CS4 Audio Export Problem

I'm fairly new to CS4 and have picked up an audio export problem, more than likely with a setting of sorts. For some reason when I export to MPEG2 -DVD via the Media Encoder, the video portion is fine as well as any audio that has been placed and edited on tracks audio 1 and 2 in PP. However, if there is additional audio placed on tracks 3 or 4 for example (say a music MP3 overlay) then this does not come out ... only audio placed on tracks 1 and 2 in PP come out. I have checked the obvious like making sure the tracks aren't muted etc but to no avail. Also tried changing from PCM audio to MPEG ... Stereo to 5.1 mixdown ... nothing doing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and regards
Videoman 1

Thanks Harm ... got SnagIt and with a few helpful YouTube tutorials ... am in business. Hunt and John, also thanks ... the other method equally as good. Now, I have attempted to attach my screen shot which should display my CS4 timeline and associated audio monitor windows above. By the way, this was for a wedding and as indicated, you will notice an MP3 lying in audio track 3 which as mentioned is my problem as it is not audible after render via Media Encoder. But remember, the moment I slip this MP3 up into audio track 1 or 2 above ... problem solved. I know there must be something small like a setting gone wrong or incorrect. As mentioned, any help would greatly appreciated.
Thanks to you all.
Regards Paul ( Vryheid, South Africa )

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  • CS4, Audio Export problem due to CFA files

    I'm having a -really- annoying problem and would appreciate any help.
    I have been unable to export a project through Premiere with Media Encoder (just keeps freezing, then restarting the export etc) so I've used Dynamic Link to import the Sequence into AE and export that way. I have done this numerous times for otherprojects without problem, and can even export other Sequences from the same Project with no issue.
    However, when I try to import any Sequence that includes my intended project (a 54 minute film) I get the same error every time "Audio conforming failed for the following file: CTC3 NEW COMPLETE MOVIE 48000.cfa. Perhaps due to disk space."
    I have plenty of free space and I can't locate this CFA file anywhere. This error prevents me from exporting any audio and the warning re-appears for every second that gets Rendered if I try to export. I exported a short clip and had to click away the error each time and the resulting video had no sound but did feature video.
    I can't figure out why each Sequence that doesn't feature the clips I actually need can work fine, but any Sequence that -does- feature them will not import properly.
    I'm supposed to have this film ready for a premiere tomorrow and have been trying since Tuesday night to find a way around this problem.

    The Media Cache

  • CS4 audio sync problems

    Hi all,
    sorry if this question is old hat - I've searched the forums and can't seem to get a clear answer (most refer to CS3 and before) so thought I'd ask anew.
    My preview in Premiere CS4 is fine, as is the preview in Encore CS4. The video was captured from four tapes (HD as mpeg and SD as Matrox AVI) in Premiere. The final DVD (10 minutes) consists of 21 clips. All but one are OK - this one has the voices well out of sync with the video, even though other clips taken from the same tape are fine.
    I also had a major problem recently with an MP4 from youtube, which I guess is the same issue - everything else was fine, but this one clip was well out.
    I'm guessing by now this is an old problem. What's the solution, please?

    Newbie to Adobe here ...
    Okay,  so after spending over 14 hours trying to fix the audio sync problem I fixed mine. After editing my project I selected Sequence > Sequence Settings > Playback Settings > under Realtime Playback make sure the "Desktop Video Display During Playback" box is selected. Next, in "External Device" change the setting from "None" to your next option. Mine reads DV: 29.97 720 X 480i. Next, Under "Export" section in that same window select the in "External Device" select the DV option again. Also, you might want to "Disable video output when in background" ...select that box at the bottom of the screen.
    Now, try recording the video to the tape ....my audio now sync's as normal. I hope it works for you.\
    One more thing ... you can keep the "Desktop Audio" button selected.

