Can't Get Java Applets

When I log-on to my favorite website, I get only a map but no moving details. I was told that I need to get Java Applets. When I use, Windows, I have no problems. Any advice?

Hi: I was using an Apple iMac, Model iMac 6.1, version Mac OSX, Version 10.4.7 w/ 2.16 Ghz. The site that I cannot get correctly is: When I access it using Windows 98, I have no problems. Using the Mac system gives me problems. The site appears but the time is frozen and the aircraft that are supposed to be shown arriving and taking-off are not shown. I tried removing the pop-up blocker but to no avail. What is the problem? Now, I'm back on Windows 98 and have no problems. This is why all my friends have Windows. We feel that Windows is much more user-friendly in many ways. Do you prefer Mac?

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  • Can't get java applet to run on IE 6.0

    I have just installed j2sdk1.4.0 and I am trying to get the HelloWorld example to run. I can get it to run on appletviewer but when I run in on IE 6.0, I get the error message
    Error loading class: HelloWorld
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: HelloWorld
    I have tried other java applets from various websites and they work.
    Can anyone please help me?

    Download and Install Java Plugin and Use the OBJECT tag instead of the APPLET tag.

  • I can not get Java applets to run on my MAC

    I am running OSX 10.9.1, Safari Mountain Lion 7.0.1 and have Java 7u51 and can not figure out how to get applets to run.  I am taking classes for work and they all use applets.  Any ideas how to enable applets?  Blogs have recommended using java preferences but I can't find that on my computer.

    since you’ve installed Java 7u51, you should have a Java pane in System Preferences. When you select it, a Java Control Panel window will appear. In the Security tab of that window, you might need to set your security level down to Medium and/or add the applet site to the Exception Site List to be able to run your applets.

  • How do I get Java Applets working on FF4 Mac?

    My website's photo upload applet uses Java to upload, and ever since FF4 beta releases, all the way up to the final, I get a missing plugin error. This error is ONLY on FF, it works on chrome and safari.
    Clicking manual install goes to:
    So in other words, the manual install is pointless.
    How can I get these applets working?

    PS. I'm downgrading till this is fixed. FF4 is useless to me without this ability. I always liked FF for the better upload ability over Safari and Chrome, so I'd love to be able to use it. :-)

  • Can't load Java applets in Safari

    Ever since I installed Snow Leopard, Safari can't load Java applets. I get a blue Lego brick with a question mark, and a message telling me that Java was not found.
    Firefox is unaffected, and I get the same error whether Safari is open in 32-bit or 64-bit mode. Programs written in Java, such as Vuze, are unaffected.

    Create another admin user account log into it, and see if the problem persists. If not, the issue's within the original account, usually amongst preference (plist) files. If so, then it's system-wide and reinstalling the 10.6.2 COMBO update, repairing permissions, and restarting should do the trick.

  • Than how can i get java class by using it's class file?

    After compilation of a java program, it creates a class file.
    After getting class file suppose class file has been deleted.
    Than how can i get java class by using it's class file?
    Thanks in advance.

    get a decompiler and run your class file through it--I'll assume you want the source code back and that you are not trying to recover a missing class file by attempting to use the class file that is missing--if it's missing, then I've not a clue on how to get it back by using what is already missing.
    BTW: many of your compilers have source control--if it does, just restore your missing file.

  • How can you get an applet to obey the CSS z-index attribute?

