Settlement of Project through WBS Element

I tried to execute the transaction code CJ8G for settlement of WBS Element i got the following error
You cannot use this transaction type to post to this asset
Message no. AA834
The transaction type entered belongs to transaction type group 15. According to the specifications for this transaction type group, posting with transactions types belonging to this group are only allowed in specific asset classes (for example, asset classes for assets under construction).
The asset to which you are posting belongs to class 440000 (chart of depreciation LILK). You cannot post to this class using the transaction type you have entered.
Check the asset number entered. You may want to allow posting with this transaction type group for the asset class of the asset.
Please advise the solution for the aforesaid error
Thanks and Best Regards
Shekhar Yecham
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Hi Shekhar
In order to settle project to Asset you have to ensure that you have an asset class  which has a tick for investment measure.  once you create an asset class which manages investment measure , you should be able to that particular asset class. you can then further settle asset from this asset class to any other asset class.
hope this help you

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  • Settlement Through WBS element in CJ88

    Dear Expert,
    When I going settle one asse through WBS element P05/00204/CB, I got the follwing problem in SAP
    Down payment to recipient 802000000006 0 area 01 amount 5,142.74 not cleared
    Message no. AW605
    All downpayments were not cleared for the asset under construction for the receiver 802000000006 0 in area 01. An amount of 5,142.74 was not cleared, or too much was cleared.
    You can only completely transfer an asset under construction if you reverse the down payments in the current fiscal year beforehand.
    Clear the downpayments that you want to settle to receiver 802000000006 0.
    Should I find the vendor? If yes, how can I find exact vedor.

    got it from PS forum

  • Report on Settlement - Project wise/ WBS element wise

    Hello Friends,
    I am looking for a report on settlement which will include the senders - Projects or WBS elements and Settlement receivers and the amount settled in the any period for a particular fiscal year.
    Your response will be rewarded.

    Pls refer CJIC and CJID.

  • Project setup, WBS element mgmt, user status, settlement

    What is Project setup, WBS element mgmt, user status and settlement

    If you are after the definitions, the simplest way would be to go to SAP Help.
    If you're after the transaction code, it's CJ20N which is the Project Builder screen.

  • Validation for the settlement rule of a wbs element

    Hi Experts,
    I have a requirement that in which i have to validate the settlement rule of the wbs done through t-code cj01/cj02/cj07,cj20n.
    If the settlement receiver object is an G/L account (settlement category g/l )  then i have to check that if it is an o&m project type
    wbs element  settling on some already mentioned G/L e.g 0001081340,0001081341, then  it should through some error  like settlement rule not valid etc.
    I have tried cjb1/cjb2 through badi WBS_SETTLEMENT_RULE by creating some strategy but it did not have any option for G/L
    settlement reciever. Also client will not agree to this as they want to create settlement rule manually.
    I have also tried the exit 'EXIT_SAPLCOI1_027 ' but its not getting triggerred during settlement rules assign mentand also i think it will not solve my purpose.
    Please help me as i am struck in this for long time now.
    Warm Regards,

    Hi Prabhu ,
    thanks for the quick update.
    I have tried many badi's and exits but they are not triggering at the saving time of the wbs.
    badi :
    exits :
    These above exits i have tried either they are not implemented or they are not triggered during saving of a wbs element.
    please suggest any exit or badi's which you may have used.
    Thanks and regards,

  • Link of vendor in sales order through WBS element

    My sales order line items are having WBS assigned.All these line items are direct bought out items from vendors and supplied to customer.
    Please suggest me link of vendor in sales order through WBS element.
    I want to use the same logic for billing split criteria for individual line items(hence for individual vendors) Presently my client is getting common invoice for all line items but they want separate invoice for each line items.
    Awaiting for your valuable inputs

    Hi Manoj,
    I need to understand your process in more detail.
    How do you procure?  Create a sales order with TAS item category to create a PReq and PO?
    Very simple explanation: Resource Related billing/DIP profiles are used to accumulate costs on WBS elements and then bill the client as needed.

