Custom transaction History change

Hi All,
I have custom module pool transaction with input fields are Customer Number and Customer Text.
My requirement is capture the change history of Customer text. ie Different login users can change the customer Text. I need to capture which are users change the customer text and what changes happended to customer text.
Can anybody give a possible solution to this issue.
How can i track the changes in the customer text.
Here customer text is 2000 character length field.

You can track the changes by creating the Change document. Use Transaction code SCDO to create the change document.
1. goto Tcode SCDO
2. Click on Create & Give the meaning full Object name
3. Mention the underlying database tables which hold the customer data
3. Save
4. goto menu utilities-->Generate update pgm. This step will generate the function module with name "Object Name_WRITE_DOCUMENT".
5. You need to call this function module with necessary data after updating the database successfully.
6. You can see the log in CDHDR & CDPOS tables.
If you need more detail, give your email id i can send you the step by step document for the same.
Raja T
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    Hello Guys,
    I checked the option NO CHANGE DOCUMENTS in the transaction type definition.
    But I still see transaction history being updated if I go to extras and click on change documents.
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    Thanks and regards,

    Dear Srini
    What I was asking was pertaining to how using MEK3 can validity be changed. I wanted to know the steps to change the validity with MEK3, not how to retrieve the change log report.

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    You can see in FBL5N with cleared documents.
    Even you can check with FD10N.
    If it helps please reward points.

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    Hi KR,
    Why don't u use BDC to run XD02.
    With Regards,
    Zafar Ali

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    Hi All
    Business requirement is to change the description of custom transaction. I have changed in SE93.
    But, now this change should appear in all the roles(single and composite) wherever this transaction used.
    Do I need to update each role or Do we have any option to refresh the description of transaction in roles?
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    Hi Srinivas,
    I first recommend to identify the # of roles in which the custom transaction code exists. If you find the tcode in only few of the roles, you can modify them individually from the role menu and transport them back.
    If you have more roles, alternative is to use eCATT scripts. But, make sure that you use the search option in the role menu, rather than selecting the tcode manually.
    The last option is as recommended above. Maintaining the values in the table is not recommended though

  • Transaction: VD02 - Change customer general data

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    Transaction: VD02
    Change customer general data
    We should have access to the alternate tabs in this view (General Data, Company Code Data, and Sales Area Data).  We needs to be able to make changes to fields within these tabs.
    They are all greyed out and he can make no changes.

    Dear friend
    You use t code XD02 input your company code and sales area
    This will open up all the three levels general data,company code data and sales area data which you can modify
    In OBD2 if those fields are kept only as optional then try in OB20 t code  (create customers centrally )
    Check here if there are any fields are kept in display
    In standard settings OB20 each and every field should be optional
    OB20 has the control over OBD2
    If any field is kept as display in OB20 then in OBD2 if you keep that field as mandatory even then that field will only be in display mode during CMR creation because OB20 has the control over OBD2

  • Customer exit for change equipment transaction IE02

    I’m looking to use enhancement assignment IEQM0003, component EXIT_SAPMIEQ0_001 which is called on update of the transaction IE02 (change equipment). What I’m looking to do is when any equipment is deactivated or deleted any maintenance plans associated to that equipment is either deactivated or deleted from within my customer exit. Is there any function that is available to do this deactivation/deletion of maintenance plans?

    Hi Everyone,
    Just for your info, i managed to sort this problem by using a function called IPML_CHANGE_MPLAN_STATUS. On update of IE02 my customer exit is called and the equipment status is looked at using function ITO3_EQUIPMENT_READ_STATUS. I then look in the mpos and mpla table to see what maintenance plans are associated with this equipment. Depending on what the status of the equipment is i can then call the IPML_CHANGE_MPLAN_STATUS function to deactivate, re-activate, delete or undo the delete of any associated maintenance plans by feeding in the maintenance plan object numbers(from mpla) and the i_vorgang field  which can be found in the TJ01 table INAK - Set object inactive,
                    INAZ - Rest object inactive(ie make active)
                    LVMS - Mark for deletion
                    LVMZ - Remove deletion flag
    Thanks for your help.

  • Change documents for the custom transaction

    how could we trap the changes in our custom transaction to CDHDR,CDPOS tables.
    we had created the object and generated update information.
    where exactly we should call our  write_document function module (generated in the object class ) in our module pool program.

