Distribution model is currently being processed

I am getting this error when I distribute the Model ..
That message type is not used anywhere ...
Thanks & Regards,

Hi NJ,
tried both options. still getting the same error ??

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  • ALE : Error -- Distribution model is currently being processed

    Dear all,
    I m getting following error during distribute model view....
    Model view MODEL_VIEW has not been updated
    Rreason: Distribution model is currently being processed.
    Thanks in Advance.

    When i genrating partner profile following message i get.
    System ERP100                             System ERP100 as a partner type already exists
    System ERP400                             System ERP400 as a partner type already exists
    System ERP400                             Port A000000017 with RFC destination ERP400 already exists
    Outb. Parameters
    System ERP400                             Outbound parameters for message type MATMAS MATMAS05 already exist
                                               Outbound parameters for message type SYNCH SYNCHRON already exist

  • Reg:Distribution model is currently being processed

    Dear all,
    When  i am distributing my model view in BD64  i am getting following error.
    Model view VCR3BW has not been updated
    Distribution model is currently being processed 
    Sankar M

    Hi shankar,
    i think already one distribution model is running.
    First delete that model view and create new one as per your requirement.
    then it will work.

  • Re : Distribution model is currently being processed

          While doing Maintain distribution model and distribute views the following error is coming
    "Distribution model is currently being processed"
    How to solve this

    That means some body else is Running BD64. That mean the transaction is locked. So Try after some time.
    Check in SM12 any locks on BD64 transaction.

  • Reg:The distribution model is currently being processed.

    Hi all
    I am trying to distribute the model, i have created. But i am getting the error msg saying " Model view has not been updated. Reason: the distribution model is currently being processed.
    Helpful answers will be rewarded.
    Sankar M

    Hi shankar,
    i think already one distribution model is running.
    First delete that model view and create new one as per your requirement.
    then it will work.

  • Sales document 400136021 is currently being processed (by user MNAUSHAD (C2

    Hi Friends,
       Iam using Mobile Sales and iam getting an error when iam opening the sale order created in laptops
       Scenario : Sale order created in laptop got replicated in CRM and R/3 and delivery got created in
                       The replicated sales document is not seen in the Document flow in CRM enterprise
                        I could not find any queue's in SMQ2 or in SMQ1 both in R/3 or in CRM.
                        when i open the same sale order in VA02 iam getting the error.        
       Sales document 400136021 is currently being processed (by user MNAUSHAD (C2)
       Let me know if any of you has faced the same issue,
       Satish Kumar

    Hi Wolfard,
    Please find my answers,
    1. Does this error also occur when creating a similar sales document in CRM directly (i.e. it is rather a   CRM related issue than mobile related)? -  No from CRM enterprise to R/3 i dont find an error-  It is more of a Sync issue between Mobile> CRM> R/3.
    b) Do you know a user or batch name in CRM resp R/3 with that name mentioned by you?
        I know the user name - but this user name is not at all related.
    c) Please be aware that those queues smq1/2 are dynamical i.e. after processing the data the entries were deleted again; only in case of a sys fail the queues would be stopped; in the particular case of waiting for processing in R/3 there would be a queue status "WAITUPDA"
    I accept the queues are dynamic and it will deleted after it is processed,, The issue is that i dont find any queue in SMQ1 in R/3 and also in SLG1 on that particular date i could find the Log number with the error
    With the help of Log error i can find out the sale order.
    Trust it is ok

  • VL02N Change Delivery blocked - Sales Order is currently being processed

    Hi Experts,
    We have a problem with only 2 deliveries. We try to reverse goods movement in VL09, and the error Text Text * ID * language  not found. Text Determination is ruled out because the rest of the deliveries can be reversed without this error.
    Here are some more findings:
    - When we tried to change the Delivery, error will show 'Sales Order XXX is currently being processed by user'. This is odd because it doesnt say the user name.
    - Sales Document Flow is correct, but when I checked VBFA (table for Document Flow), no entry for Sales Order as preceding document for the delivery, In fact, Sales Order cannot be found as preceding document.
    - When I checked LIPS, the Update Indicator for Delivery Document Flow is blank. Requirement Type and Planning Type also blank.
    - We were able to delete Sales Order even if Delivery is not yet complete. Document flow was then changed where the preceding document of the delivery is a billing document.
    It's getting weirder as it goes, any idea is really welcome. Thank you so much.

