After upgrading to 27.0.1, I can no longer access one secure site. I now get Error code: ssl_error_bad_mac_alert. This worked before the update.

I am trying to access the GUI administration page of my wireless controller. It is using a cert issued by the vendor that makes it, so the names do not match. I have created a permanent exception for the certificate. Whenever I try to access the site, I now get the following error every time:
Secure Connection Failed
An error occurred during a connection to SSL peer reports incorrect Message Authentication Code. (Error code: ssl_error_bad_mac_alert)
The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem. Alternatively, use the command found in the help menu to report this broken site.
This page worked fine before the most recent update.
Is there a setting or something I can change to allow this page to load?

Thank you both for your suggestions. I had seen the possible solutions of time and ipv6, but those did not help. I cannot recycle the wireless controller, as that would disrupt my business's network too much.
Cor-el, your answer was what worked for me. I went through each security.ssl3. setting like you suggested and found that
security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_des_ede3_sha is where the error was coming from.
With that one set to false, I was able to connect to the admin page again. When I set it back to true, the error comes back.
I also found that specifically any one of the following were needed for teh connection to work as long as the one above was false.
so I am leaving the one that caused the error disabled and it is working again.

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    Hi Will,
    Not sure in this case as it appears the user ID is just not syncing. 
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    Kind regards,

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    Advanced info: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap
    The SAN management interface and vSphere Web Clients display an empty page. Not sure whether these also have problems due to SSLv3.
    I understand you wanting to be cautious, but I seriously doubt I need to face an attack from our SAN. Please, at least give us an option to connect regardless.

    hello, ssl 3.0 is disabled in firefox versions 34 & upwards by default - if you want to re-enable it you can do that like this which will make you vulnerable to the recently published poodle attack though:
    enter '''about:config''' into the firefox address bar (confirm the info message in case it shows up) & search for the preference named '''security.tls.version.min'''. double-click it, change its value to '''0''' and restart the browser.

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    southiechics wrote:
    HEY APPLE! We need help with this. I'm having the same problem. What gives?
    Start a new discussion and post it in the iPhoto forum.

  • After upgrade to 10.7.1 users can no longer connect to shares

    Ok , im not an admin to start off, but after upgrading the OSX lion server to 10.7.1 i can no longer connect to the sharepoints on my mac mini server.
    Through SMB or AFP .. i tried using the connect to server on one of my clients and when i attempt to log in , it shakes the login window as if my password were not accepted.
    Heres where it gets a little confusing to me, i have 2 mac mini servers both running OSX LION SERVER 10.7.1 .... The one that I CAN NOT LOG INTO is my OD Master... the second one is just used for file sharing...
    WHEN i attempt to login into the file share server (which is connected to the OD Master which is rejecting my user logins) i can connect JUST FINE and access the sharepoiints on that server...
    A couple more weird things... on the OD MASTER (again the server which is rejecting all user logins) I CAN login with my admin credentials and access the sharepoints... ??
    -- when i am locally logged into the OD MASTER server, if i add a new sharepoint from scratch and edit the ACL , NONE OF MY USERS SHOW UP nor any of my user groups... it only allows me to add the Administrator access to that share..
    Have i done something very wrong somehwere? this server that is having a problem is only used as a OD master and File share nothing else..
    I did not change any settings besides add a new mac mini server to the OD and performa the 10.7.1 upgrade.
    ANY HELP WOULD BE HUGE as i have spent a 12 hours trying to figure this out before i resort to a re install.

    I've only one hint to you, cause I've mot on Mac-Server.
    With 10.7 Apple have switched from Samba (maybe due to licence problems with GPL based stuff) to a own protocol called "XSMB"
    This had caused problems with some NAS systems too.
    Eventually someone have a glue to solve that, as several users have problems with SMB shares since that.

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    Not likely. Make sure the scanner is still available in System Preferences > Print & Scan. You might have to delete the old scanner and add it again if your computer cannot "find" it.
    Before you do that, and while you are in Print & Scan, see if  you can get it to scan by selecting the Scan tab.
    In Lion, all scanning functions have been relegated to Preview, the Print & Scan preference pane, and Image Capture.

  • Depois de Atualizar para Mac 10.9 não consigo mais baixar Programas - Erro "hardware Gráfico "  (After Upgrading to Mac 10.9 I can no longer download Programs - Error "Hardware Graph" (

    Ola amigos
    Depois de atualizar para o sistema Mac OX 10.9 não consigo baixar programas e Games que tinha na versão anterior.
    Aparece um erro de " hardware Grafico não compativel"
    _____  Minha dúvida fica, porque antes eu comprei e baixo, e agora não baixa mais ?
    Alguem poderia ajudar ???
    my mac is Macbook Pro 5,2
    =============\\=============\\  in ingles     ==========================\\===============\\====================
    Hello friends
    After upgrading to Mac OX 10.9 system can not download programs and Games that had in the previous version.
    Appears an error of "hardware not compatible Grafico"
    _____ My question is, because before I bought and down, and now does not download anymore?
    Could someone help??

