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Please check the PDF on consolidation from the link /download
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  • Stock Transport Order between Two Company codes

    Dear All
    Scenario-- Stock transport order Between two company codes.
    The valuation of Comapny Codes is at Moving Average Price.
    I have a scenario
    MAP of Issuing Plant-- Rs. 10 / kg
    I am able to pick up the price of Rs.10 (MAP) of issuing plant while creating PO.
    in receving plant.
    At the time of Goods issu the MAP has changed & become Rs.12/kg. Hence the goods issue takes place at Rs.12/- perkg.
    When we make GR at receiving plant ,the valuation of GR is at Rs.10 i.e at PO price.
    Is it possible to have a GR valuation at Goods issue price for that delivery note?
    Request Your feedback urgently.

    The invoice has the material costs at time of goods issue.
    You receipt is valuated to PO price. But when you post the invoice, then the MAP is adjusted,
    By setting up EDI, SAP will probably post the invoice before the goods receipt is done, hence the GR should be valuated with the invoice price.
    from Note 518368 - FAQ: Valuation for the purchase order;
    With which price is the goods receipt posted for a purchase order?
    If the goods receipt is executed before the invoice receipt, the goods movement is valuated with the purchase order price. If an invoice is already posted, the system uses the price of the invoice. If a partial invoice is received, the partial quantity corresponding to the invoice is valuated with the invoice price, the rest is valuated with the purchase order price.
    For more detailed information, refer to both the documentation of the material valuation and Note 380883.
    see as well Note 547570 - FAQ: VPRS in pricing

  • STO between two company codes

    we are doing the inter company process between two company codes.
    i have one reference document,
    1) how can we find the supplying plant sales area and receving plant sales area.
    2)In spro settings "Assign sales organization - distribution channel u2013 plant" which one we need to assign here(supplying plant sales area or receving plant sales area).
    3)In customer master record sales area tab which one we need to assign as a Delivering plant(supplying plant or receving plant)
    please tell me anyone.

    1. Are you referring to the config area of transaction area?
    If config, then you can find the configured sales area of the supplying & receiving plant in IMG --> Materials Management --> Purchasing --> Purchase Order --> Set Up Stock Transport Order --> Define Shipping Data for Plants (here you assign the relevant sales area to the relevant Supplying Plant and the created Customer number (in XD01) to the Receiving Plant. Thise customer number is used in SD shipping processing to identify the ship-to party if provision has been made in Customizing for a stock transfer to be carried out with an SD delivery). This sales area is to subsequently trigger the shipping point (based on shipping point determination) for delivery.  
    You also assign the supplying plant to a vendor. To do this, from the SAP menu choose Logistics --> Materials Management --> Purchasing --> Master Data --> Vendor --> Purchasing --> Create; on the screen for purchasing data, choose Extras, and you assign the supplying plant here.
    2. In the SPRO, you assign the Supplying Plant to the relevant sales organization and the distribution channel in IMG --> Enterprise Structure --> Assignment --> Sales and Distribution --> Assign Sales Organizationu2013Distribution Channel-Plant.
    3. This is not required, as this delivery plant in the "Sales" tab is relevant when you create a Sales Order to automatically populate the delivery plant for the particular customer. For cross-company STO, the customer number is used to identify the ship-to-party to carry out the shipping processing. You would instead need to ensure that the shipping condition etc. in the customer are maintained properly for the shipping point determination.
    Hope the above helps.

  • STO clearing account between two company codes

    Hi, every body, when trying to do STO between two company codes, I am getting error to configure the *clearing account between that two company codes, please guide me in resolving the issue, if anybody gives me perfect step by step explanation regading this issue, I will surly reward them with highest points

    Hi Azeem,
    When there is a transaction between two company codes, then you need to define the clearing accounts for those two company codes in the TCode: OBYA.
    It will ask for Company code 1 and Company code 2.  there you give your 2 company codes and define the posting keys and clearing GL accounts over there.
    I think your problem will be solved with this.  Please let me know the status and please reward points if found useful.

  • Create AlE Relationship between two company code F210 to FN21 (UHP To UPI)

    I want to know how to create ALE realtion ship between two company code ( F210 to FN21(Server name UHP to UPI )  and how to process it?
    Please reply ASAP.

