Music Player with ID3 Tag Feature

Any application that has ID3 tag feature? I can't stay in front of my PC all the time to change and organize all my music files properly. I prefer organize them via my 5800, so, I can do it anytime. Yes, 5800 has its own 'song details' feature. But it's only temporary. If I formatted my memory card, all the details are gone, and I have to organize them again!
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I think you're missing the point here. Of course when you format the memory card, all data is deleted. Hence it would make sense to perform a backup of your memory card contents onto your computer before formatting the memory card. Easiest way to do this is to copy everything from the memory card (i.e. displayed as Removable Disk in Windows) to your hard drive on your computer. Then when the format is complete, copy the songs back to your memory card. That way, all the ID3 tags for songs that you modified on your phone will be restored to the memory card.  
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  • I'm looking for a music player with the following features:

    Hi everyone,
    I'm setting up a linux desktop for the first time. I'd like some directions on finding a music player. Here are my criteria, in order of importance:
      - Can play (at least) ogg, mp3 and wav
      - Prefers a 'playlist approach' (m3u) to a 'media library' approach
      - Can play songs without breaks in-between
      - Fast startup
      - Simple interface (ex. VLC beats mplayer)
    My window manager is pekwm. This is for usability reasons, not performance reasons - my comp. can handle all the bells and whistles you throw at it (actually, I tried with my doorbell, but I wouldn't recommend with the church bell). (sorry for the bad humour). Crazy visualisations and features whose sole purposes are to eat up CPU cycles are O.K.
    Good support for keyboard would be appreciated - I am a pekwm user.
    So what have you got?

    MPD rocks, runs here for months without major problems.
    The client side is very flexible, you can choose many players:
    For X, for console, etc..
    MPD supports Icecast also, to create streams.
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  • Bad bug with ID3 tags of different case for same artist

    My itunes files and music library are on a different drive than my boot drive. It is an internal drive (always on) in my Mac Pro at /Volumes/Media1/iTunes with music library at /Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music. iTunes is setup to automatically keep it organized and copy files to the media folder when adding. It has been this way for years, never a problem.
    Just recently, and I think this may have coincided (but I'm not sure) with a 10.6.5 Snow Leopard update, my music started disappearing! The entries were still in the library, but with the missing exclamation mark in itunes with it reporting that it couldn't find the files. But only certain artists. After searching my computer, I found the missing files it at the same path, but on my boot drive, at /Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music/<missing artist>!
    Trying to add these files back to my library would work briefly, but then they would magically disappear out of /Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music and go back to /Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music/
    I figured out the one thing the different artists that had this behavior had in common - some of the ID3 tags for the same artist, which are the basis for organization, were in different cases. I think there is a weird case sensitivity bug that is breaking things. When I add back only those songs for an artist with ID3 tags for the artist of the same case, the behaviour stops.
    I'm posting less looking for an answer and more to raise visibility and hope this gets a fix.
    Example entries from my iTunes Library.xml, notice how the 'k' in OutKast is a different case in the entries.
    <key>Location</key><string>file://localhost/Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes%20Music/OutKast/Speakerboxxx,%20Th e%20Love%20Below%20(Disc%202)/13%20Pink%20&%20Blue.mp3</string>
    <key>Location</key><string>file://localhost/Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes%20Music/Outkast/Aquemini/12%20Spot tieOttieDopaliscious.mp3</string>

    I'd like to note that I'm experiencing the exact same issue. I'd add to this but petegas4life has it spot on. I'm just replying in hopes this thread gets noticed so the engineers at apple can look into this and hopefully fix it in the next release.
    Reproducing the problem is pretty simple too. Just take one song from an album and change the case of the artist name. You'll see the music move to the boot drive and all of the songs from that artist won't work in itunes anymore. And if you're relying on iTunes to edit the tags, fixing the files is a PAIN because they keep disappearing on you.

