Edit in Photoshop not working

Edit in Photoshop seems to have stopped working for me, both Edit and Open as Smart Object do not work.  Photoshop starts but the file never opens.  I'm using Lightroom 5.5, Camera Raw 8.3 and Photoshop CS6.  I can of course export to a PS doc and open that.

I think the reason for this "edit-Problem" lies in the fact that you don't use PS CS5.
LR 3 does not work seamlessly with earlier versions of PS - I have worked with LR 3 and CS3 and some things worked and some didn't.
Since I have upgraded to CS 5, all is well.
PS: In case you wondered, I don't get a commission if you buy CS5.
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  • 'Edit in Photoshop' not working with RAW photos

    I'm not sure when this started happening, but right now I can't open DNG or CR2 files (but JPEGs work fine) in photoshop either via the 'Edit in Photoshop' option, or the 'Merge to Panorama/HDR Pro in Photoshop' option. All it does is open the Photoshop application, but doesn't actually open the files I selected within Photoshop. I was able to add Photoshop CS5 in the 'Additional External Editor' section in the pref. pane which allowed me to open the RAW files in photoshop, but the Panorama and HDR Pro options still don't work. I tried reinstalling Photoshop, updated Camera Raw (and the rest of Adobe's products I have installed) to the latest version, reinstalling Lightroom 3.0, upgrading again back to 3.2, deleting the plist files in ~/Library/Preferences/ for both Lightroom and Photoshop, nothings worked. I'm running on a Mac so the registry hacks I've seen while googling aren't going to fix this issue. Has anyone else had this issue?
    Thanks in advance,
    Chris Lucas

    Just came across this, which just worked for me (on a Mac):
    Don't know why it took me so long to come across it, but I just successfully open a CR2 file in Photoshop CS5 from Lightroom 3.

  • "Edit in Photoshop" not working after 3.3 update...

    It seems as though after updating to version 3.3, my "edit in photoshop" functionality has stopped working.  When I choose this option, Photoshop will open, but Lightroom does not bring up a dialog for exporting the photo, nor do I see a progress bar in lightroom for exporting of the photo as I used to.
    I can (and have) create a user preset for exporting to accomplish the same functionality, but has anyone else experienced this problem?  is there a quick fix?

    Sorry, I did not get it before that PS opens but no image.
    Well, LR 3.3 and CS3 are not fully compatible indofar as CS3 cannot open a RAW image that has been rendered with the new ACR of LR3.
    It was still possible under LR 3.2 - I've done it nuemerous times, but was told on this forum that this was only due to a "bug" that had been "fixed" in LR 3.3.
    I now have CS5 but still have CS3 installed.
    When I try to open a RAW image from LR 3.3 with CS3 all what happens is that LR renders a TIFF (my specification for Additional External Editor) but CS3 does not open.
    So, maybe you have to bite the bullet and upgrade to CS5.
    Or, export your Raw Image as a psd and then open it from CS3.

  • Lightroom edit in Photoshop not working

    I have Lightroom 4 and 5. I also have Photoshop cs6 and CC. Iv tried all combonations beetween the four. Lightroom has the option of edit in photoshop available, but does not do anything when i click on it. If photoshop is not running, the comand launches photoshop, but thats it. the immage wont open, and when photoshop us running in the background nothing at all happenes. this issue started last week, but to the best of my knowladge nothing on the computer has changed since before that.

    If configuring it as above didn't work, did you by chance, after doing the upgrade, remove an earlier adobe product?  This often happens when people upgrade by installing CS5 and LR, then uninstall CS4, for example.  You need to (easiest way) reinstall CS5 and LR should be able to see it.
    There are other threads in the archive about it..
    If, of course you haven't uninstalled anything, then there are other remedies in the archives as well (including a registry update method).
    In any event, good luck!

  • Edit in Photoshop not working from Lightroom

    Hi, I've just upgraded to CS5 and LR 3.2. From within LR I can Edit in Photoshop Elements but the Edit in Photoshop doesn't work. Just get some screen refresh flashing around, "Loading" displays then nothing. Even with CS5 already up and running. Anyone got any good news for me?

    If configuring it as above didn't work, did you by chance, after doing the upgrade, remove an earlier adobe product?  This often happens when people upgrade by installing CS5 and LR, then uninstall CS4, for example.  You need to (easiest way) reinstall CS5 and LR should be able to see it.
    There are other threads in the archive about it..
    If, of course you haven't uninstalled anything, then there are other remedies in the archives as well (including a registry update method).
    In any event, good luck!

  • Edit in photoshop not working from external drive

    The command works fine on files stored on my internal drive, however, for files on my external photoshop just opens but the file does not appear. Lightroom 5 - any ideas? (On a mac)

    Every camera model has to be profiled and programmed for specifically since the sensors are generally different as that is a key thing the manufacturers are working on to improve, so if your version of software is older than the camera then the software won't know how to deal with the raw data.
    You haven't answered the question what versions of what software are you using?  You can use Help / About Photoshop or Help / About Lightroom or Help / About Plug-ins / Camera Raw or About Plug-ins / Camera Raw depending on what version of what software you're trying to determine the version of.
    The other thing to know is that Adobe doesn't update older versions of their software for newer cameras--they only update whatever the current selling version is at the time, so if you have, for example, PS-CS5 or Lightroom 4.x then those obsolete software versions would never be updated to handle cameras that were new to market, this year, since the current versions of software are LR 5.x, PS-CS6 and PS-CC..

