Not allowing to change the plants in me51n transaction

hi all,
my requirement is to not allow the user to use different plants at item level(10,20 etc) . for that i have used the user exit MEREQ001 in the function module EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_010
i have written following code
      IF SY-SUBRC EQ 0.
         MESSAGE ID 'ZM' TYPE 'E' NUMBER '305'.
iam able to trigger tha error message when we use diffferent plants at item level.but after that iam not able to change the plants in iten please can anyone suggest me how to solve this problem
thanks in advance

This OSS [Note 383725 - Enhancement MEREQ001 various problems|] may help you.

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  • System not allow to change planning plant

    Hi Experts,
    My problem is I changed company  code , maintenance plant  & planning plant in old system as per client requirement. They are using same system from last 4 years. I changed all require setting in customization but now problem is that in  equipment task list system does not allow to change the planning plant in header data of  IA02 T code. I updated the new planning plant in Function location master,Equipment master , Work center & assign it planner group but even system shows the old planning plant in task list header data. System shows the planning plant data in display mode.
    Pl advice from where system link the planning plant field in task list header data.
    Thx in adavance.

    Pete is right. There is no way you can change the planning plant in the Task Lists
    Task list creation is done for a planning plant & you will not be able to use the existing tasklist for your updated equipments having different PPlants.
    The only way to proceed is to create new tasklists
    Delete the old assignments of the tasklists to the maintenance item & reassign the new tasklists to the existing items
    In case you dont want the tasklists in the system itself, you will have to delete the tasklists - ie mark the deletion indicator in the change mode & archive the TLs.

  • After creation of PO system should not allow to change the price in PO

    Hi There,
    In my scenario once PO is created then after send to vendor PO print document,Users are changing the price in system should not allow to change the price in PO once PO got saved.
    So please advice.

    you could set in customizing for field selection keys the net price      
    to display for ME22N so that changes can not be made         
    (transaction OLME -> purchase order -> Define Screen Layout at Document Level).
    Please check that you have set all the relevant field selection      
    groups to display: AKTV, ME22, ME22N... (read and apply note 30316)                                                                               
    Other workaround is try to do by yourself with the badi                      
    ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST and send your own error message.    

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    I am assuming you got that message when attempting to post an old thread. The old post is probably locked/archived.
    FYI, posting on old threads usually yields no responses at all.
    I have requested that this post be moved to the iPhone forum where you might get assistance.

  • Promotion action - payroll run - not allowing to change payroll area in IT1

    Hi Friends,
    My client has the following query:
    "One of the employee has been promoted from employee group 2 (Workmen) to employee group (Management Staff).  We have run promotion action now, that is after running pay roll for the month of May 2011.  Now it is not allowing to change the pay roll area in orga. assignment effective from 01.04.2011,  please do the needful on priority to run pay roll for the month of May 2011."
    Can anyone please help me and tell me what needs to be done in such cases.
    Eagerly awaiting your reply.
    Thanks a ton..
    [email protected]

    As you said that you have already configured ABKRS feature for defaulting payroll area based on your employee group.
    So when you run the promotion action it should actually pick up the default payroll area according to new employee group.
    Are you able to do that? or did you manually change it on IT 0001 screen.
    If you want it to be automatically defaulted then check your feature DFINF it should have value X if you want it from customising or leave it blank if it should be copied form the previous record

  • Purchase organization filled  PR  not allow to change desired vendor in PO

    Hello All,
    i am facing a issue.
    if you set a "Desired Vendor" in the PR, this can be copied as default value in the PO Vendor field when dragging & dropping the PR item in the Shopping Cart icon of transasction ME21N.
    if purchase organization  is empty in PR with desired vendor,   we can modify the vendor in the PO.
    if Purchase organization filled in PR  with desired vendor, we could n't  able to modify the vendor in PO... its appearing grey unable to edit the vendor.
    here my question is   whats is the relation  purchase organization  not allowing to change  the desired vendor  in po.
    what are  the configuration  related to this issue.
    Actually   we want  to modify  desired  vendor  in PO  irrespective  of the the purchase org filled or empty in PR .
    Please explain in details with an example
    Thanks and regards,

    vedor must assigned to P.Org...
    Check once that You are copying existing PR to a PO (having fixed vendor in PR)?
    And also check PO doc type settings whether vendor field is mentioned as optional/required.

  • Not allow to change payment terms

    When creating a sales order, not allow to change the payment terms. can I block it? Thanks!

    There 2 ways to process this,
    Use SHD0- enter Transaction code.
    create variant by blocking the "Payment terms" field in display mode.
    assign this variant(Z) in VOV- doc type- Variant field.
    which this variant is applicable to this doc type, payment terms will be in display mode for all the transactions for this doc type.
    How you want to block this field? based on customer/material or doc type wise?