  • Music Player Blues (Bugs + Missing Features)

    I've discovered three potential bugs with the music player.
    The first is very minor, but would be nice to have fixed: in a playlist, I find that often when one song has an album art but the next in the playlist does not, the player often does not update the album art that is being displayed (that is, it shows the previous song's album art rather than the generic background).
    The second problem has caused me much grief - every now and then one of my playlists on the device will get wiped out. It's happened twice now, both with the same playlist. Both times the playlist had 200-300 songs in it. 
    Third, sometimes the ability to control the music player with the mute button goes away. I've noticed this occurs most commonly after watching a youtube video on the device (even after the browser is closed).
    I'd be happy to send any additional information required to get these things fixed ASAP.
    If I could suggest a few enhancements for future updates, please consider the following:
    -When deleting a song, it would be nice to see on the warning dialog the name of the song you're deleting. A couple times I've held my finger over the wrong song and didn't realize it till it was too late.
    -Would also be nice if the music player could be turned into a background app that can be launched from the settings menu.
    -There does not appear to be a way to search for a song inside a playlist. This is a must-have feature!

    Hi Bizorke,
    Thank you for your feedback as we are always looking for ways to improve our products.
    In regards to the problems you are having with the Media Player, to better determine the root cause and to gather device event logs to investigate, we would request that you contact your wireless service provider to have this issue escalated to BlackBerry Technical support for further investigation.
    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Thank you.
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  • Music player with high dpi support?

    I usually use Clementine as music player. Unfortunately, it does not have any hidpi support (3200x1800 resolution on a 13.3'' display). So do you know any good music player with hidpi support?

    You could use MPD and either a terminal client, Qt5 client (Cantata), or a web client.
    I just looked at the Arch Linux wiki page for HiDPI. The state of HiDPI in Linux is kind of a mess, isn't it.

  • I need music player with auto puss it can stop the music between songs  ?

    I need music player with auto puss it can stop the music between songs  ?

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  • Looking for a music player with a very specific feature

    I've been looking for this ever since I completely left windows behind, and six months later, it's killing me that I haven't found the right music player.
    Obviously, I used to use foobar2000. The greatest thing about it for was the 'facets' extension which added customizable filter panels. The MOST GREATEST THING about it was that you could combine directory and tag sorting, which means I could sort my REDICULOUSLY HUGE music library by Folder/Folder/Album, which corresponded to Genre/Artist/Album. For various finicky little reasons, sorting it by folder was much more effective than by tags.
    Does anyone know any media player which allows this?

    alex404 wrote:
    Obviously, I used to use foobar2000. The greatest thing about it for was the 'facets' extension which added customizable filter panels. The MOST GREATEST THING about it was that you could combine directory and tag sorting, which means I could sort my REDICULOUSLY HUGE music library by Folder/Folder/Album, which corresponded to Genre/Artist/Album. For various finicky little reasons, sorting it by folder was much more effective than by tags.
    Does anyone know any media player which allows this?
    Hi, I was a foobar2000 user too. It was driving me crazy that I couldn't find a good replacement, but i've found one. It's quodlibet. Unfortunately right now it's not possible to do Folder/Folder/Album in the panels, but QL has a 'filesystem view' for this. Other than that it can do the good stuff:
    - freeform tagging
    - freeform filtering
    It means that you can set whatever tag you want to and then put it in the panels, song list or search bar. It has conditional tags too. For me it was Genre/Style/<albumartist|<albumartist>|<artist>>/Album, but I do not use the panels anymore. I do not have to see my library everytime I play some music. These days I'm using the Album List with the search bar and doing stuff like &(style=goa,#(playcount<1),#(discogs_votes>=50),#(year <= 1998)) makes my day. Replaygain with auto-select between 'track' and 'album' based on current view and play order is a neat feature too. ;-)

  • Music player with multiple artist/genre support?

    Can anyone tell me if any of the available media players support multiple values for tags?  For example, a collaboration would be listed under both artists.
    I find I never use genres because they tend to be really broad, or I have far too many.  It seems the ideal solution to this would be a player that supported tags that behave like the type found on blogs etc.  I still can't find a way to organise music that doesn't get unweildy with a large collection.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for an app that can do this, or has similar functionality?

    i was thinking of the same thing....
    in my head, im developing a linux based car mp3 player with a custom interface (which i need to build), one of the things i was planning for the mp3 database, is support for tags.. not just the single genre, which seems insufficient...
    anyway, not everything is lost, maybe make a feature request to the rhythmbox developers? right now i use rhythmbox's dynamic playlists to include stuff i want to group toguether, but its quite gruesome....

