Can my itunes library be sourced from more than 1 hard drive?

Currently my iTunes library is on an external 3TB hard drive but is filling up fast. Can I just add another hard drive and have my itunes library on more than 1 HD or does it need to all be in 1 place?

Hmmm... I think there may be a snag in that regard.  Although the library is separate, the preferences settings are the same since those are not part of a library but part of the user's library (as in computer user account, not iTunes) preferences.  I do have multiple libraries (for different non-Apple mp3 players I manage) but they share the same media in part and since day one I have always not had iTunes manage my media which is stored on two different internal drives.  Of course if you do that then having a single set of preferences doesn't matter since they aren't being used anyway, and that may be the way you would have to go.  I dont' really want to mess with my preferences settings right now to test if one could get it to work with default settings -- it would be a huge mess if iTunes suddenly thought I wanted it to manage my media!!
Edit:  You can also hold down the option key while dragging media to a library to override iTunes preferences to copy to media folder.  You could do this for a low management library such as a movie library where you are not adding and subtracting things on a daily basis (unless you can afford new movies every day).

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  • Can my tunes library me associated with more than one iCloud account?

    Can my iTunes library be associated with more than one iCloud account?

    No, but as mentioned in my answer to your other post, you can share the same iTunes ID with your family and maintain separate iCloud accounts with separate IDs.

  • I keep my library on an external hard drive 4TB.  It's full.  Can I use more than one hard drive to keep my library on?

    I keep my iTunes library on an external hard drive 4TB.  It's full.  Can I use more than one hard drive to keep my library on? Like two 4TB next to each other.

    Create a concatenated disk set
    Increase storage space with a concatenated RAID set (also called “Just a Bunch of Disks” or JBOD). If you need one large disk, but you have only several smaller disks, you can create a concatenated disk set to use several small disks as one large disk.
    Open Disk Utility, in the Utilities folder in Launchpad.
    Select one of the disks that you want in the set, and then click RAID.
    Click Add (+), and type a name for the RAID set.
    Choose a format from the Format pop-up menu. Usually you’ll choose the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format.
    Choose Concatenated Disk Set from the RAID Type pop-up menu.
    Drag the disks you want to add to the set to the list on the right.
    Click Create.
    Exerpt from:
    Disk Utility 12.x: Create a RAID set - Apple - Support
    Note that the biggest CON to concatenated RAID configurations is vulnerability to volume failure. If either disk fails, the whole volume fails. If you choose this option, I would highly recommend backing up your music to a cloud service. There are very cheap per GB/storage, and some of the most reputable actually offer unlimited storage:
    Five Best Cloud Storage Providers - Lifehacker

  • I can only access the itunes library if i plug in my external hard drive.  is there a way to add the music to my internal hard drive?

    i can only access my itunes library if i plug in my external hard drive.  how do i find where the itunes songs are on my external hard drive and how do i move them to my computers internal hard drive so i no longer have to have the external hard drive plugged in?

    When the drive is connected, use the Organize Library command in iTunes. If the entire library is located there, drag it to the internal drive, launch iTunes with the Shift key held down, and point it there.

  • Can I use a USB hub to connect more than 1 hard drive/flash drive device to the EA4500?

    Can I use a USB hub to connect more than 1 hard drive/flash drive device to the EA4500?

    That's not possible, it was designed to handle one device at a time. 
    I don't work for Cisco. I'm just here to help.

  • Can on use more than one hard drive to backup with time machine ?

    Can one use more than one hard drivewith time machine ?

    Yes, if you have the Mountain Lion operating system installed on the Macs that you want to back up.
    I don't know what the maximum number of hard drives might be, but I have tested with 4 and it works fine. Time Machine automatically rotates the backups when you do this, so drive #1 will be backed up first, then #2, #3, etc. and then back to #1, etc.

