Populate a field based on a drop down or multiple choice

Would it be possible to add a feature that allows users to populate a field based on the value of another field?
I'm trying to setup a form where a technician selects their name from a drop down list, and then have the form populate their e-mail address based on their name. I would prefer to avoid forcing them to type in their e-mail address every single time so that they can get a copy of their form responses when they submit a form.

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  • How do i populate one field based upon a drop down select from another field?

    Here is what I am trying to do:
    Field 1 is a drop down selection list that requires a user to make a mandatory selection which in this case is a list of apartment complexes. What I am trying to accomplish is once that user makes a selection from the drop down list (Field1) that it will populate Field 2 (standard txt) with the corresponding apartment complexes address.
    So I pick Talan Apartments from field 1, it would populate field 2 with Talan Apartments address. I tried messing around with calculation scripts but I'm fighting a loosing battle here. Some help would be greatly appreciated!

    Here is a sample: https://acrobat.com/#d=Hi0ZwVgVB1PWbxc6OJ0z4A where the script in the exit event of the dropdown sets the value of the address object.
    Good luck,

  • How to disable certain text fields in second tab based on the drop down selection from first tab?

    My first tab contains a drop down menu which has two options
    1. Personal info
    2. Office info
    The second tab contains all the information regarding Office and Personal Information. But I need to selectively disable certain fields based on the drop down in first tab.
    For example,
    The second tab consissts of all fields like
    Job title,
    Office Location, etc.
    And i dont want office related details to be displayed if I am selecting personal info in the first tab.
    It would be really great if someone could send me the code for achieving this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Vishnu
                  Can you check the List component in foundation/components ? I think "Build list using" works he same as your requirement. Check the listener they have used in dialog/items/list/items/ listFrom/listeners
    "selectionchanged"  : function(box,value){box.findParentByType('tabpanel').manageTabs(value);}
    here the ExtJs will find the tabpanel with value you are selecting fromdropdown. The title of each panel should match with the dropdown values
    Some queries
    Disable values means you have to remove it from your CRX?
    "values should become mandatory". for tab2? or tab3? - if tab2 and if it is a customized widget then u have to write it in your js only i think.

  • Using JavaScript to auto populate a field based on numeric value of a separate drop down field

    Hello, I am trying to set up a simple, I hope, javascript which will enable to me auto populate one field based on the numberic value of another field using Acrobat Pro XI.
    Essentially I have 2 drop down fields (we'll call them DD1 and DD2).
    DD1 is the sum of 8 preceding drop down values. That sum can be anywhere from 0 - 40. Whatever that sum falls within a range which identifies a rating. The ratings and ranges are below:
    0-8: Non-Performer  
    9-16: Low Performer  
    17-24: Performer  
    25-32: High Performer  
    33-40: Exceptional Performer
    DD2 is where the rating ("non-performer", "low performer", etc.) will be captured. Instead of requiring the user to look at DD1, determine the value, and then identify and input the rating manually, I would like DD2 to auto populate the rating based on the value (sum) in DD1.
    For example, if DD1 shows a value of 27 then DD2 would auto populate "High Performer". So how do I write this code or execute this? In excel I would use an if, then statement. Is there something similar in Acrobat Pro XI.
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    If you use a text field, the custom calculation script could be:
    // Custom calculation script for text field
    (function () {
        var s = getField("DD1").valueAsString;
        // Blank this field if input is blank
        if (!s) {
            event.value = "";
        // Convert string to number
        var v = +s;
        // Set this field's value based on the input
        if (v <= 40 && v >= 33) {
            event.value = "Exceptional Performer";
        if (v < 33 && v >= 25) {
            event.value = "High Performer";
        if (v < 25 && v >= 17) {
            event.value = "Performer";
        if (v < 17 && v >= 9) {
            event.value = "Low Performer";
        if (v < 9 && v >= 0) {
            event.value = "Non-Performer";
        // If none of the above fit, blank this field
        event.value = "";

  • FileChooser - "switch off" file name field and file type drop down choice..

