Automatic Area of Search through finder?

By default, every time I try to search through spotlight in finder, it automatically searches "This Mac". I was wondering if there was a way to have it search in whatever folder I am currently in like it did in OS 10.3. Instead it comes up searching my hard drive and I have to manual click on whatever folder I am in. Also, does anyone know how to make it so if you have something typed into spotlight in finder, it will stay in the search box instead of erasing whenever I move to another folder. It makes it very agitating to have to retype in the file name each folder I switch to. This is also another thing that had changed from OS 10.3. If anyone has any way to help me on either of these problems, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

If you did this is applescript, you'd need to call unix through do shell script anyway, so don't bother with applescript.  just use mdfind directly.  e.g.:
# finds files that have a metadata attribute called MyKeyword with value DesiredValue
mdfind "MyKeyword == DesiredValue"
# finds files that have a metadata attribute called MyKeyword whose values start with Desi
mdfind "MyKeyword == 'Desi*'"
# finds files that have some metadata attribute whose value contains redVal
mdfind '*redVal*'
to make a smart folder just do a search in the Finder and then save it to the desktop (careful, it will default to saving it in the sidebar, which will put it in some funky folder down in you library).  once you've saved it you can open it in a text editor or plist editor to see the contained mdfind command.  Then it's just a question of modifying the right keywords.  I have an applescript somewhere that does it, but it's not all that useful - almost as easy to make the smart folder by hand in the Finder, and there's no way to extract the files from the smart folder once you've made it.

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  • Why do I have three of every file when I search in finder?

    When I open finder I see three of every file.  I don't  remember seeing this until recently.  Are these duplicates and, if so, how can I delete them without going to every file name?

    Are you searching in Finder or using Spotlight?  If using spotlight then it's probably indexing both your system disk and some backup disks thus producing multiple hits.

  • I downloaded IOS6 and all my apps, including the App Store icon, disappeared. If I go to the Passport icon, there is an App Store button, but I have to search through all the apps to find the one I want  and then click on "Open" to use it.  Help!

    I downloaded IOS6 and all of my app icons, including the App Store icon disappeared. Now to use an icon, I have to go to Passport and click on the App Store button at the bottom and search through all of the apps to find the one I want and then click on Open. There doesn't seem to be a way to delete the app and start over.

    Hey PlayerPS,
    Thanks for the question, and welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    It sounds like the application you are looking for is indeed still on your iPhone. You can confirm this by searching in the Spotlight Search for this application. It may have accidentally been moved to a folder, or an additional Home screen:
    iOS: Understanding Spotlight Search
    Matt M.

  • What is the name of the folders which are your backup of Itunes library? I am recovering from a virus, have no workable desktop in Win XP, but can search and find files and folders. I would like to move these backup files to a new computer

    what is the name of the folders which are the backup of Itunes library? I am recovering from a virus, have no workable desktop in Win XP, but can search and find files and folders. I would like to move these backup files to a new computer, authorize it and sync with Iphone 3Gs and Ipod 5th gen.

    I second the whole iTunes folder approach.
    If for some reason you have split the media folder from the library files then the media folder needs to restored to the same path it used to have while the library files can be copied into the music folder of your new profile.
    If in dobut, backup up the entire Documents and Settings folder before wiping the infected drive, but be selective about what you restore as many viruses drop active components capable of reinfecting the compuer in the temp folders and internet caches. It is much easier to backup more than you need than to discover after the fact that you no longer have access to some vital project you'd been storing in a folder on the desktop.

  • My music app icon is missing from my home screen and I have to go through the search to find and use it. How do I get the icon back on my home screen

    (IOS 7 update trouble) My music app icon is missing from my home screen and I have to go through the search to find and use it. How do I get the icon back on my home screen

    Find which screen, folder it was moved to, and hold down the icon until the icons start shaking. Then drag it to the left or right edge of the screen, and it will allow you to move it to which ever screen you want it. When you have it there, tap the Home button to stop the icons form shaking.
    Or do what hannahsage said above.

  • Now that I have upgraded to Yosemite I have a problem when I scan documents.  Before, a window showed today's activity.  Now I have to search through all my documents and hope to find what I just scanned.

    Now that I have upgraded to Yosemite I have a problem when I scan documents.  Formerly, a window showed today's activity.  Now, I have to search through all the documents in my history to find what I just scanned.  Sometimes I can't even find the doc.

    Most scan apps have a setting whereas, your scan(s) can go directly to your desktop.  No need to "hunt" for scanned docs.

  • C# How Do I Search Through A List To Find A Particular Variable's Value?