  • How to find the Project and wbs Element System Status

    Hi all,
      How to find the Project and wbs Element System Status.
      We can find the system status in the CJ20n transaction but I want the table and field name where it is stored.

    try table <b>jest</b> with key = prps-objnr

  • CJ20N: handle Z table's related to project and wbs element

    Hi there,
    The requirement is to handle Z table for project and wbs element.
    ZTAB1 has fields: pspnr | field1 | field2 (for projects)
    ZTAB2 has fields: pspnr | field3 | field4 (for wbs element)
    I found an enhancement that can read z table into internal table, i read it into screen and no problem.
    I use it for wbs element too.
    The problem is when the project has several wbs element's in tree, and the user navigate and change them.
    I can't control the data in internal tables, since the user is swithcing.
    How does the standard sap control the memory from each wbs element and project?
    How can i read and save it separatelly?
    Thanks in advance,
    Edited by: orgasmics on Nov 22, 2010 9:37 PM

    try table <b>jest</b> with key = prps-objnr

  • Extract in a file all deleted PROJECTS and WBS element

    hello everyone,
    i need  to create a file wich contain all projects and wbs element  deleted by the transaction CJ20 , but i dont know how to pick those data once someone is trying to delete.
    please help.
    thank you.

    hello everyone,
    i need  to create a file wich contain all projects and wbs element  deleted by the transaction CJ20 , but i dont know how to pick those data once someone is trying to delete.
    please help.
    thank you.

  • Project stock (WBS element) not consider in QA07 Transaction

    Standard SAP transaction QA07 for Deadline monitoring of batches not
    considering project stock (WBS element) for the same
    Kindly suggest for your possible solutions as we are going to fully equipped with
    project system and its stock must be
    considered for background scheduler of recurring inspection
    Waiting for your kind and immediate action
    With Regards,
    Kunal Sheth

    We regret to inform you, that the report RQAAAS10 ( QA07 ) does not             
    support project stocks.                                                                               
    For better understanding of the transaction QA07, I would ask you kindly        
    to review the documentation for the report RQAAAS10.                                                                               
    Here are the Requirements for this report:                                                                               
    'The batch master data corresponds to the selection conditions.                 
    Only those batches that full fill the following conditions are examined:                                                                               
    -the batch status is "released".                                                                               
    -the unrestricted-use stock is greater than zero.                                                                               
    -the stock is not in a HU storage location'                                                                               
    This means that all 'special' stock locations, like for example project         
    stock, will be not relevant for this transaction.                                                                               
    Unfortunately SAP not able to provide a workaround for your                  
    issue, with the exception of a customer own development. In this case           
    you can copy the report and make the correspondent adjustments needed.          
    Best regards

  • Transaction Data for Project Definition & WBS Element of Project System(PS)

    Hi all,
       We want to install the Project Systems and the requirement is to report on the following fields:
    Project Definition  (Project Definition   PROJ     PSPID)
    Project Definition  (PS Short Description PROJ     POST1)
    Project Definition  (System Status  CNJ_STAT     STTXT_INT)
    WBS Element         (Project Type       PRPS     PRART)
    WBS Element         (Short ID             PRPS     POSKI)
    WBS Element         (Person Responsible     PRPS     VERNR)
    WBS Element         (Company Code     PRPS     PBUKR)
      R/3 Table Names and Field names are in brackets.
      0PROJECT_ATTR & 0PROJECT_TEXT are DataSources of 0PROJECT Master Data.
      0WBS_ELEMT_ATTR & 0WBS_ELEMT_TEXT are DataSources of 0WBS_ELEMT Master Data.
      How can I find the transaction data for those above fields, PLEASE ?
      Thanks in advance.