    Hi there,
    I'm wondering, is there a simple way of not displaying the file name field and file type drop down choice that anyone knows of?
    Reason being; my FileChooser is embedded in an application window and does not pop up as a dialog - the users are only acessing one file type, but it could be in any folder on their machine.
    many thanks,

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  • Inactive field "Project Versions' - from drop down

    Hi Friends
    I have created two versions of project through Tcode CN41. When I am looking for comparision, the field Project Versions from drop down is Inactive ie Edit >Comparisations > Project Versions.  I am sure that I am missing somethig but unable to detect the same to activate Project Versions.
    Would appreciate any one can help me to find out how to get activation of Project Version from drop down.Reward points can be awarded for suitable solution.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sudhakar,
    I guess you are referring to project versions, not CO versions...
    In this case, please make sure you select at least one version and the current data in the selection screen or more than one versions in the selection screen.
    You need to select the versions in the selection screen in order to compare them.
    If you cannot find the relevant fields to enter the selected version in the selection
    screen, please call the database profile and tick the flag on "version data".
    Hope this helps!!!

  • Safari keeps dropping down this error message when ever i try to log on to any website safai can't verify the identity of the website ( e.g.. any address ) and the drop down has three choices to click on or else you can't go foward., they are check certif

    Safari keeps dropping down this error message when ever i try to log on to any website safai can't verify the identity of the website ( e.g.. any address ) and the drop down has three choices to click on or else you can't go foward., they are check certificate ______ cancel ______ continue....  This thing is so annoying when trying to go somewhere i just want the error message to go away.

    In your Keychain under 'login' delete the VeriSign certificates and then quit and restart all browsers/itunes/app store.
    http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/180570/invalid-certificate-after-securi ty-update-2015-004-in-mavericks

  • How to auto populate a field based on drop down list unless specific item is selected

    Hi all,
    Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong area but I am new to Adobe LiveCycle, JavaScript and these forums.
    I am trying to build an Acrobat form using LiveCycle but am having trouble with the drop down lists.
    Inititaly I simply wanted to populate fields in one table based on the selection of a corresponding drop down list in another table.
    I used the following code and it worked fine:
    Workbook.Content.Table1.Row3.AppropriationDetails.Row4.Cell1::change - (JavaScript, client)
    var fFrom = xfa.resolveNodes("Workbook.Content.Table1.Row3.AppropriationDetails[*].Row4.Cell1");
    var fTo = xfa.resolveNodes("Workbook.Content.Table2.Row3.AppropriationDetails[*].Row4.Cell1");
    for (var i=0; i <= fFrom.length-1; i++) {
         fTo.item(i).rawValue = fFrom.item(i).boundItem(xfa.event.newText);
    The problem is that now I want the above code to work UNLESS one of the items in the dropdown list is specifically selected in which case I want the text box in the other table to display a message such as "Enter details in the field below".
    I have tried to create an If Else statement using the following code:
    Workbook.Content.Table1.Row3.AppropriationDetails.Row4.Cell1::change - (JavaScript, client)
    var fFrom = xfa.resolveNodes("Workbook.Content.Table1.Row3.AppropriationDetails[*].Row4.Cell1");
    var fTo = xfa.resolveNodes("Workbook.Content.Table2.Row3.AppropriationDetails[*].Row4.Cell1"); 
    for (var i=0; i <= fFrom.length-1; i++) {
         if (fFrom.item(i).rawvalue = "Option 3"){
         fTo.item(i).rawValue = "Enter details in the field below";
         else {
         fTo.item(i).rawValue = fFrom.item(i).boundItem(xfa.event.newText);
    The code now populates the field with "Enter the details in the field below" no matter what item I select from the dropdown list.
    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Follow Up:
    Ok so ive changed things up a bit and have had some more success.
    I have used a Switch statement in my For loop to perform different actions based on the item selected.
    The code looks like this:
    Workbook.Content.Table1.Row3.AppropriationDetails.Row4.Cell1::change - (JavaScript, client)
    var fFrom = xfa.resolveNodes("Workbook.Content.Table1.Row3.AppropriationDetails[*] .Row4.Cell1");
    var fTo = xfa.resolveNodes("Workbook.Content.Table2.Row3.AppropriationDetails[* ].Row4.Cell1");
    for (var i=0; i <= fFrom.length-1; i++) {
         switch (fFrom.item(i).rawValue)
         case "Option 3":
         fTo.item(i).rawValue = "Enter the details in the field below";
         fTo.item(i).rawValue = fFrom.item(i).boundItem(xfa.event.newText);
    This code solves my problem but has thrown up a new issue:
    When i select Option 1 or 2 from the dropdown list  the change in the text field is instantaneous, however if I select Option 3 it wont appear in the text field until I either select Option 3 a second time or select another item. Its as if the text field is a selction behind what I have enterd in the dropdown list.
    Any thoughts?

