Background Job get Cancelled when executing the report. Reason?

Hi All,
I have scheduled a Back ground Job and executed Immediately.
when checking transacion SM37 the job get canceled.
How to find out the problem for the Job Cancellation.

After scheduling back ground job ( give a time laps of 2 min )
then go to sm37 ( at this moment , the job is not yet started) .
select ur job in sm 37 and when job starts processing , type JDBG as the command and press enter.
Now it will go to the debugging screen, where u will find system program . Now set a break point at the stements used in ur program from the debugging screen itself.( menu - breakpoint- breakpoint at - statement ) and press F8 .
Now you can start debug ur code.
Revrt back if any issues.

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    We have a improve the performance i created Index on few Data Base table..before my changes it used to take more than 15 minutes after the changes it taking less than 1 min for the same variant and for other variants also.
    But when executing the first in morning its taking the same time more than 15 min.Please let me know how to increase the performance when executing first time also,

    Hi all,
    Appreciate your valuable replies...
    @ Thomas: i do accept with your solution running a background job..but user is not accepting for it..thanks for your reply.
    @Siegfried Boes  : for testing purpose Im running this manytimes..but for user they may
    require when ever they need to know open oders.the volume of the data is barongs 300-350 at
    @Brad Bohn  : After creating the index the repose time reduced to half ...i hope  i have
    created a right index.
    Observation here...I executed the report in production system more than 5 times it took the
    same time, my changes are still in i think may be for selecting the right index
    its taking this much time.and for the next time is taking right index n doing it so it taking
    Do you accept it?.if so Please let me know how to explicitly say the select statement to
    use my index.

  • Background job getting CANCELLED

    i have  a background job scheduled for a report is getting cancelled and giving the following error:
    You attempted to change, delete or create a line in the       
    internal table "???", but no valid cursor exists              
    for the table.                                                
    Possible reasons:                                             
    1. The relevent ABAP/4 statement does not include the addition
       "...INDEX...", although the statement is not               
       inside a "LOOP...ENDLOOP" loop processing this table.      
    2. The relevent ABAP/4 statement was called from within a     
       "LOOP...ENDLOOP" loop after a DELETE "???".                                                                               
    what could be the reason?

    it is also giving following error message:
    Caution: Program has changed
    Caution: At time of termination,  Active source code no longer available  and after above two statements its giving sign "?" before every statement in below manner:
    024300 ?     lit_ekpo_dummy1[] = it_ekpo[].                     
    024310 ?     DELETE lit_ekpo_dummy1 WHERE ebeln NE tab1-ebeln.  
    024320 ?     DESCRIBE TABLE lit_ekpo_dummy1 LINES count01.      
    024330 ?                                                        
    024340 ?     REFRESH lit_ematn_dummy[].                         
    024350 ?     lit_ematn_dummy[] = lit_ematn[].

  • The back ground job gets cancelled which feds the delta queue?

    Hi all,
    I can see the delta is empty for the 2lis_11_vahdr ( sales order header datasource) when i happened to check the background job name which feds the delta queue, all the background job gets failed for the same!!
    Can anyone let me know what needs to be carried out ?

    when i happened to check the logs for that back ground job i got the below message
    Extraction queue processing started MCEX11 with 54,331 LUWs

  • Report program when run in background job getting cancelled immediately

    When i run a program in foreground i am able to see the output. But when run in background not able to run the job successfully. The job is getting cancelled immediately.
    I am using the below function module for output display. Should i need to pass any parameters in the below function module so that i can run the program in background  successfully.
            IS_LAYOUT         = IS_LAYOUT                    
            I_SAVE            = 'A'                        
            IS_VARIANT        = GS_VARIANT                   
            IT_FIELDCATALOG   = IT_FIELDCATALOG               
            IT_OUTTAB         = BLOCKED_STOCK_TAB_ALV[].     
    Please suggest.
    Thanks and regards
    Rajani Yeluri

    Hi Rajani.
      ALV require the DRYPOR(screen) for display but incase you run in back ground which have to write to spool but in spool we can only write in format of LIST REPORT not inter-active report like ALV. That why
    system cancelled your process immediately.
    Hope it helps.

  • Vaue of sy-tcode when executing the report program in the background

    Hello All,
    To test and find out the value of sy-tcode when the report program is exectued in the background. I have done the below steps.
    1. created a report program with the code given below.
    Select option was just defiend to get the selection screen. it is of no use.
    Select-options: s_name for sy-uname.
    Write:/ sy-uname,sy-tcode.
    2. then I created a transaction for the program to identify whether the value of sy-tcode explicitly.
    3. Then I launched the transaction and in the selection screen of the program I selected the option of executing the program in the backgroung and i process the job immediately.
    4 . In the spool I am able to see the correct sy-uname value but not the sy-tcode.
    Where as if i am executing it in the foregroung it is giving the correct value of sy-uname and sy-tcode.
    Can anybody provide me the reason as to why this is happening . that is in the backgound mode the value of sy-tcode is getting cleared.