  • If PO is created Or approved   reference PR,  should not allow to change th

    Dear All
    I have one requirement
    If PO is created Or approved   reference PR,  should not allow to change the quantity or line item.
    And is it possible to assign this to user specific whether to allow or not .
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for reply
    MY Requirements are
    1)A  PR line item should not be changed after creation of PO or after PO approved
    2)In case PR is referenced for multiple po's then should check all the po's
    3)if po line  item deleted then system should allow to change PR
    4) Assign it to user specific
    plz get me outoff this

  • PO data should not allow to change

    Dear Forums,
    Can any body so kind to find a way in solve the following business requirement:
    In my client business scenario the PR only subjected to release. PO against the PR not go for any release.
    My client require the user should not allow to change the data of PO which is pick from PR (PO created reference to PR).
    For example : user should not allow to change the quantity in the PO which capture from PR while creating the PO reference to PR.
    Your early reply should highly appreciated.
    sp sahu

    there is no standard way of doing this and I am not sure that it should be done.
    How are you going to be able to correct errors and set deletion flags, delivery completerd flags etc. if the PO is blocked for change?
    If you really want to do this then  I would create a new document type that has the requisition reference field set to mandatory. This means that the document tyoe can ONLY be used for creating POs that refer to requisitions. Then change the field settings for this new PO document to display only in ME22n.
    That way, POs that don't reference a requisition will use another PO document type that has the fields set to open for input in ME22n.
    Would this do what you need to do?
    You should also look at the EVO and EFB parameters and config (in the Purcashing config menu under environment data > Default values for buyers (the EVO paraneters are maintained here)  The EFB parameter (the more powerful settings) is configured in the purchasing > Authorisation Management > Define function authorisations for buyers)
    Read the configuration text help and note the flags and what they do.
    Steve B

  • Not allow to change pricing condition in Billing,,,

    Hi ,
    I want to know the user exit or other solution for following:
    System should not allow to change the value of basic pricing condition type in billing.
    Ex. In sales order value of condition PR00 is 100, then it should not allow
    to change the value of condition type PR00 in billing. If requires to change, it should allow
    to change in sales order only.
    Thanks & Regards,

    For this no need to use user exit
    goto V/06 condition type details
    choose which condition type u want to give display view 
    go to controlling tab or changes can be  made , uncheck the value and amount fields. than system should not allow to change the condition type in sales order level also.
    if u want in billing document only
    configure copy controls between delivery document to billing document (VTFL)
    goto item category, select item category (TAN)> details and add pricing type E.
    try this

  • In Sales order plant is not allowing to change

    Hi Guru's
    In Sales order plant is not allowing to change it's showing gray but some materials it's allowing to change plant. What is the reason for this error can any one please help me.

    Hi friend,
    I suppose you cannot change the plant at order level if the material is created to a particular plant.
    As you say for few materials you are able to change, may be due to the fact that the material is extended to the other plants. You need to extend the material to the other plant in MM01 enter tha material and enter the industry sector and Material type and give the same material as the copy from material. A screen will pop up asking for the plant details. Here you can enter the other plant and tha material is extended to the other plant.

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    Try contacting the store support staff at: they are usually pretty good at sorting out these issues.

  • Error: The system settings do not allow any changes

    Hi experts !!,
    I had installed SAP NetWeaver 2004s Sneak Preview-ABAP
    I am able to create database table using tcode: <b>SE11</b>
    but I get an error when I tried to create table entries
    The system settings do not allow any changes
    Message no M0421
    The system settings (SE06 and SCC4) are such that you cannot make any changes to this table in this client
    Kindly help me to fix this issue !!
    Prembabu R

    I had modified <b>Changes and Transports for Client-Specific Objects</b>
         -> <i>Automatic recording of changes (Option-selected)</i>
    Now I am able to add new entries to tables.
    Thanks for providing valuable information...

  • Any method not allow to change PO price after do the GR

    Any method not allow to change PO price after GR had done. Thanks

    Hi jo jo,
    To disallow any price changes, set the Tolerance Key limits for Price Variance (PE-Price Var in Purchasing) for PO in IMG to Zero. This will compare the new price (Effective Price w/ Cash Disc) to the material price in the Material Master. Also set the msg no. 207 (in App Area 06) as a "E"-error message. This will stop end users from making changes.
    If the Tolerance limits are set to zero and the message 207 is set as E, it should work.
    Let me know if this was helpful.

  • System should not allow to do the changes in PO once the ID created.

    Hi All,
    Once the Inbound Delivery is Created based on the Purchse Order, System should not allow to do the changes in the Purchase Order like Deletion of Item, etc..
    Any Configuration Changes is avaliable. ?

    Please check the staus in order
    Current order status xxxx does not allow goods receipt (Message no. C6009)? is this the message?
    This will not allow you to do GR for production order when you activate status profile "SAT1" in the production order. After that when you confirm order it will automatically assign next user status i.e. "SAT2" (if not assign it manually in CO02) it will allow you to do GR for that production order.

Maybe you are looking for

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