DB Table for Report Painter

Hi all,
Can anybody please let me know in which db table the details of the Report Painter are stored?
If I have a Transaction Code, I want to know if that transaction code is created for Report Painter or not through program not through SE93.
I have to create a report on all Z Transaction Codes.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Mr.A ,
while creating tcode for report painters we will take option PARAMETER Transaction code , so based on the transaction type u can find out from the same tables - TSTCP or TSTC.

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  • Can we combine the two tables for Report Painter

    For making the report in Report Painter, I am not getting all the required characteristics and Key figures all in one table / Library.
    The required ones are in Table KKBC, GLT0 and CCSS.
    Is it possible to combine these tables and make a new one so that I can create the Library and can use that Library while making the report in Report Painter.
    Or is there any other work around to get the my required charcateristics and Key Figures so that I can make the report easily?
    I dont want to go through ABAP route.
    Kindly help.

    Thanks Bulut for your reply,
    But by going through View creation involves ABAP help, that I dont want.
    However, is it poosible to use View while creating the reports in Report Painter? I am not sure.
    I want to know whether can we create a table which is used for report painter, so that I can use for creating the Library and then the reports.
    I hope you understand my point.

  • FI table for Report painter

    Which table I will take to create FI report in Report Painter ?
    Please help me..
    Thanks & Regards,

    If you are in ECC environment use Table FAGLFLEXT is suitable to create Library & Report Group & Report by using report painter.
    if you are in ECC but not actvation new GL / you are in up to 4.7 then use table GLT0

  • SAP Report Painter - SAP tables for report items and hierarchy

    can you pls. help me with an information about the list of SAP tables for Report Painter, particularly the tables where the report items/positions and report hierarchy are stored?
    for example, for the Report Writer report items and report hierarchy can be found in T8* tables.
    What are these tables for Report Painter?
    thank you in advance for any info.
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    Hi  Jasminika ,
    Could you please share with me those tables names where report items  and hierarchy are saved


    Hi Gurus
    Could you please send me information about how to activate z tables in report painter ?   someone said me that i can user transaction GRCT  to do that...¿ what aspects must I consider to add a table ?
    mail: [email protected]
    Andrés Moreno

    hi Andres,
    below are the steps for the Report Painter.....
    Create a new report.
    Menu Path: Information Systems > Ad hoc reports > Report Painter > Report > Create
    On the Report Painter: Create Report screen, enter:
    Library – 1VK
    Report RSS-A
    Report Description – Report w/Total Row
    Hit <Create> button to move to the next screen.
    Create the Rows of the Report – The first four rows are cost element characteristics
    Screen: Report Painter: Create Report
    Type ‘Cost Elements’ in the lead column cell
    Double click on Row 1
    In the Pop-up window 'Element definition: Row1", enter:
    Note: If Pop-up window (select element type) appears, choose 'characteristics' and hit <Enter>.
    Select 'Cost Element' as the characteristic in the 'Available characteristics' section
    Hit <Move selected to left> button to move the characteristic 'Cost element' to the 'Selected characteristics' section
    From – 430000
    Hit <Change short, middle and long texts> icon (at the bottom of the window)
    In the Pop-up for Enter Texts, Enter:
    Short – Description from Table above for this Account
    Click on the <Copy short text> button to copy this description to the other fields.
    Hit <Confirm> to close the Pop-up
    Hit <Confirm/Enter> to check consistency and close.
    Repeat the above steps for the other 3 accounts
    Create a formula row to calculate the total of the Cost Element rows
    Screen: Report Painter: Create Report
    Double click on Row 5 or the next empty row.
    In the Pop-up for Select Element Type select 'Formula'
    Hit <Enter> to close the Pop-up
    In the Pop-up 'Enter Formula'
    Use the calculator buttons to create the formula Y001 + Y002 + Y003 + Y004
    Hit <Enter> to close the Pop-up
    In the Pop-up 'Enter Texts'
    Short – Total
    Click on the <Copy short text> button to copy this description to the other fields.
    Hit <Enter> to close the Pop-up
    Make sure your cursor is in the cell containing the word ‘Total’
    Follow the Menu Path: Formatting > Row
    In the Pop-up 'Row Formatting'
    Overscore – checked
    Underscore – checked
    Hit <Enter> to close the Pop-up
    Create the first column for actual costs
    Screen: Report Painter: Create Report
    Double click on the ‘Column 1’ cell.
    In the Pop-up 'Select element type'
    Select Predefined Key Figure radio button, and press <Enter>.
    In Pop-up 'Choose predefined column'
    Select Actual Costs as the predefined column, and press <Enter>.
    In the Pop-up 'Element definition: Actual costs'
    Press <Confirm> to check consistency and close.
    Define the second column for plan costs
    Screen: Report Painter: Create Report
    Double click on the ‘Column 2’ cell.
    In the Pop-up 'Select element type'
    Select Key Figure with Characteristics as the element type, and press <Enter>.
    In the Pop-up 'Element definition: Column 2'
    Value Type – 01   (Plan)
    Version – 0   (Actuals)
    Valuation – 0   (Legal valuation)
    Hit <Change short, middle and long texts> icon
    In the Pop-up for Enter Texts, Enter:
    Short – Plan
    Click on the <Copy short text> button to copy this description to the other fields.
    Hit <Confirm> to close Pop-up.
    Hit <Confirm> to check consistency and close.
    Create a formula column to calculate the variance between actual and plan costs
    Screen: Report Painter: Create Report
    Double click on the ‘Column 3’ cell
    Assign the points....