    Hi Sridhar,
    Thank you very much for your answer, that is certainly the case. Some tables werent updated with the preceding document.
    These tables/fields are:
    VBFA - Sales Ord missing as preceding document
    LIPS - VGTYP field (indicator of what type is the preceding document) is blank, as well as many other indicator fields. Actually, what were filled was just the preceding document number and item number in LIPS.
    Additional detail is that we can see the SO in the Document flow of the delivery, but under the delivery item's Preceding Documents tab, it will say that there's no preceding document.
    However, the delivery is already GI'd (hence we want to reverse it), and we cannot reverse because of this problem.I found an OSS note that will force update the VBFA table, but still doesnt work, until I added some codes that will also force update the value LIPS-VGTYP = 'C'. However, I dont want to do this because this is a force update...
    Any advice will be a great help. Thanks.

  • IDOC Error V1 042 - Sales document X is currently being processed by user X

    Hello Experts,
    I am using the IS-Retail solution of SAP and I am facing a IDOC Error which keeps the IDOC in Status 51. I traced the Error Message and it was V1 042. I am using an Inbound IDOC 'SHP_OBDLV_CREATE_STO01' to create the STOs (Deliveries) using the POs and there is a locking issue of the PO giving error message 'Sales document XXX is currently being processed by user XXX'.
    I have created a backgroung job using a program to post the STOs using IDOCs that picks up multiple files from Application Server and processes them one by one. Now when 2 or more files use the same PO then this error occus.
    I added a couple of minutes of wait time between the file processing but that did not help.
    Please let me know if you have faces same situation and what solution did you apply.

    Hopefully you have fixed this by now, but for anyone else who might be looking at this problem.  We had this problem and we had the 2 programs check to see if the other was already runing.  If so the program would submit itself for a number of minutes, different for both programs, and then exit.  We also, and just before this, checked to make sure that there were not 2 of the running programs running and if so to exit.  This was necessary because re-scheduling could put a program in conflict with itself.  I hope that this may help someone.  We used the join V_OP and searched for the program name, not the job name.

  • Sales order is currently being processed by user CRMREMOTE

    Hello everyone,
    I am working in R/3 and trying to make a delivery for sales order that moved from CRM to R/3. Error message appears 'The sales order is currently being processed by user CRMREMOTE'.
    Appreciate any help.

    Please take it as suggestion.
    As your ERP-System is being integrated with CRM-System. It seems that this common document is getting proceesed at CRM-System by some user.
    Please consult with CRM-System Admin for the same.
    Best regards,

  • Re:'Delivery number is currently being processed by user

      I am creating new delivery based on sales order and assiging craeted delivery to shipment using VL01N and VT01N.Some times getting error as 'Delivery number is currently being processed by user'. I am using synchrounus
    update in BDC.
    Can i use  'Commit work and Wait'  along with synchrounus update in BDC?
    To avoid this error message is there any alternate solution.
    Suresh Kumar.

    i have had the same issues, and niether synchronous update, nor commit and wait work in all cases.
    an option would be to enqueue the delivery in between the two steps.
    create the delivery, then enqueue the delivery (LIKP, i think) with a wait code on it. the system will wait until the first process releases the lock on the delivery and then give it to you. The lock will be discarded when you do a commit after second step, but for readability, i always dequeue.
    this is what we do, and i cannot guarantee it will work for you.

  • Project is currently being processed Problem

    Hi Friends,
    I am creating projects using BAPI 'BAPI_PROJECTDEF_CREATE' and passing these Projects to BAPI  'BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN'
    for creating WBS elements.  but when i am uploading legacy data throuch my program to create projects and WBS elemets throrch IDOC Process, sometimes i am getting an IDOC ERROR is " Project is currently being processed " is coming in IDOC status 51. but when i am see in proj table the failure idocs projects are created.
    so if i  write 'BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT' after  BAPI 'BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN' the above error will be solved?
    Kindly advice.

