Third party tool for autocad, microstation,etc

Hi folks,
We are implementing SAP in our company, which is into construction industry.
We want to know which are the third party softwares which you folks use to integrating the
following softwares with SAP.
1. AutoCad
2. Microstation
3. MS Project
4. Primivera

regarding the third-party tools:
SAP-AutoCAD Integration is developed by the SAP development partner CIDEON.
CIDEON also provides a direct integration for Microstation.
Please find here all needed information:
If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

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    There is 3rd party Change Management software eg ...but they will all still make use of SAP backend tools. Many company's including ourselves have developed in house Change Management software in SAP using standard backend tools.
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    The newest version is the RWD info Pak 5.7. There is another product of RWD, the Help LaunchPad (it's necessary to do a transport and a customizing in SAP).
    You can take all in the swdc of SAP.

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    I hope links like this are allowed with the new SDN rules. We use something called [Click Stream|].
    Quite nifty little tool and not even expensive.

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    What version of Exchange server do you have? Based on my knowledge, Exchange 2013 can keep the deleted items for 24,855 days. 
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    If anyone knows how to contact Sacha Emery, ATE Systems Engineer @ NI, he may have more information regarding this.  (He may even have the DLL wrapper source code.)  His name is in the ITrax2 Readme.txt file as the creator.
    ~ Jay

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    1. Use DRM Export to Table option, for that create an External Connection first for the Target Database and select the respective Tables to which you wish to Export the Hierarchy information.
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        Please refer to Using the Data Relationship Management Batch Client of DRM User guide.
    let me know if you have any issues.

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    I've found Ontolica Preview to be adequate for this. Reasonable product and supports a lot of formats
    Might also be worth spending some time on for other suggestions
    Steven Andrews
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    why not using export/import (common Oracle tools) or use GoldenGate which allows you to migrate a production database w/o downtime.
    - Klaus

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    Most 3rd parties gave up when they realized that
    a) Oracle now owns, and includes for free, the logminer, and
    b) Oracle is free - and willing to - change the contents of the log files at any time, including patch releases.

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    you can try couple of available 3rd party option( i would say test it with trial version).
    Webtrends for SharePoint
    DocAve Report Center for Microsoft® SharePoint® Reporting
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  • Third party tool for SharePoint 2013 Record Auditing?

    Does anyone have knowledge about third party tools that extend the standard auditing functionality in SharePoint 2013?
    I am mostly focusing on being able to archive the audit log automatically before it is trimmed, and being able to query that archive.

    Metalogix ControlPoint is great for this! It will automatically archive and trim the audit log for you based on your parameters. It can then search across both the archive and active audit logs.
    Trevor Seward
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  • Third-party tools  for solution manager

    Hi all,
    Im new for solution manager a i just  want to know whats SM tools and whats the third-party tools integrate and interface with SAP Solution Manager and if will be more third party tools??  ( Whats the add on tools SM have??)

    Hi Murali Narayanan   
    If you wan to achieve monitoring from technical perspective, the way that was introduced by shivjansi might be the option.
    If you want to check the entry of specific table in stand alone MSSQL to ensure the business process that use MSSQL
    stand alone DB, you can use BPMon remote DB monitoring that enables monitoring of non ABAP/ non SAP that supported
    by netweaver like MSSQL, Oracle, DB2.
    By using this function, you can monitor the entry of your stand alone SQL server.
    For example, stand alone SQL Server has some table that contains some error,
    or there is  application table and in one row that it indicates error or  completeness.
    Now if you want to check these error document or incomplete document  in the DB,
    you can use BPMon remote DB monitor.
    By monitoring this, you can ensure whether there is issue in your business or not.
    You can find out how to setup from following link.
    ->technical detail ->Setup Guide for non-ABAP/non-SAP
    P14 (The monitoring object u201CGeneric Table Entry Counter for remote DBu201D (NATABCNX) )
    is related description.
    (In the document, it also introduce some other way using web service).
    Also in same link, you can find out other document like how to setup BPMon.
    Also there is some blog about table entry counter. it is for SAP ABAP system.
    But the function is more or less same for remote DB.
    So you can also check following blog to have more understandable image.
    Best Regards

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