Stuck with SpryEffects

My tables with master / detail relationship work fine
on this
page. The SpryEffects.js has been referenced from the head
section. So far so good.
Now I got stuck with applying effects to the div including
the album covers.
How can I exactly create animated transitions? I couldn't
even find the code line including the effect in the gallery demo.
Yes, I know I'm dumb.
Any help is deeply appreciated.

Ok, we finally pushed the sample to the labs site. Like I
said, it will be going into the next version of Spry:
You may notice that in IE, the text that fades in is
hideously blocky ... that's due to the zoom property I set in the
CSS rule for #description. Unfortunately, zoom is needed to
workaround another IE bug ... or was it a feature? ... that has to
do with elements not having layout. If you want to learn more about
it do a net search on "hasLayout" and IE.
Without the zoom property specified, you don't see the
fade-in/fade-out in IE. Otherwise, it works perfectly in
Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, and Opera 9.
--== Kin ==--

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    I have reset/rebooted my internet connection
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    I have tried on 2 other wi-fi networks but still cannot download this one app.
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    The app is iPad only, so I cannot install on my iPhone to try and kick-start the process.
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    While it has not let me download the app (and I just tried it again) it has helped me to eliminate a few things from the list of what to try, and I can definitely conclude that it has not downloaded.
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    Try resetting PRAM and SMC.
    Reset PRAM.   x
    Reset SMC.
    Choose the appropriate method.
    "Resetting SMC on portables with a battery you should not remove on your own".

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    An Apple ID isn't necessarily "linked" with your email other than for recovery reasons. So, as long as you know the Apple ID password, an old email isn't catastrophic. Apple ID != e-mail.
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    You can eirther I think go on ITunes or if you can get to settings you would just go to iCloud.

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    Connect to iTunes on the computer you usually Sync with and “ Restore “...
    If necessary Place the Device into Recovery mode...

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    no so i dont know what happened

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    This is an officejet 8500 wireless - the computer OS is Vista 64
    The touch screen on the printer is stuck with a message that says "checking device"  I cannot cancel or stop unless I unplug the printer. This occured after a paper jam.

    First, make sure there are no little pieces of paper left in the printer. This document can help you check it out:
    Paper Jams.
    If you still get the message on the screen, pull the power cord out while the printer is turned on. Wait 15 mseconds. Hold down the # and 6 keys on the front while you plug the power cord back in. This should reset the printer and, with luck, will clear the message.
    I am an employee of Hewlett Packard.
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  • ASR Hyper-v (VMM) to Azure and we are stuck with this error while preparing the VMM Server

    We are stuck with this error while installing ASR provider and registering with Azure Vault, can i get some help on this
    NO Vaults could be retried for the registration key. Please ensure that
    1, your registration key has not expired.You can re-downloading registration key from Azure site Recovery portal
    2, Your system clock is not out of sync with the selected system time zone
    System Clock is set to IST and Azure to southeastasia

    Could you please ensure that you have downloaded the latest registration key from the portal?
    Also ensure that the machine from where you are accessing the portal and the VMM server has the right time according to your time zone.
    Thank you,

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