Export Premiere CS6 (h.264) - Audio out of sync with several players...

I've had this problem before, but unfortunately it happened again.
I exported an mp4 with h.264 compression. The file plays perfectly with VLC player and everything is in sync. Of course, in Premiere (CS6) everything is in sync as well.
It is also synced correctly with Windows Media Player, as long as you don't 'scroll' or skip parts in the video. If you do that, the audio gets out of the sync...
With QuickTime it is completely out of sync. Vimeo plays it back perfectly, with YouTube it is out of sync...
How is this possible? What is causing this?
I thought that it could have had something to do with the video and audio tracks not being of the same length. I have already mastered the audio tracks into 1 track (wav) and made the same length as the video tracks, before I exported... On previous projects I have have not done that, and the audio was slightly out of sync there as well on Youtube.
What did I do wrong? Any settings I could have done wrong? Is this a bug of Premiere? What can I do to prevent this?

Yea, that sounds plausible but from the other hand, this happens only with (my) exported clips from Premiere...
When I download or watch clips from the internet that are mp4 files with h.264 compression, there is no problem. I just skip through a file of 4GB and it plays back fine. Also the clips from my camera (which are h.264 files) play back fine with everything in sync.
Also, I almost never see sync problems on YouTube.
There is something else going on here... It must be.

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  • Premiere Elements 12 MP4 Audio out of Sync

    Hi, I have just purchased Premiere Elements 12 and im editing MP4's but it seems that for some reason when i import them into PE12 the audio and video is fine up to a certain point then for some reason the audio gets out of sync. But when i play the raw file in VLC its totally fine =\ Anyone have any ideas?
    Windows 7 64 Bit with 64bit Version installed.
    P.S It seems to just happen on longer videos around 10mins
    The only way ive managed to fix this is ungroup the audio and video and cut the audio down so its in sync.. im not doing that every time. Pretty dissapointed with this software tbh =\

    This is not Adobe. This is a user to user forum.
    If you want to contact Adobe, the way to do that is via its Adobe Chat for questions specific to Premiere Elements 12 (the current version, while it still is the current version).
    This is the link to Adobe Chat for you to explore:
    Contact Customer Care
    NVIDIA Shadow Play that you are using, apparently for screen capture purposes, is a NVIDIA product. Have you contacted NVIDIA about its product which appears to be a "beta" version at that?
    If you can supply more details about your source, perhaps I could spot the core of the issue. Properties from a video audio properties readout program such as MediaInfo would be very helpful in this regard. I find it curious that the properties readout that you post has no Video and Audio bitrate. The video compression shown appears to be H.264 and the audio format seems to be AAC. But what is the wrapper format as represented by the file extension of the file.
    An aside....By the way, QuickTime is a requirement for Premiere Elements (any version). And it, like Premiere Elements needs to be run from a User Account with Administrative Privileges and often also with Run As Administrator applied.
    Please clarify, you seem to be saying, that 4 or 5 months ago, you could work with "NVIDIA Shadow Play Beta" recorded video in Premiere Elements 12  without issue, but now you cannot?
    a. Do you have the audio out of sync video issue with both the video recorded 4 or 5 months ago and the video recorded today?
    b. Is the problem gone for both when you roll back the driver version to what it was 4 or 5 months ago.
    The answers to both of those questions would be a good starting point.

  • Audio out of sync with elemental plugin, and slower than my i7!!!