    This is a very common problem in PS (Project Systems) during the creation of projects. Actually the cause of this is, once you have created the project, there are a number of database updates going on in the background corresponding to the new project that has been created. Even before all these updates are over, your program is calling the function module to create the WBS elements under it. Hence the message comes as the 'Project is currently being processed by 'user ID (your user ID)'.
    In order to avoid this keep a 'Wait until 2 seconds' statement after you have used BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT' for project creation and before calling the function module to create WBS elements under the project. This will solve the problem.

  • Error message "order currently being processed" in print order thru IW37N

    I am getting error messages "order currently being proceesed by same user" & " material reservation for order being processed" when i am trying to take print of work order using t-code IW37N putting multiple orders. But I am able to take print then also. I am not able  to understand why this message is coming before print comes out..I have not opened any more same transaction also on the screen.
    I am getting this error message very frequently for other open orders also.
    Plse suggest what can be the reason ?

    Apart from standard shop papers selection 2010, 2020, 2030 if you define new like 3030 or 4040 and assigned with any custom program to print server system will issue this message.
    Please check the standard config via transaction OIDF

  • Validation error : Business Partner  currently being processed

    Can anyone suggest a solution for the following error.
    Business Partner is created thru transaction BP in CRM.
    The newly created Business partner is saved and after coming out of
    transaction ,When we checked BDOC status in SMWO1 for BUPA_MAIN
    Object , it gives following errors:
    1) business partner xxxx is being processed by xxxx ( user )
    2) validation error occurred :Moodule CRM_BUPA_MAIN_VAL ,BDoc type
    We found BP gets created successfully in R/3 side even though above
    error occurred.
    When we reprocessed the error message in SMWO1 , it is processed
    successfully ( status "green" )
    Pl. suggest a solution.
    Thanks in anticipation !

    Hi Jashwanth,
    Tried the mentioned note but still problem persists.
    Pl. suggest !!
    regards ,

  • ALE Distribution Model

    I've created an ALE distribution model to process the interface concerning Set Up HR and Accounting. Initialy we make it all and distribute it to the receiving system (FI) and it seems to be ok. After that the funcional team generate some movements and the IDOC's were generated but they were not sent to the FI system. We've a look at tRFC and an error concerning user or password invalid appears, so i define again the user comunication and after a few adjustments to the model view we distribute it again to the FI system. When i execute it the following message appears : <b>Model view HRFI-CFP has not been updated / Rreason: Distribution model is currently being processed.
    Next step we delete the model view and created it again but the same error still remains.
    Can anyone help me ???
    Thanks is advance.

    Distribution Model – A model that describes the ALE message flow between logical systems.
    Applications and the ALE distribution service layer use the model to determine receivers and to control the data distribution. The relationships between logical systems, message types, BAPI’s and filters are defined in the distribution model.
    Ex: The screen shot depicts customer distribution mode ALE_TRNG_Mar07.
    Sender Logical System – EC1CLNT800
    Receiver Logical System  – SALES
    Message Type – CREMAS
    No filter conditions defined.
    This configuration step allows the installation of core ALE features on which data transfer activity will be based.
    In the distribution model you can specify the messages to be sent to a given logical system. You can also define the conditions for the content and dispatch of messages in the filters.
    The distribution model consists of one or more views that you can define
    After creating the distribution model – the model needs to be distributed to the receiver system.
    Partner profiles need to be generated in both sender and receiver systems using transaction BD82 (automatically) or WE20 (manually).

  • Error while distributing a distribution model in BD64

    I am trying to send an IDOC from one client to another client of the same SAP system. To achieve that, i have created the necessary logical systems and made the necessary partner, port configuration as well as RFC Destination. In BD64, I have created a new model and added a BAPI 'SAVEREPLICA' and Object 'BUS1093' using Add BAPI button. But when I am trying to distribute the model it's giving the following error - 'Model view ABCDX has not been updated.  Rreason: Distribution model is currently being processed'.
    Kindly help,
    Thanks in advance,

    Using of BAPI is not accepted between two clients of the same system, you'll have to use different SAP systems

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