    How can you get an applet to obey the CSS z-index attribute?
    I have a DHMTL page with a panel that I want to slide back and forth. But another part of the requirement is to have the panel look like it is sliding under another panel.
    The problem is that an applet is on the panel that slides. When the sliding panel move under the stationary panel the applet does not go under the stationary panel, but the reset of the sliding panel does render looking like it is sliding under.
    See below.
    - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -
    - ~                      ~ ^                         ^ -
    - ~                      ~ ^                         ^ -
    - ~           #############***************           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #############^**************           ^ -
    - ~                      ~ ^                         ^ -
    - ~                      ~ ^                         ^ -
    - ~                      ~ ^                         ^ -
    - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -
    ~ has a z-index of 1
    # and * have a z-index 2
    # shows above ~ and below ^
    ^ has a z-index of 3What I am getting with the applet on the panel with a z-index of 2 is the following
    - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -
    - ~                      ~ ^                         ^ -
    - ~                      ~ ^                         ^ -
    - ~           #############***************           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@    *           ^ -
    - ~           #  @                  @    *           ^ -
    - ~           #  @                  @    *           ^ -
    - ~           #  @                  @    *           ^ -
    - ~           #  @                  @    *           ^ -
    - ~           #  @                  @    *           ^ -
    - ~           #  @                  @    *           ^ -
    - ~           #  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@    *           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #            ^             *           ^ -
    - ~           #############^**************           ^ -
    - ~                      ~ ^                         ^ -
    - ~                      ~ ^                         ^ -
    - ~                      ~ ^                         ^ -
    - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -
    --------------------------------------------------------Where @ is the applet. Notice how the applet is on top of the ^ but the panel under it, ^, is under like it should be. All the panels are 1x1 tables with a border. So how can I get the applet on the drawing shown with # and * to follow the rendering of the z-index of 2?

    I have the same problem, and don't know how to solve it, So, i had tried to put my applet in a div tag wih z-index=0, but it still hide my other Dhtml divs with bigger Z-index (z-index =1000)
    Have you any idea to solve this.

  • I can't get java to work on my Mac. It is installed and enabled. I can't activate java per site because I don't get "click here to activate" box.

    I can't get java to work with Firefox on my mac with OS 10.6.8. I did everything suggested and still no luck. Java is installed, enabled, and updated. I can't even activate java per site because I don't get the "click here to activate" box for some reason. Apple support said it's a firefox problem and they can't help me. I need to be able to use java!

    hello, please update firefox to the latest version & your OS to 10.6.8.
    [[Update Firefox to the latest version]]

  • HT1338 Help I can't get Java to down load to my Mac version 3.06 I have did the soft ware up date ?

    Help I can't get Java to down load !

    Hello BROitsJAMIE,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    I'd like you to please follow the troubleshooting in the article linked to below in order to resolve this issue with your Mail.
    OS X Mail: Troubleshooting sending and receiving email messages
    Take care,
    Alex H.

  • How can I get Java plugin to work

    How can I get Java plugin to work ?

    Greetings Dun1203,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    I understand that you would like to install or update Java on your Mac. For information on this process, please use the information provided in the attached link. 
    Java updates available for OS X on August 28, 2013 - Apple Support

  • How can I get Java to fill out form on web page and submit?

    I need to write a Java program that will submit a HTML form. I tried using POST already, but the only response I got back was the source code for the page itself. Looking more closely, I realized that there is a PHP script that will actually take the data from the forms and use it. How can I get Java to enter the data on the forms automatically and then run this PHP script? I don't need code, just a pointer in the right direction should do.
    Thanks in advance,
    Hasitha D

    hasithad314 wrote:
    I need to write a Java program that will submit a HTML form. I tried using POST already, but the only response I got back was the source code for the page itself. Looking more closely, I realized that there is a PHP script that will actually take the data from the forms and use it. How can I get Java to enter the data on the forms automatically and then run this PHP script? I don't need code, just a pointer in the right direction should do.
    If you are writing a program to submit a form,how come the PHP script come out of nowhere ? At this momemnt you are just writing some Java program,isn;t it ?
    My feeling is you are trying to edit some pre-written code.
    Is it ?

  • HT1338 Can I get Java for my iPad? I want to do crosswords and sudoku.

    I'd love to use my iPad when traveling, and be able to do the Washington Post sudokus and crosswords. Without Java, they don't appear on screen. Can I get Java for my iPad to enable me to play?

    I see the Washington Post Sudokus are working with the Puffin Web Browser on the iPad; t=8

  • Can't get java runtime, and applets, running inside Firefox 11.

    I have gone to my Windows 7 control panel and enabled java for the mozilla family,
    which implies the web browser I use, Firefox 11 at the moment.
    I have gone to Firefox/Tools/Add-Ons/Plugins and have enabled the
    Java Deployment Kit
    However, when I go to the Oracle Java test page
    It can't detect java working in my web browser.
    The install missing plugins button appears in the top right,
    and while it downloads java, it consistently fails here stating
    that I have the option to install manualy (which I have successfully done already).
    I have the java 6 download manager working, however I can't run applets embedded in the web browser.
    Please, how do I get my java working in firefox for my applets?

