Enhance FIGL Datasource

Hi Experts,
I want to add profot center field to the 0FIGL_C01 cube.
I have the situation where cube getting data from 0FI_GL_6, 0FI_GL_1 and one DATA MART(its getting data from 0FI_GL_6).
Do I need to add the field to all datasources or only particular data sources.
Pls advice me to provide solution for above situation.
Thank you

<b>"I have some issues like i am not able to get the data in Inocube because Transfer rules are in Yellow color eventhough its activated."</b>
If all the fields coming from datasource are not mapped the transfer rules will be in yellow.. but nothing to worry .. make sure you have mapped all the fields you require. You should be good to go ... and data not coming to cube- check in the monitor where it is going wrong(error msg)
I add the profit center to the cube and automatically cube added tge controling area field. I tried to remove it then it's not allow me to activate cube.</b>
Yeah it would be added as profit center is compunded to controlling area. so you would need it.
<b>In transfer rules,I am getting 'X' mark under Tp column for Profit center and Contriling area.I rectify that by providing Infoobject name(i.e Profit center) by double clicking Tp column(Under Transfer Rules).But I am trying to provide InfoObject name for Controlling Area under Tp column(by double clicking the 'X') it says me you dont have Controling area in the 0FI_GL_1 infosource.</b>
You need to add your new fields in your communication structure too, then only you would be able to map them in the transfer structure.

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  • Enhancing Text Datasource

    I want to enhance 0STOR_LOC_TEXT datasource with 0COUNTRY and country key. but, can i use them as a navigational attribute in the report, after adding into 0STOR_LOC_TEXT ?

    Hi Anuja,
    For making any infoobject as navigational you need to do following setting
    1)Infoobject should be navigational as master data infoobject.
    2)infoobject should be navigational at data target level(it can be your DSO,Cube,multiprovider).
    Please do above setting at your data model then only you can use that infoobject as navigational at report level.
    Hope it will helpful to you.
    Ganesh Bothe

  • Steps to enhance a datasource from SAP CRM

    Dear Forum,
    Could you please provide me with some document to enhance a datasource from SAP CRM. Is it any different from enhancement of datasource from ECC datasources,
    Thanks and regards,

    please look this:
    Business Intelligence How-to Guides for SAP NetWeaver 2004 [original link is broken]
    or here: How-to Guides for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse  7.0 [original link is broken]
    Creating a datasource for generic extraction
    CSM Reddy

  • Delta in enhanced 0HR_PT_1 DataSource

    Hi gurus,
    I have a problem with enhanced 0HR_PT_1 DataSource.
    There are some fields added to the extractor structure and one of these fields (ZNIEOB) should be the base for delta queue.
    Unfortunatelly the delta mechanism doesn't work as it should - the changes in ZNIEOB field don't generate delta records.
    How should I modify the extractor to make the delta work?

    Please check if pseudo delta helps:
    dummy delta/pseudo delta

  • Steps to Enhance Custom DataSource

    Hello All,
    I have one custom datasource ZZ_PROD. From which I am extracting data and populatd in a ODS and then in to Cube in BI 7.0
    Now I have to enhance it and add about more 20 fields from two different ECC tables.
    These two tables are custom tables for a particular departmens.
    Can somebody explain me the steps  how I can accomplish this?
    Thanks in Advance
    Kumar M.

    I would recommend to change the function Module or the program it generates the ZZ_PROD.
    First Add the fields to the extract Structure.
    Unhide the newly added fields in the data source.
    Write the logic to grab the data from the two tables and assign it to proper extract structure fields.
    We normally enhance the datasource using User Exit since we don't want to make changes to SAP Delivered programs that would be overwritten during upgrades.
    Hope that helps.