    Kindly check the following data sources:
    0PS_CLM_CST ( Costs of a Claim)
    0PS_CSH_NTW ( Network plan payments)
    0PS_CSH_NWA ( Payments on network plan process)
    0PS_CSH_WBS ( Payments on WBS element)
    0PS_DAT_NTW ( Network dates )
    0PS_DAT_NWA ( Dates network operation)
    0PS_DAT_PRJ ( Date project )
    0PS_DAT_WBS ( WBS Element Dates)
    0PS_NAE_EVA ( Progress in Network Activity Elements)
    0PS_NTW_EVA ( Progress in Networks)
    0PS_NWA_EVA ( Network Activity Earned Value)
    0PS_ORD_EVA ( Order Earned Value)
    0PS_WBS_EVA ( Earned Value WBS Element)
    hope this helps!
    best regards,

  • Locking of  the Project and WBS Elements at a single step.

    Hi Experts,
                    My client requirement is to lock the complete project and wbs elements so as not to allow any further postings to the project, I knew that we can lock the project or WBS individually by setting the lock status, but i want to lock the complete project  at one step, Is there any possible standard setting to sort out my Issue if not give me the solution.
    Thanks & Regards,

    it is possible to set a lock for Project Definition & WBS Elements at a single shot or not.
    may be the below explanation will be helpful.
    You can open the project in CJ20N for example and can set the lock for project definition and also you can set the lock for WBS element without saving and exiting from CJ20N, after setting the lock for both project definition and WBS Element you can save and exit.
    It is not possible to select more than one object and set lock with one click.

  • Travel Expenses settlements against Service Order/WBS Element/Project Ord

    Hi Experts,
    I have one req. in Travel Expenses, i.e. need to settle travel expneses against Service Order/WBS Element/Project Order.
    Can you guide me how to do this req.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hye mate,
    This is possible for sure what you need to do is to go at travel request . In travel Request there is an option of Enhanced Travel cost/ Alternative master cost center. if you click on it . you would find an option of cost assignmnet click on it
    there you would have option , like an excel sheet like fields of  the cost centre, wbs element, profit center, order number what eve is requred and save it.
    now the cot of trip would go that particulat cost center or der numbe or WBS rather then the cost center assigned at master data in ifototype 0027.
    Waqas Anwar

  • PCA posting for Special stock through WBS element

    The scenario consists of special stock transfer from one plant to another through the WBS element. The PR is getting generated from PS. the issue that I am facing is that the PCA document is showing a posting being made to a GL account which is different from that being specified in 0KEK.
    I would appreciate if any body can shed some light on how to tackle it?

    Hi Shekhar
    In order to settle project to Asset you have to ensure that you have an asset class  which has a tick for investment measure.  once you create an asset class which manages investment measure , you should be able to that particular asset class. you can then further settle asset from this asset class to any other asset class.
    hope this help you

  • Auto Run Program not updating Settlement Rules for few WBS elements

    Addition of settlement rules for OPEX WBS.
    In producion system, two jobs are running daily for generating settlement rules of WBS elements but, all WBS elements are not updating with Settlement rules.
    It is becoming a problem in the Period end while doing the settlement. Currently we are updating the settlement rule manually.
    We have investigated and found the following WBS element with Profile name  are not updating Settlement rule.
    H-U0DU0204DE-EX-J0  - HHDC01
    H-N0U00ULD01-P1-D1-W2 - 000090
    H-U0DU0204DE-EX-U0-T1-OB - HHDC01
    H-U0DU0204DE-EX-U1-W1-ON - HHDC01
    H-U0DU0204DE-EX-U2-W1-ON - HHDC01
    H-U0DU0204DE-EX-I0-E1 - HHDC01
    H-U0DU0204DE-EX-I0-B1 -HHDC01
    H-U1DU0204DE-EX-U0-W1-ON - HHDC01
    Job Names :
    Please suggest on this issue

    I suppose these are background jobs. Usually there is an issue with background jobs that are run for a custom developed program. Not sure why that happens. Even i faced this issue with a couple of jobs in my system. I have still not found out the reason as to why this happens. There might be a possibility that these projects were being processed in the foreground by some user and hence they were omitted from the run.
    I would suggest you to consult your technical guys on this.

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