Tasks using over 100% of CPU?

There are a few Root tasks that occasionally use more than 100% of my CPU according to my Activity Monitor. One of them was at 148% at one point.
There is usually just one Root task that uses that much CPU whenever I open my Macbook from sleep or it just happens at random times. And the only way to stop it is to force quit the task that is making it do that. It all started after I was ripping a DVD using iSkySoft and it froze so I had to force quit. Once it quit, the CPU problem came up.
Why does it do this? Do I just have to check the Activity Monitor every now and then to delete the Root tasks that use a lot of CPU? Is there a way to permanently make it stop?

Well the root task problem stopped but now I just turned on the computer and Finder was using about 80% CPU for some reason but it seems to be working now after I quit it in Activity Monitor and brought it back up again.

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  • Help with my MacBook Pro early 2008 kernel task use 120% of my cpu

    I have the MacBook Pro early 2008 10.6.2 and when MBP start freeze for 5min and after the kernel task use 120% of my cpu all the time .... i have try clean install of leopard ,time machine to 10.5.2 but the problem still exist ... any help pls ?

    OK. A Google search of "kernel_task" yielded the following link along with many others:
    Evidently it will take some doing to narrow down exactly which task is causing the problem. This link has a list of suggestions for doing just that. Hopefully it will be a start.
    Post back with how it goes.
    Good luck!

  • Premiere Pro using over 100% CPU

    When I open up Premiere Pro, it is using about 6.5% CPU. I can cut, move around in the timeline and add effects ok. But when I play the video (even if its just one track with no effects) my computer starts running very hot and Premiere starts using over 500% CPU. the CPU cores heat to the 90s Celsius. Below are some specs, let me know if you need more to help answer. Thanks!!!
    MacBook Pro
    OS X 10.9.4
    2.2 GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6 - version 6.0.0
    Here's the CPU and temps before Premiere plays anything...
    Here's while it is playing through a video...

    First of all, I strongly recommend that you update to 6.0.5. You'll reap the rewards of many bug fixes. I won't venture whether that alone will help with the temperature.
    As you probably know, video processing is one of the most processor-intensive activities you can ask your computer to do. Exactly how hard your CPUs will be pushed depends on at least four factors:
    The type of video, namely the codec. Those that use interframe compression are much more processor-intensive than intraframe compression.
    the resolution, or pixel dimensions, of the video: higher resolution = more pixels = more work
    the number of layers in your sequence. And be aware that if you're using nested sequences, you need to include all the layers in each of them.
    effects. Some effects like scaling and color correction require a lot of processing.
    One key data point you left out regarding your computer is the graphics card. A card that supports GPU processing will take a lot of the stress off of the CPU. From the system specs you provided, I gather you're on the Late 2011 MBP. If it has a 6750M or 6770M with 1GB of VRAM, then it's supported for CS6, but not if you have the 512MB version. (Here are system requirements for CS6: System requirements | Adobe Premiere Pro)

  • Motion is so slow and is using over 100% of my cpu?

    hi i am just learning motion but am hitting a brick wall, any help would really appreciate it,
    i am using motion 3 on a g5 dual 2.7 ghz with 5.5 gb of ram and have replaced the original graphics card with the ATI Radeon X800 XT,
    it either quits when opening with a template or when i put an effect like echo on it will be so slow that i cant work, i checked on the activity monitor and it is using 103 % of the cpu, which also prevents me using any other program even safari.
    what should i be doing as i thought the new graphics card would solve this ?
    any ideas? i am hoping its just a matter of changing the settings or preferences somewhere so i can get maximum use out of this expensive new card?
    cheers a million to any helpful solutions

    cheers for your reply,
    okay so i will update the operating system( i think i have updated i just havent updated it in the forum
    i have just put the graphics card in,(i havent noticed an improvement yet)
    so maybe i need to look at the ati website and download the latest driver for the card.
    i empted the ram preview and deleted the plist, this seemed to run better.
    cheers again any more suggestions i really appreciate.

  • Mac goes over 100 percent cpu usage

    As seen in the picture, the game called 'runescape' which i was playing reached 171 percent cpu usage on my computer. My computer never crashed from playing this game but crashes alot while playing Dota 2, once when I crashed from dota 2, the computer lagged showing my activity monitor which showed that dota had 100.1 percent cpu usage. Is this a problem of the game or the computer? Multiple friends of mine have played this game and never once crashed on it.

    It is a problem with games in general: they use a lot of CPU power (and heat the CPU up correspondingly). Over 100% is not very spectacular, because modern CPUs have 2, 4 or 8 cores, and each has a maximum of 100%. If you have a 4 cores cpu the run escape is taking almost 45% which is a lot.

  • Quicktime desktop recording use almost 100% of cpu!

