Error -9672: can't add a printer

Every time I try to add this Canon Image Prograf iPF700, I get the message Error-9672.
In the Console it says:
2007-05-02 14:10:48.627 Printer Setup Utility[216] * -[NSBundle load]: Error loading code /Library/InputManagers/MagicMenuEnabler/MagicMenuEnabler.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ MagicMenuEnabler for bundle /Library/InputManagers/MagicMenuEnabler/MagicMenuEnabler.bundle, error code 2 (link edit error code 0, error number 0 ())
Error -9672, badly formatted ticket XML - Bad XMLStart:
Bad XMLEnd
I have a number of macs I'm administrating, and some are 10.4.9, some are 10.4.8 - some of them can print using an older driver, but when I take the printer off the list and try to re-add it, I get this error. It doesn't seem to matter which operating system I'm using (8 or 9.) The firmware has been updated on the printer. I have tried using an updated driver. Nothing seems to work. I'm afraid to take the printer off the few macs that can still print to it. I've tried everything!
Does ANYONE know/ think they know whether this is a Printer Setup Utility problem, or a Canon driver/ firmware issue? It's very hard to find anything anywhere about this particular error number.
Please help.
Mac Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

I'm having the same problem with my Epson R380. I'm running OS 10.4.9 and I've tried both directly connecting to my PowerBook G4 through usb as well as my airport extreme and get that annoying (error: -9672). The printer shows up in the list but clicking add brings up that error. I've used the driver from the CD that came with the printer as well as downloading the driver from the website with the same results. I've also tried the Printer Repair Service thing from and had no luck. Has anyone ever actually fixed this error? I've been searching the internet like crazy to try and find a fix, but there doesn't seem to be one.
I've also email epson about it and hopefully they will have an answer, but who knows how long that will take.
Any other solution ideas to try??

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    I’m trying to follow HP’s instructions to add a driver for HP Color Laserjet CP 1215 which is connected to my Time Capsule. However, in System Preferences I can’t “add” the printer to the print queue because I don’t have a driver and you have to select a driver before the add button becomes active.  Therefore, the Mountain Lion software update doesn’t add driver software for the CP 1215 driver because I was unable to add the printer to the print queue. 

    This printer doesn't seem to be supported in ML: &product=412187#N2043
    You could try the 1515 driver or use the Generic PostScript Printer PPD when adding the printer.
    Hope this helps.

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    Duplicate post, please refer to:
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    I would like to echo Sam's inquiry about launching the OPC server outside of LabVIEW and verifying that it can be connected to.  Also, under what user name is the OPC server being launched?  Sometimes you can run into trouble if the user name is not the current user logged onto the system, but I haven't heard of it causing this error.  You can see what user launched the service under Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services.  You can verify the default user running the application by going to Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Component Services and navigating to Component Services >> Computers >> My Computer >> DCOM Config  Right click on your DCOM server and select Properties.  Then go to the Identity tab and make sure The Interactive User is selected. 
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    Trying to print e-mails using iCloud but can not add my printer Epson Stylus Photo PX810FW
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  • I just purchased a Canon MG5220.  I have installed all of the updated drivers for 10.7.3.  The scanner is working wirelessly, but I can't add my printer.  Any ideas?

    I just purchased a Canon MG5220.  I have installed all of the updated drivers for 10.7.3.  The scanner is working wirelessly, but I can't add my printer.  Any ideas?

    With most multi-function devices, you need to run the printer manufacturer's setup/configuring program first. That will either "Add" the printer directly, or make it discoverable in the "Add-a-Printer" window. Look around, you probably downloaded that program when you downloaded the Driver.

  • Why does the software update say that drivers for my printers are not available? I have the drivers installed from the CD but can't add the printer because it wants to go through software update.

    I have the latest operating system, but can't get my printers added. Why does the software update say that drivers for my printers are not available? I have the drivers installed from the CD but can't add the printer because it wants to go through software update.

    It's pretty difficult to offer suggestions when you say nothing about your Mac, the version of Mac OS it's running, or the models of printers you have. This forum, however, is intended for questions about old, pre-G3 hardware, so unless you are asking about an very old Mac, this is not the forum where you'll be most likely to get help with your problem. I'd suggest you ask this question in the forum for your model of Mac or version of Mac OS X it's running. You'll be more likely to get assistance there, assuming you provide sufficient detail for anyone to make a diagnosis of the problem.

