Unable to find Update rules in BI content

Hi All,
We are unable to find the update rules for the datasource
in the Business Content for the cube 0IC_C03
But we can find the update rules for the datasource 2LIS_40_S278 for the cube 0IC_C03
The BI content was of Release 703 (level 0011) in our system.
What might be the reason for this ?

Hi Surya,
How are you collecting the BI content.
In BI content select the datasource and collect data flow afterwards. You will get update rule in it.

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  • Unable to install update rules of 0SD_C03 from BI Content

    I am having problems in installing the update rule of 2LIS_11_VAITM for the IC 0SD_C03 in BI 7.0. I tried installing it from the BI content but only this missing update rule is not being installed. There were problems while creating the transformations hence i deleted the rule and tried to get it back from BI content.
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    hi guys,
                 i am also faced the same issue but some what different way,
    when i am going to assign a data source to info source in source system
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    Please gudie me with a solution in order to get these Transfer Rules and DataSource for this Attributes and Texts.
    With regards,

    Install the corresponding master data objects from Business content. Go to data source find out the needed datasource, replicate it. If you want you can migrate it also.
    If still you are not getting 0person masterdata object datasource & transformation structure, then you have to create the transformation, Infopackage.
    Hope if you will install the business content again, it will solve your problem.

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    Did you install the SOA extension for JDeveloper from the help->check for updates?

  • Activate Update Rules from Business Content

    I am trying to install 0QM_C10 from business content. Every thing works fine except there are no update rules (there are 3 info sources for this cube). I am new to this and it doesn't make sense for me to manually create (ofcourse the system does the proposal) update rules. Since that is lot of work. I was expecting some transaction / tool where I can activate the update rules from the Business Content (since I can see the update rules in the business content under "Display Description". Is there any tool like that?
    Or, am I doing some thing wrong so the update rules are not automatically installed from the business content along with Cube and info sources?
    Note: I did separate installation for cubes as well as info sources from business content using Grouping by "Only necessary objects" option.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Message was edited by: Bala Lingamaneni

    please don't uncheck the checkbox that you find when you open a new thread (let it as default!)...this is the only way to be able to assign points to your helper !
    Write a request (as a normal post) into SDN Suggestion forum in which you ask to Marc Bernard or Mark Finnern to convert this post as question !

  • Error while Installing the update rules in business content

    Hi All,
    I got the following error,when i was installing the update rules : Object UPDR D4C8V3KA00XD5ANPVUAH9KQDJ could not be found in version M. but these update rules appear as inactive mode in bi content-object types-updaterules-selection-inactive status.
          Please could i know where we can check version status for business content pdaterules. but it was showing NOT FOUND IN Version M .
    please anybody can help me for solving this error.
    i will asign points for your inputs.
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    You can check the Content Release and Last Content Modification for your update Rules following thee given path:
    RSA1>BI Content>object Types>Update Rules>Select object(search for ur update rules) -->Transfer Selections.
    After they are being transfered to the right pane.On right pane (where you can see the its technical name) scroll towards right you will see last three tabs as "Content Release,Last Content Modification and Person responsible".
    Change the Grouping as "Before and afterwards" and then try installing.
    Hope it helps.

  • Copy Update Rule from Business Content

    Hi All,
    Currently I have activated some standard BI Content E.g. InfoCube 0FIAR_C03, DSO 0FIAR_O03, InfoSource 0FI_AR_4 and all the corresponding update rules.
    Now I have copied both InfoCube and DSO into another customized version E.g. ZAR_C03 and ZAR_O03. I managed to copy the same update rule from InfoSource 0FI_AR_4 to ZAR_O03 using the template but I don't have the option of copying the same update rule from ZAR_O03 to ZAR_C03 using the same update rule of 0FIAR_O03 to 0FIAR_C03.
    I know I have the choice to manually re-create all the details but is there any other workaround?
    Please read through carefully my question. I have seen some forum asking to load data from 0FIAR_O03 to then ZAR_O03 then so forth.
    Purpose of doing the above method is because I want to remain the business content as what it is and just to copy it to Z version for customization.
    David Yee

    Hi All,
    Is there any other second opinion related to this issue before I close the question?
    David Yee

