Video quality with flv component

I'm trying to improve the reproduction of a video incorporated into a website. The original .mov was 60 MB at 1280 x 720px. Using the Adobe media encoder I converted to FLV ( to add cue points for several small mc animations) and reduced dimensions to obtain filesize of 12MB. Video was brought into the SWF with the flv component. File loads quickly enough online- not too much in the way of delays waiting for video to start etc, however the reproduction is a little jumpy in several places and a little out of sync. I'm wondering if this is completely a result of the conversion process or whether the flv component might also be struggling with this filesize. I believe there is a FLVPlayback 2.5 component I released after my flash version CS4. Could anyone advise if I would gain improvements in the reproduction if I used this instead ?
Also - throughout the video I appear to have gained what looks like borders around the video, but only on the left and right sides, not all the way around (see screenshot). I'm not entirely sure whether this is a result of the conversion process with the adobe media encoder or whether this is something which has resulted within the flash file. And also on the last frame, the background colour of the video is completely strange. I had set to match the webpage, however as you can see in the screenshot attached, there's a strange graduation in colour that simply does not make sense to me - I would very much like to resolve as it looks very unprofesional.
Grateful for any assistance with any of the above issues
Thanks so much in advance !

On your first point of quality and file size, they are really un-related. Only when you concider the video bitrate and display dimensions can you judge whether a particular file size will result in a good quality or poor quality video. The FLV Playback component really does not affect the quality one way or another.. it only displays what it's told to display. If you have other issues like
"however the reproduction is a little jumpy in several places and a little out of sync"
it's more likely that something was introduced during the conversion process.
But first, a little review of video bitrate:
Video bit rate
One of the principle of goal setting is to "Begin with the end in mind". In this case it'll be very hard to give good recommendations because the end is not defined. So I'll just make a few assumptions and you can correct me as needed.
First, I'll assume that since you are converting to Flash, you want to deliver this video over the Internet. If that's true, then we'll have to make some assumptions on the Internet connection download speeds of your potential viewers. Let's just say that most have at least a 1.5Mb connection or faster.
OK, that would mean that a video bitrate of half that should usually provide a video download that is not interupped by buffering (most of the time anyway). So assuming a video bitrate of 750kbps, what would the optimum display dimensions be?
Before we decide, here's a little info about bitrate. For highest quality playback, the video bitrate is tied directly to the display dimensions. That is, the larger the display, the more incoming data is required to properly display the video. Think of bitrate in terms of a can of paint. If you have 1 quart of paint, you might be able to do a very nice job on a 32 X 24 foot area. But if you try to stretch that same amount of paint out over a 64 X 48 foot area, the coverage will not be nearly as good and you get poor results.
In the same way, a video displayed at 640 X 480 pixels will require 4 times the bitrate as a video displayed at 320 X 240 pixels to produce the same quality. So for example a video with a bitrate of 100kbps, displayed at 160 X 120 will produce the same quality results as a video with a bitrate of 1600kbps if displayed at 640 X 480.
So to boil it all down, video bitrates of 750kbps, even up to 1000kbps can usually get delivered of the Internet on most high speed connections. Higher bit rates may work for really fast connections but will cause problems for viewers with slower connections. Video display size has a direct bearing on the final quality. In the 750 to 1000kbps range, display size should be kept around 450 or 500 width max (and whatever height the aspect ratio calls for). Yes it can be displayed larger, but the quality will suffer.
Sound like your audio settings are fine, especially for Internet delivery.
As for framerate, maintain the original raw video framerate for best results. So if the video was shot at 24fps, leave it.
As for video converters, do you have the Flash 8 Video Converter? It works just fine for video to be delivered over the Internet. Remember, you are taking a Cadillac version of video (h.264 HD) and stuffing it into a Chevy body to get it to work over the Internet.
As for slight borders in the display, it's most likely that somewhere in the conversion process or setting the dimensions of the FLVPlayback that the display/video dimensions got mismatched... even by a few pixels. So video is 480 x 360 while FLVPlayback is 480 x 356 or something like that. There is also the possibility that the FLVPlayback is trying to maintain the correct aspect ratio but the dimension is just a little off. So if the display is a little too short for the width, you could get black bars on either side. If the display is a little too narrow for the height, you will get black bars top and bottom.
So play with the display dimensions and see if you can correct it. If you can't, it may be in the video itself... test in another, FLV video player.
Best of luck on your project!