  • Pre-Populating Text fields from a Data drop down list using SQL Server

    I'm currently trying to update some of our internal forms which are word based or a basic PDF form you fill in by yourself.
    I'm connecting to our SQL server as there are databases stored there for an internal bit of software that hold information
    I can use to fill in parts the form.
    I have a data drop down list that is dynamically linked to the SQL databass and allows you to select a Project Number from that database, what
    I want to do after this is selected is to automatically populate some text fields with the Project name, Account handler and other fields held in the
    I've had a look online to see if there is a solution but haven't really found anythig that is similar (although I am new to LC so may have seen it
    and not realised) and my Java is non existant.
    Has anyone tried this and able to point me in the right directions?
    I'm using LiveCycle ES2 version from Creative Suit 5.5 on Windows 7

    Actually this error does not cause any harm except a presentation inconvenience. In my multi-select prompt I am using variable expression with dynamic repository variable. Dashboard results are correct. Just variable's value does not appear on page (error Error Codes: G689FFB3:SDKE4UTF
    Expression: @{biServer.variables['CUR_CAL_PER_MONTH_NAME']}). Pushing "GO" button on the prompt fixing the error but it's actually second execution of the dashboard.
    Any ideas ??

  • How to populate active directory users in to drop down list items dynamically in Share point 2010 ?

    Hi My self Arun in my current project i have a task on that active directory user  need to automatically populate in share point list drop down  please help me.  is that any out of box feature in share point 2010 ?   
    Thanking You 

    If you plan to implement the "Querying the Active Directory" based on my code snippet,
    and if you do not have permission [your account must be the part of domain admin] to do so,
    Then still you can do it in least effort through code,
    string usersInXml = SPContext.Current.Web.AllUsers.Xml;your xml string look like this.
    <Users><User ID="2" Sid="" Name="Administrator"
    LoginName="i:0#.w|murugesan\administrator" Email="" Notes="" IsSiteAdmin="True" IsDomainGroup="False" Flags="0" /><User ID="1" Sid="" Name="Murugesa Pandian" LoginName="i:0#.w|murugesan\murugesan" Email="" Notes="" IsSiteAdmin="True" IsDomainGroup="False" Flags="0" /><User ID="1073741823" Sid="S-1-0-0" Name="System Account" LoginName="SHAREPOINT\system" Email="" Notes="" IsSiteAdmin="False" IsDomainGroup="False" Flags="0" /></Users>
    You can user Linq to XML to filter the "LoginName,Name and Email and then populate your drop down list.
    * User must be logged into the site at least once.
    Murugesa Pandian.,MCTS|App.Devleopment|Configure

  • Lookup field not rendering like drop down in New Item form

    I have been making a page to add new item to a list, for this i am using new item form.
    I am having a two lookup fields in that list of which one contains more than 20 items and other only 3.
    My first problem is that first lookup renders as a text box ONLY in IE 9 mode(nothing appears even when you click on the down arrow), but when I change the mode to IE 8, the rendering changes to a textbox + ajax + filtering list instead of the simple drop
    down list control.
    I have read several blogs about this, but could'nt find a simple solution.
    Anyone has any idea on this?
    IE rendered 1st lookup like this:
    <INPUT onkeydown="CoreInvoke('HandleKey')"
    id=ctl00_ctl20_g_2f56956b_9ff1_48a5_af9a_ba167804f29a_ctl00_ctl05_ctl01_ctl00_ctl00_ctl04_ctl00_ctl01 onchange="CoreInvoke('HandleChange')"
    title=Country onfocusout="CoreInvoke('HandleLoseFocus')"
    value=(None) type=text match choices="(None)|0|Austria|1|Belgium|2|Bulgaria|3|Cyprus|4|Denmark|5|Finland|6|Germany|7|Kazakhstan|8|Liechtenstein|9|Moldavia|10|Norway|11|Poland|12|Portugal|13|Romania|14|Russia|15|Slovania|16|Spain|17|Sweden|18|Switzerland|19|The Netherlands|20|Turkey|21|Ukraine|22|United Kingdom|23" optHid="SPCountry_Hidden"
    alt="Display lookup values"
    <SELECT style="Z-INDEX: 2; POSITION: absolute; DISPLAY: none; TOP: 871px; LEFT: 640px"
    ondblclick=HandleOptDblClick() tabIndex=-1 size=8
    name=_Select ctrl="ctl00_ctl20_g_2f56956b_9ff1_48a5_af9a_ba167804f29a_ctl00_ctl05_ctl01_ctl00_ctl00_ctl04_ctl00_ctl01">
    <OPTION selected value=0>(None)</OPTION>
    <OPTION value=1>Austria</OPTION>
    <OPTION value=2>Belgium</OPTION>
    <OPTION value=3>Bulgaria</OPTION>
    <OPTION value=4>Cyprus</OPTION>
    <OPTION value=5>Denmark</OPTION>... and so on
    Regards, Nayan