    As they say it is an SAP standard behavior, you can "hardcode" the transaction itself into the ABAP code...
    if sy-batch eq 'X' "->IT MEANS THAT IT IS A BACKGROUND JOB.
    w_tcode = 'Z*****'.
    Gabriel P.-

  • Background job getting cancelled : Choose at least one scope of list

    Hello to all,
    I am trying to Run on Z report in background which conatins SUBMIT statement to standard progarm for MB5B .This report already programmed to call a report in background.It takes stocks for given period,I am taking the values using "import memory-id" statement.It gives an error log in SM37 as:
    Choose at least one scope of list
    Message no. M7829
    Can we call a submit stmt in a report that is to run in background?? or pls provide any alternative for this problem??
    Thnax & Regards

    Hi Sonal,
    1. This is happening because there are some checkboxes on the selection screen
       which are ticked by default when we run in fore ground
       and are blank when run in  background.
      Hence the system gives the error meaning to select atleast one of them.
    2. We can simulate this error in foreground also.
       There is one button on selection screen in the middle frame.
       "> Category"
       Just push it.
       Some checkboxes will appear now.
       Untick all of them and run the report. You will get the same error
    Choose at least one scope of list
    3. So while doing SUBMIT in the z report, you can pass the values of those checkboxes (which ever you require) as 'X'.
    report abc.
    submit RM07MLBD
    with matnr = '3'
    with pa_wdzer = 'X'.
    4. The checkboxes field names are:
    PARAMETERS : pa_wdzer    LIKE AM07M-MB5B_XONUL
                              modif id liu.
    PARAMETERS : pa_wdzew    LIKE AM07M-MB5B_XONUL
                              modif id liu.
    PARAMETERS : pa_wdwiz    LIKE AM07M-MB5B_XONUL
                              modif id liu.
    PARAMETERS : pa_wdwuw    LIKE AM07M-MB5B_XONUL
                              modif id liu.
    PARAMETERS : pa_wdwew    LIKE AM07M-MB5B_XONUL
                              modif id liu.
    PARAMETERS : pa_ndzer    LIKE AM07M-MB5B_XONUL
                              modif id liu.
    PARAMETERS : pa_ndsto    LIKE AM07M-MB5B_XONUL
                              modif id liu.
    amit m.

  • Crystal reports and SAP BI--------BAPI error when executing the report

    Hi All,
    I am getting a problem accessing the data from the SAP BI system into the crystal reports.I created a report in CR2008 on a query built in SAP BI.When I execute this query,I am getting the following error.
    Database Connection Error:'BAPI Error #:0
    Error Occured when starting the parser:timeout during allocate / CPIC-CALL:'ThSAPCMRCV"
    Edited by: Madan Koka on Dec 15, 2008 5:47 PM

    I have the same problem. I can create report in Crystal Reports on a query but can`t get data from BW.
    Thx in advance for help

  • Background Jobs getting Cancelled

    Hi SRM Gurus
    we are working on SRM  4.0  and follow a classic scenarios.
    We have schedulled following background jobs
    Which were running successfully however from yesterday this all jobs are showing status cancelled.
    Can any one throw some light as to why this jobs are getting cancelled or how to check the reaons for the cancelling of jobs.
    Nimish Sheth

    Hi Nimish,
    for how long where they running ?
    They might be cancelled because of time out (ex: R/3 system not available temporary).
    Do you have traces in SM21 in the same time fence ?

  • Getting error while executing the report in WEB

    Hello Experts,
    I have did validation in my report on selection screen, if that validation is successful then only we can see the report output
    otherwise it's give the error message.
    Validations are working query designer and RSRT but when I run the report in WEB then even if the validation is successful then also I am getting the error message and not able to see the report output.
    I have written the code in user exit for validation.
    Can any one tell me why it is so?
    what needs to do?

    Could you plz explain your validation logic and wich way it done ?
    Could you plz provide error message ?

  • Error is coming when executing the report in bex

    hai experts,
    any body help me in this matter.
    when i execute the qurey in bex its showing error message coming with popup box.
    Error is showing like this.
    "no value found"
    " Exception 1 when calling WB_HTML_HELP_URL_GEToccured"
    but when i click on "OK"  button its showing result.can any body tell  me why its showing error  message like this .

    you default method is WEB so its useing URl to open the results, change the setting to use analyzer(XLS) and update your GUI Front End patch.