    I just got a PNY nvidia quadro 1800 with elemental accellerator plugin. I just transcoded 2 hours of HDV straight from premiere 4 with Adobe Media Encoder using the Elemental codec and the audio is out of sync. It plays out of sync on the Blu Ray disk, and in Encore4. The audio is perfectly synced in Premiere. I just did another project a week ago without the Elemental, using the default Main Concept encoder and the audio is perfect. I am pretty sure I have the latest version of the Elemental Accellerator because there is a button to check for updates and it says there are no updates available. Does anybody know what is wrong here?.
    The transitions are getting messed up. I can see a small section with the audio synced, then the video repeats after a second throwing them out of sync. I also suspect that the Elemental accelerator does not process any faster than the default h.264 for Blu Ray encoder. I hope I did not waste my money on this nvidia quadro 1800..
    Whoooaa! I just woke up and checked the transcoding time.. To transcode approximately 2 hours of HDV it took 6:35 (hr:mm) with the elemental accellerator and it took 5:09 with my i7 920 chip!! Was that nvidia card a waste of money, or what?!!! Between the slower speed and the audio out of sync, I'd say I made a BIG misteak.. Does anybody want to buy a PNY nvidia quadro 1800? it'll be on ebay very soon..
    Win7 64bit, Master Collection 4, i7 2.66 Ghz, Kingston Triple Channel DDR3 1600Mhz 6Gb, ASUS P6T, PNY nvidia quadro 1800.....

    Thanks Neil,
    I don't think my audio interface has anything to do with it.. I am using Adobe Media Encoder for the export and the Audio interface's latency has nothing to do with it.. I see the source of the problem but not the solution.. The Elemental plugin is not working properly with the transitions in Premiere. The transitions are visibly botched and the sound is in sync for a partial second of each clip, then the video skips backward as the sound keeps playing. This happens on every clip after the transition.
    Whatever you were talking about might have to do with some kind of real time export, but to where? I think Premiere might have some auto plugin delay compensation for audio tracks.. I dont think you even read my post.. My MOTU 896 Mk3 audio interface has a 128 sample buffer leaving a few milliseconds of latency, and I can set it as low as 64.. This still has nothing to do with my problem.. Thanks for your input..
    I am curious to know what you thought I was capturing elemental streams and audio from my interface in real time to.. I was unaware of anything that works like that in this type of editing..
    The bottom line is that my i7 chip gets the job done much faster than the quadro 1800, and that's a shame that I spent the money on the 1800.. On top of that it doesn't even work properly!!

  • Audio out of sync with waveform

    We have 3 new computers at work with Final Cut Studio on all of them. Since we got them 2 or 3 weeks ago everything has been fine except today. 2 of them all of a sudden get audio out of sync. You can tell the audio waveform is inline with the video but the audio coming through the speakers are off and get worse as the clip plays. We are recording with xd1 cameras and importing using a card reader and using the xd transfer software. The actual .mov file when played outside of FCP is fine, it's just when it's imported into FCP that the problem occurs. I even have a project that I finished 2 weeks ago, it was fine at the time but when I played it today the audio was all of a sudden off. I've checked the settings and I'm clueless as to what to do. Any suggestions?
    I don't know if this makes a difference but the computer that this problem isn't happening too has been updated online. The other 2 haven't. We don't have internet access all the time. I'm thinking an update might cure the problem but we didn't have time to update it today.

    I think I figured out what the problem is. We have AJA Kona card installed in the computer but we are at a temporary location so setting the FCP to AJA Kona card but listening through the regular computer speaker output is what is causing the problem. When I setup the FCP to XDCAM 1060i it works fine.

  • Audio out of sync with presentation (not using full motion)

    When I preview or publish a project using Captivate 5, the audio is out of sync with the presentation. I am not using any full motion recording, which I know has caused audio/video sync issues in previous versions of Captivate. The audio is slide specific, with a separate audio file for each slide. (In other words, I'm not trying to break a large audio file over many slides.) When each slide is viewed individually -- in the workstation, in the preview window, or in the published version -- the audio is synced just fine. The problem arises only when I try to watch the entire presentation (approx. 10 minutes in length). The audio gradually lags behind the visual.  By about half way through the project, the visual presentation is noticably ahead of the audio. By the end, the audio is nearly 4 seconds behind the video. I cannot detect a noticeable change in pitch or speed of the audio, so if the audio is being altered in any way, the alteration is slight.
    However, if I use the playback controls to advance to a single slide, the audio is fine for that slide and those immediately after, although it does gradually get off again as the project progresses. (So, for example, if I start the playback in the middle of the project, the audio will only be off by about 2 seconds by the end, rather than 4.)
    I have tried various publishing options (although I don't think publishing is the problem, since this happens when I preview the project as well). I have used 2 different computers and also tried viewing the published version locally and streaming. None of these alterations seem to make a difference. By the end of the presentation, regardless of how the project is published or viewed, the audio is several seconds behind the video.
    My specs:
    Captivate 5
    Microsoft XP OS
    2 GB RAM
    Publishing to .swf