  • How to enhance the datasource 0SRM_TD_PO using table BBP_PDIHP

    In R3 when any PO is deleted at the header/item level the field LOEKZ is populated in tables EKKO(Header)/EKPO(item level).
    Similarly in SRM when any PO is deleted at the header/item level the field DEL_IND is populated in tables BBP_PDHGP(Header)/BBP_PDIHP(item level). In current situation we have standard datasource 0SRM_TD_PO, this has a field as ITM_DEL_IND which is coming from table BBP_PDIHP(item level) and its always blank and its not getting populated , so we are not able to eliminate the deleted PO's in BW.
    To overcome this, I have a following approach :
    Enhance the datasource 0SRM_TD_PO to include a "ZZDELIND" field and populate this field via CMOD from tables BBP_PDHGP(Header)/BBP_PDIHP(item level). The issue is I'm not able to determine the relation/join/data model between the datasource and the tables. The datasource 0SRM_TD_PO has a PO#(OBJECT_ID) but the tables BBP_PDHGP(Header)/BBP_PDIHP(item level) dont have a PO# instead these tables have a key as "GUID"which is HEXA decimal.
    Can someone please help me out.

    two ways:
    1. call FM bapi_po_getdetail and pass the PO number, you will get all your details
    2. pass PO number to CRMD_ORDERADM_H to get the the GUID and use this GUID on BBP_PDHGP(if version control is active then you need to consider the active version only)
    and for item guid, pass the GUID picked from CRMD_ORDERADM_H to CRMD_ORDERADM_I-HEADER, you will get all the item guids as CRMD_ORDERADM_I.
    this can be passed to BBP_PDIGP.
    there are beautiful views as well joining these tables(BBP_PDVIEW*).. which you can use as well

  • Enhancement BC Datasource for Master Date  - no data for new fields

    I have a problem. Maybe someone can provide a check list.
    I made an enhancement for datasource 0COORDER_ATTR via SAP Exit. The problem is that i do not get data in BW for the new fields but no error occurs. the extractor checker delivers the new data.
    the following points i already checked:
    - datasource replicated and infosource activated
    - "Hide field" and "Field only known in customer exit" are not checked for the new fields

    Hi Stefan,
    I guess you need to maintain your transfer structure. Edit your transfer rules and click on tab 'datasource/transfer structure'. Move the new fields from the right table (datasource) to the left table (transfer structure). Click on tab transfer rules and map the new field. Activate the transfer rules again.

  • How does an enhancement of datasource affect my production data

    Hello All,
    We have enhanced a datasource 2LIS_11_VAITM, I want to know what will happen to my existing data in the production after i move the enanced datasource to production???
    will i need to clear the existing data in production after moving the same to another dummy cube O r will just running the deltas bring in the data for the enhanced fields as well without disturbing the existing data...
    Please respond. The issue is very critical..

    For all the historical data that already exists in your BI system, the data for the enhanced fields will not be populated but deltas would work absolutely fine and for all the new transactional changes, these fields will be filled. If you want to populate the data for historical data as well, you will have to carry out fill up of setup tables and reload the data to BI by initialising the data. If the data is being fed to DSO, I dont think that there is any need for deleting the data, as it would get overwritten by the new initialisation load.
    As such, please note that deltas will not get triggered if the only changes to Sales Order are for enhanced fields. Deltas will only be captured for the fields that are part of main communication structure. The motive for adding the enhaned fields is only to bring information for these fields.
    Edited by: Rahul K Rai on Sep 14, 2010 11:26 AM

  • Enhance COPA datasource

    I need to enhance a COPA datasource but I cannot add fields in COPA structure as it is already full. So Need to write a code to populate the fields. We require partner function fields from VBPA table and populate the data.
    I cannot create generic delta based on VBPA as this does not contain timestamp field.
    When writing the code and populate the data, Will this fetch Delta data for COPA datasource? for ex. if someone changes the partner function for sales order will that be captured as a delta? If not then please suggest what should be the approach for above.

    Look up will work. it will be another way for you.
    but delta on partner function will won't work thru LO data sources.
    LO data sources are standard one and will work on their own delta function.
    You need to understand more functionally about partner function.
    this won't be the unique for one record. same function will may have multiple records.
    in such cases we don't have any option to make partner function as delta relevant field thru custom data source.
    Another work around:
    Create one custom data source on table VBPA with less fields along with partner function.
    load custom data source data to bw DSO(xyz).
    create multiprovider on custom DSO(xyz) and copa cube.
    At data source - you need to run daily full load only(info pack and dtp)

  • Error while enhancing logistics datasource ????

