Can i play music and use mirroring function at same time from ipad2 to apple tv

can i play music and use mirroring function at same time from ipad2 to apple tv

Yes, any audio during the "mirroring" funtion will forward to the appletv. This includes all system audio, games, apps, ect. If you slide the mute botton the side of your ipad to mute then you can block app audio and just get Music audio or Pandora if you are using pandora.

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  • Can't play DVD and use Spotlight at the same time.

    I have been running in to all sorts of problems while playing a DVD. I have TV shows on DVD, so I watch them while I work. Everytime I have one playing and I open Spotlight to search for something my PB begins making this very loud noise. I don't know if it is my DVD player or something else, but as soon as I delete what is was I was searching for in Sportlight, it stops. It really bugs hearing this noise, because it sounds like something is wrong. If anybody can help, that would be great.

    Oh sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear.
    I have noticed that when you ask the optical drive to do one thing, it spins perfectly well and does what it is supposed to.
    If however you ask it do a second thing while it is still doing the first, then the laser skips between the two jobs and sounds strange.
    So... If you had a dvd or cd with 2 large files on it and
    a) Selected BOTH files together and copied them to the desktop, the drive would spin fast and transfer the files.
    b) Selected one file to copy and started the transfer to the desktop, THEN while the first was copying, selected a SECOND file from the DVD and started copying that, you would find the laser skipping between the two jobs.
    I thought that if you do this, and it is the same as what happens when watching a dvd and using spotlight, then it could be that spotlight is indexing the dvd while it is playing and the drive is therefore trying to do two things at once.
    I hope that helps.

  • Play Music and Watch Pictures at the same time?

    Can you play music and view pictures at the same time using AppleTV?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Yes indeed, there are various options for slideshows, including the background music for the slideshow.

  • Can i play audio and record video at the same time, disabling the external mike, so the video has that audio?

    can i play  audio while recording a video so that the audio is recorded with the video? .. disabling the inboard mic, ? .. thank you 

    Hi SwedelostinAmerica,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    The iPhone can maintain multiple pairing records, but it can only connect to one headset or hands-free device at a time. However, in your situation there may be a solution. You can connect the iPhone via Bluetooth for calls and use the 3.5mm jack on your iPhone and car radio to connect for music.
    The following article explains Bluetooth pairing and usage. Please use it as a reference.
    iOS: Third-party Bluetooth accessories
    Have a great day,

  • Playing music and video games at the same time, itunes gets distorted.....

    i have a problem. i used to be able to play music while play games such at warcraft and counter strike but when i installed the new intunes 7 i cannot do that anymore. the music is all distored and speeds up and slows down. as if the cd is scratched really bad. it is really frustrating. does anyone now how to fix this or is it unfixable?
    Sony PCV-RZ54G Windows XP

    i found a fix for WoW
    Open the World of Warcraft folder on your hard drive (Default Folder: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft).
    - Open the *** folder.
    - Open the Config.*** file using a text editor, like WordPad.
    Add the following line to the list if it doesn't exist:
    SET SoundOutputSystem "x"
    Set "x" to be 1 first, if it still occurs bump it to 2 and so on up to 4.
    you must restart WoW everytime you change the number.
    heres the link in the WoW forums.

  • Can't play music and be on old network at the same time?

    I just want to use this device to play music and connect to my original wireless network. I assume since I'm not using an Airport Extreme to connect to the internet then I can't get the Airport Express to connect either. I can't listen to music and be online at the same time the way it is currently configured. Is there another way to set this up so I can connect to my airport on itunes and play music while being on my other wireless network?

    Try Doing a hard Reset your Express and go through the setup procedure again.
    This time making sure your joining your existing network.
    Powerbook G4, MacBook Pro, Mac G5, Mac G4, Mac Mini   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

  • Any ideas how to play iPad music via tv and use ipad at the same time?

    I am using ArkMC app to play music from my iPad on my sony bravia tv. But when I come out of the app to say use safari, the music stops streaming. I really want to play music and use my iPad together. Any ideas?.

    the app have to support background play or when one move on it will stop playing
    if you use an appletv you can use airplay but it will not just play the music it will play any sound your ipad would otherwise play so if you start the music and expect to be able to play a game on the ipad while the music play you will be disappointed

  • If i have a home full of Apple TV's and Airport Express' can i  airplay music in every room at the same time?

    If i have a home full of Apple TV's and Airport Express' can i  airplay music in every room at the same time?
    Or just one device(room) at a time?
    It seems there is a lot of home theater systems where they all hook up to one "control" and then disperse to the different locations per instructions..
    Is this possible with all apple products?

    From iTunes using Multiple Speakers (you can control with the Remote app on iPhone/iPad too), but not from AppleTV itself.

  • Exporting from FCP and using Compressor at the same time?

    Is it ok to export from FCP and use compressor at the same time? I am exporting a Self-Contained, Current Setting Quicktime Movie, and using Compressor to compress a similar HDV file to Mpeg2?