    I have a list containing instances of a class containing several variables, one of which is a boolean. I need to write an algorithm that will search through every class instance in that list and find the item(class instance) where that boolean is set to "true."
    Here's the code I've tried so far:
                bool ActiveQuestion = Questions.Find(item => Questions.ThisIsActiveQuestion == true);
    In this line of code, the list is named "Questions," the class is named "Question" and the boolean within that class is named "ThisIsActiveQuestion." To re-state what I want to do, I want to go through the list and find the class
    in which that boolean is set to "true."

    Something like this
    List<Question> someList = new List<Question>();
    IEnumerable<Question> query = from q in someList where q.IsTrue select q;
    public class Question
    public bool IsTrue;
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  • HT4059 While searching through titles of books to purchase, IBook will automatically shut down right in the middle of viewing a book! Why does it keep doing it? I am current on all updates!

    I keep getting booted out of IBooks while I am searching through books to purchase! I can't figure out why it keeps doing it! I am current with all 
    Updates. It soesn't do it when I am reading,only in the store! Any ideas?

    I keep getting booted out of IBooks while I am searching through books to purchase! I can't figure out why it keeps doing it! I am current with all 
    Updates. It soesn't do it when I am reading,only in the store! Any ideas?

  • Why are my search results for mail incomplete?

    Why is it that when I search for emails that I KNOW are in my inbox I cannot find them? This never used to be a problem until I upgraded to Lion. My inbox has close to 7000 emails so it is not practical to manually search through it for an email that is several months old. Why are the search results incomplete? I find this extremely frustrating.

    Had the same problem- called applecare, a mail supervisor walked me through the easy fix-
    (I am no tech so this is in simple terms)
    (Assuming you just upgraded to lion) - the "library" was not "properly rebuilt" - the emails are there but are not fully queriable which is why the "recent" or "post upgrade" emails search properly while the "older" or "pre upgrade" ones don't- the library index needs to be rebuilt (which is much easier than it sounds)
    1- Quit Email (fully)
    2- open finder, open "Go"
        Hold the "Option" key on your keyboard - this will expand the menu to show the "Library"
    3- Select the "Library" option, (you can now release the "Option" key).
    4- Open the following folders (Mail,   V2   , Maildata)
    5- Within the Maildata folder there are (3) files which need to be deleted (Trashcan them)
         (envelopeindex, envelopeindex-shm,  envelopeindex-wal)
    6- Reopen Mail / (This will automatically reimport these files,  takes some time depending on how many emails)
    7- Quit mail and Reopen (has to reload for some reason)
    8- The mail program will do some automatic sycronizing  (You will see some the files "Reappear / fill in" while Syncronizing
    9- about 100 (blank or garage or remant emails) loaded to the top of my inbox during this process but everything else was normal-
    Everything now works great 

  • Audit directory and searching through the logs for deleted file

    Windows Server 2003
    I have found article
    And in description of this article is: to found deleted files in auditing directory I have to found event 560.
    But I have about 60 000 events.
    My file abcd.txt is missing and I have to find who delete it, but I cant click 60 000 times to find it.
    Moreover most of that event looks like its objcect open not object deleted.
    How to find this particular?
    Event Type:    Success Audit
    Event Source:    Security
    Event Category:    Object Access
    Event ID:    560
    Date:        2/23/2014
    Time:        11:48:00 PM
    User:        DOMAIN\user
    Computer:    PLWAW1FS00003
    Object Open:
         Object Server:    Security
         Object Type:    File
         Object Name:    E:\Temp\\
         Handle ID:    1788
         Operation ID:    {0,477992664}
         Process ID:    1692
         Image File Name:    C:\WINDOWS\system32\xcopy.exe
         Primary User Name:    user
         Primary Domain:    DOMAIN
         Primary Logon ID:    (0x0,0x1C7D2FA0)
         Client User Name:    -
         Client Domain:    -
         Client Logon ID:    -
         Accesses:    DELETE
                ReadData (or ListDirectory)
                WriteData (or AddFile)
                AppendData (or AddSubdirectory or CreatePipeInstance)
         Privileges:    SeBackupPrivilege
         Restricted Sid Count:    0
         Access Mask:    0x11F019F
    Find fields are: Information/Warning/Error/Succes/Failure
    Event source: DS/IIS/LSA etc...
    Event ID:
    and no filename, or action.
    Maybe I can use powershell to search through the logs?

    You can use Custom View and XML filter to filter specific event logs. Firstly, create a custom view. Then type an XML query to filter by ObjectName (abcd.txt).
    For more detailed information, please refer to the article below:
    Advanced XML filtering in the Windows Event Viewer
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  • Updated to 10.5.6, no longer able to search through networked shares.

    One of our users was able to search through our network shares(extreemeZ-ip) just fine yesterday morning, mid morning he updated to 10.5.6 and is no longer able to use finder to perform searches on those shares.