  • Problems with ID3 Tags in iTunes - Desperate need of assistance!

    Hello all...
    Desperately need some help. I just spent a very (very) long time going through my entire music collection making sure all album art is present and all tags are corrected to my preferences. Now I want to back up the entire drive (F: drive, I keep my music on a separate drive) to a new hard drive (H: drive). However, in the process I've noticed that not all the changes that I made to the tags have actually saved to the tags themselves, even though they continue to display correctly in iTunes. If I load them into another application or reload them into iTunes from the new drive, not all the tag changes I made in iTunes are showing up. It seems iTunes is perhaps storing this tag info in some kind of internal database? To be specific I am not talking about meta-data like ratings and number of times played. I'm talking about artist, genre, etc.
    So my question is this: is there some way to force iTunes to save the data that is currently displayed in iTunes to the ID3 tags?
    I've also been disappointed to find out that when adding album artwork, iTunes does not actually save the artwork to the ID3 tags as I assumed. Any way I can force iTunes to do that?
    Lastly, if neither of the above are possible, is there an easy way to backup the iTunes database so that all my tags and artwork are present once I remove the current drive and re-load my collection into iTunes from the new drive? Will the change of path prevent me from being able to backup the database?

    Hi Ed, thanks for responding so quickly. Yes, they are mp3 files, and yes, I had assumed what you told me, that changes made in iTunes would be made to the mp3 files. I also thought it could have something to do with read only, so I made sure that the files were not read only. But yes, strangely enough, even though the tags show up properly in iTunes, they do not show up properly in other players, and don't show up properly in iTunes if I remove the album, copy the album to the second drive, and load it back into iTunes (only for a portion of the files, but with the size of my collection this would still be time consuming to fix). I don't understand it either, but from research I have done online, it may have something to do with an iTunes glitch relating to the ID3 tag version.
    Regardless of how it is supposed to work or what the explanation is, the situation now stands that my tags display perfectly in iTunes but are not all saved to the files perfectly. So I am hoping there is some way I can force iTunes to save the current state of tag info to the files!
    About the 2 drives, it's simple. Right now my collection is on F:, and loaded into iTunes, but I want to get rid of that drive as it is IDE and too small, and store my collection on H: instead. I'm just really worried that after moving my collection and reloading into iTunes I will need to re-tag and re-load album artwork all over again. Any tips?

  • Problem with ID3 tags in iTunes

    I was hoping that I could get some clarification on how iTunes uses ID3 tags with mp3s. The problem I am having is that I have fixed all the ID3 tags on my mp3s using another program (Tag & Rename is the name of the program, it does both v1 and v2 ID3 tags) but iTunes still doesn't recognize the changes I have made. I have tried deleting my entire library, and readding all the songs, but for some reason it still has the wrong information. I tried opening the files with other music players, and they read the ID3 tags fine.
    Thanks in advance!
    I don't know if this helps, but the most noticable program is with my compilations. I changed all the artists to the actual artist name instead of "Various" that it used to say, but iTunes still reports the artist as "Various".

    I routinely change file names, change ID3 tags, and edit existing tracks using external programs. Once done, all I do is to double click the track in iTunes to ensure it reads updated ID3 tag info correctly from the track.
    1. iTunes reads track info from the file everytime you play a track and saves any changes that you have made through external software to its internal database at "C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Library.itl" and "iTunes Music Library.xml". As an alternative to playing, you could also press Ctrl-I to display track info, at which time it reads updated info from the track and displays it.
    2. If the filename has been changed for a track, iTunes prompts you to point to the right filename. When done, it populates ID3 tag info, while retaining the playcount and rating.
    Hope this helps.

  • Wireless music player with Time Capsule :advice sought

    All my music files in my iTunes library are stored on my Time Capsule.
    I would like to purchase a wireless music player (Squeezebox or similar, not Mac TV) that could directly access and play the music stored on my Time Capsule, without the need for Mac Book to be switched on. From the few wireless music players I have looked at, I get the impression (possibly false) that I would need the music player's client software installed on the Mac Book to serve the music to the player, which implies that the Mac Book needs to be switched on when the music player is in use (correct/false??)
    Can any one please give me some advice here? Is my understanding correct? Is there a simple way to configure my wireless network to allow a music player to play files directly from the Time Capsule? Can you recommend a particular music player that would allow me to do this?