    When the video recording of the desktop is on, my Macbook pro (2.4 GHz, 8 Go ram, mid-2010) become really slow. Quicktime then use near 100% of the CPU. So I can't do the task I whant to record (someting like a tutorial).
    Is there a solution for this? I tried Voila app and IT WORK PERFECTLY. So, what's the deal with quicktime?

    Thanks for the reply,
    Turned flash off but it made no difference, Facebook home page still shoots Firefox cpu up to 100%.

  • Solaris 9: Xsun process using over 47% of CPU

    Anyone else having this problem?
    The /usr/openwin/bin/Xsun process is consistently using over 47% of the CPU
    on a Sun Fire V240 running Solaris 9. This system was just built last week
    with all recommended patches. In the past 24 hours it has accumulated 1341:35
    of execution time according to ps. It is now up to 1350:08 in the time it took me
    to finish this message.

    I had a similar problem with my v240 with my XVR-100 frame buffer, and was told that there is an incident that is not closed in a security patch for this, and that the work around was as follows:
    mkdir /etc/dt/config
    cp /usr/dt/config/Xconfig /etc/dt/config
    cp /usr/dt/config/Xsetup /etc/dt/config
    add "/usr/openwin/bin/xset -fbpm" to the end of /etc/dt/config/Xsetup
    edit /etc/dt/config/Xconfig and change
    Dtlogin*setup: Xsetup
    Dtlogin*setup: /etc/dt/config/Xsetup

  • ITunes uses almost 100% of CPU and slows PC down

    Recently I decided to start using my iPod touch 4G again and downloaded the latest version of iTunes.
    Upon launch, iTunes acts normally until about 4-5 minutes of being open (just in idle). It then happily proceeds to use up 100% of my CPU load and slows my entire PC down to a halt, even once I've closed it (iTunes).
    I've tried re-installing it, downloading a different version, disconnecting from the internet, practically everything and yet the problem persists.
    My PC specs are as follows:
    Amd FX Piledriver 8-Core FX-8350 @ 4.0GHz
    Powercolour HD7990 Devil 13
    G-Skill 1866Mhz 16Gb memory
    OCZ Vector 128Gb HDD / WD Caviar Green 3TB
    So I can assure you, this is NOT hardware related.
    I've tried the following method with no results.
    1) Click Start and type "cmd" (without the quotes) DO NOT press enter or Ok yet.
    2) Right click "cmd" in the search results at the top of the start menu and select "Run as Administrator".
    3) In the command window, type "netsh" and press enter. (Without the quotes)
    4) In the next prompt, type "winsock" and press enter. (Without the quotes)
    5) In the next prompt, type "reset" and press enter. (Without the quotes)
    6) Reboot the PC. (Do not skip this step)
    I've also been through the list of conflicting software and have none of the mentioned.
    I'm running Windows 7 with the latest updates.
    I'm getting extremely frustrated now. ANY help would be appreciated.

    Sorry. I did a search, and a lot of threads came up. The one I chose, I thought, explained WHY it happened.
    Maybe you'd get answers more helpful to you, if you went throught the search results.
    Sorry I wasn't of any assistance.

  • Kernel_task is using over 300% of CPU

    Kernel_task is using over 300% CPU and my Macbook Pro is running really slowly as a result. I have reset SMC and PRAM, done an Apple hardware test, Cleaned with onyX, hoovered the fans and restored with time machine, all to no avail. Can anyone please help or suggest anything I can try?

    Kernel_task is using over 300% CPU and my Macbook Pro is running really slowly as a result. I have reset SMC and PRAM, done an Apple hardware test, Cleaned with onyX, hoovered the fans and restored with time machine, all to no avail. Can anyone please help or suggest anything I can try?

  • ReportCrash using over 100% cpu after opening photoshop cs6

    Currently running Mavericks on my macbook pro & just started noticing a problem. I'm sure its been there for a while, judging by past performance of photoshop, but just now caught it in activity monitor.
    After I launch photoshop CS6, AM automatically shows ReportCrash as using upwards of 100% cpu, which explains why my computer seems to be dying when i'm working in the program.
    As far as I could get with this problem on my own is checking concole to see what might be causing the process to appear. Not sure how to fix the problem though, which is why I come to the forums seeking guidance!
    thanks in advance for any help!

    Same thing is happening to me. Seems like it started about a week ago, fan is running a whole lot now. I'm not saying it's the cause but the "top" utility shows /System/Library/CoreServices/ReportCrash running at 103% - 105%. Weird.
    Changes: In the past 10 days Software Update delivered new versions of OS X 10.9.2 and iTunes 11.1.5, and I installed and ran DiskAid 6.5.3 and evasi0n7-mac-1.0.7. Also, Chrome began to hang several times a day in the past week so I removed it and re-installed it, which seems to have solved that problem.
    Anybody else hearing the fan a lot and seeing these 100%+ utilitizations lately?