    Hi Friends,
        I am trying to enhance one of the Logictics D/S (2LIS_02_SCL) and when I try to append the extract structure I get the following error....
        "DataSource 2LIS_02_SCL does not allow append structures??"
    Early input would be greatly appreciated ......
    Note: I get the same error for other D/S also (HDR, SCN,ITM etc)

    Hi Andy,
       Goto Tcode : RSA5 or 6 take extact structure name(double click on datasource).
       Now goto TCode : SE11 -->> input extract structure name -->> Disply -->> Chose enhace.
    Hope it Helps

  • Enhance generic datasource

    I developed a generic datasource and need some enhancements to custom fields. I got the following error in my ABAP code.
    Field "ZOXDV10019-ZZENDUSER" is unknown.
    Here is my code,
    *&  Include           ZXRSAU01
    DATA:    l_s_zsales LIKE ZOXDV10019,
             l_tabix LIKE SY-TABIX.
    CASE i_datasource.
      WHEN 'ZSALES'.
    Endless loop for debugging *
    l_counter = 7.
    while l_counter = 7.
    Find end-user in the VBPA transaction data table
      LOOP AT c_t_data INTO l_s_zsales.
        l_tabix = SY-TABIX.
    Fill fields with data from the VBPA transaction data table
        IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
          MODIFY c_t_data FROM ZAZOXDV10019 INDEX l_tabix.
    Why SAP couldn't recognize the field of my appended structure?

    Hi Du,
    I went through your post. Can you provide some light on
    how to extract data from VBPA. But we dont use any z* fields!!
    Thanks in advance.
    BW IGA.

  • Enhancement of DataSources

    Hi Experts,
    When we enhance a LO Datasource (either using the field available in LIS communication Structure or adding a field not available in LIS communication structure and populating thru. CMOD), when is the new field populated with data.
    Thank You!

    Hi Wond,
    Thank You for the prompt reply. I have one more doubt. Can you please tell me the when the newly added field is filled with data (in case of CMOD) during periodic delta loads, i mean logical sequence of steps when a delta info package is executed.
    And, How do we debug the CMOD code, in RSA3?
    Thank You!

  • Enhancing a DataSource (by adding 0CHRT_ACCT)

    Dear friends,
    I wish to enhance a BC datasource 0FI_AP_6 by adding a field 0CHRT_ACCT in the datasource. I am confused with the user exit part of it. (the  transaction codes and the ABAP code that needs to be in it). Please help.

    hi Raj,
    take a look
    User exit
    and download pdf 'enhancements in sap bw'
    here you can find the steps ...
    some weblog on enhancement
    (= /people/ajay.das/blog/2005/03/28/custom-fields-and-bw-extractors-making-a-mixed-marriage-work-part-1-1
    /people/ajay.das/blog/2005/03/28/custom-fields-in-standard-extractors--making-a-mixed-marriage-work--part-12 )
    hope this helps.

  • Enhance Standard DataSource

    Hi all,
    Can i add some more selection criteria to a standard source. Im using  0FI_GL_4 and would like to add GL Account HKONT to my selection when extracting data (InfoPackage).
    Also can i add an additional field BUZID to this datasource? How?
    How can i do that?
    Edited by: SAPPER BI on Apr 22, 2008 3:31 AM

