Problems installing OS  I have an iMac 21.5 (Mid-2010) and in trying to load a new hard drive, after choosing the installation disk the apple logo comes up and then stops and the keyboard and mouse goes dead.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

Problems installing OS
I have an iMac 21.5 (mid-2010) and I'm trying to install a new hard drive.  When I choose the installation disk the Apple logo comes up and it stops there.  Then the mouse and keyboard goes dead.  I'm trying to install 10.6.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

Since you have a new hard drive, there is nothing on it, so you need to boot from an external source (and probably format the hard drive before installing an OS). Are you booting from the 10.6 install disk? Better yet - do you have a bootable backup clone or at least a Time Machine backup?

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