    We ARE on Mac Servers, but only version 10.4.7. All networked computers are Mac OS 10.5.6, except for one, which is on 10.4.11.
    Command-F) FIND no longer works on any of the Leopard boxes. Works fine on the one box with Mac OS 10.4.11. I can do simple searches for files I know are there, but it can not find anything. I have checked all permissions.
    I found this thread ( and the solution he wrote of works, but that's such a backwards way of having to search.
    Would the spotlight issue also pertain to Server software 10.4.7? Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Searching through very large vectors

    I am working on a way to process two flat tab delimited files into a tree, assign a x and y coordinate to each node in the tree and output all the nodes (with their coordinates) to a new flat file.
    I currently have a program that works pretty well. It roughly uses the following flow.
    - Read both files into memory (by opening the file reading each line and load the appropriate data from each line into a Vector, making sure no duplicates are entered by comparing the currentline to the last line.
    - Using the first vector (which contains the strating nodes) search through the second vector (which contains parent child relationships between 2 nodes) to construct the tree. For this tree I use a XML DOM Document. In this logic I use a for loop to find all the children for the given node. I store the index of each found reference and when all children are found I loop through all the indexes and delete those records from the parent-child vector.
    - After the tree is created I walk through the tree and assign each node a x and y attribute.
    - When this is done I create a NodeList and use are for-loop to write each node (with x and y) to a StringBuffer which is then written to a file. In this process for each new node that is written I check (in the StringBuffer) if the node (name) is present. If not I write the new Node.
    - For debugging purposes I write all the references from the second Vector to a file and output the XML DOM tree to a XML file.
    This program works wel. It handles files with 10000 start nodes and 20000 parent-child references (30000 nodes in total) in under 2 minutes (using 1:20 for the generation of the output file).
    However when the volume of these file increase it starts to struggle.
    As the ultimate test I ran it with a file that contains 250000 start nodes and 500000 references. For it to run I need to use the -Xmx256m parameter to allocate extra memory. But I ran it for 2 hours and killed it because I didn't want to wait longer.
    What I would like to know is how I can approach this better. Right now I'm loading the data from the files into memory entirely. Maybe this isn't the best approach.
    Also I'm looping through a Vector with 500000 elements, how can this be done more efficiently? However the reference vector isn't sorted in any way.

    That's no problem.. Here's some sample code:
    package tests;
    import java.util.List;
    import java.util.Map;
    import java.util.HashMap;
    import java.util.LinkedList;
    import java.util.Iterator;
    class Example {
        private List roots;
        private Map elements;
        public Example() {
            roots = new LinkedList();
            elements = new HashMap();
        public void initRoots(String[] rows) {
            for (int i=0; i<rows.length; i++) {
                String[] parts = rows.split(" ");
    String name = parts[0];
    elements.put(name, new Node(name));
    public void addChilds(String[] rows) {
    for (int i=0; i<rows.length; i++) {
    String[] parts = rows[i].split(" ");
    String parentId = parts[1];
    String name = parts[2];
    addNode(parentId, name);
    private void addNode(String parentId, String name) {
    Node current = (Node)elements.get(name);
    if (current == null) {
    current = new Node(name);
    elements.put(name, current);
    Node parent = (Node)elements.get(parentId);
    if (parent == null) {
    //Parent is missing, is that a problem?. Create it now.
    parent = new Node(parentId);
    elements.put(parentId, parent);
    public void printTree() {
    for (Iterator it = roots.iterator(); it.hasNext(); ) {
    String id = (String);
    printChildren(id, 1);
    private void printChildren(String id, int depth) {
    Node node = (Node)elements.get(id);
    private static final class Node {
    private String name;
    private List children;
    private Node(String name) { = name;
    children = new LinkedList();
    public void addChild(Node node) {
    public String toString() {
    return name + " " + children;
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    Example test = new Example();
    test.initRoots(new String[] {
    "SU_1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0",
    "SU_2 1 1 1 0 0 0 0",
    "SU_3 1 1 1 0 0 0 0"
    test.addChilds(new String[] {
    "COM_1 SU_1 PR_1 0 0 0 0 0",
    "COM_1 PR_1 ST_1 0 0 0 0 0",
    "COM_2 SU_2 PR_2 0 0 0 0 0",
    "COM_2 PR_2 ST_2 0 0 0 0 0",
    "COM_3 SU_3 PR_3 0 0 0 0 0",
    "COM_3 PR_3 ST_3 0 0 0 0 0"
    The execution prints:
    SU_1 [PR_1 [ST_1 []]]
    SU_2 [PR_2 [ST_2 []]]
    SU_3 [PR_3 [ST_3 []]]

  • Mail search not finding existing items

    The simple Mail Search tool finds many things in the mailboxes, but misses more and more. When a search is being done within a given mailbox or folder, the search expands (sometimes unreliably) to go through all mailboxes/folders, when this was not desired.
    Is the indexing not working? How can this be checked?
    What are limits of indexing (number of messages, etc.)?
    Mail is open for many hours/day, so time should be available.
    Entire Mail Folder is now over 1.3 GB, too big to handle?