  • Error when trying to add a printer in the network

    I set up a network at home w/2 Airport extreme units. One as the main unit and one as remote base station.
    I connected a printer to the usb port of the remote base.
    When I try to add this printer to my Mac I can see it (under bonjour printers) but I get an error each time I try to add it (Error: -9672)
    Any help will be appreciated

    Two trips to the Apple Store solved it, with Canon input which helped to isolate problem.
    First Trip: At the Apple Store, with my MacBook Pro, Time Capsule & Canon Pixma IP 5000 printer, wireless printing worked just fine, but at that time, the Genius did not connect TC to the internet. Here are the sequence of steps done by Genius Bar:
    1. Connect USB cable between Time Capsule & printer.
    2. Power on Time Capsule; waited til light was yellow flashing, meaning it was powered up. Genius ignored TC's alert that we weren't connected to internet
    3. Plug in printer.
    4. Turn printer on.
    5. System Preferences > Print & Fax preference > Click + sign to add printer. Printer appeared under bonjour printer, and then hit Add button. Selection worked and we could print at the Apple Store.
    At home, I did not initially have success. My light on the Time Capsule was green. I remembered the Genius did our test with the TC light flashing yellow as he was not connected to the internet. So I started all over again, but this time I disconnected the ethernet cable between my cable modem and the TC. Followed all steps above but this time the Time Capsule light was flashing yellow. And it worked! Wireless printing was functional. Then plugged ethernet cable back into TC, and did appropriate start up. Then tried to print and got message: Error 306 A communication error has occurred.
    Contacted Canon tech support. With 2 replies, the bottom line was "Canon does not support the configuration you have inquired about. This does not necessarily mean it will not work, but that Canon cannot provide assistance on this configuration."
    Today, Trip 2 to Genius Bar: Brilliant lady did some thinking as I didn't have time this rushed morning to lug printer. She looked at my Mac's Preferences > Security > Firewall and saw my selection: "Set access for specific services and applications, with File Sharing, Printer Sharing, Screen Sharing, and then lots of apps like MS Word, Safari, iTunes, etc. " She said it may be a port problem and suggested I check "Allow all incoming connections". I got home, changed my Security preferences and wireless printing with the TC WORKED and is still working now.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Getting Error -9672 on installing Canoan IP4300 Printer / Bonjour

    Printer is connected to a ReadyNas NV+ server via USB and is provided to the Mac via Bonjour.
    I can easily create a new printer, Mac OS even finds the printer driver - "Canon IJ Printer". But as soon I try to confirm it, I get the eroor "Beim Hinzufügen des ausgewählten Druckers ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Fehler: -9672"
    This translates to something like "Error on adding new Printer. Error: -9672"
    If I choose by hand the driver "Canon PIXMA iP4300 - Gutenprint v5.1.3" I'm abel to install the printer and use it for printing - BUT the quality of the printout is very miserable. If I print an image, it is almost complete black, its much, much to dark.
    In the Consol Log Files the following error shows up:
    06.01.08 23:54:08 [0x0-0x15015][142] Error -9672, badly formatted ticket XML - Bad XMLStart:
    06.01.08 23:54:08 [0x0-0x15015][142] Bad XMLEnd
    What's the problem here? Why cant the printer driver not be installed? Gutenprint drivers seems not a usabel replacement for the original Canon IJ Printer drivers.
    Any help welcome, Max

    maxweiss wrote:
    As I wrote in my original posting, the Gutenprint Printer is working over Bonjour, but is only usable for text printing and not for image printing.
    I understood you. However the driver should be giving you good quality printing of images. Since it is not, then I suggested you try deleting it and installing either the stable release (v5.0.2) or the new development release (v5.1.6) and see if that resolves the quality issue. Or, there is the PrintFab option which may also work correctly.
    But the Canon BJ Drivers can not be installed using Bonjour, I get the 9672 error.
    True again. You cannot use the Canon supplied drivers for network connections, other than Mac to Mac printer sharing or Airport connections.
    Apple says Printer IP4300 is compatibel to Leopard
    It is compatible, when connected directly to the Mac via USB or using Mac to Mac printer sharing or when connected via an Airport base station.
    What I do not understand is, if I try to install the printer, the correct BJ Printer driver is selected automatically by the printer system settings - so the printer is detected correctly - the system chooses the BJ driver, not I'm doing this. But if I click OK, I get the error.
    This does happen. The Canon printer driver is not designed to work with your setup, hence the error.
    I do not know if it's Apples or Canons fault, but fact is, the printer is detected correctly an the correct driver is suggested by the system but can not be installed.
    Yes, and this is due to the way Canon has designed the driver software so I believe it is Canon at fault. Note that they have some models of printer/driver that do work with your type of connection. But for your iP4300, the driver does not configure correctly after detecting the printer.
    I also tried all the tips I found and you gave me too, deleting printer folder and reinstall latest driver from Canon, but with no luck at all. This is really annoing, and as much as I like my Mac (I'm a "switcher" I did not expect so simple stupid problems.
    I understand your frustration. If Canon and other vendors put as much effort into writing their Mac drivers as well as they do for Windows, then using a Mac would be more enjoyable. There has been so many times when I have found a function that the Windows driver provides that does not exist with Mac. I would like to think it has nothing to do with Mac having such a small market share of the PC world, but you have to wonder?