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  • Problems trying to publish a flash file with flv component onto a dreamweaver site

    Hi, I posted this on the flash forum too, but maybe here is
    more appropriate....
    if anyone can help me out with this, I would really
    appreciate it. I have put a flv file into a flash document,
    published it for progressive downloading (the video lasts about 4
    minutes) all seems fine when I test the movie.
    I then wanted to embed it into my website. Everything seems
    fine there too, except that when I preview it in a browser, it
    looses its skin.
    I copied the swf file and the skin into my remote server
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    No problems with Facebook here ...
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  • Comparing video quality of AVCHD BluRay discs using Final Cut Pro Share vs Compressor

    Up front, I will admit to being a newbie when it comes to using Final Cut Studio 3 and would appreciate some feedback from the Apple forum experts.
    I have spent a lot of time trying to determine how to achieve an optimum group of Compressor 3.5.2 settings so that the playback video quality of an AVCHD BluRay disc is equal to or better than one created by using the simpler auto settings of FCPro Share, version 7.0.2.
    When using Compressor’s auto/default maximum settings, I experienced the same error message reported in:
    Error MessageDuring Creation of Blu-ray Disc in FCP and Compressor 3.5
    I have since made some Compressor AVCHD Discs with smaller bit rate settings and compared video quality with a single FCP Share AVCHD disc.  Both seem to be equal in providing a very good video when viewed on my new Panasonic DMP BDT 310 BluRay player. However, the Compressor AVCHD discs show some motion artifacts not present with the FCPro Share version, especially when scrolling text or when objects are moving through the field of view, and visible artifacts are seen from a stationary chain link fence and other lattice work in the background of the video sample.
    My sample video used for the comparisons between Compressor and FCP Share discs is a 21 minute duration home movie, originally captured from a mini DV, Canon HV30 1080i camcorder using ProRes HQ encoding(1440x1080), and dragged into FC Pro 7.0.2 timeline where 10 chapter markers have been inserted. 
    To create an AVCHD disc using FCPro Share, Markers are used to set the IN and OUT points, Select IN to OUT from the timeline, pull down File Menu Share, Select Create BluRay from options in pop out Share pane, and designate output device along with picture files for Background, Logo, and Title options. When these are completed, click on Export.  My 21-minute video required almost two hours for encoding including about 10 minutes for burning. This accomplished on an iMac 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.
    To prepare this same 21-minute video for use with Compressor, I again Select IN to Out from the FCPro timeline, but this time use File Export as a QuickTime Self Contained movie including Chapter markers. Then Open Compressor, choose Create BluRay from Template pane, right click on the down arrow in the Batch window and load the QT self contained movie file. From there I went to the Inspector window and tried various combinations of bit rate settings along with Frame Encoder options such as Better or Best motion parameter controls.
    I have tried the following combinations of Bit rate settings along with varying Frame Encoder controls and burned an AVCHD disc for each example:
    Example A
    Compressor set to 6 Mbps Average and 8Mbps Maximum, Frame Encoder settings OFF. Approximately 4 hours to encode although the time remaining estimator indicated a larger value of ~7 hours; not an accurate estimator at all. 
    Example B
    Compressor set to 6 Mbps Average and 8Mbps Maximum, Frame Encoder settings ON, using “Better (Linear Filter) and Better (Motionadaptive)” settings. Approximately 4 hours to encode, not the 13 hours that were estimated.
    Conclusion: Comparing A & B Compressor versions, Disc B showed some improvements in reducing motion artifacts over Disc A.
    Example C
    Compressor set to 13 Mbps Average and 15 Mbps Maximum, Frame Encoder settings ON, using “Better (Linear Filter) and Better (Motion adaptive)” settings. Multipass checked. DeInterlace was checked. Unknown hours to encode; about 8 hours done overnight..
    Conclusion: Disc C showed some minor improvements reducing motion artifacts over Disc B
    Example D
    Compressor Auto settings,i.e., 15 Mbps Average and 17 Mbps Maximum, Frame Encoder settings ON, using “Better (Linear Filter) and Better (Motion adaptive)” settings. Multipass checked. Approximately 12 hours to encode, done overnight. Inserted disc next morning after the overnight encoding was completed, and a few minutes later an error message pane appeared that the maximum bit rate had been exceeded.  This message was consistent with the Apple posted thread referenced above. Unfortunately the long overnight encoding was wasted.
    It seemed to me that the best Compressor settings for suppressing the motion artifacts were displayed by the disc burned in Example C, i.e.,  13/15 Ave/Max Mbps with“Better” Motion settings in the Frame Encoder.
    However, when this disc was compared to the AVCHD Disc burned using the FCPro Share, the latter still seemed much better. I do not know what the auto bit rate values are as set in FC Pro, but for me, the quality is quite good AND the motion artifacts are significantly reduced, especially evident with the scrolling text.
    Sorry about this long post, but I thought the detail would be necessary for the experts, and maybe helpful to others trying to get started in this BluRay arena.  Did I misuse Compressor?  I think the sample video exported as a self contained QT movie was the right thing to do?  Not sure where I went wrong.
    Thanks in advance for Feedback and Recommendations.  For now, I’m going to stay with the simpler process using Final Cut Pro Share function.