  • Can BO universe design tool read from more than one data source

    Hi Experts
    can I add personal data (from excel or Text) on a designer that is connected to relational Database
    can we combine more than one universe from different data sources to do so
    Please advise
    thanks all

    Thanks for reply
    I tried the linked universe concept but it is not working when I read in this topic in the universe design tool guide it indicated that
    both universes should have the same database I cote from this book
    ("The core universe and derived universe use the same data account, or database, and the same
    I also checked in the designer help it says the same condition
    If you have idea how to do so please send me the steps

  • "iTunes Media" file in "Previous iTunes Library" taking up 50Gb of much-needed hard drive space.  Can this be safely deleted?

    Hi everyone,
    My 3.5 year old 15" Macbook Pro is running out of hard drive space, so I have been trying to clean out some of the dross.  I recently found that there is a file called "Previous iTunes Library" in my iTunes folder that is taking up approximately 50Gb of space.   I would love to delete this folder and reclaim the space, but I am not sure what it is or where it came from, and I don't want to lose music files accidentally. Can someone tell me (1) what this folder is and (2) if I can safely delete it?
    Here is a screenshot of these folders and their sizes:
    Thanks for the help!

    Hello facetious1212,
    Take a look at this part of the article named iTunes: What are the iTunes library files? Found here
    Tip: New versions of iTunes sometimes include enhancements to the iTunes library. When you open the new version of iTunes, iTunes upgrades your existing library to the new format and places a copy of the old library in the Previous Libraries folder. If everything goes fine during your upgrade to the latest version of iTunes, you can delete the older iTunes Library files.
    All the very best,

  • Shared iTunes library, store purchases by more than one user

    I'm after some advice about a shared iTunes library. The folder is on an external hard drive. There are two user accounts on the Mac and they both make iTunes store purchases. I have had permissions errors for user #2 when trying to add downloaded songs to the library. I noticed the 'Ignore permissions' option was unchecked, but enabling it does not fix the problem (probably should've done it first).
    So user#2 has some downloaded songs in a different directory. I'm at the point where I need to bring everything into one shared library folder, on a permissions-ignored drive, making sure both users can download their individual purchases to the same library. Both users also have an iPhone that they would like to add music from this library to. Am I running into any potential problems - even if I backup the music data and begin from scratch?

    Use separate Windows user accounts, or press the Shift key when launching iTunes and create a second library.

  • ITunes library cannot locate files saved on external hard drive

    Hi, most of my music files are stored on my external hard drive. iTunes has decided it can't locate them and i'm wondering if there is any way of doing that without have to re-create my library from scratch or individually locate each file (approx 92GB of music)?!? I tried the tutorial on re-creating an iTunes library hoping that in doing so it would locate the files but no luck... i spent a LONG time organising that library and i'm really hoping i won't have to start over... thanks!

    I have the same problem. I tried following the procedures for "Using Multiple Libraries" without success, even though the instructions explicitly state that you can name your iTunes library (the folder containing all of your iTunes content and the iTunes Library.itl file) whatever you like and store it anywhere.

  • I am trying to figure out how I can get my library transferred to the Honda Accord 16gb hard drive?  I have purchased music of off I tunes and do not have the physical CD.  Anybody with any suggestions on how this can be done?

    I am trying to figure out how I can transfer my library to my new 2014 honda accord that has an internal 16gb hard drive.  The manual for the car says that it needs to be original CD's but I have purchased alot of the albums/songs I have from I tunes therefore not having the original CD.  Can someone help me with this as I dont want to load each CD into the player to record and have some albums that I purchased off of I tunes that I would like to be on the hard drive.
    Thanks Any Help is appreciated.

    If Honda says you need the original CDs, you need the original CDs.

  • Can I boot into Windows XP from a firewire enclosed Hard Drive? Boot Camp

    I understand you can install XP (as long as it has service pack 2 or 3) on an Intel Mac using Boot Camp, but I was wondering if it would be possible to take a HD from a PC computer which already has XP installed, and, using an firewire HD enclosure, boot the Mac into XP from that. Would this be feasible?

