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Je dois créer un seul objet pour lu2019utilisateur qui doit présenter une valeur qui peut être issue de plusieurs tables.
Si vous avez déjà réaliser ce type du2019objet, votre aide est bien venu.
J'utilise BO XI Designer
I must create only one object for the user who must present a value which can result from several tables.
If you have already to carry out this type of object, your assistance came well.
I use BO XI Designer.

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  • Create view link between two view objects (from programmatic data source)

    Hi Experts,
    Can we create a link between two view objects (they are created from programmatic datasource ; not from either entity or sql query). If yes how to create the link; ( i mean the like attributes?)
    I would also like to drag and drop that in my page so that i can see as top master form and the below child table. Assume in my program i will be only have one master object and many child objects.
    Any hits or idea pls.

    Easiest way to do this is to add additional transient attributes to your master view object, and then include those additional transient attributes in the list of source attributes for your view link. This way, you can get BC4J to automatically refer to their values with no additional code on your part.

  • Populating a subform from a data source.

    I understand that the help file in LiveCycle Designer describes the procedure for connecting fields in a form to columns in a data base. I have tried for several days now to populate simple customer information (name, address, state, zip, phone, fax) from a data base.
    I have exported the data into an acess database, created the dsn, created the data connection, an secured the database. I am still getting an error message that says "Connection for Source Data Connection failed because the environment is not trusted." I am trying everything I can think of to create the proper combination of user-level security for the database and proper use of the "connection string", but now I have read in the forums that even upon success of this effort, my fellow employees will not be able to use the form properly unless we purchase "Reader Extension Server"
    Is there any way to populate customer data in a form, from a data source, that is compatible with Reader, without buying "extension server"
    Thank you in advance for your support.
    Greg Mitchell
    Chadwick Inc.

    Here is a quote from the LiveCycle Designer 7.0 Help file
    OLEDB is the only database connection that you can connect to from Designer. Through the use of the Microsoft OLEDB Provider for ODBC Drivers, you can also access databases identified by the ODBC data source name (DSN). You can use OLE drivers other than the Microsoft OLEDB Provider for ODBC, however the form must be certified in Acrobat before it will function at run time.
    In Acrobat, security concerns dictate that you cannot specify an ODBC connection string by using the Driver=; syntax. Therefore, the client computer needs a DSN configured for ODBC connections.
    If you are using external data sources in a form design that you want users to fill in Adobe Reader, you must set
    usage rights for the form by using Reader Extensions Server.
    Unfortunately it looks like a direct DB connection requires Reader Extensions. Fortunately you can get Reader Extensions pretty cheap from
    As an alternative you can submit the data to a server script (like ASP) and have it write into the Database. There are plenty of sources for writing ASP for PDF files. Just do a search on this forum, or on the web in general.
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    One site that seems pretty decent is:
    Thom Parker
    WindJack Solutions

  • Report from multiple data sources

    Hello All,
    I have a requirement to create a report based on the data coming from XML file and needs to be joined with the data from SQL query extract.
    I did research on this and found this link helpful:
    But our data source will be FILE for xml files and can any one please suggest me the how can i define XML file in a data template.
    Please guide.

    To link more than one universe all of them have to have the same connection.
    to solve your issue, i think you need to read more about Business Objects DATA FEDERATOR
    which allows you to integrate data and create one virtual data source from different data sources
    its really helpfull in your case.
    your Option 2 i think is still valid, integrate all the information into BW and create one OLAP universe
    good luck

  • How to use a property from other data source

    Scenario: we have 2 datasources, that each have their own set of records having different properties. What I need to do is grab 1 property that exists in all records of 1 of the datasources and display it in the records of the other datasource. There is 1 "common" property (called by different names) in the records of both Data Sources, that have the same value; so this property could be the link between those records even though they belong to 2 different Data Sources.
    Here's a simple example:
    Data Source " Department" has records that have the properties: 'Name', 'Age' and 'Nationality'.
    Data Source "Staff" has records that have the properties:'Staff_name', 'Position'.
    The 'Name' and 'Staff_name' have the same values, and can be used to link the 2 records.
    I'd like to get the records in the 'Department' data souce to also contain the property 'Position" from the "Staff" datasource .
    Is there a manipulator that can do this?

    Thanks Pravin,
    But I don't want to join all data from the 2 datasources - I just want one property from one data source to appear in the records of the other data source.

  • Data come from difference data source

    In my saturation, my program's data are come from difference data source. For example, the program will retrieve PO balance, material consumption, future consumption and so on. In my program logic, i retrieve all of the material number, the retrieve the PO balance, material consumption... into internal table, then loop the internal table of material number and update this table from internal table of po balance, material consumption..., but i found that the program's running time is long. How to improve the performance or any suggestion for the program logic. Thanks.