    Hi Sathish,
    Thanks for reply!..
    But My question I want to Add ALE relationship between two company code F210 to FN21 (UHP(Production server) To UPI(Third Party System)).

  • Using IDoc to convert Purchase Order as Sale Order between two Company code

    Dear Experts,
    We are in need of implementing IDoc.
    We have 2 Company codes. One in US and another in India.
    The US Company receives Customer Order and PR is generated automatically for the Third Party Sale Order.
    The PO is also generated based on this PR against the Vendor code (Indian Company actually created as a Vendor code also)
    Now, the PO from Us Company should be converted as Order in Indian Company. The PO sending Plant is the Customer in this case.
    1. How we go about this using IDoc.
    2.How do we capture the Sold-to-Party ( US Compnay in thsi case) and the Ship-to-Party ( Direct Customer of US Company)
    Please share your experties on this.

    Hi Ramki,
    Since the goods are selling between 2 company codes.. you should ideally use inter company process i.e. choose plant as Indian plant and etc..pls search the forum for intercompany process set up or refer to the setup required for Intercompany :
    The above setup will help you in dealing with your question 2.
    On question 1: Once you setup the intercompany you won't require IDocs setup.
    I hope this helps.

  • Stock transfer between two company code

    Hi experts !!!!!!
    Would like to have u r suggesations
    We have two company codes. (1000 and 3000)
    Company code 1000 has one Distribution Center (e.g.1100)
    And Company Code  3000 has Five Store (e.g. 3100, 3200,3300,3400,3500)
    please suggest how to transfer the article stock , (by using Stock transfer order)  from Company code 1000 Which has  Distribution Center (e.g.1100)
    Company Code  3000 has  Store (e.g. 3100, )
    please tell detail in step by step
    thanks in advance

    Steps to be followed will be
    1) Define the shipping data for Sites
    2) Assign a delivery type and checking rule
    3) Assign a Purchasing document type for the Supplying site and Receiving site combination
    4) Assignment of movt type 643 and field selection for the same as per requirement.(OMJJ)
    5) Change filed controls for Vendors by vendor account group. Change the General data> Control to optional and Additional Purchasing data from site to Optional. (OMSG)
    6) Define the partner function in Vendor master data for supplying site. (XK02).
    Hope this helps.
    Vinod Kapote.


    Hi All,
    I have done sto between two plants of two different company codes.
    PO generated(ME21N)
    delivery in background(VL10B)
    Stock Posting (MIGO)
    All the steps completed and stock overview is also reflected the transfer.
    Now Can any body clarify me about do a billing document should be raised between two plants?
    what is process to track accounts in each company code abt stock transfer?
    Thanks in advance.
    Please clarify with steps to do after MIGO.

    Hi Reddy
    The intercompany there are 2 processes
    Intercompany STO means there is a stock transfer happens between two plants of different company codes
    For that del type used is NLCC order type is NB
    Not del type NL as written by you
    After the STO the suppying company will bill the ordering company that is intercompany billing
    I beleive this is what the process you are trying as per the heading of your thread
    Another is intercompany sales followed by intercompany billing and this is what Mr.Murali had sent settings
    For this no STO is reqd
    The supplying plant will deliver directly to the customer who lies in the sales set up of ordering plant
    NO STO here
    After the supply is over the ordering company will bill the customer F2 inv and the supplying plant will bill the ordering plant/company
    The billing will be between company code to company code that is intercompany
    Scenario 1 is Intercompany STO followed by intercompany billing
    Whatever we move from 1 plant to another is stock transfer
    Scenario 2 is Intercompanysales followed by intercompany billing
    Whatever we supply to the end customer is is sales
    By going tro the initial thread once again you are trying  Intercompany STO only
    The del type you are using is wrong and it should be NLCC
    _I think you are mixed between both as per my knowledge you cant map this as that and that as this
    They both are process wise different_
    Pls tell exactly where you are struck?

  • Invoice verification in Stock transport order between two company codes

    I made 3 good issue in supplying plant of company codeagainst stock transport oder & 3 good receipt in receiving plant of company code.
    During invoice verification in MIRO, 3 lines items (Pertaining to 3 GRs) are not displayed But consolidated quantity (Sum of 3 GR qty) & value is displayed.
    Please tell me how to get 3 line items (as per GR) during invoice verification.