    Hi Mukul,
    Thank you very much for your careful responses. Here are the answers to the questions.
    First of all, the "slow video" behavior does appear only after adding the slides mentioned in previous post.
    1.    I created a “software simulation” project. It IS a capture+audio recording.
    2.    Since I recorded the audio while doing screen capture, almost every slide has audio, which is not convenient to edit at all. Is there any other better way that I missed so that we can keep the audio and video at the same step while editing them? As I know so far, either insert silence or delete a little audio to one slide, the audio becomes short, but the slide duration time is still the same as before unless we change that manually which normally is not precise enough to match the audio.
    3.    I tried to add the blank slides at where there is a pause of speaking and where they are close to the problem slides. Otherwise, the speaking would sound weird.
    4.    Published SWF file size is 20.6 MB.
    5.    I do have two externalized video files for title and end.
    6.    Unfortunately, it is still slow even if it played on a different system.
    And another problem comes up these days. After publication, the screen resolution is not good (like some grey ink left on screen) wherever click or type something. It did not happen before even if worked on the same computer.
    I am very sorry that there are so many problems. I have been working on this for long time. The project totally drove me nuts. Hopefully you have more ideas about that.
    I really appreciate your help.

  • Audio Out of Sync with Itunes downloaded Movie

    I have searched on here for an answer, but have found none, so I go to the great Mac experts. I have downloaded two shows from Itunes in the last 4 days and during playback on my G4 the audio is out of sync with the picture. This has never happened before. I just updated Itunes with the latest update about a week ago. Is anyone having this problem, and better yet, any experts out there care to weigh in on a solution? It's very annoying. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I downloaded a 90 minute TV show and it becomes out of sync @ 51 minutes in. I have no idea why and this has never happened before. Can't seem to find any explanations online so any solutions you find would be greatly appreciated...

  • Audio out of sync with multi-cam

    Hi *,
    I searched the forum with no big success. Many people seem to have the no-audio problem with multicam. My problem is different.
    I enabled the multi-cam feature in CS4.1 in the preview (source) monitor. I have 2 video tracks (1 MPG, 1 AVCHD). Both appear and are in sync. Also the audio is in sync as long as the multi-cam feature is turned off. As I turn it on and play the monitor, it's totally out of sync with the video. Totally means, that it's really about 40 minutes away.
    Any ideas?
    - Stefan

    Any ideas?
    My only recommendation is to just not use GOP-based media.  It's a bad idea at it's core and issues like this are not uncommon.

  • Export to ME to H.264 Audio Out of Sync

    HELP!!!!!! Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, 3.2 version Windows XP. For sometime now I have had to go back into Premiere and shift the audio forward so it is many frame ahead of the video when viewing in program monitor so that when the project is exported to Media Encoder CS3 and then to H.264 for streaming on Vimeo the audio will be in sync with the video. I spend hours and hours editing the project so it plays perfectly in Premeire and then have to spend hours exporting to test to see if the video is going to play in sync with the audio. But NO!!!!!
    I have seen many, I mean Many of posts all over the net about the audio sync problems and how Abode just ignores the problem. WHAT UP with THAT????  Come on guys!!! You take our money and sell us a product that doesn't work?? At least you can fix the bug and or tell us how to create a work around!!! COME ON! I guess I should have bought FCP instead. NAB is coming up, a perfect time to corner the Adobe clan with a video camera and get their answer to fixing the problem. Once I do, I'll post it online... but then again, the Audio may be out of sync??? Unless they give me the magic fairy dust to sprinkle on my computer to make CS3 export properly. (I hear that this problem still exists in CS4, CS4 and even CS6!!!)  HELP!!!!! I need to be able to export into Media Encoder and output to H.264 perfectly each time!!!!

