Printing from Explorer context menu prints in wrong scale

I have a problem with a customer; when they right-click a PDF file and choose "Print" from Explorer context menu the actual printout is sometimes printed in the wrong scale, ie it looks zoomed. The same problem exists when printing PDF's from other applications as well, for example Outlook. If they print the same PDF one more time (by right-click-printing) the problem may resolve itself. Sometimes it's enough to print twice, other times they need to do it more times. The problem exists in several computers, which is why i want it to be a problem with some default-settings in Adobe Reader.
What might cause this behavior ?

So, 4 years have passed, and one would hope the problem solved itself in some update the last 4 years.
However, it has not. (Well, actually it was fixed for a short while. Then it broke again:()
I do have some fresh information that can help you devs at Adobe to maybe get closer to a solution.
Just before christmas (nov 22) i was doing a new attempt to solve the problem.
At the time Reader XI had been released, but not yet installed at the client. Crossing my fingers and praying to higher powers i downloaded XI and gave it a shot; and the problem actually went away! My theory was that finally some architectual change had been implemented; or parts of Reader had been rewritten for any reason. Anyhow, the problem was gone after nearly 4 years and both me and the client was happy!
Today the client called again. The PDF-printouts are zoomed again. Worse than ever. Now, EVERY PDF that's printed was getting zoomed (if printed from another program.). When printing, Reader flashes by the screen; so i guess the app does something like "adobe.exe /print %temp%\whatever.pdf" or however it works.
I immediately suspected that an update had been installed and broke the Reader again. This was the case. 11.0.06 had been auto-installed last week. After searching adobe site for 30 minutes i finally found the downloads required to get 11.0.05 installed and running again. *poof* problem gone. Every print is good.
11.0.05 does not contain the bug that makes most printouts zoomed. (WORKS)
11.0.06 contains the bug again. (DOES NOT WORK)
So, whatever changes are in that update broke the Reader for the client again.
ADOBE: Hope this gets u closer to a solution!
PEOPLE: If you are experiencing the same problem as my client, please try my solution. It just might help you.
ps. oh, and where u download older versions from is
Install order:
- 11.0.01      
- 11.0.04 patch      AdbeRdrUpd11004_MUI.msp
- 11.0.05 patch      AdbeRdrSecUpd11005.msp
Im not sure if installing Multilanguage/All Languages makes a difference.

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    Thanks again for helping me resolve this problem.

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    I have this app working and the EJBs are executing fine.
    I used a testview and drug the method onto it - and was able to debug it that way - but still no create java client in the menu.
    Is there any other place to find this other than the context menu? Then I can check to see if it is available.
    I am using WLS 10.3 that ships with Jdev (forgot that little bit) without any changes.

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    All that context menu stuff is handled by the registry. The explorer application simply gets its information from there. So Labview can write to a registry key to add itself to handle a file type. This is why you can have multiple applications handle the same type and show up in the context menu.
    My point is that after I run LV 8.0, I will see both LV 8.2 and LV8.0 in the context menu (along with a couple of others). However, after I run LV 8.2, the LV8.0 option is removed. I'm guessing that this is related to a program's behavior in checking and setting the registry key to make sure that it is the default handler for the appropriate file types. NI would need to strengthen this code to be sensitive to previous versions of Labview.
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    Some diagnostic steps I have tried. I have tried USB local printers and bonjour printers. I have used Epson and Canon printers. I have tried to print to a PDF. I have tried printing from another computer (12 inch PowerBook) with identical results!
    At this point I am going to call AppleCare Monday morning and see if anyone there has any more suggestions. Any suggestions this forum has will be received gratefully!

    I was having the same crash or "just not print" problem as seen in other posts. I was able to fix it however, by making changes in some of the address cards I was going to print. By editing the "parent", "child", "spouse" fields which will get added to the name line of the label, I was able to get labels to print (or pdf preview) without difficulty.
    I did not try and determine exactly what the problem was, but basically did a data cleanup. Since I didn't know that those fields would print, I had previously included information beyond just a name in the fields, like birthdates and such, eg. "Jimmy - 12/1/05". After either removing the fields entirely where I didn't really need them, or just cleaning them down to names only, they printed just fine. I'd considered trying to disable the feature entirely but the data cleanup was not hard for a dozen or so names.

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    I have a network set up using an airport extreme basestation which provides internet access to a powerbook and a pc laptop running xp.
    this works flawlessly.
    I also have a canon ip3000 printer connected to the basestation which i want to use from both computers.
    of course from the mac this was a matter of 2 clicks and it worked.
    on the pc, i've spent about an hour going through a gazillion windows, holding the machine's hands every step of the way, downloading drivers it couldn't find and so on. i followed instruction on ifelix step by step. there were no errors while doing this and everything seemed to work.
    now when i set the pc to print a test page at the end of the installation process, it does starts spooling and cueing the page and after about 10 seconds complains "the printer is not responding".
    meanwhile, the printer _IS responding and is starting to print the page!
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    does this sound familiar to anyone?
    does anyone have any pointers on how to solve this?

    was offline for a while - hence the delay in replying to this.
    thanks for your help so far
    today i reinstalled the printer driver from scratch with the printer connected directly to the computer
    Does the printer work correctly when directly connected to the PC?
    yes it does. flawlessly.
    Are you using the correct driver?
    yes and latest version of it - freshly downloaded today from the manufacturers site
    It should be noted that some printer drivers were never designed to work unless the printer was connected directly.
    the printer in question is a canon pixma ip 3000 - according to the compatibility list on your site it was added by apple as being compatible...
    Bonjour/Rendezvous shouldn't make a difference, but you may want to try it.
    at least it takes away m$ insanity in installing drivers and proves the point that interface design __can be done properly, even under windoze... :)))
    the problem that i have at the moment is as follows;
    the printer works perfectly when connected directly to the pc.
    when connected to the basestation, i use bonjour to find it and install the printer driver (which was already installed in the system to get the printer working when connected directly to the computer, now i just create a new setup for use with the basestation.)
    I click "print test page". the printer starts printing, at about 1/3rd of the page it stops and waits. after a while (between half a minute and one minute) the page is ejected by the printer and it starts a new attempt to print the page - note: i did NOT instruct it to do so after the initial "print test page" click.
    this second page is printed till about 60 or 70%, after which a 3rd attempt is made at re-printing the page, this time without a page-feed continuing on the second sheet of paper. at the end of that sheet, the computer complains that the test print has failed. in true windows fashion, it does not provide any feedback of what has actually gone wrong.
    somehow i have the idea that the software is expecting some kind of acknowledgment from the printer that it has started or maybe even a progress report at regular intervals. and somehow this doesn't seem to come through...
    but this is pure guessing - i have no further data to support this other than the sequence of events described above, which is consistent and repeated at every print attempt
    if anyone has any suggestions on what to try next, that would be more than welcome
    thanks again

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