Return delivery for stock transport oder

I need better clarity on the following Return delivery process for STO.
Step 1)Creation of intra company stock transport order with document type UB.
Step 2)Goods issue from the Supplying plant (Movement type 641)
Step 3)Goods receipt at the Receiving plant( Movement type 101-To quality inspection stock )
Step 4)Posting return delivery at Receiving plant. (Movement type 122)
On performing step 4) , the stock quantity and value are getting reduced at the Receiving plant, but the stock updating does not happen in the Supplying plant automatically. (i.e. Goods Receipts )
Do we need to perform any other movements ( Goods receipts ) in the supplying plant so that the Returned stock will be updated with the return delivered quantity ?
Please clarify.
Gobinathan G

Thanks for your feedback.
It worked well. On posting 122 , the stock was posted to "stock in Transit" of Receiving plant.
When I reversed the goods movement by VL09, the stock was posted back to stock of supplying plant. ( Movement type 642 posted )
Gobinathan G
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  • Error occuring while creating a Delivery for Stock transport order

    I am getting error while creating the delivery for thr stock transport order.The error message is given below.
                                                                                    Error Log for coll. run 0001248218                                                                               
    4       6000038321 000010 Only 0 ST of material F784100 available                                   
         4       6000038321 000010 An item with no delivery quantity is not permitted. Item will be deleted. 
         4       6000038321 000020 Only 0 ST of material F784100 available                                   
         4       6000038321 000020 An item with no delivery quantity is not permitted. Item will be deleted. 
         4       6000038321 000030 Only 0 ST of material F784100 available                                   
         4       6000038321 000030 An item with no delivery quantity is not permitted. Item will be deleted.                                                                               
    The stocks are present in the plant.
    Can anyone help me to solve this issue?

    Check in
    SPRO--IMG-MM-IM and PI---stock determinationassign stock determination in applications---Inventory management
    Check for 641 or 647,there is a SD rule assigned.

  • Automatic delivery for stock transport order

    with ECC6 you have the possiblity to automatically create the delivery out of the stock transport order (STO) using the following customizing steps in SPRO:
    Materials Management ->Purchasing->Purchase Order->Set up Stock Transport Order->Activate Automatic Delivery Creation and CRM Billing
    Materials Management ->Purchasing->Purchase Order->Set up Stock Transport Order->Activate Automatic Delivery Creation for PO Type and Shipping Point
    We want to use a batch job that runs ME59N to autmatically convert the purchase requisitions to STO and deliveries. While testing we found out that ME59N gives a warning when the availability check in the STO is running in case there is not enough stock. But you still can create STO and delivery.
    In case you only create a STO and put it in VL10B to create the delivery it will only create delivery items with the quantities that are available in warehouse. So no stock means no delivery at that time.
    Is it also possible using ME59N to
    a) not create STO and delivery in case there is no stock
    b) only create STO and no delivery in case there is no stock

    Setting to error message not possible as this would cause all STOs not be convertered where no stock is available. But we need this functionality only for one specific process.
    Omit faulty items we also tested and did not provide the result we need. It is related to faulty purchase requisition items.

  • Minimum order qty for Stock transport orders

    I wonder if there is any way to make the following fields from the Sales org 1 view in the material master to apply on Stock transport orders (ME21N, with subsequent delivery created in VL10B):
    Minimum order qty
    Minimum delivery qty
    Delivery unit
    As of now in our system, it only works for Sales orders and related deliveries. But not for Stock transport orders with a supplying plant.
    Also, if there is any other way to implement minimum order qty funcitonality and delivery for Stock transport orders, pls advice.

    We are in an intracompany business case. The supplying and recieving plant are in the same company.
    The situation is as follows: we are planning all replenishment manually without any involvement of MRP.
    What we would like to achieve is the same functionality as of the minimum order/delivery quantities material master fields in the material master.
    So when the planner creates the stock transfer order, he keys in supplying plant, material and quantity manually, then the warning message about the minimum order qty should appear.
    So far I have not found any way to do this. Any ideas are greatfully received.


