When I import Nikon NEF photos from my D3S, it automatically converts them to jpeg. How can I fix this?

When I import RAW photos from my D3S, iPhoto automatically converts them to jpeg.  I want to edit my images in a RAW format.  I used to be able to save my images as a NEF in iPhoto and edit them in RAW on Photoshop.   Can this be fixed, or do I have to find a new software to manage my RAW photos?

RAW files are just sensor dumps of the raw data and can't be viewed unless a jpeg version is created. The jpeg version of the photo is created by iPhoto for display purposes.
Make sure Photoshop is set as the external editor in iPhoto's Advanced preference pane and that RAW files are edited when using the external editor.
You do know that when editing a RAW photos with Photoshop from within iPhoto the edited version must be saved to the Desktop and imported into iPhoto as a new file.  

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