Need tips on how to use "Search" in Mail

Didn't get a response in the mail forum,

ok, did it.
to tell you the truth, the search in mail started working again after the first code of line was entered even though terminal gave me the error message.
But I went ahead and typed in this other line of code and my password. I can hear it indexing in the background, about how long will it take on a 450mhz cube?

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  • Top Tip #4 - How to use Search in the community

    Why should I use the search in the community?
    It’s a quick and easy way to get help with your problem – other people may have had the same or similar issue in the past, so if you can use search to find the answer then you will save yourself time waiting for a reply on the forum.
    How do I use the search option?
    When using the forum search think about what your problem is and carefully choose some key words to submit to the search box.
    For Example:  if you are thinking out loud that your problem is:  "My broadband is slow and I have noise on the line”  then your search should include the keywords that are part of your problem, e.g. : "My broadband is slow and I have noise on the line”  
    Use these terms in your search, cutting out common words such as 'My', 'is', 'and' etc.
    This means that the search results you get will be examples of threads discussing similar issues.  You can read how they have been resolved in the past and try that advice for yourself. Quick and Easy! 
    Try it today! ...and if you are looking for a quick answer remember that search is your friend!
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    Step by Step Guide to using Search:
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    Retired BTCare Community Manager - StephanieG and SeanD are your new Community Managers
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    In the Search window there is a small black arrow. Click on this and untick Search Entire library. Then search will behave as it used to.

  • How to use search term2 in customer master record

    how to use search term2 in customer master record. can anyone tell me plz

    Search Term 2
    Label used for search helps.
    Only uppercase letters are stored in this field. Your entries are converted automatically to uppercase letters.
    There are two of these fields for search terms. These fields can be used independently of each other.
    You can use your own criteria for entering the search term.
    You can enter the main part of the name or an organizational ID.
    For example, for the company "Hechinger & Sons", you could enter "Hechinger" as the first search term.
    The second search term could then be the name ID you use within your company, to help you identify your data later.
    Please check out the following link:
    Hope this helps.
    Please assign points as a way to say thanks.

  • How to use search help in ECC6.0 reports without matchcode.

    How to use search help in ECC6.0 reports without matchcode.
    Select-options: O_SHIP FOR KUNWE MATCHCODE OBJECT DEBI  is in 4.6c.

    we can use on value request for that.
    report zrich_0001 .
    tables: t001.
    data: begin of it001 occurs 0,
    bukrs type t001-bukrs,
    butxt type t001-butxt,
    ort01 type t001-ort01,
    land1 type t001-land1,
    end of it001.
    select-options s_bukrs for t001-bukrs.
    select bukrs butxt ort01 land1 into table it001 from t001.
    at selection-screen on value-request for s_bukrs-low.
    call function 'F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST'
    retfield = 'BUKRS'
    dynprofield = 'S_BUKRS'
    dynpprog = sy-cprog
    dynpnr = sy-dynnr
    value_org = 'S'
    value_tab = it001.
    refer to this thread:
    On value request?

  • How to use search help in layout of se51

    how to use search help in layout of se51.

      One of the important features of screens is that they can provide users with lists of possible entries for a field. There are three techniques that you can use to create and display input help:
    Definition in the ABAP Dictionary
    In the ABAP Dictionary, you can link search helps to fields. When you create screen fields with reference to ABAP Dictionary fields, the corresponding search helps are then automatically available. If a field has no search help, the ABAP Dictionary still offers the contents of a check table, the fixed values of the underlying domain, or static calendar or clock help.
    Definition on a screen
    You can use the input checks of the screen flow logic, or link search helps from the ABAP Dictionary to individual screen fields.
    Definition in dialog modules
    You can call ABAP dialog modules in the POV event of the screen flow logic and program your own input help.
    These three techniques are listed in order of ascending priority. If you use more than one technique at the same time, the POV module calls override any definition on the screen, which, in turn, overrides the link from the ABAP Dictionary.
    However, the order of preference for these techniques should be the order listed above. You should, wherever possible, use a search help from the ABAP Dictionary, and only use dialog modules when there is really no alternative. In particular, you should consider using a search help exit to enhance a search help before writing your own dialog modules.
    Input help from ABAP dictoinary
    Field Help on the Screen
    Field Help in Dialog Modules.

  • How to use search function in ipod nano 7th generation

    how to use search function in ipod nano 7th generation?
    Cheers thanks.

    There is no search function.  If there was, it would be mentioned in the iPod's User Guide.
    7G Nano User Guide

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    I have a situation here, I need to learn how to use
    java with mysql
    . Can I connect to a MYSQL DB with servlets?Yes... documentation to help you connect to any database can be found at To connect to MySQL, you'll need drivers (, and the specific connection URL for those drivers will be included in the documentation.
    how can I build an e-mail server with java (no matter
    how difficult)If you're fairly new to JSP/Servlets, you may be in over your head here, since an email server is no easy application to code. Here's a link to the source code for the JAMES project... Apache's Java email server... maybe you can find some useful information there...

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    Hi All,
    Need documents/pdfs, how to use OAM for APPS DBAs.
    Thanks a lot in advance

    For R12 ,refer the Oracle E-Business Suite System Administrator's Guide - Configuration part no:E12893-03 (
    For 11i version pls chk :
    Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide - Configuration (zipped)      B13925-06 (

  • I need to learn how to use jump lists.

    '''bold text'''I need to learn how to use jump lists. acording to all that I have muddled thru my ereader will only download books I have purchased and free ones if I use a jump list. I don't know how. If this is the correct method for ereaders downloads someone please explain it, simply to me. I have a reader I am totally unable to use. I have read the manual many times. That info doesn't work.

    How is that related to Firefox support?

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    i need to know how to use my icloud to backup things
    Pay attention to the links in blue to the right of the screen after reading the text in the article.

  • I'm a Microsoft Outlook for Mac user, I need information of how to know when e-mail was readed and confirm receipt of e-mails sent. thank you!  regards Mauricio

    I'm a Microsoft Outlook for Mac user, I need information of how to know when e-mail was readed and confirm receipt of e-mails sent. thank you!  regards Mauricio

    Mail and Address book

  • I need to know how to recieve my yahoo mail on my new 5S

    I need to know how to receive my yahoo mail on my new 5S

    Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars - Add account.


    i have an ipod nano and an itunes account. Now my mom has a nano and we need to know if you can register them on the same account and how or any other tips for using two ipods on one comp!

    Hello Zach,
    There are a couple of methods for using more than one iPod on a single computer. Have a look at the article linked below. Method one is to have two Mac or Windows user accounts which by definition would give you two completely separate libraries. Method two is to set your preferences so each iPod is updated with only certain playlists within one library. Have a look anyway and see what you think and go for whichever you feel suits your needs best: How To Use Multiple iPods with One Computer

  • How to use search on Flash 8

    I am using Flash Pro 8. I created a .fla file which contains
    several objects, each of them has the ActionScript. Now I want to
    search through all the ActionScript for a variable such as named
    GeneratedXML (already used somewhere in the application).
    So I go to Edit --> Find and Replace or Find Next. Neither
    can locate the "GeneratedXML". But I know there is indeed a
    variable named: GeneratedXML, because I can see it right before me.
    I just want to test the search function of this tool(Flash
    8). I need do a lot of searching and location of a parameters,
    function names, etc throughout the .fla file.
    Then how to use or do a search for a text in (the
    ActionScript) in Flash 8?

    If you just click the magnifying glass in an actionscript
    window its only a simple find and replace for that frame.
    Try using the Edit Menu Find and Replace option...
    Find All

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