Parked invoices report required

Hi All
Is there any report / table  to display parked invoices apart from MIR6 / MIR5 , in which we can see the parked invoices list w.r.t PO doc type and document date ?? Moreover Service entry sheet no. display will be an additional advantage in the report.
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Please check the report : S_ALR_87012992
May helpful to you..

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  • Posting (parked invoices) facility required - amountwise

    In my case, there are 10 people who will park (through MIR7 and FV60) the invoices (of any amount). Now there are three people who authorize (post through MIR6 and FBV0) the invoices on the basis of the amount.
    Like Mr. A will post all the invoices which are below Rs.25000
    Mr B will post all the invoices between Rs.25000 and Rs. 10 Lacs
    Mr C will post the invoices above Rs.10 Lacs.
    So let me know if posting (through MIR6 and FBV0) facility is possible considering the above amount slabs to A,B,C. Can we use authorization groups?

    For this you need to get in touch with ABAPer or Workflow consultant
    Hope this is helpful.
    Br, Vivek

  • Invoice report requirement

    Hello Gurus,
    In MIR4 we can see invoice lines. I want to display invoice lines with exchange rates. For example :
    I have a invoice numbered 1234567
    This invoice have 2 lines. 1st line amount is 1000$, 2nd line is 1500$
    I want to display this invoice in u20AC euro.
    SAP do it with standard reports? Any recommend?

    This would be an enhancement.. I don't see teh possibility within std SAP

  • How to create dynamic Invoice report based on Tax calculations

    Hi Ppl,
    I have an invoice report requirement. There are multiple line items in invoice and each line item will have a tax % and discount associated with it. Discount has to be applied at line item level. Tax will be applicable on resultant amount which respect to tax share on total amount. Below is example
    Part# Tax     Qty     UnitPrice Amount     Discount     Net Value
    1     12.5%     40     10          400          100          300
    2     12.5%     50     20          1000          200          800
    3     4%     10     30          300          50          250
                             SubTotal                    1350
                             VAT 12.5% on 1100(300+800)     137.50
                             VAT 4% on 250               10
                             Total Amount               1497.5
    I have created a static rtf which does all calculations correctly. I have hardcoded 12.5 and 4 % tax values for calculations. But issue is that taxes are changeable in future so I want to create dynamic template which takes care for tax calculations. I thought of to create an array to store distinct tax values from XML data and then to perform calculation but don’t know how to do that.
    Can some body help me out as this is very critical and urgent?
    Note: Tax calculation can be done at line item level itself but there are some scenarios where additional discounts are there so tax calculation can not be done at line item level.
    Below is the sample XML data
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    - <ListOfBipActionTest>
    - <Action>
    - <Action>
    - <Action>
    - <Action>
    - <Action>

    Dear Efstratios Kara,
    I installed SAP Integration Kit 3.1. Yes I installed the integration kit after installing CR.
    I have uninstalled the earlier version and i have reinstalled CR with ( version.
    But still i cant view the SAP connectivity. can u tell me from which version they have included this connectivity option in CR.
    If CR going to support SAP Table connectivity on specific version, what is that version.
    Waiting for your reply.

  • Report to Identify Parked Invoices and Invoices without PO#

    Is there a report out there that will provide me
    1. All Parked Invoices
    2. All Parked Credit Notes
    3. All invoices without ref to PO#

    Use Reports MIR5 and MIR6
    These will suffice your requirement.


    Hi Experts,
    I have one new requirement in AP Aging Report Parked invoice
    Needs to display report out put as below.
    Days                        Count                      Amount
    0-30 Days
    31-60 Days
    61-90 Days
    91-120 Days
    121-150 Days
    151-180 Days
    181-210 Days
    211- Remaining Days
    Based on Document Date (0Doc_Date) when report will execute should count same day to before 30 days count should be display in Count Column and Amount should display in Amount column. Like this days should be count
    This is very high pri issue for me. Can you please provide your guidelines, how can I design this report.
    And let me know if it required more details.

    See the simila report for Material Ageing. In the same way you can do it using Formula/Customer Exit Variables.
    Calculating the Ageing of the Materials

  • Report to post a parked invoices parked using transaction  MIR7

    Hi Experts,
    I have a requirement of developing a report that will post the parked invoices, parked using the transaction MIR7. While posting I need to check whether the invoice amount is in par with PO price. If there is any price variance, I need to assign the increased price to a different G/L account.
    I understand that I should use the Function Modules 'MRM_INVOICE_READ' and 'MRM_PARKED_INVOICE_POST'. But it is not working for me. Forget about assigning the PO variance to different G/L account, I am unable to even post a simple parked invoice using these function modules.
    The invoice data, especially item data (ti drseg), is not sufficient to populate to 'MRMPARKED_INVOICE_POST'. Some one help me how to fill the internal table ti_drseg so as to pass it to function module 'MRM_PARKED_INVOICE_POST'.
    Please provide me if any standard reports are available  to post the parked invoices.
    Naresh Babu Kandula.

    maybe something like:
    REPORT  zz_post_parked_invoice.
    TYPE-POOLS: mrm, mmcr.
    DATA: l_t_rbkpv TYPE mrm_rbkpv,
          l_t_drseg TYPE mmcr_drseg OCCURS 0.
    DATA: i_belnr LIKE bkpf-belnr,
          i_gjahr LIKE bkpf-gjahr.
    PARAMETERS: p_belnr LIKE rbkp-belnr,
                p_gjahr LIKE rbkp-gjahr.
      i_belnr = p_belnr.
      i_gjahr = p_gjahr.
          i_belnr         = i_belnr
          i_gjahr         = i_gjahr
          e_rbkpv         = l_t_rbkpv
          t_drseg         = l_t_drseg
          entry_not_found = 1
          OTHERS          = 2.
      IF sy-subrc NE 0.
        MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
          i_rbkpv  = l_t_rbkpv
          ti_drseg = l_t_drseg.
      IF sy-subrc NE 0.
    check also function module FM_FI_MM_PP_POST in include LF0KJF01.
    Best regards.
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  • Handling deleted parked invoices in the BI report