    I would expect exactly what you are getting.
    Wireless is not going to transfer real world speeds higher than about link speed divided by 3, maybe even 4.
    Find your link speed. Hold down the option key and click the wireless fan in the top menu area.
    Take the transmit rate and divide by 3..
    You should realise that wireless is limited by Apple to 130Mbps at 2.4ghz although in newer equipment you can achieve 217Mbps.
    For 5ghz the speed will be 450Mbps in the same room but drops off quickly.. the above shot is with the TC in the next room.. max link speed dropped from 450 to 162 as drop off at 5ghz is very rapid.

  • Airport to music player with ethernet

    I am looking to connect my iTunes library to my Cambridge NP30 music player (all around house, wired) from a Mac Mini with Air Port Time capsule. Will I be succesfull? will I keep the WiFi fonctionnal (for other Mac/iPhones/iPads) eventhought I am using one Ethernet port for connecting the Mac Mini (in) and one for the music player (out)? Yes I want the "music" connections to be wired. Thank you.

    Not sure about your particular phone but on others, the next / previous track select button allows fast forward / bakwards if held down. IT depends on the format of the sound file though.

  • Songs cut off. someting to do with id3 tags and how they are encoded?

    Something very disconcerting is happening; tracks are being cut off before they should. Slowly more and more songs are being 'eaten'.
    One correlation does seem to be that they are all encoded with iTunes v4.0.1 and have id3 tag: v2.2. Unfortunately I have no idea what, if anything, this means or what to do about it.
    The 'time' display of the song is changed to the point where it cuts off rather than it's true length. I have tried changing the stop time (song info, options tab) but it does not allow me to make it longer.
    Currently iTunes 9.0.2 (25) is being used. This problem spans over several updates.

    Thanks Mike,
    Usually I do get info on a whole album, but I found that doing this for individual songs allows you to view the sorting info, and it was this that was causing the problem - All the sorting info has to be exactly the same for each song within an album for it to sort properly on an ipod. It's weird that the sorting was fine within Itunes, but not on the ipod, but anyway this seemed to solve the problem.

  • N9 audio driver issue with music player with PR1.2

    Seems that N9 PR1.2 would not completely initialize audio hardware for playing mp3s.
    I've downloaded some Science Friday podcasts, and try to play them back with default music player.  Occasionally, if I try to seek in the stream, or for some other reason the audio gets stops playing, or jumps back to beginning of track.  Kind of like a needle would jump on a vinyl disk.
    When that happens, it does not fix itself by exiting the music player.  It obviously tries to do something, as if I leave it playing sometimes after tens of seconds of silence it will try to play for a few seconds or so, usually looping the same segment.
    To be sure that the file was not corrupted I ran md5 on it comparing it to original on my hard drive, and it is ok.   This behaviour also repeats itself with different files.  Once it starts misbehaving, I can't play any files, even those I've already listened.
    Rebooting the phone does not help either, which is why I suspect a driver issue, not properly initializing some hardware registers.  If I let the battery run empty it seems to correct itself after recharge and reboot.  
    Has anyone else run into this?  Any workarounds or fixes?

    I have the same problem and i "fixed" it with using a new music player, "FlowPlayer" and then it works...
    It have to be a problem with the nokia music player! I realy hope the problem will be fixed in the firmware version pr1.3!

  • Disk With Id3 Tags?

    Hi all,
    My car cd player is apparently able to read id3 tags from cd's so that it can display the track name and artist instead of just track 1 etc etc, but how do i write the tags to a disk? I have tried using both CD-R and CD-RW disks, but still the tracks are jus displayed as track 1 and "no text"
    Any ideas?

    That depends on what type of cd player you have. If it is a cd player that only plays normal audio cd's then cd text information should be turned on, and you should leave it set to audio cd like normal. Some cd players can play mp3 cd's. These disk store the audio compressed as mp3 files so more of them can fit on a cd, but you need a cd player that can play this kind of disc. If you do have a cd player that can play this kind of disc, then set it to mp3 audio cd.

Maybe you are looking for