  • Function Module where-used list does not find update rule programs

    We have function modules called in update rules. The where-used list in the function builder does not find the update rule programs.
    For example, function DATE_GET_WEEK is called in an update rule to InfoCube YCUBE001. The activated program name for this update rule is GP3PWI6PKM5Y3K75A370DIS8I77. When I goto SE37, enter the function DATE_GET_WEEK, click the where-used button, check the programs option and search. The system does not find the program GP3PWI6PKM5Y3K75A370DIS8I77.
    Without this search capability it is difficult to do an impact analysis of changing function modules. Does anyone know of a solution?

    i think the reason is the code of update rules' generated program are stored line by line in table(rsaabap), update rules program itself stored in table rsupdrout, link with field codeid, another useful table is rsupdinfo which store infocube, infosource related.  other info may stored in some other rs* and rsa* tables.
    try to create following program in your system, and run, type in the function module name, and will display out the update rules program id, with additional useful info : which infoprovider, infosource, and detail info of the routine and infoobject in the update rule that using that function module. you may modify the program to have better display out list.
    hope this helps.
    data : lv_sfm,
           lv_line type string,
           lv_where type string.
    tables : rsaabap,RSUPDROUT,rsupdinfo.
    s_fm for rsaabap-LINE.
      loop at s_fm.
        concatenate s_fm-low ' ' into lv_sfm.
        concatenate '%' s_fm-low into lv_line.
        concatenate lv_line '%' into lv_line.
        write : / 'function module', 'update rule id', 'routine id', 'infoobject', 'infocube', 'infosource'.
        select * from rsaabap
        where line like lv_line and objvers = 'A'.
           select * from rsupdrout
           where codeid = rsaabap-codeid and objvers = 'A'.
             select single * from rsupdinfo
             where updid = rsupdrout-updid and objvers = 'A'.
               write: / lv_sfm, rsupdrout-updid, rsaabap-codeid,
                        rsupdrout-iciobjnm, rsupdinfo-infocube,

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    CRD4VK18Q4S6OQ2Y6IYRRL7WV of type Update Rules, is not, however, available in the Metadata Repository.
    System response
    Object CRD4VK18Q4S6OQ2Y6IYRRL7WV of type Update Rules is ignored in further collections. The links for object  of type  are incomplete. This may result in not being able to activate this object.
    If this error occurs while you are installing Business Content, a delivery error may have occurred. Inform SAP. In all other cases, check, for example, that the object has not been deleted by another user during the collection.
    Need help to activate update rules

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  • Find Update Rule mapping!!!

    Hi All,
    Please let me know a method to find thru a FM or thru any Class (method) the mapping for characteristics in Update rule...
    I want to find how is target fields mapped with src field in update rule...
    Point will be assigned!!!

    Thanks 4 response!!!
    @ Raj,
    I know it can be found like that  but i want to find it in backend...ie an ABAP program to find it.....
    Thanks for the table name... but i still would like to know some FM or some standard class cause i know it shud be present... 
    But thanks for suggestion.

  • Unable to map Update Rule with u201CMaster data attribu201D option

    Does anybody know the reason why sometimes, in update rules to an ODS, I cannot map an InfoObject with the option u201CMaster data attribu201D?
    I have the characteristic in the ODS, and for another update rule, to the same ODS, I am able to map this field correctly, but for a specific rule, the u201CMaster data attribu201D field appears in blank when I press F4.
    Strange this behaviouru2026
    Can anybody help me with this issue?
    Best Regards,

    Hi  Shanthi,
    I didn't insert the InfoObject as an InfoProvider.
    The problem is that I have two update rules for the same ODS object. For one I can map the characteristic correctly, and for the other, when I press F4 in the "Master Data Attrib", no characteristics appear.

  • Unable to delete update rule

    Hello All,
             When iam deleting an update rule it is not getting deleted and iam getting message saying underlying infosource does not exists .The underlying infosource is deleted long before any way how come deleting update rule depends on infosource. Please give me solution to delete update rule.

    Try going into RSRV and choose All Elementary Tests => Database => Database Information about InfoProvider Tables and Databank Paramerters of *-Schema Tables for Infocube.
    Those two options may help to correct the inconsistent state the database is currently in.
    Another option .. copy your data target as a backup.  Delete the data target, then copy it back. 

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    10 months too late but.....
    Click on the word 'root' in the left panel - this opens a list in the middle info panel - click on 'Folder', then select your tenant and it'll open the details in the display panel on the right.

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