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    I am trying to add a HP 1315 printer for wireless printing through a Airport Express. I am using a MacBook Pro. Each time I attempt to add the printer, I receive a "error -9672". I am using the most uptdate HP driver downloaded from the HP site. The computer prints without problem when connected with the USB cable. Thoughts?

    I could kiss you!!!
    After almost 24 hours struggling (including a 40 minute phone call to Apple support), your post got my HP psc 1110 working over my new Airport Express, many many thanks!!!

  • Error 9672 when I try to print to Epson Stylus CX7400

    Printer had been working fine for months, then suddenly get error 9672 message. What can I do?

    Hi okbk, and a warm welcome to the forums!
    Might try this...

  • Can't add network printer to my PC

    I have an HP Color LaserJet 2605dn connected thru a USB port to a 5-year old computer running XP Home Edition with SP-2.  The printer is designated a shared computer.  I also have a Linksys wireless home network that operates flawlessly in every respect except for the problem below.
    When I try to add the printer to my new HP Pavilion running Vista Home Premium with SP-1 (64-bit), I get a message saying the server for the printer does not have the correct printer driver installed.  When I pursue the "add printer" process to the bitter end, I get a Printer driver setup error (error Ox800f0214).
    Can anyone tell me the name of the driver file that is missing, where I can find it, and how I can install it?

    ON the Vista Home Premium x64 system go to Control Panel -->Printer --> select add printer and select network printer. Stop there. Now Click on the driver you downloaded from here. Once you begin the install with the exe file the wizard(that is already running)  should see the driver and install it. Alternatively you could browse for it with \\computername\printername (substituting your own relevant network names for the devices)
    Have you tried physically moving it and installing the printer at the x64 system and then phyically moving it back to the other system where you already have it installed?   I know that beast is heavy.
    Another option; Use universal extractor  and extract the drivers from the.exe files. Then you can easily see which one will work when you extract themto a folder and browse there when you add the printer and the location of the driver is needed. 
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    I need to add a print icon in crystal report. My requirement states that I should not use the print button given in the taskbar of crystal report. Can this be done?

    Are you using Crystal Reports for Eclipse?  If so, there is a new version out that suports Excel exporting:

  • Can't Add Wireless Printer to Laptop

    I am trying to add a HP Officejet Pro x576dw MFP to my HP Probook 4530s .  Laptop runs Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.
    When I use the add printer feature, the printer shows up. I select it, then hit next.   The next step is to install the print drivers.  BUT, my printer isn't listed.  I have updated the list, but it still isn't on the list.
    How do I add my printer?

    Hi, you can use the driver found here.
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  • Can't Add New Printer

    In the Print & Fax section of my system preferences it used to show my USB printer. But then, for some reason, it disappeared. Now when I click the add printer button, I can see my printer under the default printers tab, however, when I click to add my printer it asks for a password of someone in the "lpadmin" group. My administrator password does not work for this.
    If anyone has any ideas at all, they would be much appreciated.
    NN .com%2Fkb%2FHT3511&answerid=16777217&

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    I would like to create a button that will send the document to print.
    I am creating an interactive PDF from InDesign CS5 (full screen view). it is a 50 page document with links and buttons.
    I would like to be able to create a button which will send the document to print.
    I know the commnd/ctrl P does the job, but my client insists (long story).
    ...and while we're at it: is there a way to "PRINT THIS PAGE ONLY" too?
    thanks a lot.

    Regarding the final PDF you produce with the Print button; when the user hits the Print button the usual printer dialogue box is launched and s/he can select which pages he wants to print and the number of copies. I think this is what you said this is what your customer wants.
    Note: when you add the Print button, within the Acrobat Forms facility, you then go to Button Properties dialogue box and select  Actions, select the trigger (i.e. On Mouse Down); Add an Execute a menu Item, click on Add and select File > Print from the drop-down list. A bit complicated to explain here, but easier enough if you have a play around with it. Acrobat Forms are a wonderful facility – well worth exploring the many things you can do with them. Especially if you set up your document first in InDesign!

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