    I will have lot of stock transport purchase orders,like md4c transaction where we get multilevel report for sale order/production order,is there any report for stock transport purchase orders.its urgent kindly help

    goto purchase order history tab
    you can see all the details of PO-deluvery-GI, GR, imvoice. Click on delivery, you can see the billing document throughdocument flow button.
    This function is not availilable for production order, hence we have MD4c.

  • Proforma Invoice (F8) for Stock Transport Order

    With regard to intra-company STO, we have a specific requirement:
    Referencing delivery document generated using Xn: VL10B (delivery from Stock Transport Order), we create proforma invoice type F8. Subsequently, excise invoice is created referencing the proforma invoice.We need to capture the material cost plus 10 % of material cost as PR00 value in the invoice.
    However, here comes the problem: condition type PR00 does not come automaticcally in the proforma invoice, though pricing procedure has PR00 condition type. We have to manually entere the PR00 condition type for every line item (a routine calculates 110% of the value once value is enetered in the manually entered condition)
    Is it the standard system behaviour ? Any way out?
    with kind regards

    Have you maintained the condition records for PR00 , if not than you have to enter it manually at the item level .
    If your price is same for all the items than maintain use header condition or else at item level you have to enter PR00 item by item.
    Krishna O

  • Issue with Return Delivery for movement type 262

    I have got a strange issue, the user is trying to do a MIGO Return Delivery for a material document using movement type 262, this he claims has been doing it for many materials. However when i go to the MKPF table i see the transaction Code field to be MIGO_GI for all the material documents for which he claims to have done return delivery. But under this transaction code we have only 4 options - Display, Issue, Cancel and Remove from storage.
    Now when he tries to do the return delivery for movement type 262 he get an error message "Check table T156N: entry RL 262  does not exist" , but this has been very well maintained in the table.
    Can you please let me know -
    If it is possible to do a return delivery for a movement type 262?
    If yes how to address the above error encountered.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Sachin,
    If you think of return delivery to vendor with or w/o PO reference you can use movement types 161, 122, 124 as default settings.
    Movement type 261 means withdrawal against production order and its reverse is MVT 262. The latter can be used e.g. via MB1A (or you can make storno of a confirmation by 261).
    Are you sure your user is using the correct terminology ('return delivery')? Please check the material documents he/she claims to have booked as return delivery. (in MB51 you can get a list of all material movements of MVT 261 that belong to 'your user' and after that you can open the material document and check through which transaction the booking was made.)

  • Problem on creation of Outbond Delivery for Stock Transfer Order

    Hi all,
    We have problem on the creation of Outbond delivery for stock transfer order because the system doesn't group in a unique delivery for different items of a STO order.
    We used VL10B or VL10D but the behaviour is the same. Even if we have to handle few items of the Stock Transfer order already scheduled, the scope is to create a delivery which group everything while the system split in several delivery notes.
    Could you advice me the way to set in customizing , master data I don't know where else , the rules in order to avoid to split deliveries for STO.
    Secondly if we have already created a delivery note is it possible to add a further purchase order item as in sales order processing?
    Thank you for any suggestion you will give

    Dear Kripa,
    the first point has been solved. We have checked a SAP Note 386340 which is appropriate to this case.
    The second point, the one referred to the additional items to an existing delivery note, is not yet closed and I would like to know further advices  from you and the other guys connected to the forum in order to help us to solve the problem.
    Thanks for your help


    I will have lot of stock transport purchase orders,like md4c transaction where we get multilevel report for sale order/production order,is there any report for stock transport purchase orders.its urgent kindly help

    the requirement is  in md04 screen we are getting for each material wise stock requirement list,but client  wants purchase order i e stock transport order wise stock requirement list.i e reverse case of md04 screen.
    if it is sale order (customer order)we will get in md4c transaction,but there is no tab for purchase order in that transaction.

  • Return Delivery For PMO

    Is it possible to do a return delivery for a Plant Maintenence Order using movement type 262 using MIGO?