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    After upgrading iPad mini to 8.0.2 I can no longer send mail, only receive. Error msg "the recipient was rejected by the server because it does not allow relaying". Have tried rebooting, also resetting network connections, still no good.

    Hi maxwell156, 
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    I know that using Mail on your iPad is very important and is frustrating when it doesn’t work as you would expect. In this situation, I recommend reading over and using the information provided in the attached article to help the troubleshooting process. 
    iOS: Troubleshooting Mail
    Have a great day, 

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    I am a new Mac user so please forgive me if there is a simple answer to this question...
    Since I installed the 10.5.3 update over 10.5.2 I can no longer login/connect to my RH ES4 (SMB Version 3.0.10-1.4E) shares. I can still login to my CentOS 5 (SMB Version 3.0.25b-1.el5_1.4) and my older RedHat 7.3 (SMB Version 2.2.3a) shares, as well as a few windows shares, without any problem. It is just the RH ES4 shares that I can no longer connect to.
    For legacy purposes I configured SMB on both my MacBook Pro and the above mentioned servers to use plain text passwords. To do this on my MacBook this I created nsmb.conf in /etc which contains the following...
    Everything worked perfectly minutes before the upgrade to 10.5.3 and nothing else in the network, software or hardware, has changed.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Tom Boilard

    Welcome to the forums... unfortunately SMB issues are not fully mainstream.
    Anyhow, I have scanned the change log of files touched by the update (searching for SMB - original list courtesy of Rixstep). This yielded:
    /System/Library/CoreServices/SmbFileServer.bundle/Versions/A/Resources/DesktopDe faults.plist
    /System/Library/Filesystems/smbfs.fs/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/InfoPlist. strings
    Items highlighted in bold could be relevant.
    Have you checked that your entry in nsmb.conf is intact? If it is, could it be overridden by a change to one of the other conf files (or a plist)?

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    After upgrading my Touch (5gen) to ios 7.0  it will no longer connect automatically to known networks.
    sometimes  it will and then disappear     Any help

    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Power off and then back on your router
    .- Reset network settings: Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings
    - iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections
    - Wi-Fi: Unable to connect to an 802.11n Wi-Fi network
    - iOS: Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points
    - Restore from backup. See:
    iOS: How to back up
    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.
    If still problem make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store since it appears you have a hardware problem.
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

  • Installed new HD on Mid-2009 MBP, installed Mavericks, now getting "error code -50" after being on for a while.

    So I had the stock 320gb drive that came with my machine. It started crashing, so I pre-empted the loss of data and installed a spare Western Digital 500gb Scorpio Blue drive, installed Mavericks, and restored my data. Almost immediately I began having sporadic issues with the machine being unable to write to the disk, giving me "error code -50" after being on for about a day or so. I usually just restart and it will work for another day or so, but this is getting very tedious, and I'm a bit worried it might be straining the machine, since I can only hard restart (holding power button) when this happens. Usually, right after restarting, I repair the disk permissions, and this seems to fix things.
    Is this maybe a bad OS install? Maybe I should back up and try it all again? Or is there a software issue I'm not seeing a solution for anywhere? Most people who are getting the "error code -50" messages seem to be getting them on external drives. Is it just a compatibility issue and I need to seek a new drive?

    Thank you for the tips!
    OGELTHORPE wrote:
    I would check to see if the WD HDD has its own Sudden Motion Sensor.  If so, it may be coming in conflict with the one in the Mac.  If that is the case, I suggest disabling the SMS in the Mac.
    WD5000BEVT does indeed have it's own protection:
    ShockGuard™ - Leading-edge ShockGuard technology combines firmware and hardware advancements to protect the drive mechanics and platter surface to meet the highest combined shock tolerance specifications required for mobile and notebook applications.
    Source: 7-e15298b0f8a0
    Even though I read about it I had not touched any SMS settings in OS X since I did not have any problems before. I disabled SMS in Mac, let's see now.
    Melophage wrote:
    this could be indicative of a faulty internal SATA cable. /.../
    you could try the same thing as well.
    In my case I doubt it is the problem because it worked fine before Mavericks, although forcing restart may have done something. I hope disabling SMS helped.

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