    Thanks Jeff. I'll add a bit more detailed information.
    OS Windows XP SP3
    Adobe premiere Pro CS3 (latest updates installed 3.2)
    Footage: from DVX1000 FireWire capture either through Premiere Pro or On Location. Footage specs are 48kHz stereo audio, video either 16:9 or standard 4:3 ratio.
    In the past I have been mixing a stereo signal from a mixing console directly into the camera, so that no I porting of audio from other sources are necessary. This recent project I sent a stereo signal to the camera as a reference point and then recorded 4 tracks separately on a DAW and then mixed and imported the audio tracks into Premiere and sync the imported stereo track with the captured audio from the camera.
    Editing process: Locked main video with new imported tracks from DAW. Longest complete section is 3 minutes. Imported video b roll for out takes and cross dissolved from one video track to another. Then once completed, exported to Media Encoder.
    Media Encoder Settings:
    4:3 ratio DV Footage 720w x 480h Input and output
    Format H.264
    Range Entire Sequence
    Preset. Custom
    NTSC 720x480, 30 fps, progressive
    ACC (ACC+ version 1 and 2, each tried separately) 48khz
    VBR, 2 pass, target 100.09, Max 100.00 (Mbps)
    Filters. Non
    30 fops
    Standard 4:3
    Profile Main
    level 5.1
    VBR, 2 Pass
    Target bitrate 100 Mbps
    Maximum Bitrate 100 Mbps
    Advanced settings
    Set key frame distance checked
    Key frames distance 30
    Audio codec ACC, ACC+ Version 1, ACC + Version 2
    Frequency 48 kHz
    Audio quality HIGH
    Bitrate Kbps 48
    Advanced settings
    Precedence. BITRATE
    Mulitplexing. MP4
    Stream Compatibility Standard
    Results: audio on h.264 is always out of sync, 14 frames ahead of the video
    Has this always been happening? YES. I have reinstalled this CS 3 on two different computers with freshly installed OS win XP with SP3. Always the same results. 
    Comment: Surely there has to be a preset for H.264 to output perfectly to YouTube or Vimeo with out all the beta testing and re-editing. Is there another software available to convert to?  The export to movie function seems to work perfectly. It's just when exporting to Media Encoder. This leads me to believe that the problem is inherent to Media Encoder. If I have to buy a software converter from QuickTime movie to h.264 so be it but, you would think this should not be the case.

  • H.264 Audio Out Of Sync in Media Encoder. Help Needed.

    I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and I find that the best way to get a good video with low file size is by Exporting to Media Encoder and using
    the H.264 codec. Note, this is the codec by itself NOT the one used with the Quicktime preset.
    Here's the problem : When I export these files, they always end up a few frames slower than what I have on the timeline and the audio is always
    out of sync by just less than a second. Although it's a very small difference, timing is crucial in editing when it comes to dialogue as I'm sure anyone who uses Premiere understands.
    I have tried tweaking with the settings. I've used VBR 1 Pass, 2 Pass, CBR, Progressive Scan, Upper and Lower fields first, all of that.
    Has anyone else had this problem, and if so how was it solved?
    IF not, can anyone give me a good solution as to how I can get good video quality + low file size. The benchmark is a 45second video takes a maximum of 5MB, Quicktime video. Any suggestions or any methods you find better? Any ideas on how the guys at Apple Trailers manage to do the job so well?
    All the help is appreciated. Thanks, guys!