    Hi Experts,
    I am working on a PO History report, which has an invoice total summary .The invoice total includes Posted and Parked invoices,  but if the parked invoice is deleted they are still showing up on the report for the total, the requirement is to not include the deleted parked invoices in the total.
    Pls guide me to proceed in this.

    check this link on
    Link: []

  • Report for Parked Invoices

    Dear gurus
    Im generating a report using structure RFPOSXEXT. problem im facing is that im getting all the document numbers which are open items and cleared items but im not getting the document number of a parked items. can you tell me how. ?
    Saad NIsar

    Create your new report using the table RBKP : Invoice header...
    here use the field RBSTAT and entry as PARKED...and then execute...
    It will show all parked documents...
    What you want exactly?? If you wanna see just Parked invoices, then can check it form FBV3 report...
    FBV0 is used for post/delete the park invoices...
    Hope it helps..
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  • Parked invoices not includes in report

    Object: ABAP program ZCAMU_INV_DOWNLOAD
    That program downloads invoices created during a month
    Problem: Program downloads only invoices created from transaction MIGO (Invoice Creation) or MR8M (Invoice Cancellation). If an invoice has been created from MIR7 (Park Invoice), it is not included, and it should be.
    Request: include data from transaction MIR7 (Park Invoice)

    probably the SELECT contains a filter on field FKART of VBRK table.
    Rewards if it helps

  • Parked Invoices Work Flow Logging Mechanism

    Dear ALL,
    From functional end how can we apply a release strategy on Invoice parking? Is there any separate logging mechanism of the release?
    We have developed standard work flow for logistic invoice verifications and as well for direct invoice parking. The user requires the each document park status report. Is there any way we can check the status of document in report form.
    saqib usman

    If invoice x parked by user A then it will go to his inbox of User A. when user A accept and approve from inbox it will automatically goes to User B. User B will open his inbox to check his wrkflow items, after checking and approving park doc x it will further goes to user C. Now status will be that invoice is at user C inbox after further verification user C will post the invoice. 
    The above example is for work flow understanding. now is there any way that system will tell us where the invoice is parked at what user level etc.
    Hope it is understandable


    What is the difference between holding a invoice document (MIRO) and parking a document (MIR7).
    I hope each having same function.
    Again I want to see a report which will show me hold invoice document
    Again what is the difference between parked and parked as complete.(MIR5)
    please answer me ASAP.

    You can refer to the help screen int the respective MIR7 scree to know definition of each function.
    Holding Invoice Documents
    If you are interrupted while entering or parking an invoice, you can hold the data you have already entered, such as the list field selections, header data, and item data. The system creates an invoice document but does not make any checks, updates, or postings. When you continue processing the held document later, the system proposes the data already entered.
    Parking Invoice Documents
    You create an invoice document in document parking. Choose the disk icon Save parked document to do this. Before saving the data, the system performs consistency checks.Subsequently, you can still change, delete, or post parked documents, or save them as complete.
    Use document parking if:
    1. Information required for posting the invoice document is missing in the invoice document and you do not want to have to enter again the data already entered
    2. The balance is not zero
    3. The following updates are to take place:
    Log of document changes
    Informative purchase order history
    Data for advance tax returns
    Index for checking for duplicate invoices
    Vendor open items
    Vendor open items for parked documents
    Saving Invoice Documents as Complete
    You create an invoice document in document parking. Choose Save as complete to do this. Before saving the data, the system performs consistency checks. In the event of errors, the data is not saved, but is presented for correction instead. Subsequently, you can still change, delete, or post Documents complete for posting.
    Use Save as complete if:
    1. No more changes are to be made to the invoice document
    2. The balance is zero
    3. The invoice document is to be parked for posting but not posted yet
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  • Printout for Parked Invoice Document

    Hi Gurus!
        One of my client's requirement is to create a customize sapscript printout of a Parked Invoice. The report will also include figures such as the following:
    1. Amount Net of VAT
    2. Total Input VAT
    3. Net Payable to Vendor
    4. Witholding Tax
    Like what we normally see upon posting of the parked document.
    Need your professional help on this.

    Hi Anil,
    When a parked document is created, SAP uses BO FIPP. So to attach any file to a parked document you need to use object services of FIPP. When we post document to G/L we create a document of type BKFP. So you need to pass attachment from FIPP to BKPF.

  • Parked invoices

    Please let me know the query/transaction/report for parked invoices with input as vendor and plant combination.

    MIR5/MIR6, Tick Parked or Held in respective section of the transaction.
    Hope, helped.

  • Vendor invoices report

    Report required on  vendor invoices  which includes number of invoices/ credit memos for particular period and value paid to vendor by selecting posting dates in both MM and FI point of view.It is very urgent.
    I would appreciate if you could give any idea on develpoing report.

    you can make use of the Standard report MIR6-INvoice overview
    where you have option of selecting the
    Document Date
    Posting Date
    Try this this can be helpful to you.
    <b>another report is MIR5</b> here you also have  different selection basis
    Company Code, Document Date,Posting Date,Document Type, Time of Entry etc.
    .If you want to view both invoice and credit Memo then
    Choose both invoice and  credit memo tick
    I think they can meet your requirement if no then please met know

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