    Can you please eloberate on SAS, i am not yet clear on this.

  • Return Delivery for 501 Mvt

    Dear all,
    I have created GRN with Mvt 501. When i try to do the return delivery for this GRN, system is not allowing.
    When i check the 501 mvt in OMJJ transaction, return delivery is not displayed there.
    Is this the standard system behaviour any setting is required to change.
    Thanks & Regards,

    I know it is cancellation...but if you do it you will find that the cancellation will happen with movement type 502 only by default...this is because you haven't bought the material wrt to a PO so return delivery isnot possible..try this in your testing server first and confirm the same.

  • Returns of a stock transport order (purchase order)

    when I create a returns of a stock transporting order (purchase order) it touches only the free stock and not the stock of the returns (movement types 677 and 161). Can I configure this, if yes, how?
    Perhaps anybody can help me. Thanks a lot.

    The STO does not act like a sales order, if you reverse an STO it puts the stock back into Unrestricted use.
    Basically it sees the whole process as just being a movement of stock from one area (plant) to another and so reversing it just puts it back.
    With a sales order the customer may have used or abused the stock and so there is the functionality to put it into returns stock where it can be checked before being put back into unrestricted.
    It may not work but have you tried using the quality inspection flag on the return (I am assuming that you are using a 102 / 122 and MIGO?). It is not the same as using returns stock but at least it gives you chance to inspect the stock before it goes back to unrestricted?
    Steve B

  • Creating Returns Delivery for RMA (Sales order)

    Hi Experts,
    I have a buisness requirement to create a returns delivery for RMA entered.
    I tried out the function modules RV_DELIVERY_CREATE,
    But i am not sure what are the exact parameters to be passed to this function modules
    Please provide any sample code if available used for the same.

    In GN_DELIVERY_CREATE, the messages are collected in tables XVBFS. The details have to be passed to XKOMLGN and VBSK_I.
    To get the delivery number, you have to use function module NUMBER_GET_NEXT. Number range object is 'RV_SAMMG'.
    Hope it helps.

  • Pricing Procedure for Stock Transport Order

    Can anybody explain me that where can i maintain the Pricing Procedure for Stock Transport Order, Please Reply me .

    Hi Sairam,
    I am facing a similar problem.
    Can you please guide me as to where I can maintain the price in STPO. I will be raising the STPO on an intercompany plant to get a (sort of ) subcontracting done.
    I want to maintain the prices for the processing done by that plant. However, goods will be provided by us against the STPO and then receive them back after the work is done.
    Any help on this is welcome.

  • Auto Batch Determination For Stock Transport Order/Replenishment Delivery

    I have an issue with my stock replenishment deliveries (STPO, Stock Transfer Plant to Plant via standard MRP/Procurement process with a Purchase Order that is a Stock Transport Order).
    One question I have is what module should the configuration be for Auto Batch Determination on deliveries from STPO's, is it SD or MM? The reason I ask is because I have the SD side working just fine for example if I enter a customer order for this material and issue a delivery against it I get a batch automatically assigned according to your search/sort criteria. I know with a Stock Transport you have different item categories etc. and I have flagged them as relevant for ABD.
    I have been racking my brain regarding this and I have went through the configuration for both Inventory Management and Sales and Distribution. I have went through the steps several times. I am not seeing what I am missing any help in this arena would be helpful I am getting the following error message when I go to the batch tab on the replenishment delivery "Batch determination is not possible because there is no search procedure". I am at a loss to what configuration is needed. I keep going through the steps and I am not finding whats missing. Any help in this area would be most grateful.

    Hi Jeremy,
    you need to configure batch determination in SD and maintain enteries in the trasaction code V/C5 as below
    Sales org + Distribution channel + Division + DL (in salesDoc Ty) + Search procedure + tick check batch
    Sales org + Distribution channel + Division + NL (in salesDoc Ty) + Search procedure + tick check batch
    also check whether the delivery item category is active for auto. batch determination and maintain the batch condition record in transaction code VCH1

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