    Hi Jeff, I've experimented with a bunch of formats to find the root of the problem, but for this conversation I'll use a Quicktime (.mov) example.
    Source Footage Settings :
    Video : 640x268, Millions of colors. FPS : 23.98 Data Rate : 1.15mbits/sec
    Audio : AAC, Stereo (L R), 44.100 kHz
    Sequence Settings :
    Video : Quicktime Movie, Pixel Depth : 640, Frame Rate : 23.976
    Audio : Source Audio Format : 44100 Hz - 16bit Stereo. Project Audio Format : 44100 Hz - 32bit floating point - Stereo
    Average Data Rate : 141KB / second
    Pixel Aspect Ratio : 1.0 (Square Pixels)
    Export Settings :
    Main Concept H.264 Video, Custom Preset.
    Video : Frame width & height is same as source. Frame Rate : 23.976. Field Order : None (Progressive) Pixel Aspect Ratio : Square Pixels
               Profile : High. Level : 3.0. Encoding : VBR, 1 Pass. Target Bitrate [Mbps] : 1.3. Maximum Bitrate [Mbps] : 1.5
    Audio : AAC, Stereo, 44.1 kHz. Audio Quality : High. Bitrate [kbps] : 192. Precedence : Bitrate
    Multiplexer : MP4. Stream Compatibility : Standard
    NOTE : I have done the same with .avi files as well with the same audio lag issues. As for the file above, it's a trailer off Apple Trailers which also uses the H.264 encoding. To prove that there is a lag, I imported the 'rendered' file back into Premiere, placed it on a seperate layer on top of the original footage in the timeline and pressed play. As expected, there was a difference in audio playback and video was about a frame late.
    Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Exported quicktime files have video & audio out of sync

    I am using FCP with a Sony HVR-Z1E. All seems ok in my edit etc but if I try to export my edit to a quicktime file using the quicktime conversion option the audio and video are out of sync on quicktime. If I export using quick time movie option, all is fine as this file is played back by FCP. I have tried different settings but I cant get the audio to be in sync with the video. My settings are HDV 1080i50 on my 15" Macbook Pro
    Thanks for any help
    Regards Alf

    You can open your "quicktime movie" (not qt conversion) in quicktime player. Simply control click on the file in the finder and choose open with... Try that and let us know if the file is in synch.