    Tick the GR based IV in the PO.

  • Subcontracting b/n two company codes

    Hi friends
    i have caome across the subcontracting scenario which takes place between two company code with their respective plants, Please Provide best way to map the scenario

    Sub Contracting Cycle
    (1) You have a material that can be procured externally, and you have maintained BOM with components. Any waste generated and received during subcontracting process can be maintained as component with negative quantity. 
    (2) You create a subcontracting PO (PO with Item Category L). You can also maintain Purchase Info Record for Subcontract category for material and subcontractor. 
    (3) You make a transfer posting to issue components for SC PO. Material is sent to subcontractor.  As material remains under your ownership, system does not make any value entry. But quantity is shown as "Material Provided to Vendor" 
    (4) You receive finished material against SC-PO. You also specify components consumed in manufacturing of finished goods. Additionally, if you have negative components in BOM, now you'll also receive subcontracting by-products. There are three events, so three accounting entries are generated: 
    DR FG Stock/ SC By-Product Stock 
    CR Change in Stock (FG/ SC By-Product ) 
    (for finished goods received) 
    DR Subcontracting Charges 
    CR GR/IR Clg 
    (for moneys payable to Subcontractor) 
    DR Consumption (Components) 
    CR Change in Stock (FG/ SC By-Product ) 
    (material provided to Vendor is now charged to expense) 
    (5) You do the IV for SC Invoice, and the process is complete. 
    Process of Subcontract in MM
    Sub-contract business process: 
    You want to buy material from the supplier (processed material/ assembled item) , but for some reason (quality of certain item / price ) you will give some component to vendor . 
    Vendor shall process the item / use the item provided & supply the final item. 
    SAP process: 
    1.Create the finished goods material code. 
    2.Maintain the BOM for the material. 
    3.Create PO with item category as "L" . 
    4.Issue material to vendor with movement type 541 
    5.Receive the material against the PO with movement type 101. 
    6.MIRO to account for vendor's invoice for the service charge& material used by him. 
    Can anybody tell me how a process has to be given to subcontracting?
    Suppose, I have 3 operations  1)weaving 2)dyeing 3)cutting & packing 
    if no 2 process (i.e Dyeing) has to be given to subcontracting, what process should i follow ?
    The following process to be followed for subcontracting. 
    1. Item code(material master) to be created at the stage of before dyeing. 
    2. Item code(material master) to be created after Dyeing as subcontracted item.(F30) 
    3. Bill of material to becreated for the material(2) calling for material(1) 
    4. Inforecord and source list to be created for material(2) with the corresponding vendor 
    5. PO to be released for material (2) 
    6.Along with PO the material(1) to be issued to vendor 
    7.On receipt of material when GR is made the stock with vendor will get updated. 
    How to Create a Subcontract Order?
    To create a subcontract order, proceed as follows: 
    Enter the material you want to order and the item category for subcontracting (L) in the order item. 
    Press ENTER to display the screen for component processing. 
    Enter the components that the vendor requires to manufacture the product. 
    Please note: 
    – You do not need to enter the date required for the components. This date is proposed by the system when you press ENTER. 
    It is calculated as follows:
    Delivery date of the item - Planned delivery time
    – If you do not want the quantity of the components to be changed if the order quantity of the end product is altered, set the indicator Fixed quantity (column F). 
    – You can determine whether the components are available on the date required by selecting Edit -> Availability check. 
    If you entered a bill of material as the material in the subcontract order, the components are created automatically. 
    If you want to determine the components in the bill of material at a later date (for example, if the bill of material is subsequently changed), choose Item -> Component -> New BOM explosion. The existing components are deleted and redetermined in the bill of material. 
    Save the purchase order. 
    When you print the purchase order, the components are printed per order item
    Subcontracting - Key Points
    Special Procurement Process.
    Item category: L
    Order type: NB
    In info record vendor should be maintained as subcontractor.
    Vendor (Subcontractor) receives the components used to manufacture a finished product directly from your company or through third party.
    Your company should place a purchase order for the finished product.   In this manually you can enter the required individual components or it can be determined via the explosion of BOM (if exists).
    Stock check at vendor level: ME2O
    Company stock check: MMBE
    GR for individual components through movement type: 501 or 561 (if with out PO or without reference).
    GI to subcontracting vendor: through movement type 541.
    GR from sub contracting vendor: through movement type: 101
    Movement type 543 is displayed to cancel the material cost account.
    If the subcontracting order has to be generated through materials planning,the special procurement key has to be set in MRP 2 screen.
    SAP MM Tips by : Sundaramoorthi
    Email                     : [email protected]
    Editor Note:
    - To create the Subcon Info Record : Tcode ME11 - Info Category - Click Subcontracting
    - To create Material BOM : Tcode CS01
    - With the Info and Material Setup, you can then create the Purchase Order in Tcode ME21N