  • Premiere CS4 - Audio sync problems, Encoding Problems

    I've been using Premiere CS3 for encoding 20-25 minute videos to deploy on a Flash Media Streaming server.
    Today I upgraded to CS4 and everything that I render to FLV/FV4, H264 or Quicktime format has serious audio sync problems when I use AAC as the audio codec. Unfortunately for me, AAC is the codec that I need to use for the streaming server. The audio is synchronized to begin with, but it gets progressively unsynched as the video progresses.
    Has anyone else had this problem? I'm using bitrates of 256 kbps, 512kbps for the video and 24 kbps / 32 kbps for the audio.
    Another thing that I've noticed is that many of the options that I used when encoding videos are no longer available!! For instance, I cannot generate hinting tracks for Quicktime, and most of the audio frequencies are gone for Quicktime as well.
    What a disappointment:(

    Seems to be an on going issue with no response from Adobe.  Have the same issue with the audio running ahead of the video.  (Cool if this was an old Japanese monster video).
    Running CS4 PP & AME all updates are current.  Nvida Quardro CX (current drivers 4.20.006) used several formats (Elemental h.264 to MPEG-2) same issue. 
    PC Intel Xeon CPU 3.20GHz 16GB RAM – Prof Win XP x64 Ser Pack 2
    Any help from Adobe would be appreciated.

  • Premiere CS 5.5 - audio export problem

    I am running into a weird problem today.
    I have a few premiere projects and am rendering quicktime.
    I am able to render all projects but in one, the audio just does not get exported.
    I have also tried copying the sequence and pasting in a  new premiere project.
    Nothing helps. I am on a n extremely tight deadline - would appreciate help.

    This is now august 2014 !!! Almost two years after this problem was reported. I'am trying a CS6 thing and never had this problem until now when I dropped what seems to be a killer issue: 3 different sources of digital files into one sequence. I never used different cameras, but I received some full HD files. One audio only from Zoom recorder (was 1,411 kbps...), one AV Quicktime mov from a Cannon EOS 70 D and one AV MTS AVCHD from a Sony PMW 100.
    The report is the same: no problem importing and editing but no way to export audio, neither only in wav or mp3, neither with the video. As people noticed, unmarking "export audio" your video edition was exported as ever.
    No hardware issue too, as things evolved form 2011-12 and now I'm using I7 with 8 fast cores, 8 GB DDR3, SSD SATA 3 hard drive only for editing, and a 960 cuda cores Video Card. So, all the previous "weak hardware" and "re install" things were WRONG!
    thyl0r's reply is the only correct thing at this issue. I tried others (no re install, of course) and they failed. I made the - simply click "sequence->render audio" - and my despair vanished in less than a minute. This answer has to be incorporated to Premiere's FAQ. Thank you thyl0r whoever you are.

  • Audio exporting problems: from FCP to protool/STP and back again

    Final Cut Pro sound export for mastering.....sync problem
    I'm editing a 30 minute film and I have done most of the sound edit in FCP and Soundtrack pro and I want to now bring all the sound into pro tools to master the sound but every time i export sound into pro tools it seems to stretch by two or three seconds.
    I have tried OMF, AIFF, XML, and Quicktime audio file sut to no avail!!!!
    There are 50 tracks in the file so it is quiet large. It's not that there are handles of the file also as when I sync the file with the audio track with the video it syncs in one place but it is still out of sync in another.........It's as if the audio has been stretched!?!
    If anyone has any advice it'd be much appreciated

    Check the timecode rate and sync options in Protools. It sounds like a timecode or samplerate mismatch.
    Especially note that 23.976fps OMFs from FCP (probably STP as well) show up in Protools as 24fps sessions. Change the PTs timecode to 23.976 to realign.

  • [PLEASE HELP!] .m4v and .mpeg4 Audio Export problems (QT 7 pro)

    When i try to export any clips to .m4v (movie to ipod) or .mpeg4 the video is exported but has no sound. When i select "export to .mpeg4" and click on "options" it says "audio: no audio track in source movie". This is the same message displayed on all the clips i have tried to export.
    Does anyone know how i can record the audio for .m4v files or .mpeg4 files?
    Thankyou so much in advance for your help.
      Windows XP  

    I'm using Quicktime Pro v 7.0.4 on Mac. I tried exporting Quictime mpeg4 to iPod format and get only video but no audio! And I'm talking Apple all the way. These files were made from a Sony digital camera with the digital video record option.
    Believe most (if not all) Sony digital cameras still use MPEG video format. As such, the files contain a "muxed" stream consisting of blocks of video data interspersed with blocks of audio data for A/V synchronization. As Kirk alluded to above, QT is a "frame-to-frame" sync application and does not fully support "muxed" (e.g., MPEG1, MPEG2, VOB, some AVI, MJPEG, etc.) formats.
    I do use a 3rd party program called Snapz Pro X to capture to .mpeg4 and these files export just fine to iPod format!
    Good solution for capturing streamed video but not the best here. As you suggested, use a third party, MPEG based application like iSquint (free) or, better yet, MPEG Streamclip (free) for one-step conversion with audio.
    I tried to convert the mpeg4 format to MOV format and then convert MOV to m4v but no audio there.
    No surprise here. If you check your first MPEG4 file you will see that no audio track was present following the initial conversion and no amount of further conversions will add a non-existent audio track.