  • Audio out of sync with video in timeline SOLVED

    The audio and video are in sync when playing .MP4 video (but may apply to other video files) in the Premiere Pro viewer and Windows Media Player and VLC however, as soon as you drag the clip into the timeline it goes out of sync. Since it took so much time for me to figure out how to get around this problem I wanted to share this, ESPECIALLY For all the people who are semi Adobe Premiere noobs (with no disrespect, I fall into this category) at this and google isn't helping to figure out why this is happening I'll give you the easy fix.  For all the people in this forum who are going to ask the detailed information, codecs, etc.  I'll give that as well.
    All the information I've read online all seems to point that the timeline sometimes doesn't like certain audio contained in the video. It conforms incorrectly, etc. Personally, it doesn't make any sense to me. Forget all that.. you just want to get on with your project.. to heck with the details, you're tired of googling.  Here's the solution I found.  Extracting the audio from the problematic video file outside of Adobe Premiere.  I use avconv, because it's free, open source, and you won't lose audio quality.  Then linking that audio with the video in Adobe Premiere.
    First if you are using a windows 32 bit computer download avconv here: http://win32.libav.org/win32/
    If you are using a windows 64 bit computer download avconv here: http://win32.libav.org/win64/
    go to the bottom of the page and click on the newest date version.  DISCLAIMER: This is open source software. It's free.  I didn't make it so I'm not trying to sell you anything.
    It's a zip file so you will need to use winzip or 7zip to uncompress it.  You can't just click on the installer. You can uncompress and save the program wherever you want on your computer.  Say you didn't pay attention and you automatically saved it in the default spot in your downloads folder.  The place you'd find the program might look like this if you're on a 64 bit computer: 
    C:\Users\youruseraccountname\Downloads\libav-9.7-win64  If you're on a 32 bit computer it will probably look like this C:\Users\youruseraccountname\Downloads\libav-9.7-win32
    Just make sure you know where it is located and copy it down in notepad.  If you can't find it, do a search on your C: drive for avconv  .For this forum thread we will assume you have saved avconv in the downloads folder and you're on a 64 bit computer. 
    Click on the Windows key on your keyboard. Type in Run and then press enter. Type in CMD and press enter.  This will open up windows command line. Don't worry, it's not as scary as you think.
    Now hold down the Windows key and press E. This will open up a windows explorer window for you to find the video file you are having issues with in Adobe Premiere.  Once you have found the file, copy the location of the file.  So..  if your file was here:  c:\Users\youruseraccount\videos\yourvideo.mp4 you would see that at the top of the windows explorer in what's called the address bar.  Copy that.  Paste it into your notepad.
    Now switch back to the windows command line window.  Now I'm going to have you type a command into the windows command line but before you do I want you to understand how to type it in.
    #1. Do you know the exact path (location on your computer) where you installed avconv?
    #2. Did you copy the exact path (location on your computer) where you have your video file?
    If so..  type in the command below but change it with the information you have above
    C:\Users\youruseraccountname\Downloads\libav-9.7-win64\usr\bin\avconv.exe -i "c:\Users\youruseraccount\videos\yourvideo.mp4" -vn -qscale 1 "c:\Users\youruseraccount\videos\yourvideo.wav"
    So let's break it down so you understand and help troubleshoot any issues you may have.
    C:\Users\youruseraccountname\Downloads\libav-9.7-win64  this is the example location we said we installed avconv.  The actual avconv.exe program is located inside that folder so the full path would be this: C:\Users\youruseraccountname\Downloads\libav-9.7-win64\usr\bin\avconv.exe
    -i just tells avconv what the input file is.
    "c:\Users\youruseraccount\videos\yourvideo.mp4" is the path (location on your computer) where your video file is.
    -vn just tells avconv you only want to extract audio from the video
    -qscale 1 just tells avconv you want the best quality
    "c:\Users\youruseraccount\videos\yourvideo.wav" just tells avconv the path (location on your computer) and the name you want to give the audio file you're taking from the video.  This will save the audio wav file to the path (location on your computer) where the problematic video file is saved.
    Once you have the audio wav file import it into Adobe Premiere.  In the timeline, unlink the audio from the mp4 (or whatever video file you have).  Highlight the now unlinked mp4 audio and delete the audio.  Then bring your audio wav file you created using avconv and bring it onto the timeline at the start of the video. Now link it.  Hopefully that did the trick.
    If you have any questions regarding the command line or installing avconv please feel free to comment and ask.  I'm pretty good at windows command line and can probably help identify what the issue is.
    Here are the details of the problematic video file that I had this issue with.  This is from avconv:
        major_brand     : mp42
        minor_version   : 1
        compatible_brands: mp42mp41
        creation_time   : 2013-05-12 11:45:32
      Duration: 01:58:28.24, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 3256 kb/s
        Stream #0.0(eng): Video: h264 (Constrained Baseline), yuv420p, 1280x720, 2997 kb/s, 25 fps, 25 tbr, 25 tbn
          creation_time   : 2013-05-12 11:45:32
        Stream #0.1(eng): Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 256 kb/s
          creation_time   : 2013-05-12 11:45:32
    I don't know the type make/model video camera that was used or if it was converted before being given to me. This is just what i had to work with and the solution I found to fix it.

    if you are using a windows 32 bit computer
    Then you won't be using anything above Premiere Pro CS4, and this thread would be in the wrong section.
    By the way, the process is significantly easier using something like Xvid4PSP, which can strip out the audio using a fairly easy to understand GUI, as wel as convert those oddball videos into something PP can handle.
    http://www.videohelp.com/tools/XviD4PSP  (Use version 5.)

  • Audio out of sync with movie....