    Activate the 'Change document' checkbox for data element. You must updating some table by your program. So just check the 'Change document'  checkbox for those dataelement that you are updating in the table.
    You will find the 'Change document' checkbox in the following path : dataelement-> farther element->'Change document'  checkbox.
    Now, if that checkbox is checked, the CDHDR and CHPOS table will be updated whenever you do any chnge in the table.
    Now you can readthe table with a date to find out whether the bable is modified.
    Now performance wise it is better to use change pointer instead of change document. Change pointer also do the same functionality as the change document.
    To do that go to BD52, give a message type andd all the table and fields for which you are updating through your program.
    Now you can use 'Change_pointer_read' FM to read the values that are change.
                message_type                = gc_message_type
                creation_date_high          = s_erdat-high
                creation_date_low           = s_erdat-low
                creation_time_high          = gc_time_high
                creation_time_low           = gc_time_low
                read_not_processed_pointers = 'X'
                change_pointers             = lt_chgptrs_tab.
    gc_message_type message you have given in BD52 and you will get all the chaged element in lt_chgptrs_tab.
    Now after reading the values to update the fact that you have read those values you have to call another FM.
                  message_type           = gc_message_type
                  change_pointers_idents = gt_pointer_id.
              COMMIT WORK.
    gt_pointer_id will have all the change pointer ids from lt_chgptrs_tab table that you have already reead.
    The table for change pointer is BDCP.

  • Display/Change toggle option in custom transaction

    Hi all,
    I have created a custom transaction with 3 screens . Now the requirement is, I have to provide the user an option to toggle between Display/change mode. As per my idea, I have to identify all the fields to be toggled , assign them as a group in attributes and get it done using below code.
    Loop at screen.
    if screen-group1= 'XXX'.
    screen-input = 0/1.
    modify screen.
    But , in my case , I have table control and some other fiedls on my screens.
    So, I have to use the above code twice in the PBO (once for all other fiedls and once for Table control fiedls).
    And I have to repeat this process in each screen.
    Is there any way to provide toggle option from display/change vice versa at complete transaction level in an easiest way?

    Other idea would be switching whole subscreens (I guess your custom program consists of them, right?). In these alternative screens you would need the same table controls with read only fields set by default. So you would switch from one to another back and forth.
    If you need to stick to same approach you have, the easiest would be creating a routine which loops through screen and turns on/off each group/screen fields given as parameters. Then you just call it in several places you need.
    form turn_on_off using i_input type i
                                 i_fieldname type csequence
                                 i_group type csequence.
       loop at screen.
          if screen-group1 = i_group.
              i_screen-input = i_input.
          if screen-name = i_fieldname.
               i_screen-input = i_input.
          modify screen.
    "PBO first screen
    perform turn_on_off using 0 space 'XXX'.
    "PBO second screen
    perform turn_on_off using 0 'FIELD1' space.
    "PBO third screen
    perform turn_on_off using 1 'FIELD2'  'XXX'.
    As you see you can use different combination of group/field/input options.

  • Track changes to any field in Custom transaction and then call pop-up FM ?

    Hi Friends,
    I have created a custom transaction with 2 screens. Only if user has made some changes to any of the 40 fields in those 2 screens, I should ask user if they want to save by calling pop-up function module ? Rather than checking each field content with database content, is there any easy way to monitor the changes and call pop-up function module ?
    Any help is suitably rewarded.

    Thanks Amit for the reply.
    I have 2 questions
    1) Is there any easy way that SAP will keep track by itself, say in SYST structure, and I can just check in SY structure if something has changed ?
    2) Along with 40 fields, I have 2 more sub-screens; Text editor AND table control. I need to check contents of these also and then call SAVE pop-up function module.
    Pl let me know,

  • Copy of Transaction History from source Tran to subsequent Tran

    Hi Experts
    I have a requirement where I need to copy the Transaction History (DOC FLOW) of the source Transaction(Service Complaint) to Targert Transaction(Repair Order). 
    i.e when Repair Order is created as Follow-up transaction from the Service Complaint(It has Service Contract in the Transaction History), while Repair Order creation it prompts the Item to copy from Compalint , Item is getting copied to Repair Order successfully, but Item related Service Contract is not copying from the Compalint Transction History to Repair Order.
    Here I can impliment CRM_COPY_BADI, Method DOC_FLOW to copy Service Contract from the Transaction History of the Compalint to Repair Order.
    If my approach is correct, Please share the sample code from the  Method DOC_FLOW for this.
    if it is not correct way of doing, Kindly suggest me the other way to achive this.