    Only in FCP 7.

  • How can I play music and video files in Solaris 10?

    Hi all. I just downloaded Solaris 10 and installed it. I haven't used it for a long time (since version 8), and as I can see now, there are many improvements. I just loved Java Desktop! :)
    Can someone please tell me what libs or codecs etc, do I have to download and install in order to play music and videos (mp3, wmv, dvd etc), and where I can find them?
    I use the on-boaad sound system (Realtek AC97)
    Thank you all.

    You didn't mention if the sound drivers are working. If not, download and install the driver from here and reboot (it supports your codec):
    For players, see my FAQ:
    DVDs are more of a problem because of DCIMA. Look around.

  • Can I play music and read a book at the same time?

    Can I play music on my iPad and read a book on my iPad at the same time?
    Little Fat Boy

    Little Fat Boy wrote:
    Why don't I try WHAT?
    Playing music and reading a book at the same time.

  • How to play music through headphones Macbook speakers AT SAME TIME

    I have a macbook using OS 10.4 and I have been listening to music. I want to hear my music through the internal speakers and through headphones at the same time.
    The reason is... I like to sing to my music. But it sounds odd for others around if they can't hear. So I need to play it out loud. However, there are certain times (like right now) when there is too much background noise for me to hear my music well and I'd like to be able to drown it out. So I want to hear the music through my headphones. While still having it come out the speakers.. so those round hear it too.
    There really should be a way to do this, and I don't see why there wouldn't be. If there is a logical reason why one can't do this, then please inform me. If you know fo a way to accomplish it, then tell me please!

    I'm looking for a similar capability except by using software only.
    I want to be able to get sound from a single application out to two
    or more audio-output devices.
    Is there any third-party software available to do this?
    As an aside, MacOS almost lets one do this now with the existing
    audio plumbing capability, but it comes up just short of being
    able to do it.
    Thanks for any third-party software pointers or suggestions.

  • My IPod Touch 4th gen won't charge unless its off when it's on it won't even recognize the charger or indicate it's charging please help me figure out so I can charge and use it at the same time

    Help would be appreciated

    The charger yo are using does not supply enough power to both charge the iPod and power a working iPod at the same times.
    Not the wall you plug the wall charger into if you are using a wall charger.
    Have you tried another charging source?
    I would also try another cable.
    - Inspect the dock connector on the iPod for bent or missing contacts, foreign material, corroded contacts, broken, missing or cracked plastic.

  • Can I Send Music to Two Airtunes at the same time?

    I read somewhere there was some software or other fix that would allow me to send my iTunes music to two separate Airport Express Airtunes (to different stereo systems in different rooms, of course) at the same time.
    Is this true? If yes, how/where do I get the fix?

    And there would be no easy way to synchronize the
    sounds coming out of two Airport Expresses controlled
    by two different users.
    I'm not denying that. My point is that synchronizing multiple AirTunes streams is far from trivial due to the prebuffering delay and the fact that TCP is being used as a transport. The TCP transport is the most complicating factor because of the automatic retries when packets are dropped, which introduces latency (delays).
    There's one other difficulty with TCP: The communication is point-to-point. This means that each Express must have its own stream. With each stream taking approximately 700 kbps of bandwidth, two Expresses would chew up 1.4 Mbps of bandwidth, three would use 2.1 Mbps, etc. If you have a less-than-ideal wireless connection, dropouts become much more likely with each added Express.
    There's actually a convoluted approach I figured out over a year ago involving n + 1 users, each running an instance of iTunes, where n is the number of Expresses being streamed to. Nicecast was used to create an MP3 stream from one iTunes instance and then the other iTunes instances would pick up the stream and play it through the Expresses. It, too, suffered from the bandwidth escalation I described above.

  • Streaming from Macbook Pro and using it at the same time?

    Haven't decided yet if I'm going to buy the Apple TV or not, and I still have a few questions in the back of my mind. The biggest one being if I am streaming a movie from my MacBook Pro, does it still function regularly as a laptop or do I have to stop using it during the duration of the stream? I like to be able to work and watch movies or TV at the same time, and this is going to be a big deciding factor if I get one or not. Can anyone help? Thanks!

    if I am streaming a movie from my MacBook Pro, does it still function regularly as a laptop
    It does indeed. In fact when you use it, you probably wont even notice your computer is streaming content to the Apple TV.

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    hello ,if anyone can help,when i add new pics to my mac it should update in bb desktop software but doesn't  do it ,when i add new music to itunes it updates fine ,many thanks 

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    Hi folks, Is there a configuration table to get the text related to personnel area (WERKS) and personnel subarea(BTRTL)? Thanks, Sk

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    I purchased Adobe Creative Suite CS2, upgraded to CS3.3 and now just upgraded to CS4.  My question is, do I have to keep the CS2 and/or the CS3.3 on my computer or can I remove them?  If I can remove them, do I have to uninstall them before I trash t