OpenGL crash error when opening after effects

When I try to load up After Effects it crashes and says "After effects crashed previously attempting to initialize OpenGL". I have updated my graphics card drivers etc. What do I do

This should help you guys hopefully. I am using the After effects cs6 and it crashes on startup with the error "After effects crahses previously attempting to initialize OpenGL. Consult the manufacturer of your graphics card for a compatible OpenGL driver". I have been using the same GPU for ages now and this has never happened.

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  • Error when Opening After Effects CS6 Trial

    Hey, When I go to open After Effects CS6 Trial I get an error saying "After Effects error: Crash in progress. Last logged message was: <956> <ae.blitpie> <2> Making New Context" and then I click ok and it says "After Effects can't continue: sorry, After Effects has crashed. For After Effects Help and Support, go to If you still can't resolve the issue, please contact Adobe Technical Support (2). (0 :: 42)" any help would be possible
    Specs: Windows 7(64bit), I5 3330p, Asrock z75 motherboard, sapphire radeon 7850 1gb graphics card, 8gb ram.

    is (or, has this been) installed on your computer?
    what's your quicktime version?
    are you using default video card settings?  (if no, try using default)
    and google:  "After Effects error: Crash in progress" ae.blitpipe
    to see a range of causes and solutions.

  • "Unable to create font" error when starting After Effects CS4 (Windows Vista)

    Hi all
    I have read a hundred posts about the "unable to create font" message that appears when running After Effects in both CS4 and CS5 versions.
    On MAC, it seems that installing the Verdana fonts family is enough.
    On my PC running Windows Vista, i tried unsuccessfully :
    - uninstalled and reinstalled After Effects
    - installed all the fonts of the Adobe Font Folio v11
    - looked for the "AdobeFnt.lst" to delete it, found no such file in my whole hard drive
    - changed my system language to English (USA)
    Other CS4 softwares work.
    What can i do?

    See this page for some additional information about this error.
    > I forgot to mention that i also installed the 9.0.2 update. Didn't work either!
    You should also install the After Effects CS4 (9.0.3) update.

  • Error when quitting After Effects

    Somtimes when I quit After Effects CS6 on my MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz i7 Processor, 6750M Radeon Graphics Card), I receive the following error message:
    After Effects Alert
    Last log message was: <140735189834080>
    <ae.blitpipe> <2> HardwareBlitpipe Disengaged
    Generating crash log, which may take a few minutes
    The error is only appearing on some occassions, not all, and I was wondering what it means.

    Still receiving the same error.
    1. After Effects CS6 with the update linked above.
    2. Yes, I installed them
    3. Mac OS Lion 10.7.4
    4. No problems with codecs.
    5. Full text:
    After Effects Alert
    Last log message was: <140735189834080>
    <ae.blitpipe> <2> HardwareBlitpipe Disengaged
    Generating crash log, which may take a few minutes
    6. It happens when I'm quitting the program.
    7. Optical Flares, Twitch, Looks, YY Ramp+, Sure Target, and some scripts. The only one of these usually present is Optical Flares.
    8.  2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 4 cores, 8 GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6750M
    9. No 3rd party I/O hardware.
    10. Yes, using OpenGL features (Ray-Traced 3D Rendering, etc.)
    11. It occurs when I quit the program.

  • Error when starting After Effects CC / Trying to install AMM

    I keep getting an error saying that my Application Manager is missing or damaged whenever I run AE. This is more of an AMM problem than an AE one I think, because I have had this problem before but I was always able to fix it when I reinstalled the Application Manager. So, I downloaded it again and re-installed it (AFTER using the ACC Cleaner Tool) but this time this keeps popping up:
    Not sure what to do. None of the my other adobe products work either because I am missing the AMM. Is there another way to make AE work? I need it by tomorrow.
    Does this have anything to do with signing up for Creative Cloud because that won't run properly either?
    Sorry, n00b here.
    Windows 64
    After Effects CC

    Zblanco I am sorry but what version After Effects are you trying to use CC or CS6?  You discuss After Effects CC through the discussion then you state you just signed up for the Creative Cloud but that doesn't work either.  Can you please provide additional details.  If you can include what operating system you are using and what Adobe Creative applications do you currently have installed?
    Finally you mentioned you remove the Adobe Application Manager and reinstalled.  How exactly did you accomplish this?