    Thank You, Brad, for responding;  glad to hear I'm not the only one having similar Compressor issues.  
    You may have hit on something.  Perhaps Compressor's use of H.264 encoding was the reason for my motion artifacts?  And perhaps Final Cut Pro Share retains the 1440x1080 quality as it burns the AVCHD BluRay disc?
    I had Toast 10 for less than 30 days a couple of years ago, and was lucky to get a refund.
    What version of Toast do you have?  Wondering if new Toast 11 has improved previous bugs, especially upgrading its Chapter text, pictures, music.  I would go back to Toast if it came close to mirroring DVD Studio Pro, or even iDVD capabilities.

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    Who is your ISP ?
    If Comcast, Road Runner or Verizon FiOS then set the Bandwidth to 500
    9:05 PM Sunday; November 18, 2007

  • Flv video created with flash 8 video encoder

    anyone know why flv files that I've created using the flash 8
    video encoder don't seem to have any metadata in them? or maybe
    they do but they never kick off the NetStream.onMetadata event so I
    can't read it...
    Similarly if I use the 'import video' function of Flash Pro 8
    I get the same issue - yet FLV video created using Sorenson Squeeze
    works fine, so I'm fairly confident that my code is OK.
    Even more bizarrely, if I use the FLVPlayback component that
    ships with Flash 8, that seems to read in the metadata OK!
    Just to confuse things even more, the flash help for
    NetStream.onMetadata says: "The Flash Video Exporter utility
    1.1 or greater) embeds a video's duration [...] into the
    video file itself."
    As far as I can tell I've got version 1.0 of the flash video
    encoder/exporter but I'm damned if I can find out where to get an
    update from...! Ever since CS3 came out it's been harder and harder
    to get hold of stuff about flash 8 on the Adobe site...

    well that's the thing - the metadata never traces out if the
    video was encoded with flash video encoder, but that code would
    work fine with video encoded with sorenson squeeze.
    think I have worked it out now though: in order to pause the
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    For some reason when I do this with flvs encoded using flash
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    works fine with other flvs! weird... shall have to find another way
    of pausing the video at the start I guess.
    thanks for the reply though

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    I need to do live streaming with a Mac Book Pro 2011, using a new model of Sony HD camcorder ( ..this camcorder model does not have firewire out/input comes only with a component video output, USB, HDMI and composite A/V video output..
    I wonder how can I plug this camcorder to the firewire port of my laptop? Browsing on internet I found that Grass Valley Company produces this converter ..but I am not sure -not even after checking the amazon reviews- if this device will send the video signal through firewire to my laptop, in order to live streaming properly? ..anyone in this forum could help me please?

    I can't broadcast with the built in iSight webcam... how would I zoom in or zoom out? or how would I pan? I've seem people doing it walking with their laptops but that's not an option for me... there's nothing wrong with my USB ports but that's neither an option to stream video because as far as I know through USB you can't connect video in apple operating systems can for sure plug any video cam or photo camera through usb but as a drive to transfer data not as a live video camera...  is by firewire an old interface developed by apple that you can connect all sorts of cameras to apple computers... unfortunately my new sony HDR-AX2000 camcorder doesn't have firewire output...

  • How to connect Apple TV (2g) HDMI to HDTV with only component video input.

    Trying to connect Apple TV (2g) HDMI to HDTV with only component video input.  Can I use a simple cable or do I need a converter box/plug? Is the HDMI signal coming from ATV encrypted or HDCP enabled?
    The TV is HD, but only has a component input and not HDMI.  Apple TV 2g only has HDMI output.

    google component hdmi converter
    but they are pretty expensive and may not work at all
    and will not work with any DRM material as in movies you reant and maybe netflix and the sports thingy

  • FCP Novice needs help with video quality and FCP 5!!