    We had the same issue in our environment and we made use of jQuery to resolve the issue. The idea has been taken from SPServices.codeplex as mentioned by Christophe, but extends it in a way with few changes to make it work in our environment for each instance
    of this drop-down in the entire web application.
    columnName = $(
    // Main Function
    function OverrideDropDownList(columnName) {
    // Construct a drop down list object
    var lookupDDL =
    new DropDownList(columnName);
    // Do this only in complex mode...
    if (lookupDDL.Type ==
    "C") {
    // Hide the text box and drop down arrow
    // Construct the simple drop down field with change trigger
    var tempDDLName =
    "_" + columnName;
    if (lookupDDL.Obj.parent().find("select[ID='"
    + tempDDLName + "']").length == 0) {
    "<select name='" + tempDDLName +
    "' id='" + tempDDLName +
    "' title='" + tempDDLName +
    "select[ID='" + tempDDLName +
    function () {
    updateOriginalField(columnName, tempDDLName);
    // Get all the options
    var splittedChoices = lookupDDL.Obj.attr('choices').split("|");
    // get selected value
    var hiddenVal = $('input[name='
    + lookupDDL.Obj.attr("optHid") +
    if (hiddenVal ==
    "0") {
    hiddenVal = lookupDDL.Obj.attr(
    // Replacing the drop down object with the simple drop down list
    lookupDDL =
    new DropDownList(tempDDLName);
    // Populate the drop down list
    for (var
    i = 0; i < splittedChoices.length; i++) {
    var optionVal = splittedChoices[i];
    var optionId = splittedChoices[i];
    var selected = (optionId == hiddenVal) ?
    " selected='selected'" :
    "<option" + selected +
    " value='" + optionId +
    "'>" + optionVal +
    // method to update the original and hidden field.
    function updateOriginalField(child, temp) {
    var childSelect =
    new DropDownList(child);
    var tempSelect =
    new DropDownList(temp);
    // Set the text box
    "value", tempSelect.Obj.find("option:selected").val());
    // Get Hidden ID
    var hiddenId = childSelect.Obj.attr("optHid");
    // Update the hidden variable
    'input[name=' + hiddenId +
    // just to construct a drop down box object. Idea taken from SPServces
    function DropDownList(colName) {
    if ((this.Obj
    = $("input[Title='" + colName +
    "']")).html() !=
    null) {
    this.Type =
    // Multi-select: This will find the multi-select column control on English and most other languages sites where the Title looks like 'Column Name possible values'
    // Simple - when they are less than 20 items
    if ((this.Obj
    = $("select[Title='" + colName +
    "']")).html() !=
    null) {
    this.Type =
    // Compound - when they are more than 20 items
    if ((this.Obj
    = $("input[Title='" + colName +
    "']")).html() !=
    null) {
    this.Type =
    // Multi-select: This will find the multi-select column control on English and most other languages sites where the Title looks like 'Column Name possible values'
    if ((this.Obj
    = $("select[ID$='SelectCandidate'][Title^='" + colName +
    " ']")).html() !=
    null) {
    this.Type =
    // Multi-select: This will find the multi-select column control on a Russian site (and perhaps others) where the Title looks like 'Russion stuff: Column Name'
    if ((this.Obj
    = $("select[ID$='SelectCandidate'][Title$=': " + colName +
    "']")).html() !=
    null) {
    this.Type =
    this.Type =
    // End of function dropdownCtl
    - Sid