    Zachary1234 wrote:
    Yes, 32 bit java and a 32 bit web browser seem to be the only working answer for applets,
    even in windows 7 (and adherence to the firefox browser).No, its not. Its exactly as I said, not what you make of it. If you have a 64 bits firefox, install a 64 bits runtime.
    Let me put it differently: applets work just fine on my 64 bits Windows 7 under a 64 bits Firefox 11 with a 64 bits runtime.

  • Can't get java to initiate applet, or even run, please help

    I need help, please. Need java to do some organic chem work, and I can't get it to work. I have Java 2 runtime SE - 1.4.1_05, virtual machine 1.4.1_05-b01, and plug-in the same as J2SE. The Web Start file was corrupted when it downloaded, so I removed it from the Add/Remove in control panel. I'm running windows 2000 Pro, I'm not a computer expert (means I need explicit instructions), I'm a vet student trying to do my homework, and study for exams. Any reply here will be very appreciated, or to my e mail [email protected] Thank you, Cindy

    There are plenty of people here that can and will help, but you need to tell us what the problem is (details, error messages, code samples, etc)
    Here's a general blurb, post back it it doesn't help.
    This may duplicate some of what you've already done, if so fine. But please verify you've done exactly what is written or know why you shouldn't before proceeding. You may want to print these instructions before continuing.
    Also note that this applies to the currrent java version installed on "standard" windows systems, only.
    To download the current version of Java, go here:
    and click on the word DOWNLOAD in the column labeled SDK in this line: Windows Offline installation (info)
    After downloading, click on this page of installation instructions and read through #6:
    Install the software according to the preceeding instructions. If you encounter
    problems, see the section "Troubleshooting the Installation" in the installation instructions.
    Below is a Helloworld program, copy and paste it into your editor and save it as "" Use capitalization, Java is case-sensitive. If you're using Notepad, quote the name when saving, otherwise Notepad adds ".txt" to the name. Go to DOS/command window and check that you've got the file where you want it and that it's named correctly.
    -------save this program as
    public class HelloWorld {
    public static void main (String[] args) {
    System.out.println("Hello World!");
    In the same directory as, enter "javac" - the program should print out a list of options, if not, set your PATH - see below.
    In the same directory as, enter "javac" and the javac compiler will create HelloWorld.class. If it was successful it will not give any messages. Check that the file is created.
    In the same directory as, enter "java -classpath . HelloWorld" with the spaces and the period. The program will run. If it doesn't, recheck that you followed the instructions.
    Here is additional information:
    The Windows path is a set of pointers that Windows uses to locate programs that you execute, like javac.exe and java.exe. This setting is explained here: - 5. Update the PATH variable
    (you should have already done this as part of the Java installation)
    The CLASSPATH is another set of pointers that is used by Java to find the files that you create and want compiled and/or run. This setting is explained here:
    Setting the Classpath:
    [NOTE: always start your classpath with ".;" which means the current directory. See my classpath, below]
    How Classes are Found:
    This is my path
    This is my classpath

  • Can't get Java to work in IE 6!

    I downloaded and installed the file jre-1_5_0_01-windows-i586-p-iftw.exe and couldn't get java to work on websites that used it. So I tried to install it again and got the message "You already have this version of the JRE installed. Please uninstall the product through your add/remove programs utility before reinstalling." followed by "The Wizard was interrupted before J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 1 could be completely installed...".
    So I went into Control Panel --> Add or Remove Programs --> J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 1. I clicked to remove the program and eventually got the message "Fatal error during installation." Then I tried going into Control Panel and click the Java coffee mug icon. Nothing happened when I did that -- no Java console/panel or anything.
    So basically I can't get it to work and now I can't even remove it. In Internet Explorer --> Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced I have the box checked beside Use JRE 1.5.0_01 for <applet> (requires restart). But when I go to Tools --> Sun Java Console, nothing happens.
    Can anyone help me out???

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Windows...
    In your user folder (c:\documents and settings\somewhere in there) you will find a java folder. Try removing that and then reinstalling the JRE through the website.

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