  • Lightroom Edit in Photoshop (Not Found)... solutions didnt work...,

    Lightroom Version 2.2 (523352)
    Photoshop Elements 6
    MacBook 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Memory 2GB
    Max OS X Version 10.5.6
    I have Testversions of both products installed, and i intend to purchase both products. The only reason, that prevents me from sepending a few hundret Euro for this Softwaretools, is the following issue:
    When i right-click on a photo in Lightroom, the "Edit In Adobe Photoshop" command in the context menu is grayed out. Also, the same command under the Photo menu is grayed out, and in the External Editor tab of the Preferences the upper box is labeled "Edit in Photoshop (Not Found)".
    The Adobe Technote was not very helpfull. Both Solutions did not work.
    I removed the com.adobe.PhotoshopElements.plist file.
    I reinstalled Photoshop Elements.
    Has anybody else this Problem?
    Is there another Workarround?
    I fiddeld about this a whole day... very frustating Cheers - Carsten

    Thank you for your reply. Yes there is another Menue-Entry in the context-Menue "open in other Application..." but its also grayed out, even if i have installed PSE or not. That makes no Sense for me.
    Hmm... Elements isnt PS, but adobe says that i can use PhotoshopElements and PS with Lightroom in similar manner:
    EDIT: I have also removed lightrooms plist file, with no effect.

  • Photo Edit in CS4 not working

    I have LR 3.3 and PS CS 4 Version 11.0.2 on a Mac running OS X.6.7.
    My "About Lightroom" screen reports the presence of Camera Raw 6.3.
    In my LR preferences under "External Editing" tab, I have the option to "Edit in Adobe Photoshop CS4" as PSD / sRGB / 16 bit / rez 300. There is no "Additional External Editor" present.
    I have installed in Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS4/File Formats the Camera Raw Plug-in version 5.7. When I choose Photoshop>About Plugin>Camera Raw I see that CR version is present.
    When I select photo(s) [CR2 file(s)] in LR3 and choose Photo>Edit in> none of the external edit-in-Photoshop options work. First, I get a message saying "This version of Lightroom may require the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in version 6.3 for full compatibility."
    I resent this suggestion, since that version of Camera Raw only works with CS5.
    When I click "Open Anyway," PS opens and loads, but that's it. None of the images from LR appear.
    I get the same (non)-results with all of the options (edit in CS4, HDR, panorama, smart object, etc.) under "Photo>Edit In." Photoshop launches, but no image appears.
    The only way I can get a photo to open in PS from within LR is to choose Photo>Edit in>Edit in Adobe Photoshop CS4, and then when the warning dialog comes up about the Camera Raw plug-in version, click "Render in Lightroom." When I do that, LR renders the image and it opens in CS4. But that doesn't help me do what I really want to do, which is to select bracketed exposures in LR, merge them to HDR in CS4, and save them back to LR.
    I have searched for help on this and come up dry. I did find this http://www.lightroomforums.net/showthread.php?9974-Open-as-layers-in-Photoshop-command-not -working, but I reinstalled the CR 5.7 plug-in as described and saw no change.
    Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Lr 3.3 and CS4 are not fully compatible so your experience is the result of that.
    You will have to bite the bullet and upgrade to CS5 if you dont want to "Render in LR".
    I've worked for quite a while with LR 3 and CS3 and experienced similar problems - the only way out is that you select "Render in LR".
    It's not such a big deal. When you select "Render in LR", Lr creates the psd that then opens in CS4.
    With CS5 it works this way: The RAW file opens in CS5 but when you save in CS5 a psd is generated.

  • The "FIND" feature in the Edit menu does not work. I can't find anything on a webpage

    The "FIND" feature in the Edit menu does not work. I cannot search a page. If I am looking for the word "Doctor" and I know it is on the page. All I get after typing the first letter is that the typing box turns red.
    This is not fun.

    Make sure that <b>[] "Match case"</b> on the Find bar (Ctrl+F) doesn't have a check-mark.

  • FCP 7.0.3 ripple edit in timeline not working

    FCP 7.0.3, AVCHD/proRes 422 LT, ripple edit in timeline not working. Using the ripple tool, I click on the edit point, drag the cursor to the clip and direction I want to trim but it doesn't work. pop-up says collision on V-1. Same thing when I double-click the clip to player and try to move the edit point on the scrub bar. This was functional in prior sessions. What's happening? Thx in advance.

    I'm only using one (V1) track. Prior to this problem I was unable to insert edit. That problem mysteriously vanished after an unsuccessful phone support session w/ Apple failed to solve. Also when I try to insert w/transition (default cross-dissolve) the transition is applied to the opposite edit point,ie: out point of insert clip has transition instead of in point where it was applied. When I try to add transition to edit point (CMD-T) it doesn't work.
    I'm slowly working around the ripple edit malfunction by using the razor tool and ripple delete (shift-delete) to trim in the timeline.

