SDOC transfer  using CS_ITM_CDOC-CVL is not working

Help! we have used /SAPSLL/IF_EX_IFEX_SD0C_R3~IF_EXTEND_CUS_CDOC to transfer pricing conditions from ECC to GTS.
On the GTS side, we have ensured that there is mapping of conditions from Feeder system set up. We have verified this.
The code in BADI is ...
We have a table in ECC, with ECC price condition and corresponding GTS price condition (table below shown as GT_PRIC_COND_MAPPING)
            WHERE KPOSN = GV_POSNN.
                 WITH KEY ZKEY3 = <LS_KOMV>-KSCHL.
      IF SY-SUBRC EQ 0.
        CLEAR LS_CVL.
        LS_CVL-VALUE        = <LS_KOMV>-KWERT.
        LS_CVL-CVRTQ        = IS_VBRK-KURRF.
The structer for CS_ITM_CDOC-CVL in the BADI seems to look right. has all the value we want to transfer to GTS.
However, this data does not go to GTS. Do we need a commit statement?
Any pointer will be very much appreciated.

Hi Padma,
The standard code finds and populates the first Duty Type with VALTY = '003'.  That doesn't have to be Duty Type 'W001' - you could easily configure another to receive the Statistical Value that you transfer.
My previous answer was wrong, and I'm sorry about that.  After checking the code, I now realise that you CAN transfer individual conditions using the _CVL item-level table, so your technique should work.  Be sure that your mapping from Condition Type to GTS Duty Type is in either table /SAPSLL/TLCAVS or /SAPSLL/TLCAGS (Logical System or Group of Logical Systems).
Looking at your code, I think you should take a little more care with the ISO value of  the currency.  And if you have problems, it might be best not to transfer the Exchange Rate at first, in case that is giving problems.
Hope that helps.

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    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-949"?>
    <templateDefinition xmlns=""
    <dataScope xmlns=""
    <include node="../Component/MenuBar/TabBar.uix"/>
    <include node="../Component/MenuBar/GlobalHeader.uix"/>
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-949"?>
    <page xmlns=""
    <bc4j:rootAppModuleDef name="OligoAppModule" definition="View.OplModule"
    <bc4j:viewObjectDef name="Oligo" rangeSize="3"/>
    <templates xmlns="">
    <templateImport source="Test.uit"/>
    <dataScope xmlns="">
    <head title="UITTest"/>
    <myTemplate:oplBaseLayout title="UITTest">
    <bc4j:viewObjectScope name="Oligo">
    <include node="Table.uix"/> </contents>

    Hi -
    But 'Table.uix' included by 'TestUIT.uix' has been
    ignored and has not worked!!So is the problem that you don't see the contents of Table.uix? Are any error messages logged? Do you see the contents of the GlobalHeader.uix and TabBar.uix includes?
    It would be very helpful if you could put together a minimal testcase which reproduces the problem (no BC4J tags) that we could use to test the problem out over here.

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