    Hi Chand Basha Shaik 
    While creating the follow up documents we can make use of CRM_COPY_BADI , to fill the required standard fields or custom fields.
    You can make use of several API function modules related to document flow say for example if your want to read any runtime data from buffer related to document flow we can make use of the function module CRM_DOC_FLOW_READ_DB. Given the relevant code snippet
                iv_header_guid = lv_guid
                et_doc_links   = lt_doc_links
                error_occurred = 1
                OTHERS         = 2.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Customer Payament History

    Hi Gurus,
    I want to use the customer payment history report (S_ALR_87012177) but currently, no data is appearing because the record payment history indicator in the customer master had not been set. I went ahead and ticked this off.
    Now that the record payment history indicator is ticked off, the payment information is visible in the Customer payment history report for newly posted transactions.
    My question is, is there a program I can run so I can also capture the prior payment transactions?
    I want to be able to see the ENTIRE payment history from when we went live (not from the date I ticked off the irecord payment history indicator)

    ID for mainly non-military use                                                                               
    Both indicators are relevant to the respective legally required control
    o   Civil use                                                                               
    o   Military use                                                                               
    According to EU (Dual-Use-Regulation) or US law (Export Administration 
         Regulations E.A.R.) from 01.11.1996, the use of the final product will 
         be of decisive importance in checking and determining the appropriate  
    Check the field status of the account groups of the vendor, hope you might not have suppressed them.

  • Customer Payment history S_ALR_87012177 Report

    I would like to track customer payment history in SAP (checked off payment history record field in customer master).
    Is it possible to run a program so the system will record already posted transactions?
    My goal is to be able to use report S_ALR_87012177 so I can see past history.

    Sorry, I though my question was clear.
    I want to use the customer payment history report (S_ALR_87012177) but currently, no data is appearing because the record payment history indicator in the customer master had not been set. I went ahead and ticked this off.
    Now that the record payment history indicator is ticked off, the payment information is visible in the Customer payment history report for newly posted transactions.
    My question is, is there a program I can run so I can also capture the prior payment transactions?
    I want to be able to see the ENTIRE payment history from when we went live (not from the date I ticked off the irecord payment history indicator)

  • Customer payment history in CM report

    does anyone know the extent of customer payment history included in the CM report, provided that the customer is marked for "Record payment history"? Is it a certain number of months or a certain number of payments? Can you change it to a different number of months/payments for one company code?

    Hi SDNer,
    in my case I have 10 payments and 63 invoices (the clearing document is the same for all 73 documents).
    One of 10 payments is linked to 6 invoices (I gather it from the text field SGTXT), so BSAD-REBZG of the payment contain only one invoice number, not 6.
    Furthermore, I have invoices paid by more than one payment (partial payments) so I'm unable to reconstruct the story.
    Do you have any other suggestions to solve my problem?

  • Account Overview Screen with no sales, service order & Transaction history

    Hi All,
    I have come across an issue with Account Overview link in IC webclient CRM 5.0.
    One Z Webclient profile is created (ZSERVICE) which is assigned to few users. When user with this profile logs in and confirms any acc. ID on Identify Account screen, if he goes to Acc. Overview screen the viewareas for Sale Order History, Service Order History and Transaction History shows zero entries even if there are entries for given Acc. ID.
    Identify Acc. is using Z BSP Z_SV_IC but acc. overview is using the std. BSP crm_ic_ovw.
    Is this a problem with IC webclient configuration in SPRO or a problem at BSP level. please Help.

    Hi John,
    Thanks for the reply.
    My problem is not with Interaction history screen but with account overview screen. On interaction history screen I can find the interactions for given Acc.ID. But after I confirm the account on identify account screen when I click on account overview screen I can see few details of that account on acc. overview screen but the other details are blank. And ofcourse I cant directly go to acc. overview screen without confirming the acc. ID as the account details on this screen are readonly.
    Also you said 'Maybe a problem with your custom controller?' .. can you throw some more light on this.

Maybe you are looking for

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