    Yes, but not exactly. The page says:
    "Can I install Windows on an external drive?
    No. Installing Boot Camp on an external hard drive is not supported."
    But I don't want to install Windows, I want to boot my computer into it.
    It also says:
    "External FireWire disks are not recognized by the Startup Disk control panel in Microsoft Windows. To start up from a bootable external drive, press and hold the Option (Alt) key while the computer starts up, then select the external disk."
    I don't mind if external disks won't appear under Windows, as long as I can still boot into it.
    I found another helpful post:bootcamp windows 7 Firewire external drive NTFS?
    Here someone writes:
    "I still use Windows XP with my Mac but still never had such a problem with my two Firewire external HDs (one FW400 and one FW800).
    And I did a lot of things with these
    Partioned one for use with OSX and Windows (one HFS+ partition; one NTFS partition); copied my complete MP3-collection (180GB) from one external HD to the other; etc.
    All without any kind of glitch or slowdown."
    So it seems this person was successful in booting XP from an external drive. Windows 7 or Vista on the other hand will encounter problems booting, which that tread explains.
    In another thread (Boot camp on an external hard drive) someone wrote:
    "I believe there might be a way, I just haven't gotten around to trying this out.
    1) use disk utility to partition the external drive to ntfs (i think)
    2) attach this disk to a pc and install the OS
    3) install refit onto your mac
    4) attach the drive via fw800, or even better yet esata, to you mac.
    5) Start up your mac
    6) choose the win xp option from the boot menu
    7) install bootcamp drivers
    this seems, in theory, that it should work."
    So from what I gather, I think this method would probably work, I just want to know if anyone had any specific knowledge regarding this subject.
    From here I only have two questions:
    Is it possible to take a working drive from a PC which already has XP installed, and change the format to ntfs under OSX without damaging the drive or OS?
    And, would I need a version of XP with service pack 2 or 3, or will anything do, since we are not installing it with Bootcamp, we are only running it under Bootcamp at this point.
    Thanks for any help!

  • What to do about a power supply for more than 2 hard drives in my G4 tower

    There are bays for up to 4 hard drives on the floor of the G4, but I can only find plugs to get power to two hard drives. I already have a PCI IDE controller card so I can accommodate a number of drives, but I don't know where to get the power from. How are you supposed to power the other two hard drives? There's one spare power cable up where there could be a zip drive, but that won't reach down to the hard drive bays. Is there maybe an extension for that power supply?

    Look carefully inside of the tower.
    There is another power lead with two power connectors to allow for four hard drives.
    It may be curled up and tucked behind the fan shroud.
    The power cable with two connectors for the optical drives is yet another power lead.
    In total, there are three leads with six connectors.

  • How can I import my library that is saved on a  external hard drive but it's not saved on the iTunes media folder?

    I need to restore my computer to it's factory settings but I don't want to loose my playlists and my library (windows). I can copy any file from the computer because it's in good working order. All my music it's on a external hard drive, but there's lots of media files that I don't want to sync but need to keep! Any way to do that!?
    Best Regards

    h.cordero wrote:
    I think that I didn't explain my self correctly, My iTunes media it's not consolidated. May I consolidate the media on a external drive (X:\). ?
    Yes. But consolidate to X:\iTunes\iTunes Media.
    The why I'm asking is because the music library (176gb) is way more than the computer drive (C:\). Remember that all the media is on a external hard drive (J:\)
    The steps I gave earlier will work to copy the whole library onto the new drive, in the correct layout for future ease of use.

  • How many movies can the itunes library hold?

    i have quit a few on there, and i want to keep them on there, aswell as add more. i'm just worried that if i go to buy a movie it'll say it can't hold anymore movies

    how many movies can the itunes library hold?
    As many as the available drives will accomodate.

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