  • SAP GUI gets closed when executing the transactions SE38 and SE80

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    I am new to this forum and SAP too. I am part of BASIS.
    This issue is regarding transactions SE38 and SE80. The system gets closed when trying to open the transactions SE38 and SE80.
    I checked the authorizations, it is fine. The copy user works well.
    Then found that it may be regarding  SAP GUI.
    For solution, referred:
          Uninstall the sapgui
          Manualluy delete the folders related to them like
          Re-install using the latest patch available
    Even after doing this the issue still persists.
    Over here one thing is clear that it is not regarding authorization and all because the copy user works fine. For the system,  administrator credentials are working well but only the person's user ID faces this issue.
    Someone please help me out in this regard.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Shiva,
         Which GUI Version you are using...Please use latest 7.3 Version to avoid any issues related to GUI logon....
    Can you clarify these doubts...
    1. Are you able to use remaining Tcodes except SE38 and SE80..?
    2. Are you getting  any error before close the session?
    3. If particular user id is facing this issue, then use that credentials and try to check from your end whether you are able to open that tcodes or not..
    Santosh K

  • Error when executing the report

    Hi Friends,
    I have Built a query and when i run  i get the selection screen and when i enter value and execute i am getting the following error "Not authorised to run report".
    Can anyone please let me know what should i do to get this running.
    Thanks in Adv

    If there is a  anuthrization object in the infoprovider on which report was build, make sure you have the * access for that infoobjects.
    If you are using BI 7 go to t code rsecadmin and check what are infoobject available which is authrization enebled
    and then check they are used in you infoprovider. and u have that access or not.
    If you dont have the access create one authrization object for that object and ask basis to assign the authrizaion object to S_RS_AUTH

  • Standard Background Job getting cancelled

    Hello Guru ,
    In my BI dev server one standard event periodic job is geting cancelled due to following reason
    cancelled error
    No alerts in configuration range
    Internal error:
    Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE
    can anybody help me in this regards

    Run the job once again and lets see what happens... sometimes system cancels the job....check in ST22 if there is short dump.

  • Error when Executing the Report - No Authorization for Multiprovider

    Hello Experts,
    After the upgrade has carried out in my Quality system, I'm unable to execute a query because of the authorization issue with Multiprovider. But earlier the same Authorization was assigned to the my ID.
    The Role in Q and the Role in P is same. Right now P is with 3.1 and Q is with BI7.
    In both the system I have the same Role. But in Q it says that: Error You have no Authorization for Multiprovider XXXX
    This is happening for only one Multiprovider in Quality system. There is no change in the Multiprovider from earlier structure to the present structure.
    Can anyone give me any idea as to how to solve this issue?
    Many thanks in Advance..
    Raman.. This is Emergency for me..

    Pick up a test user (or your user) and go to transaction su01.
    Check the roles that are assigned.
    Double-click in each one and choose display. Go to tab authorizations and click on the glasses icon of displaying authorizations data. Then go to menu->Utilities->Technical names On.
    You should see the tree with the node name Business Information Warehouse (technical name RS), if you don't see this in this role, than the issue it's not in this role, go back to su01 and check another role the same process until you find this node.
    If you expand this node you'll see another nodes, one of them is called Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoCube (technical name S_RS_ICUBE). And you probably can't find another node called Data Warehousing Workbench - MultiProvider (technical name S_RS_MPRO), this is the new node you want.
    In the node S_RS_ICUBE expand it and you'll see the authorizations given to InfoCubes with activity, InfoArea and InfoCube. In the older system BW 3.x this object was used to give access to InfoCubes, but also to MultiCubes. So you have to find the role that has this object with InfoCube with the value of MultiCube or with all values, for example, you could have this node in your role with the following values:
    Activity                       03                 
    InfoCube Subobject     DATA               
    InfoArea                     ZFI*               
    InfoCube                    ZFIAA_C11, ZFIAA_C13, ZFIAA_M02
    or with:
    Activity                       03                 
    InfoCube Subobject     DATA               
    InfoArea                     ZFI*               
    InfoCube                    *
    or with:
    Activity                       03                 
    InfoCube Subobject     DATA               
    InfoArea                     ZFI*               
    InfoCube                    ZFI*
    Something like that. The first example give access to specific InfoCubes and one MultiCube, the second one you'll have all the InfoCubes and MultiCubes inside the InfoArea started  with name ZFI and the third one you'll have all InfoCubes and all MultiCubes started with name ZFI that belongs to the InfoArea started with name ZFI also.
    Got the picture?
    So in BI 7 MultiCubes are now controlled by the new object S_RS_MPRO instead of the older object S_RS_ICUBE. What you should do is go to transaction pfcg and insert the role you want to include (or change these new values, i.e., the role that has the access to the MultiCube values inside the object S_RS_ICUBE which the query is built on) the new object S_RS_MPRO and click on change. Go to tab authorizations and click on change authorization data. Then click on manually (ctrlshiftF9) and insert the object S_RS_MPRO. Inside this new object you should insert the authorization data for accessing your multiproviders.
    In the 3 examples above you should create these 3 entries:
    Activity                          03                 
    InfoArea                         ZFI*
    MultiProvider                  ZFIAA_M02
    MultiProvider Subobject  DATA                              
    or with:
    Activity                          03                 
    InfoArea                        ZFI*               
    MultiProvider                  *
    MultiProvider Subobject  DATA                              
    or with:
    Activity                         03                 
    InfoArea                        ZFI*               
    MultiProvider                 ZFI*
    MultiProvider Subobject  DATA                              
    Therefore you continue to have the object S_RS_ICUBE to control only the InfoProviders plus the new object S_RS_MPRO to control the MultiProviders.
    Now generate the profile(s), save the role(s) and test it again!

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