  • Reportcrash using over 100% of my MacBook's CPU

    My 13" MacBook Pro overheats and the fan is very loud. I checked the Activity Monitor and Reportcrash is using 100%+ of my CPU. Help!

    Select that process in Activity Monitor, then click on the Quit button in the toolbar. Click on the Force Quit button from the dialog.

  • Web browser processes use over 100% CPU (OS 10.6.8)

    Hey, I know this problem has come up a lot in the last couple of years, but I've looked everywhere, at every thread and possible solution to my problem and none have ever worked, so as a last resort I'm going to just straight up ask bout again and hope I'm missing something.
    So whenever anything on my browser is moving, wether it be Flash, HTML 5, Java or even an embedded video, on every browser I've tried from Opera to Safari and every time it will put two or three processes related to the browser up to 60%, usually amounting to over 120%. I have tried doing a fresh install of Snow Leopard, which only softened the problem for a small while. This problem, and a couple others started happening after the 10.6.8 update was installed. I have never installed Safar Extensions, I have fixed permissions, cleared caches, binned files, tried running Safari under 32-bit and 32-bit Rosetta.
    Nothing works. After 20 seconds of a youtube video my macbook will freeze and ask me to hold down the power button. If I download the video through activity and play it in VLC it's fine. If I play it in Quicktime it's fine for 20 seconds and then the video stutters and slows right down before the audio stops and Quicktime refuses to play anything unless it's closed.
    Among other problems caused by the update: Alt 3 is no longer hash, it just turns my cursor into a crosshair temporarily and MDS/MDworker sometimes randomly decide they're going to join in on the rogue processes for a while. I'm so close to having to sell a bunch of stuff in order to get a laptop so I can finish my uni course, it's particularly horrible knowing that I rely on my macbook for all my university work and gigs yet it's been letting me down so much.
    Model Name:          MacBook
      Model Identifier:          MacBook2,1
      Processor Name:          Intel Core 2 Duo
      Processor Speed:          1.83 GHz
      Number Of Processors:          1
      Total Number Of Cores:          2
      L2 Cache:          2 MB
      Memory:          2 GB

    Oh, I posted this to the Macbook forum as it's ambiguous whether the update caused a hardware/software confliction, since a fresh install of Snow Leopard did not work.

  • Premiere cc & media encoder update and it doesn't use anymore 100% of cpu,why?

    i don't like always to update programs
    but yesterday i update premiere to version 7.2.2 and adobe media encoder and others , in short i updated everything
    well i started to render a video and i noticed that adobe media encoder (during the rendering) did not use all my cpu
    in the prev , i used the 90% of my cpu
    my cpu it's the last intel 4 core (8 vitual) 4Ghz
    but the new verstion uses not more then 50% , don't know how much gpu does it use , can't find a program to monitor under w8.1 pro 64bit
    what's wrong?
    is there a way (option) to let media encoder to use all my 100% cpu?
    is there a way to check how much gpu does it use?

    Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for your reply.
    It doesn't appear to be the problem though. The encode I have running at the moment has been going for the last 13 hours and in the last two hasn't once got any further along!
    Current elapsed time for a 30 minute film going to MPG2 is 13 hours and 18 minutes! Seems a touch excessive for just muxing!
    Any other ideas? Would be really grateful for any advice as Adobe Media Encoder is becoming very unreliable and I have tonnes of encoding to do!
    Many thanks

  • Problem with oracle using up 100% of CPU

    Could anyone tell me what cause oracle to use up all the clock cycle?
    This problem occured when I tried to load a jar file to the server and it paused at the resolving stage for a really long time without any errors.
    I checked under task manager and found that the cpu is taking up 97-99% by Oracle.exe.

    Originally posted by Peter Duong ([email protected]):
    Could anyone tell me what cause oracle to Hi,
    In order to confirm whether resolving is taking much time during loading,can you load it without the resolve option of loadjava and find out how much time does it take.

  • ITunes Using Up 100% of CPU

    For some reason iTunes was using 100% of my CPU, for some reason I thought the iTunes library may have been corrupt, making iTuunes use 100% of my CPU when I started it. So I deleted my .itl file and imported all of my music again, so now all my songs are in iTunes and it seemed to work. Then, as part of my settings, I turned on the souncd check, now iTunes uses 100% of my CPU and doesn't respond when I open it, how can I fix this?

    Sorry. I did a search, and a lot of threads came up. The one I chose, I thought, explained WHY it happened.
    Maybe you'd get answers more helpful to you, if you went throught the search results.
    Sorry I wasn't of any assistance.

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