  • Saved Shopping Cart Display/Edit functions are not working

    Hello SRM experts,
    The problem that I have is that the buttons like Display, Edit, etc are not working on a saved Shopping Cart. What is the best way to debug this problem? How would I find out what methods are being called on the SRM system or if some entries are missing in some table for BUS2121?
    We are on SRM 7.0 PPS SPS 5, Portal 7.01 SPS 5.0.

    Hi Mani,
    We are also facing a similar issue. Our protocol is HTTP throughout but still the issue persists.
    Can you shed some light on any other config that you changed?

  • In content editing repeating regions not working Safari 6.05 and Google Chrome v30.0.1599.66 mac? No

    In content editing repeating regions not working Safari 6.05 and Google Chrome v30.0.1599.66 mac?
    Marquees not showing, works perfectly fine on PC IE 9.
    Can edit text put cannot duplicate regions?
    Can anyone advise? Not good if the client worjs on Mac.

    Marquees the HTML tag? It's the most hated HTML tag out there, most browsers removed it because it was such a pain to see in 1996 scrolling images and scrolling everything


    OSX 10.5.4
    Lightroom 2.0
    CS3 10.0.1
    Put a newline character in the Caption field. Like
    Barrio District
    Tucson, Arizona
    Then "Edit in Photoshop", Photoshop will fire up, but no image appears. I take the newline out of the caption and WOW it works... Please fix. Promptly. Thanks.

    So I cleared my ~/Library/Caches/Adobe Camera Raw folder and now it seems to work. Come to think of it, I also had recently changed the max cache size in LR2 preferences to 4GB, but at this point there are too many variables to whether either of those things played a role.
    Sorry for the false alarm. Its like taking your car to mechanic for "that" sound ... that suddenly stops when you get to the garage :)

  • LR2 and PS4 - merging to HDR, merge to Panaorama and Edit in Layers not working

    I've recently upgraded from LR to LR2.1 and Photoshop CS to CS4. I've been trying to multi-select images from LR2 and edit them as HDR and Panoramas using the "Edit in->" merging options.
    None of them seem to work. I can see PS CS4 being opened, but then nothing happens. No image is opened or dialog box shown anywhere. Closing PS doesn't prompt for any saving, etc.
    I think the problem is because my RAW/DNG files are stored on a NAS. Trying to do the merge from PS directly using the files also doesn't work. But if I copy the files to my local HDD, then things work a lot better.
    Is this a known issue with CS4?
    iMac, OSX Leopard, 4Gb RAM.

    I have done some more tests:
    Setting up CS3 as "Additional External Editor" in LR2.1 Edit/Preferences/External Editing works fine with RAW ( .NEF ) files on NAS-drive.
    Also CS4 as "Additional External Editor" works the same way. The procedure is the same as when CS3 was the standard editor, ie exporting a TIFF file from LR2.1.
    The difference is that the standard CS4 integration is not writing TIFF files från LR, but has a more tight integration to CS4, which is much faster. But still not working when RAW files are on NAS. ( LR catalog files are on local disk ).
    Dell dimension 9200
    Windows Vista Home Premium ( 32-bit )
    D-link DNS-323 NTFS file system
    Lightroom 2.1
    Photoshop CS4 Extended
    Latest updates installed.

  • Photoshop not working as external editor

    A couple of weeks ago a weird problem has started ocurring. Photoshop stopped working as an external editor. When I click Edit in Photoshop, Photoshop opens and it seems like it's trying to open the image but then nothing happens. It only works when I export the image as a PSD and open it then.
    I think I have managed to narrow it down a little because when I click the .dng file in Finder, Photoshop tries to open the file and comes back with an error message saying "Der Vorgang konnte nicht ausgeführt werden, weil das Dateiformatmodul die Datei nicht interpretieren kann" which roughly translates to that the file can't be interpreted. I think there may be something wrong with how Lightroom converts DNG files because I can open older files fine. Funnily enough I can even open some (really just a small percentage) of the current .dngs when I can't open others.
    I tried reinstalling both Lightroom and Photoshop to no avail. It happens with both Photoshop CS6 and CC.
    Anybody else had that problem before or knows how to fix it?
    Many thanks,

    EDIT: Have to correct myself - now I'm back to the stathe where PS starts up and won't import the DNG. When I use the "open in other application" command and let Lightroom create a TIFF first I can open the TIFF file in PS without any problem.
    I have ecountered the same problem a while ago. When selecting a shot to be opened in Photoshop (I run cc and LR 5.3 on a Mac), the program starts up and sometimes (not always) shows some loading activity, then keeps blank. Photoshop has no problems to open the same file when exported to the harddisk as TIFF. The problem stopped after I repaired access rights on my computer. Now PS does open the files, but (just occured today) my DNGs are opened without any adjustment I've done in Lightroom.
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