    Few Guildlines:
    1. program is slow mainly because Database load is too high,  try to reduce it and that load can be shared by ABAP. gotrhough SE30-perfromance tuning.
    Also, in Se30 u will get all most important Tips and tricks, follow it,...
    2. Try to find out summary table and dont try always to get data from basic tables.
    3. Try to use perfect SELECT statemetn with porper joins, which is most important in reduction of load on DB.
    4. you can make ABAP part faster, following coding standard like use of Binary search.
    5. Use SLIN to find out which part of program is taking too much time, try to reduce it.
    Hope this will guide u.
    Jogdand M B

  • Update 0funct_loc from 2 data source

    Dear all,
    i am filling 0funct_loc from 2 data source, one is 0funct_loc_attr, and the other is 1cl** from characteristics data source.
    My problem is both data sources work fine, however after uploading 0funct_loc, and try to upload run1cl**, it finds records but does not update specific fields of 0funct_loc as that funct_loc exists.
    My data flow is 2 data sources(0funct_loc_attr, and the other is 1cl** ) in the bottom, one info source joining that and update rule to 0funct_loc.
    Any help?

    Hi John,
    What are you trying to do here? In case each datasource will deliver different data (characteristics) of the function location, I would suggest to create two infosources (one for each datasource) and update the available characteristics.
    In the monitor of the function location, you will still see that no records have been added, but still the attributes that are solely delivered by one datasource should be updated in that case.
    hope this helps.
    best regards,

  • Integrating ADF Business Components from heterogenous data sources

    Hi all,
    has anybody experience in integrating ADF Business Components from heterogenous data sources like ViewObjects from a DB2 database as LOV in a ViewObject from a Oracle 11g?
    What is the best practice approach to integrate such different ADF Business Components in declarative and programmatic ways?
    Thank you!

    thank you for the answer! We already updated out BC according to
    The DB2 ViewObjects are exported as ADF Libraries and imported in the BC of the project with Oracle DB ViewObjects. In the root AM I created instances from the imported DB2-ViewObjects as well as from the Oracle-ViewObjects, but when I start AM test environment it takes the preconfigured Data Source of the root AM. So I probably will pesneed to create two AMs for the different ViewObject types and for the two connection types. My question is what will be best practices to use data from the DB2-VO of AM_DB2 in the OracleDB-VOs as part of AM_Oracle? Should it be done only programmatically or can it be done also declaratively and any suggestions how to proceed?
    Thank you!
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  • How to compute data from different data sources?

    All we are doing with data is from one single datasoure, which could be from oracle or sql server or a excel table, the issue is how could we combine these data from different data source with SQL?
    Example: i need some data from Sale Table in Excel and some data from Custumer Table in oracle, how could SQL complete this mission? Solutions are welcomed and appreciated.
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    This forum is dedicated to SQL Developer Data Modeler product.
    You might search for solution in general questions forum.

  • OLAP cubes from heterogeneous data sources using XML DB

    How we can create an OLAP cube (XML cubes) from XML data sources if using XML DB.
    How we can create an OLAP cubes from warehouses and flat files and covert these cubes into XML cubes.
    Is there any other tool (Except Analytical workspace manager AWM) which supports the construction of OLAP cubes in XML format from heterogeneous data sources?
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    Hi Stuart!
    Your undersatnding is partially correct. i am working for providing an architecture for XOLAP, XML is one of my data source.
    The idea is to generate uniform cubes from heterogeneous sources that can be integrated into a global cube. instead of building Oracle OLAP cubes from all the sources (this work is already done) i want to generate an XCube from XML data sources using XQuery.
    On the other hand if we have generated the Oracle OLAP cube from other sources like warehouses or flat files. i have to convert these Oracle OLAP cube into XML cube for uniformity. in an research paper i find that there is an operator Xcube embedded in XQuery which converts the multidimensional data (cube) into XML cube. im looking for the implementation of this operator in Query that how this operator works.
    hope u understand my architecture. but if u still have some confusion, kindly give me ur mail id. i will mail the diagram of my architecture.

  • Loading from 3 data sources

    hi guru's,
    Iam having a scenario that I have to load the data from 3 different Data sources into single Z-Cube my question to you is what are the advantages and disadvantages for this scenario.

    The scenario is common and only thing is
    1) How are you managing the loads,records are not getting doubled cube has no overwriting facilyt and every records sits on the top of other one...doesnt amtter if they are same or different.
    So you have to make sure that you are getting accurate information from the data source.
    2)Delta from the data source should be accurate and should be in accordane with the struture of the infocube.
    Not all the kinds of deltas can be loaded into the cube and has to be loaded through DSO.
    3)You have to take care of delta management issues as well in case of data load failures as well which becomes tough to manage if there is no DSo in between.
    I would always advice to go for any DSO in betweem if you are loading to the cube.