    Dear SAPPER BI
    Enhancement means in the SAP given datasource If you want to add extra fields.
    Go Through this
    Follow these simple steps too
    The procedure is like below.
    Take the datasource in which you enhance.
    1. If you enhancing in the LO datasaource, take the aprapriate communication strucute append the structure in that structure add the fields you wnat enhance.
    If you are enhancing other than LO you take extract structure append the structure and add the fields in that structure.
    2. Goto LBWE Tcode take the option called "Maintain Extract structure" take the fields which you enhanced from pool take push in to extract strucure.
    If you enhancing other than LO no need to do this.
    3. Goto RSA6, take datasource, goto change mode. The enhanced fields Hide option checked, reomove that tick and save it.
    4. Goto "CMODE" tcode, If project is already created for that enhancement goto disply mode. If the project is not created give the project name created and give the enhancemet name as "RSAP0001" and save it.
    in the component you can find 4 Function modules
    EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 -> Transaction Data
    EXIT_SAPLRSAP_002 -> masterdata attributes
    EXIT_SAPLRSAP_003 -> Master data Texts
    EXIT_SAPLRSAP_004 -> Masterdata Hirarchies.
    Take the apprapriate FM and double click on it
    there you can find Include name. If you double click on it you can find ABAP editor.
    there we have to write the code
    example code will be like below.
    data: l_s_icctrcst like icctrcst,
    l_s_icctract like icctract,
    l_s_icctrsta like icctrsta,
    l_tabix like sy-tabix.
    case i_datasource. */ in BW 1.2B case i_isource.
    when '0CO_OM_CCA_1'.
    loop at c_t_data into l_s_icctrcst.
    l_tabix = sy-tabix.
    select single * from z0001 where kokrs = l_s_icctrcst-kok
    and kostl = l_s_icctrcst-kostl.
    if sy-subrc = 0.
    l_s_icctrcst-zfield1 = z0001-zfield1.
    l_s_icctrcst-zfield2 = z0001-zfield2.
    modify c_t_data from l_s_icctrcst index l_tabix.
    when '0CO_OM_CCA_2'.
    when '0CO_OM_CCA_3'.
    when others.
    This is example code.
    Also go through this link for more information
    If ur doing the replication first time, then do the following steps:
    1. Verify the R3 connection in SM59.
    2. Check all the required authorization is having for ur background user.
    3. Check whether ur data source is active in RSA6. If it is not active then activate from RSA5. Take best practice for activate the delta things like setup table deletion and initialization, etc.,
    4. Replicate the data source now in BW side.
    5. Activate all the corresponding transfer rules and update rules and info providers.
    If everything already available and now ur getting this error, then it may be RFC error or background user or R3 side Datasource problem.
    Try to extract the 2lis_01_s260 data in R3 itself (RSA3). And check whether data is extracting fine or not.
    Hope it helps you,Revert me back if you have any queries
    Assign ponts if helpful

  • Enhance LIS Datasource

    Hi friends,
    Please tell he how to add fields in LIS datasource
    I want to add movement type and order type in 0PUR_C01 cube please tell me how to do this.

    Follow the below steps.
    1)Go to RSA6 and find the data source you need to enhance.--> Display
    2)Double click  on the Extract structure.
    3)Now click on the append structure button to add the required field on to the existing structure.
    4) add your required fields with ZZ appended to your field.
    5) Save & Activate the append structure. Then go back and make sure you activate the extract structure also.
    6) Now again go back to RSA6 and select your Data Source. But this time go to change Data Source to remove the hide option to the enhanced fields. By default they’ll be in hide mode. If you don’t remove the hide field then this field will not be seen in BW side.
    7) Now go to SE38 to write the logic to populate the data into the enhanced field. Program name to write the logic is ZXRSAU01.
    8) Check + Save + Activate.
    9) Check in RSA3 if data is populated as per your requirement.
    10) Replicate your Data Source.
    11) Now go to Data Source/ Trans. Structure screen. Now you can see the enhanced field on the right hand side.
    R/3 Side:
    Follow the above steps and the enhancement will be RSAP0001:
    1.     ZXRSAU01 &#61664; Transaction Data
    2.     ZXRSAU02 &#61664; Master Data (ATTR).
    3.     ZXRSAU03 &#61664; Master Data (TEXT).
    4.     ZXRSAU04 &#61664; Hierarchies.
    Also check the below links:
    also please see these threads
    Re: enhancements
    Regards, Siva

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