  • HCM Processes & Forms: Field not updating after Drop Down list selection

    Hello all,
    I am having a problem that I think happens a lot, but I can't solve it through all the examples given here.
    I have a Drop Down List where I change the value. On the CHANGE event, I have:
    xfa.record.CONTROL_PARAM.ISR_EVENT.value = "GET_ORGINFO";
    ContainerFoundation_JS.SendMessageToContainer(event.target, "submit", "", "", "", "");
    I have defined a User Event called GET_ORGINFO. It gets triggered fine. It moves into my generic service that I defined, and it changes the value that I want to change.
    When I look at the PDF, the value is still in it's old value. So, after reading some blogs, which specifically says, if something goes wrong in one service (I have 3: my own, SAP_PA and S_MGRS_POSITIONS), they all fail. I debugged and checked, and, after some changes, nothing goes wrong anymore, nothing that I can see anyway.
    So what I do see, is that there's a call made like this:
      CALL METHOD me->process_data_container
          ref_to_data_container = ref_to_relevant_data_container
          operation             = c_do_operations
          message_handler       = dummy_message_handler
          no_auth_check         = no_auth_check
          is_ok                 = operation_ok.
    Within this method, my new value is listed (in the table VALUES_OF_FIELDS). After this call is made, so when it exists the method process_data_container, the old values are back in VALUES_OF_FIELDS.
    So, at the last moment INSIDE the method, the values are correct, as soon as it steps out of this method, the old values are back.
    Does anyone have any idea? Am I doing something wrong with regards to the User Events? I am on EnhP 04.
    Jaron Frenk

    Hey Chris,
    Unfortunately, that's not it. I did check the fields I need. Everything is going ok. As in, I get the fields (with their current values) in my own generic operation. I see everything updated the way it should. But then at the end, nothing happens...
    What exactly do you mean by " then make sure your own generic service has it's input/output defined correctly". What input/output do you mean? I assume the generic service itself is okay, since it works with the user event "USER_EVENT_CHECK". And it sure is possible I am forgetting something in the definition of the user event, but I can't figure out what.
    A small addition*
    I just checked by user event. I have 3 fields selected:
    The generic service should get the PERSG and PERSG_TXT based on the PERSK that is entered. I don't think I need anything more.
    Edited by: J. Frenk on Apr 26, 2010 9:01 AM

  • Code problem - field value derived from drop down values

    I have a drop down with about 6 choices. The user can enter their own amount for "quantity" in the drop down if they don't want to use one of the 6 choices. The code below I've attached to another field on another page of the form. (1) I can enter my own value it displays fine. (2) If I pick the #6 option on the drop down, it displays "3000" as required. The other 5 choices however, display 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 instead of the actual value - "100", "500" etc....
    Seems to work for one of the 6 choices, but none of the rest.....
    if (form1.orderPage1.stdLayout.quantity.rawValue == "1") {
    this.rawValue = "1000";
    if (form1.orderPage1.stdLayout.quantity.rawValue == "2") {
    this.rawValue = "500";
    if (form1.orderPage1.stdLayout.quantity.rawValue == "3") {
    this.rawValue = "250";
    if (form1.orderPage1.stdLayout.quantity.rawValue == "4") {
    this.rawValue = "2000";
    if (form1.orderPage1.stdLayout.quantity.rawValue == "5") {
    this.rawValue = "2500";
    if (form1.orderPage1.stdLayout.quantity.rawValue == "6") {
    this.rawValue = "3000";
    this.rawValue = form1.orderPage1.stdLayout.quantity.rawValue;
    Need to learn more about "else" in Adobe JS....
    As always, any help is greatly appreciated!
    Mike Foster