  • Joining the tables in report painter/writer

    Can we join tables in report painter / writer?

    table joining required if you want a report wherein you need field from more than one table with interlinked field. Then create infoset in SQ02 and use that infoset and create Query in SQ01 and design as per requirement. Abap coding also possible here
    Report writer/pointer you can refer table for any feld requirement, no need to join thats only viewing
    hope I answer u properly

  • Tcode for Report painter

    Hello All,
    when m trying to create a tcode for report painter through se93 its show erre for D_SREPOVARI-EXTDREPORT parameter,m felling the parameter with the value gatting from table TKEB1,-APPLCLASS /SUBCLASS /TABNAME  23 space / REPID.error is do not use blank char. Suggest Please and please give some idea about how to copy a stand. report painter and change the Z according to client requirement.

    I will suggest you to execute the transaction START_REPORT and put the report type report and ext. name. If it executes well over here then you can create a transaction using SE93
    Something like this
    Default value for transaction ‘START_REPORT’
    In    bellow default value section insert default value
    SREPOVARI-REPORTTYPE      = AQ      "Parameter    indicating Abap Query
    D_SREPOVARI-REPORT           = ZY_CS_ALLSLS   "Query    User group
    D_SREPOVARI-EXTDREPORT= ZY_SLS_MST_001     "Query name  
    Hope this helps.
    Tooshar Bendale

  • Add in Library for Report Painter/Writer 9PCC

    Hi SAP,
    I need to include in Library for Report Painter/Writer the component 9A2 CO-OM-IS-BP Business processes: Special reports because I need to run 9PCC, but 9PCC don't exist in my system.
    Would I like know if it exist the SAP note include in Library?
    Best regards,
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    You can create a library via GR21 transaction. What tables do you want to join? Depending on this, one can tell whether it's possible or not.
    You can search for available info on the forum; similar questions were already asked.

  • Create t.code for report painter in CO-PA

    Dear experts!
    Now, I'm getting some issue about creating t.code for report painter in CO-PA.
    Really, I don't know to create t.code for report painter that is created and run in t.code KE30.
    Help me to solve the issue!
    Best regards, Huy

    Dear Huy,
    To create a tcode for report created on the KE30:
    1 - Get the parameters from your Z report, on table TKEB2 (on field REPID)
    2 - On the SE93 create your tcode with option "Transaction with parameters"
    2.1 - On the field "Transaction" fill with START_REPORT
    2.2 - Choose the option "Skip inicial screen" and "Inherit GUI attibutes"
    2.3 - On "Default Values" use the follow parameters:
    *This information you got in table TKEB2, eg:
    KE  01CE1CPFL                       ZDREB01
    I hope the information has been useful,

  • Creating Tcode for report painter program in 4.0B version?

    hi all,
    How to create a tcode for report painter program in 4.0 B?
    I searched the forums. but i couldn't find the same for 4.0 B?
    Please helo me to solve this?

    I am closing as no one answered and worked in alaternative way for the requirement.

  • Assign Transaction Code for Report Painter generated program

    I am trying to assign a transaction code for report painter generated program... I assigned the transaction code in Development for the generated program but the program name changes in every system and I get a runtime error...
    Can you please guide me on how to handle this problem

    Found my answer in the above link

  • Attaching Variable to the Library for Report Painter for Cost center report

    I want to attach the Variable - "Cost element group" to the Library for Report Painter for getting Cost center report. The Cost center report should be cost element group wise with actaul, budget and variance. Please let me know the process.

      I think you have to first define Attribute mis as "V" in Cost element master basic data tab for the elements you want to capture as varible.
      Then make a Cost element group / set in KAH1/GS01 and use it in your report.

  • T-code for Report painter.

    can anyone tell me, Is there any transaction code for report painter or it is an external tool.??

    Please check this transaction codes.
    GR31/32/33 - Create/Change/Display Report
    GR51/52/53 - Create/Change/Display Report Group
    Ferry Lianto

  • Configuration doc for Report painter

    Hi Friends,
    Can any one send configuration document for Report painter?
    [email protected]

    find this link

  • Create T.Code for Report painter- report (GRR1)

    Hi Experts,
    I have created report in report painter( T.code - GRR1) using 1vk library, now i want to have a transaction code for my new report.
    So, How can i create a T.code for customized report in GRR1.

    Dear Raj,
    Hope this link will help you.
    Thanks and regards

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