  • Multichannel audio exporting problem

    Hi all, I have a clients need me export my movie audio files as the following 8 channel which I don't know how to do it in premiere cc.
    As I try to export it as wav file. in the Basic audio setting, there are only 3 option available : mono, stereo & 5.1
    unlike other user in this forum , they have 4-10++ channel option available, is there anything missing in my premiere cc?
    how do I export this audio? thanks
    SONY XDCAM HD422 1080i50
    file Container : .mov File Wrapper
    Audio Container
    CH.1 & 2 :24-bit, stereo (LR), 48000khz (1st Lang)
    CH.3 & 4 Dolby E Stream 5.1+2 (1st Lang)
    CH.5 & 6 :24-bit, stereo (LR), 48000khz (2nd Lang)
    CH.7 & 8 :Dolby E Stream 5.1+2 (2nd Lang)

    Can I raise this subject again.
    I have a video I want to output in Blu-Ray format. Steven's instructions say:
    To export to a file format like H.264 for Blu-ray, you want to choose H.264 Blu-ray, use the preset for 1440X1080i 25 High Quality, and look at the Multipexer tab. There are multiple tabs, Filters, Video, Audio, Multiplexer and Others. On the Multipexer tab select Multiplxing - TS instead of None
    I have followed these instructions and tried MPEG2 Blu-Ray and H.264 Blu-Ray.
    Video is set to PAL 1440x1080, 25 fps Upper
    Audio format is PCM (I can only choose PCM or Dolby Digital and I don't have a DD license)
    Multiplexer setting - If set to None then I get two files
    If I change the Multiplexer to TS, I get an error message when it starts to process the project "Audio Codec selected is not compatible with this multiplexing mode. Please change the selection"
    I don't see what I can change the audio codec to as there is only a choice of two options and I can't select Dolby Digital.
    Any suggestions?

  • CS4.2 Exporting Problem

    Version 4.2 on Windows XP, runs and operates fine.  Converted RED files into 1920x1080 Quicktimes to edit.  Export as 1920x1080 Quicktime, Custom presets, 23.98 frames, 100 Quality, no codec (I was just sampling the export quality).  After exporting the ratio shifts from 16x9 to what appears to be 4x3 and scrunched together.

    Welcome to the forum.
    Where are you seeing this Aspect Ratio problem, QT Player?
    Could be that the Aspect Ratio flags are missing, or that they are just not being picked up.
    Does the file play correctly in VLC Player, or MediaPlayer Classic HC (both free)?
    Though G-SPOT does not excel with MOV files, what does it tell you about the PAR?
    Good luck,

  • Motion Audio Export PROBLEM???

    When I export from motion using either compressor or even quicktime, for some unknown reason the audio file produced is cut short. Have tried many export variations, adjusting the play range BUT no joy! Any suggestions?

    welcome to the posts.
    if you search through old threads you will find that many people come across this from time to time, myself included. There is nothing you can do about it in motion, as the audio side is buggy. The way round it is to import the motion sequence into FCP and export from there. I never build audio up in Motion, as its a comping tool and not an audio tool.
    Hope this helps

  • Photoshop CS4 & Quicktime Export Problem

    I am opening a still image sequence of tif files, each file containing an alpha channel. When I render this to video in Photoshop, I select the Quicktime Animation codec and set it to use Millions of Colors+. This is supposed to allow the inclusion of the alpha channel into the movie. However when I load this movie into Premiere Pro CS4, there is no alpha channel in the movie. Can anyone explain what is wrong?