    Have you read your code? If your quantity value is between "1" and "5" the result value is being set correctly; then for the test for a value of "6", since your quantity value is not "6" you setting the value to the quantity value. Modify your original code to print some flow information to the JavaScirpt console and you see what is happening, be sure to open Acrobat to see the results in the JavaScript console:
    /* original code */
    if (quantity.rawValue == "1") {
    this.rawValue = 1000;
    if (quantity.rawValue == "2") {
    this.rawValue = 500;
    if (quantity.rawValue == "3") {
    this.rawValue = 250;
    if (quantity.rawValue == "4") {
    this.rawValue = 2000;
    if (quantity.rawValue == "5") {
    this.rawValue = 2500;
    if (quantity.rawValue == "6") {
    this.rawValue = 3000;
    } else { // since quantity != "6" do this
    this.rawValue = quantity.rawValue;
    There are many ways to solve your problem. First you can nest the "if" statements, so the "else" clause is applies to all the previous "if" statements:
    /* using nested if statements */
    console.println("Nested if then else");
    if (quantity.rawValue == "1") {
    this.rawValue = 1000;
    } else {
    if (quantity.rawValue == "2") {
    this.rawValue = 500;
    } else {
    if (quantity.rawValue == "3") {
    this.rawValue = 250;
    else {
    if (quantity.rawValue == "4") {
    this.rawValue = 2000;
    } else {
    if (quantity.rawValue == "5") {
    this.rawValue = 2500;
    } else {
    if (quantity.rawValue == "6") {
    this.rawValue = 3000;
    } else { // if none of the above
    this.rawValue = quantity.rawValue;
    Next you could not use an else statement at all, just do a final test for any values outside the range of "1" - "6".
    /* quantity not in range */
    console.println("if quantity < 1 or > 6");
    this.rawValue = null; // empty result field
    if (quantity.rawValue == "1") {
    this.rawValue = 1000;
    if (quantity.rawValue == "2") {
    this.rawValue = 500;
    if (quantity.rawValue == "3") {
    this.rawValue = 250;
    if (quantity.rawValue == "4") {
    this.rawValue = 2000;
    if (quantity.rawValue == "5") {
    this.rawValue = 2500;
    if (quantity.rawValue == "6") {
    this.rawValue = 3000;
    if (quantity.rawValue < 1| quantity.rawValue > 6) { // if quantity value not between 1 and 6
    this.rawValue = quantity.rawValue
    And finally, you can use the "switch" statement to select an action based on the value of the quantity value and ignore the rest of the test. If no test has been selected, then perform the default action.
    /* using switch on quantity value statement */
    switch (quantity.rawValue) {
    case "1":
    this.rawValue = 1000;
    case "2":
    this.rawValue = 500;
    case "3":
    this.rawValue = 250;
    case "4":
    this.rawValue = 2000;
    case "5":
    this.rawValue = 2500;
    case "6":
    this.rawValue = 3000;
    default: // all other values
    this.rawValue = quantity.rawValue
    } // end switch quantity

  • Standard field label change and drop down

    I need to change a text field label and create a drop down for a input down field. The problem is that they are standard fields in sap. I am not sure if by code i can do this change.  Because I tried doing the change through cmod to change the field text and  append for the drop down in the domain, but for some reason it did not work. Any help would greatly appreciated.

    David Rivera wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I need to change a text field label and create a drop down for a input down field. The problem is that they are standard fields in sap. I am not sure if by code i can do this change.  Because I tried doing the change through cmod to change the field text and  append for the drop down in the domain, but for some reason it did not work. Any help would greatly appreciated.
    What is the program?
    You can change the field text in CMOD but you cannot do a dropdown in CMOD.
    Dropdown is for the screen element and you need to change the screen for this and need to populate the field. Find if there is any user exit for your requirement.

  • Create a secondary calculation in a repeating subform based on a drop-down list?

    Hi all,
    I need a crazy bit of scripting. Not sure it's even possible.
              What I have:
    repeating subform SummarySub with dollar amountcalculation field at end of form TotalOver gives total dollar amount from all iterations of SummarySub
    so far, so simple. but then:
    I need another, repeating subform SubRow at the end of the form to give another total:
    based on Payer Name drop-down list in SummarySub
    and break out totals from all iterations of SummarySub based on payer names as chosen by the user.
    Ideally, the subform (B) (Payer Totals) at the end of the form would add instances as the user exits the Payer Name field. I haven't been able to figure out how to do that and keep the value in the (Payer Name) field of the added instance.
    Does any of this make sense?
    I'll appreciate any help.  I'm trying to learn more about JavaScript in LC, but my deadlines just keep coming....
    Many thanks
    Dropbox - AFBS_OverpaymentReport_121914.pdf

    Hi Laura,
    You are right with the need for the nested for loop, If add this code to the calculation event.
        var nTotalRemitted = 0;
        var oAmountsRemitted = item.resolveNodes("SubRowtwo[*]");
        var nRemittedLength = item._SubRowtwo.count;
        for (nRemittedCount = 0; nRemittedCount < nRemittedLength; nRemittedCount++)
            var oRemittedItem = oAmountsRemitted.item(nRemittedCount);
            var nAmountRemitted = parseFloat(oRemittedItem.AmountRemitted.rawValue);
            if (!isNaN(nAmountRemitted))
                nTotalRemitted += parseFloat(oRemittedItem.AmountRemitted.rawValue);
    see the sample https://sites.google.com/site/livecycledesignercookbooks/home/AFBS_PTM_bruce%20script_TEST .pdf?attredirects=0&d=1
    There are some comments in the sample explaining some of the code

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