  • Positioning of elements when opening After Effects 7 projects in CS5

    Our company works on many After Effects projects, originally created in AE 7. We use After Effects CS5, and find that many of the scene elements appear to be scattered about the scene indescriminantly. Everything still moves and animates correctly, however the positioning is just off. AE 7 projects have been tested on an old trial version of 7 and the positioning was all correct, so the files are not corrupt in any way.. Is there any known solution for this in AE CS5?

    Thanks for the reply. I tried resaving the Ai and PSD source files as CS5 versions, but it didn't help at all. It seems like the issue is to do with a conflict between 7 and CS5 versions of After Effects. Any other suggestions maybe?

  • Jsp page getting error when opened after opening a form

    I have created an OA page, there is a link and a button in this page.
    Whenever I click on the link, a standard jsp page will be opened in a new window.
    When the button is clicked a standard form will be opened.
    But when I click the button, and then click on the link then an error page is getting displayed with 'Logged in user does not have permission to access this page.' message.
    Please help me on this.

    But when I click the button, and then click on the link then an error page is getting displayed with 'Logged in user does not have permission to access this page.' message.
    Do you mean to say that the link works if you click on it without clicking on the button? The jsp you are talking about is a seeded one or a custom? --Shiv                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Getting amtlib.dll errors when starting after effects (2014 cc)

    Ever since I installed the 2014 version I have been getting these errors. Is there a way to reinstall the older trial or do I have to try and download all of these .dll files?

    What version did you have before?
    Did you uninstall the old version? If so, how?
    Uninstalling (through the CC software) and reinstalling (also through the CC software) will probably solve your problem.
    If not, more info will be needed.

  • I get an error message when i try open After Effects CC

    I get an error message when I try open "After Effects CC", so I found this page on Adobe about "Lightroom" and I need completely this page, just with "After Effects CC" Error: "Unable to start correctly (0Xc000007b)"

    Please also see the locked discussion at I get a message when I try to open After Effects and it says: "The program couldn't start correct (number). Click on OK to close the program"

  • Can´t open After Effects.."After Effects Error: "Crashed while processing" 7004 GPU Manager 2 Sniffer Result Code: 3

    Hey so after reseting my Computer completly and installing windows again, i was trying to download the test version of after effects,
    everything worked until i was trying to open After Effects
    its says something likes this, btw this is not 100% perfectly translated..
    "After Effects Error: "Crashed while processing" <7004> <GPU Manager> <2> Sniffer Result Code: 3
    Uhm Yea i believe its because something is missing on my Computer like some sort of  progamm like for example direct x or something like that!
    After Effects worked on my PC before so its not my PC
    i7 4770 gtx 770 16gb ram
    Can anyone help? really desperate. =(

    Do your System properties look like this?
    If so, we're going to need a lot more info. What GPU you have, for example. FAQ: What information should I provide?

  • Unexpected Error message appears every time I try to open After Effects.

    A message saying Unexpected Error appears every time I try to open After Effects. I can't use the application as a result.
    ANY IDEAS?????

    Okay, I'm using After Effects CS4. I am on a Mac OSX 10.7.3
    The message "Unepected Error" appears and is then followed by another window which says "After Effects can't continue: unexpected failure during application set up."
    This all began when I was working on a project and left it for about an hour. When I came back to my computer AE had crashed and these are the messages I get when I try to re-start it.
    I've recently switched computers and transfered all the software from the old one to this new one.
    I used to have this same problem when I used AE on my old mac but deleted some files, I think 'Preferences', from the AE folder in Applications and this sorted the problem out.
    'Preferences' don't appear in the AE folder on my new Mac.