    I had the same problem but rebuilding spotlight's index fixed the problem. I followed the instructions at
    Or Onyx can be used...

  • How do you search through posts?

    I'm having trouble with itunes u 'New URL box'...and I can't find how to search through posts! One post said to click on 'More Options' but I dont' see that either.

    A subscriber info dump is likely the fastest way.  If you're curious regarding other methods, you can also use the Data Link Explorer (CUDLE) tool which is in the Cisco Unity Tools Depot.  All extensions for all objects are referenced in the "DTMFAccessId" table.  The View menu has a Query Builder which you can use to compile a SQL query that searches for a digit string.  It's best to search for both the 10 digit string as well as an abbreviated string as Unity sees them essentially the same and they are usually should be associated with a single subscriber.  Once you find a match, you can use the "ParentObjectId" value associated with the DTMF access ID to look for a matching owner in the "GlobalSubscriber" table.  The ParentObjectId should match the SubscriberObjectId for a subscriber (assuming the DTMF access ID is assigned to a subscriber).  This is the same thing as looking at SQL; however, you are not directly accessing the DB so this is generally considered the safest way to browse and get a feel for where things are.

  • Facing issue while trying to disable automatic discovery of devices through Apple Bonjour

    Hi All,
    I am facing issue while trying to disable automatic discovery of devices through Apple Bonjour.
    Background: Whenever our application is in running state, devices are automatically discovered if it connects to PC. We are using Apple Bonjour's auto discovery technology( mdnsresponder ).
    We are registering a particular service type by using DNS API "DNSServiceRegister". Service type is getting registered properly and we are able to discovered that particular type of device.
    Platform:  Windows 7.0 / MAC 10.8
    But we are facing issue while trying to disable auto discovery of a device programmatically. i.e, unregistered a service reference programmatically from our windows application.
    To unregistered a service we are using "DNSServiceRefDeallocate" DNS API. But looks like it is not working properly.
    Is this DNS API “DNSServiceRefDeallocate” is correct one to unregistered the service?
    Here is the step by step procedure that we are following to de-allocate a service reference:
    1.Browsing / Query a service by using service type to get service reference (DNSServiceRef). 
    2.Get reference socket FD by using DNS API "DNSServiceRefSockFD".  
    3.Select a socket by using "select" API.
    4.Close the socket that we got from step 2 by closesocket().
    5.Delete the service reference by using DNS API "DNSServiceRefDeallocate" and service reference from step 1.
    Are we missing any step to unregistered a service? 

    Original problem I noticed was that regular websites I go to (such as msn) were only partially downloading.  I could see the text on the site but no pictures or videos.  All web surfing was extremely slow.  When I would go to a site such as man I would see another address in the lower left corner for "" or "" that is was trying to connect to. I tried using all three of my browsers (firefox, safari, chrome) and got the same response on all browsers.  After I spent some time researching the issue I decided I probably had a adware/malware problem so I decided to try  I could also not access that site along with or  I was also getting the same response on my other devices (iPhone, iPad, and a mac air).  I could not access any of these sites on any of my devices although I could get to almost any other site although it was very slow.  At that point I decided to unplug the router.  I also did a number of other things before then to try and manually get rid of any adware.  Eventually I got msn back working,, and the speed was much faster.  But, I still can not access adwaremedic and  I could access these on my phone with 3G but not on my wifi.  This is where the problem still stands.  I am sure I still have some adware on my computer and need to find a way to remove it.  I am no techie so the complicated manual fixes are difficult for me to do.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Problem statement: Outlook 2013 email message goes behind main Outlook window when opening PDF attachment with Adobe Reader 11.0.3 Environment: Windows 8 x64; Office 2013; Adobe Reader 11.0.3 Steps to reproduce bug: 1. Open Outlook 2013 2. Open email

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              We are using a cgi on WL 5.1 We have a third party CGI that looks for a variable           CWD which stands for current working directory. This variable should be set to           the directory in which the CGI is located. For e.g if the CG

  • Some videos not synching

    I am trying to figure this one out. I have an entire season of a show on itunes and have it synched. However, one episode will not sync. I can watch it on itunes or quicktime, but not my ipod. All other episodes sync fine and this one is no different

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    Using my new Lenovo Yoga 3 11 inch I have been experiencing horrendeously choppy youtube performance using the chrome browser, which was generating lots of heat due to the demands that chrome was asking of the CPU. The same youtube video plays perfec

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    We are planning a price for year. It is loaded to the first month of year. It need to be copied to all months of the year subsequently.This is for 10000 materials. How to achieve this in logic. Appreciate your inputs.