    I have a real problme that I cannot seem to fix. I think its because I am doing something really wrong!
    I have a Sony HC42E MiniDV Camcorder which by default records video in full widescreen. I recorded several tapes this way and have now begun trying to edit them in FCP 5.04 (Tiger 10.4.6). Whenever I log and capture my clips they appear to be fuzzzy and unclear on the Mac monitor whilst being totally crisp and sharp on the camcorder viewfinder. I tried capturing using the DV PAL 48Khz Anamorphic Preset which keeps everything the right size (the final output needs to be true widescreen and not with black bars added) but the resulting video on screen is blurry and bitty. I then tried capturing using the DV PAL 720 x 576 normal preset and the video is a little clearer on the screen (for both presets I have chosen lower field dominance) but when I play back it plays back in widescreen on the mac canvas window but at 4:3 on the camera's viewfinder.
    I then assumed that maybe this is just becuase the mac screen (CRT by the way) doesn't use fields. So I exported the sequence as a QT movie using DV PAL 16:9 and used quicktime (OS9 Classic - my compressor has never worked because of the dreaded "unable to connect to baackground process" problem which I've never managed to correct) to convert it to MPEG2. When I import this as an asset into DVD Studio pro 4 and set the track size to 16:9 it comes through at the right aspect ratio. However it looks blurry on screen. Thinking that this will be fine on a TV I burned the disc - inserted it into my DVD player (a good one!) and watched it on my new 32" widescreen TV (a good one!) and the picture qualitty is poor. Its so much blurrier and bittier than the original footage looks when played through the camcorder's viewfinder!
    The final footaage looks like an old VHS recording that's a year or two old!
    Does anyone know how I can capture my footage in FCP with the maximum quality, edit it without quality loss and the export it for DVD again without such significant quality loss whilst all the time keeping it at proper 16:9 widescreen?
    Is there some presets I should be working to?
    I'm tearing my hair out! Help!

    Hi Guys,
    thanx for your replies.
    here's the latest:
    Brian, I followed your instructions and the DVD burned successfully. However the video quality of the dvd when viewed on my TV ('ve tried on all 3 of my tvs now) is still a lot poorer than the quicktime movie that was imported into DVDSP4. When I play the original QT Movie on my Mac CRT monitor it looks a little blurry and grainy because I guess its non interlaced however when viewed on an external Video monitor it looks great - very sharp.
    When I view the burned DVD on my television the picture quality looks like the non interlaced version of the original QT Movie that appeared on my Mac CRT and not the sharp interlaced (lower field) version that appeared on my external video monitor.
    Its almost like taking a sharp jpeg into Photoshop and applying a gaussian blur of about 0.3 followed by jepg compression compressing it down to 5% quality!
    I'm totally mystified. Can the conversion to Mpeg2 be removing all interlacing so that you get the less sharp computer monitor look? I just want the video on my final DVDs to be as good as the original source footage! I appreciate that along the way there might be loss of some quality but surely not that much?
    Does this make sense to you guys or am I still doing something very wrong?
    Robert: I have tried setting all manner of drives including a fresh external firewire HD with nothing on it (clean out of the box) but it doesn't seem to help.
    Brian: I tried the no network suggestion a few months back but I'm not sure if I got it right. At the moment I have broadband through an external speedtouch usb modem and am also connected (occasionally although not for the last 3 months) via a crossover cable to my PCs ethernet card. When I last tried the No Network solution I had immense trouble getting my internet to work again! Can you please help me by directing me to the best ay to do this while protecting my internet settings?
    any more help guys would be greatfully appreciated.

  • Creating a FLV video player with full screen option

    > This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader
    does not understand
    this format, some or all of this message may not be legible.
    Content-type: text/plain;
    Content-transfer-encoding: 8bit
    I am trying to create a video player that will allow full
    screen functions
    like what we can see on youtube. I know how to create the
    window and the pop
    up but the only problem I am having is having the original
    video in the
    small screen to pause or go silent when the full screen mode
    is activated.
    How can get it done?
    Thank you.
    Content-type: text/html;
    Content-transfer-encoding: quoted-printable
    <TITLE>Creating a FLV video player with full screen
    <FONT FACE=3D"Arial"><SPAN
    I am trying to create a video player that will allow full
    screen functions =
    like what we can see on youtube. I know how to create the
    window and the pop=
    up but the only problem I am having is having the original
    video in the sma=
    ll screen to pause or go silent when the full screen mode is
    activated. How =
    can get it done?<BR>
    Thank you.<BR>
    </B> </SPAN></FONT>

    You should ask in the
    Windows Phone forums on the Microsoft Community forums.
    When you see answers and helpful posts, please click Vote As Helpful, Propose As Answer, and/or Mark As Answer.
    My Blog: Unlock PowerShell
    My Book:
    Windows PowerShell 2.0 Bible
    My E-mail: -join ('6F6C646B61726C406F75746C6F6F6B2E636F6D'-split'(?<=\G.{2})'|%{if($_){[char][int]"0x$_"}})

Maybe you are looking for

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  • No keywords field in Map module

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