  • Error Opening After Effects CS3 - cannot load AERes1.dll

    When I try to open After effects I get this Error "cannot load AERes1.DLL"
    I tried to reinstall after effects and it didnt dfix the problem.
    I uninstalled the entire Master collection CS3 and reinstalled and the problem didnt solve.
    I could open After Effects in the past.
    Any suggestions?

    OK so this is how I solved the problem if anyone encounter it ever again...
    Uninstalling and reinstalling the CS3 won't help.
    The problem happens probably because of quicktime installed prior to the CS3 updates. I didnt try to remove quicktime. I formatted my PC and luckly I had an image of my c: drive from the time I installed the cs3 and prior to the time I installed Quicktime. So I made all Adobe Cs3 updates first and only than installed Quicktime.
    Now After Effects works.
    If anyone finds a way to solve this without formatting c: drive, let me know.
    Ariel E.

  • Strange LAV applications open in mass when using after effects? + other

    Hey guys, when i use after effect tones of little LAV Splitters and Decoders open;
    How do i get rid of this and what does it affect?
    OTHER: also sometimes i when i play back clips in after effect, the clips jumps 5 frames forward then 5 frames back randomly, really anoying and all compostion and clips are 29.97 fps :/ (this usally occurs after , after effects has been opened for a while and move of these LAV icons appear? coinsidence?)
    Thanks a lot for your help,

    - version : CS5.5 update
    - no recent updates
    - Windows 7 64bit service pack 1
    - CPU: i7-2600k, 12gb ram, Crossfired radeon HD6870, 2x 1TB internatin HDD
    - AMD CCC 13.11
    - Third party hardware: Twixtor
    - footage recorded with x264vfw - H.264 codec into .AVI file and rendered as H.264
    -I have been editng for around 5 hours and when i RAM preview my clips the fps jumps back and forth and very unfluid (after having told after effects that the file is 29.97fps and not 25fps) I was thinking this might occure with all the LAV things opening when using after effects..
    - yes quicktime is installed 7.6.2
    - other software running: google chrome
    -Twixtor effects installed
    - not using openGL
    -The problem only occures when i RAM preview, i tried rendering and the clips was fine, but i cant edit with constant fps jumps backwards and forwards.
    in preview RAM as it goes up the stairs and around the corner it jumps a lot of frame for some reason, i also showed the orignal clip just to show that it is smooth.

  • When i open after effects it says that i didnt install quicktime but i already installed it what to do please help ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when i open after effects it says that i didnt install quicktime but i already installed it what to do please help ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like Mylenium says, check firewall, anti-virus, and other security software.
    If that's not it, read this:

  • Error when opening itunes : iTunes has stopped working ''A problem caused the program to stop working correctly''. When I repaired damaged files the problem still exists and also after uninstalling and redownloading and installing itunes. I have windows 8

    Error when opening iTunes : iTunes has stopped working '' A problem caused the program to stop working correctly''.
    When I repaired damaged files the problem still exists and also after uninstalling, redownloading and reinstalling iTunes.
    My pc is working with windos 8.
    Is there a solution?

    Hey there Rodney274,
    It sounds like you are getting an error from iTunes when you launch it. I would try the troubleshooting in this article named:
    iTunes for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8: Fix unexpected quits or launch issues
    Start with troubleshooting for 3rd party plug ins section, then the rest of the article if needed:
    Start iTunes in Safe Mode
    Open iTunes in Safe Mode to isolate any interference from plug-ins or scripts not manufactured by Apple.
    Hold down Shift–Control while opening iTunes. You should see a dialog that says "iTunes is running in safe mode" before iTunes finishes starting up.
    Click Continue.
    See if the issue you're experiencing persists in Safe Mode.
    If you have the same issue while iTunes is in Safe Mode, proceed to the "Create a new user account" section. If you don't experience the same issue, follow these steps to remove third-party plug-ins.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Take care,

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