    Hi all.
    I'm having a bit of a problem with iDVD 6. I have created a movie with iMovie 6 which includes a slideshow and several small video clips from my camera (all as one movie). The only sound used is some MP3's (AIFF's after placing them in the timeline) and some sound effects, no sound from the videos. Although the previews are fine in iMovie and IDVD, once they have been burnt to DVD the audio is out of sync - delayed by about 6 seconds. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Sue & Len for your help. As I type, my movie is now encoding using Full Quality/ Quicktime. I expect it to be in sync but the proof of the pudding will be in the burning. Fingers crossed. Len, I am running Quicktime 7.1 - The digital camera films play fine and with audio through Quicktime, it just gets 'lost' when I place the clips in iMovie. That's not a problem, the sound was horrible anyway! I assume if all works out ok that I can burn the Quicktime file using iDVD using the front-end menu's etc so it'll play on a standard DVD player?
    I'll let you know the results tomorrow night.
    Thanks again for your time & help. It's very much appreciated:)
    Kind regards
    Barney (Morat)

  • Audio out of sync with optical out

    I've connected audio from ATV 2 times to my receiver. My Sony television has an optical out connection so it can act as a passthru for audio to my receiver. However, it's always stereo, I can't get surround from it. Apple says it sends the same audio over HDMI and optical out. So I connected ATV directly to my receiver with the optical output. Result: I do have surround now. So I guess my Sony is at fault for not passing along surround.
    This is my setup:
    1) ATV -> HDMI -> Sony LCD -> optical out -> receiver
    2) ATV -> optical out -> receiver
    My problem:
    Setup 1) gives me no surround but audio and video are synced perfectly.
    Setup 2) does give me surround, but audio and video are OUT of sync.
    My video is generated by Handbrake 0.9.3 and contains both AAC stereo and AC3 surround passthru.
    It's strange, because if you have this audio delay problem you would think it's caused by the television because that's an extra device sitting between source and receiver.
    Any ideas what is causing this problem? Is Handbrake not able to add AC3 correctly or is ATV playing sound in sync over HDMI but not in sync over optical out?

    Thinking about this a bit more, I think I could have an idea as to what the problem is - the AppleTV firmware. I believe that there is a timing difference between HDMI and the optical audio output. Let me explain...
    My AppleTV is hooked up using HDMI for video only (direct to my TV) and the optical is hooked up directly to my audio receiver. Since there is no setting in the AppleTV menu to choose the output for the audio, I have to assume that it's sending audio through BOTH the optical output and the HDMI output simultaneously. If the timing for the audio signal is slightly different, then that could cause the audio to be out of sync. Since the HDMI signal carries both audio and video, it makes sense that it would remain tightly in sync. But since the optical is separated it could, theoretically, not be synced with the video.
    As I said, both of these AppleTV units have been hooked up the identical way that they are now and have never exhibited this problem until the 2.3/2.3.1 firmware updates.
    I also noticed that unplugging the unit from power for 10 minutes, plugging it back in and testing the identical file that minutes earlier was out of sync, that the video and audio were much closer to being in sync. Does this make any sense?

  • 16 bit audio out of sync with final DVD video

    My completed movie plays back fine in iMovie HD. But when I watch the DVD on the telly, the audio drifts out of sink in the last few clips. I have checked and double checked the final clips in iMovie and there they playback fine.
    The only I can think of is that I have a music clip just before these final clips. Could that be pushing them out of sync? They don't overlap, though.
    I have burnt using best performance and best quality and they produce the same result.
    My original input recording was 16 bit, so it can't be the typical 12 bit problem.

    Try building it again but before you do so Go to the Advanced menu and delete the encoded assets. That "ghost" track may still be in the project somewhere and maybe deleting the assets and re-encoding will clean it up.

  • Atv audio out of sync with computer speakers

    I stream music to my atv and to speakers connected to an airport express. My computer speakers and the speakers connected to the airport express are always in sync with one another, but the audio on the atv is always lagging behind. Any way to fix this problem??

    could be simply the fact that appletv is re-processing the audio, therefore there is a slight lag.
    same scenario is present when watching terrestrial TV compared to satellite TV. satellite TV is usually a second or 2 behind terrestrial due to the extra processing involved.

Maybe you are looking for