  • Data Extraction from Multiple data sources into a single Infoprovider

    Hi Experts,
    Can anyone send me links or examples on how to extract data from multiple data sources into 1 Cube/DSO.
    Can anyone send me example scenarios for extracting data from 2 data sources into a single Cube/DSO.

    Hi Ashok,
    Check the following link from SAP help. Ths is probably what you are looking for.
    [ Multiple data sources into single infoprovider|]
    Data from multiple data sources which are logically related and technicall have the same key can be combined into single record.
    For example, if you have Sales order item and sales order item status .
    These both have the same key - sales order and item and are logically related.
    The Sales order item - provides information on Sales order item - material , price, quantity, plant etc.
    The item status  - povides information on delivery status, billing status, rejection status....
    These are two different data sources 2LIS_!1_VAITM ad 2LIS_11_VASTI.
    In case you have few master data attributes coming from different systems ie tow data sources in different systems say completely defines your master data. Then you could use a DSO or infoobject to combine the records.
    If you want to see aggregated data you use a cube.
    ie say you want to analyzae the customer revenue on a particular material and a particular project.
    The project details would come from Project syatem and Sales details fom sales flow.
    The data is then combined in the DSO with key cutomer and sales area say.
    Then it is aggregated at cube not using sales order in the cube all sales order of the same customer would add while loading the cube.. to give direct customer spend values for your sales area at aggregated level.
    Hope this helps,
    Best regards,

  • Combining Data into one Cube from two Data-sources..

    Dear Experts,
    I am pulling data from two data sources and trying to combine in one Info-Cube. The data are like
    Data-Source 01
    1. GUID  --Common
    2.Document No ( User Entry)
    3.Dist. Channel
    4.Transaction Type
    5.Date and Quantity
    Data-Source 02
    1.GUID -- Common
    2.Billing Document ( If User drill down according to Document No , Billing Document should come in the report )
    3.Billing date
    4.Net Value
    Out of the datas , The GUID is common between the 2 data-sources.  I was thinking that, tha data will take according to its place and If i select the Document No in Report, it will atomatically fetch all the data like Tran type, dist ch, Billing Document No , Billing date.. .
    The problem is , in the report Tha data is not coming as I was thinking.
    And Another problem is , In future I need to create a Multiprovider between the above mentioned Info-cube and One ODS. And  DOCUMENT NO is common in Cube and ODS.
    Please Suggest,
    How can I proceed for the following requirement.

    Hi Sanjana,
    In your case cube will create a problem because it will have multiple records . For example :
    Data-Source 01 :
    1. GUID -- 101
    2.Document No - 999
    3.Dist. Channel - DL
    4.Transaction Type - GPRO
    5.Date and Quantity - 20.02.2011 & 20
    Data-Source 02
    1.GUID -- 101
    2.Billing Document - 6000
    3.Billing date - 03.03.2011
    4.Net Value - 500
    Your cube will have 2 records . And your requirement is to show above two records in 1 record in the report .
    Why dont you make an ODS in between , where you can put GUID as the Key field and rest all the fields as data fields. Create 2 transformations to this DSO from the 2 datasources . And let it get updated one by one . Your DSO will have 1 record only . Now either you do reporting on this DSO or take the data to the cube .
    Hope the above reply was helpful.
    Kind Regards,
    Ashutosh Singh
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  • Status from 0CRM_SALES_ACT_1 Data Source

    We are extracting BWSTONESYS0 BW Status from 0CRM_SALES_ACT_1 Data source. It gives data in 10 , 20 , 30 format and we looking for any data source to load the text for same.

    Hi John
    I dont think that kind of mapping we need to do mannually. Becasue in our case we also enhanced this datasource with lots of indicator types of fields that are coming dynamically and not from any table, and we didnt maintain any settings in TCODE BWA1 but still values are coming fine. Please check during final update in the table are you not clearing the work area?
    have you enhanced other fields also in which value is coming or this is the only fields enhanced in the datasource?
    Lalit k Tyagi

  • Regarding combining data from 2 data sources

    Hi All,
    I want to represent data from two data sources. Orders (2lis_11_vaitm) and billing (2lis_13_vditm). We have in common Plant, Material customer etc. I want the query to be executed based on Billing date. However, when I am executing the report based on billing date, I am getting all orders as 0 and I am only getting Inv qty and value. The reason for this is there is no billing date in 2lis_11_vaitm. So, how to merge these two data sources??

    Refer the lnik:
    With rgds,
    Anil Kumar Sharma .P

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    HI, While am trying to Configure the HTTP Content Server, its throwing a message as Error in HTTP Access: IF_HTTP_CLIENT->RECEIVE 1 ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED. Pls help me out. Thank You, Mani

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