    The only way would be to ask for it In the feature requests:
    Or the wishform:

  • Media Encoder CS5 audio export problem

    I was trying to convert a .mov to flv/f4v, the video was fine but audio was distorted, pitch wet down, sounding like a battery-low device playing back some crappy stuff. Tried many different settings but no luck. Am I missing any codecs?
    Actually I was fine with this kind of conversion before my mac crashed and then reinstalled a week ago. I'm on OS X 10.6.2. Frustrated, appreciate if someone can help.

    seems i did answer this myself last year!
    i need to re-ecode the source material in a format other than 10bit uncompressed for Encoder to be happy with it. I thought the file was already Prores - must be an older file thats causing the trouble.

  • Audio export problem in Premiere: about -15dB. Why?

    I want to export my mix for stereo and 5.1 from adobe premiere but the output level automatically changes and decreases of approximately -15dB. How to make that the level does not change by the output? Thank you for your reply. Best regards.

    of course, here:

  • Major "BUG" in Imovie 9 - Audio Sync Problem on Export  !

    Well I'm a hard-core Apple user from day one, but unfortunately today I'm not to proud about the latest version of Imovie 9.
    It seems there has been a "MAJOR audio sync problem on export" in Imovie 9, since July 2009. Apple knows about this bug for a long time now, but didn't release any bugfix yet!
    Here's what it's all about:
    It seems if you use the (custom /manual) speed-adjustments and not the preset slider speeds, you will experience (after exporting your movie) annoying bursts of audio from clips that had been set to mude. The strange thing is that you will only experience this audio-bug after exporting, you will NOT experience it in the project playback mode!
    Here's what you can do:
    Find ALL the clips in your Project that are Speed Adjusted.
    Instead of using a "Custom Speed" percentage, use any of the "Preset Speeds"
    Preset Speeds on the Slider = 12.5%, 25%, 50%, 100%, 200%, 400%, 800%
    Then, export your project as usual.
    No more sync issues.
    Really hope That Apple will come up with a real BUGFIX soon.
    It's a shame that a major bug in a otherwise GREAT PRODUCT, hasen't been fixed yet!
    What's wrong with Apple?...this is not one of their finest hours.
    Still A BIG fan from Imovie HD,...I'll chance to Imovie 9 when the bugs are finaly fixed!

    This is TERRIBLE! I have spent so much time working on this project, and I really don't want to adjust the speed settings to the preset levels, BECAUSE I need to motion of the video to match certain musical points. I can't re-film my video, and I needed this project done TODAY. I made a music video with some kids at summer camp, and today is the last day- the day we were supposed to all watch it together, and now, I've got NOTHING!!!! (Because I can't export it without all those glitches!)
    I am MAJORLY DISAPPOINTED on this one. I've made movies in windows movie maker before, and purposely used imovie, because you know, everything on macs is supposed to be better. Well, I guess I was wrong.

  • CS4 not exporting audio with video

    For a while now I've been working on a video for my class, mish-mashing together a bunch of smaller .avi files into a cohesive whole. Everything inside of Premier works perfectly. I edited the audio tracks with Soundbooth, so now they are .wav. When I export the video, first I tried MPEG4 and messed around with a lot of settings. After this didn't work, I searched around and discovered that Premiere occasionally doesn't like it when you change the pre-set settings, so I switched to H.264 High Quality and exported with that. Same deal: the video works fine, no audio. And yes, I made sure to check the box that says "audio and video" and not just video.
    In short: How do I get Premiere CS4 to export my audio and video when I tell it to?

    I used no special setting. I even tried to just export audio. Still no audio. I checked the file with GSpot, it shows that it has audio.
    Then I though I just went ahead an encode this and output to DVD as a test. It is indeed still no audio when playback on home dvd player.

Maybe you are looking for

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    We are on Access Enforcer 5.2 - service pack 2: My problem is that when creating a new request in AE, I able to get a list of all users when I point my User Data Source to either SAP or UME. However when I attempt to create a request whilst pointing

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    Hi there, I've downloaded Sun Creator 2 for my mac, linux and windows machines. I'm using the AppServer8 on a different server as a production machine. I used without problems the Creator on the Windows machine (deploying on the server) for a week or

  • .swf won't open in internet explorer

    Hi, This is driving me mental, flash seems to hate me! created a webpage in dreamweaver and then dropped .swf videos onto it. One video though was originally a .mov which i encoded to f4v in media encoder and then exported as a .swf from flash. It wo

  • Missing parts of my home page in DW

    When trying to correct a portion of my home page that wasn't working correctly, I must somehow have done something that removed sections of my page from my sight in DW MX. I can edit the part I can see and put files and the whole page shows up online