0 (zero) then OS X is not making instantaneous use of VM which means you have adequate physical RAM for the system with the applications you have loaded. If the figure in parentheses is running positive and your hard drive is constantly being used (thrashing) then you need more physical RAM.
    Adding RAM only makes it possible to run more programs concurrently.  It doesn't speed up the computer nor make games run faster.  What it can do is prevent the system from having to use disk-based VM when it runs out of RAM because you are trying to run too many applications concurrently or using applications that are extremely RAM dependent.  It will improve the performance of applications that run mostly in RAM or when loading programs.

  • Is 1GB ram is enough for the installation of oracle developer suite 10g and database 11g???  And which one to install first developer suite or database????

    Hello everyone,
    I have install windows XP in my existing windows 7 64 bit system using virtualization software. I have allocated 1024 MB of RAM to XP virtual windows.
    Now, M trying to install oracle developer suite 10g and oracle database 11 in the XP windows.
    IS 1GB ram is enough for the installation of oracle developer suite 10g and database 11g???
    And which one to install first developer suite or database????
    Thanks in advance.

    you should check (before installing) requeriments from documentation.
    Oracle Developer Suite Installation Guide 10g ( for Solaris, Windows and Linux x86
    Table 4 Memory Requirements for Oracle Developer Suite Components
    Oracle10g JDeveloper (including Oracle Business Intelligence Beans, and UIX and Bali subcomponents)
    Minimum: 256 MB
    Recommended: 512 MB
    Oracle Reports Developer
    Minimum: 128 MB
    Recommended: 256 MB
    Oracle Forms Developer
    Minimum: 128 MB
    Recommended: 256 MB
    I usually install first database and later DS, I never tried first DS and later database.

Maybe you are looking for