  • Same plant serving two company codes

    hi gurus
    can any one share there experiance in configuring that single plant serving two company codes, requirement is need simple sto process for exchange of finished and raw materials between two company codes

    No, It is not possible. Even though u are doing STO process u need to mainatin two different plants. More you can not assign the same plant to two company codes.but u can assign more than one plant to one company code it is like N:1 relation ship..
    Please create one more virtual plant for stock exchange for other company code. Because Material valuation will happen at plant level only..

  • Testing strategy after legal merge of two company codes

    Hi All,
    This is my first integration project. Please help me out with my query:
    My company is going through a merger and we have merged two company codes.
    for e.g. company code 1 is in ABC company and company code 2 is in XYZ company. ABC is buying XYZ company. This means that company code 1 will remain and company code 2 will merge into company code 1. They are going to bring in the open line item AR/AP data from company code 2 into company code 1.
    Any of you guys who have worked on an integration project before please guide me to some documents online or state some kind of testing strategy to adopt to test after the legal merge has taken place. I am mostly looking for a strategy to test intercompany process.

    There are lot of issues that you need to take care of:
    1. is there any relation bwteeen the two company codes before merger. have they done any transactions between them? If yes, what wewould be the accounting treatment for the same. Would it be transferred at cost or Cost+Price (Transfer Price)
    2. If you are in India, there would be effects of taxation like excise and vat calculations
    3. One of the most important issue, is that of the new fiscal year. What strategy would you follow for the merged entity? In Sap, changing a fiscal year is a critical issue. Request you to refer SAP Help for the same. There are notes available for the same
    4. What would be the strategy for Asset valuations? Are there different asset valuation procedures followed in the two company codes?
    Thanks & regards
    Sanil K Bhandari

  • One trial balance out of two company codes

    Our clinet has two company codes in legacy system, now we are implimenting SAP.
    In legacy system, company codes are combined into one overall trail balance. Once in SAP they will there be two separate LEu2019s. Will they be required to apply transfer pricing methodology for intercompany movements between themselves ?.
    Please advise how to configure this?
    How to have a one trial balance out of two company codes?

    Please note you have a few questions - I would recommend a single post per question to make it easier for others to answer.
    Please note - people will not share config guides or notes so you may want to ask a particular question around transfer pricing.
    If you have 2 Company Codes in ERP 6, that have the same controlling Area, FSV you can produce trial balances for more than one company code by activating the new GL.
    It seems your client is new to SAP, therefore the new GL will be activated as standard. The standard transaction F.01 allows for a single trial balance for 2 company codes, that have the same CoA, Controlling Area and currency.

  • Mixing two company codes

    Hi SAP experts
    I have few questions related to Amalgamation of two company codes.
    As per our business decision they want to Amalgamate two company codes 1234 and 5678 , This client has been using SAP since few years. what are the precautions which should be taken in this aspect with respect to payroll, so that it will not create any side effects in future and also how should be the coordination between HR and FI in this type of cases ??
    Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

    you do a transfer action to the new company code on the start date of the month and restrict the retro accounting before that date so that it will not do any posting to the old company code.

  • Releation ship between the Company code and confirmation key in SPRO

    Where to find the releationship between the Company code and Confirmation key in SPRO

    Hi Kishore,
      There is no relationship between those two. If you want to set confirmation key, you can set in purchase order item details tab in confirmations tab. It will be useful to know the shipment of open items from customer like shipment notification, inbound delivery.

Maybe you are looking for

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