Export SWF from AE CS6

I used to be able to export SWF files directly from AE CS3. But am having difficulty performing that same task in CS6. Under FILE/EXPORT there is an option to choose "Adobe Flash Player (SWF)". However, when I output the file it appears to start rendering, then almost immediately the render window dissapears. I don't receive any kind of error message at all. It simply creates an SWF file with no content in it. Does anyone have an idea what the issue might be?

I have the emails from Adobe in regards to this bug. Here is the email I received:
Hello Don,
This is in regards to the issue that you are facing in exporting  the .swf files from After effects CS6.
It is a bug and Development team is working on this issue.
The bug number is 3345048.
We will release the fix for this in the next update.
I am closing this case as of now.
If have any queries , please feel free to get back to us on 1-800-833-6687
I then receive this email within hours of receiving above noted email:
Adobe Case Update and Feedback Opportunity
Your Adobe ID: Fyredept
Your Case Number:XXXXXXXXXXX
With this response, we believe your issue is resolved and have therefore closed your case XXXXXXXXXX.  If your support case has not been completed to your satisfaction or you should you need to contact us on this issue again, please reference your case number. You can reopen your case up to 14 days after it has been closed.
Your feedback is important to us. Please take a moment to let us know how we're performing against your expectations by completing our survey.
Take the survey
To review your case history or reopen the case, log in to the Adobe Support Portal online and look for your case number in the "recent activity" section. If you have difficulties logging in, consult the Adobe ID and Membership FAQ.
Thank you,
Adobe Customer Care
To date nothing from Adobe either in the form of a fix or time frame for that fix. Looks like I will need to call again and push the issue a little. Not to much though as to tick them off and not get a fix. I will continue to keep on this with you.

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  • Trouble Exporting MXF from PP Cs6

    I am having a lot of trouble exporting a sequence of mxf footage out of premiere pro cs6. Whenever I try to export directly from Premiere the program stalls out. I tried sending it to adobe media encoder, which worked temporarily. Now, the sequence doesn't show up in adobe media encoder. I then tried sending turning the sequence into an AE composition, which again worked seamlessly temporarily. I am working with multi-clip sequences and last night I noticed that when I turn my sequence into an AE comp, after effects began referencing the wrong angle. After Effects also began giving me error messages saying that it was having trouble conforming some of the mxf files. Any insight into how I can fix this would be most helpful. I am working on a Mac Pro Ghz-6 Core Intel Xeon.

    What exactly do you mean by "multi-clip sequences." Multicam?
    If so, try dropping the same source content into a sequence without any multicam edits and see if that exports. That will help determine if the problem is limited to multicam sequences.
    Have you tried closing all the apps, confirming through Activity Monitor that all the processes shut down (including pproheadless and dynamiclinkmanager), and then relaunching the apps? Or simply rebooting the system. This feels a bit like a problem where the initial failure to export left things in a bad state, so that you need to clear the decks.
    What are your export settings? Do you have similar problems exporting to other formats?
    And just to confirm the reference in the thread's title, you're running PPRO CS6, not CC, right?

  • Exporting XML from PP CS6 to Resolve. Doesn't work no matter what we try!

    My colorist and I have been pulling our hair out trying to figure out how to get this project into Resolve. I am running the latest version of PP Cs6 on a Windows PC. Edited the feature in native R3D format, 4.5k, everything was smooth as silk. I prepped the project by breaking it into 20 minute reels, removing all effects and speed changes, collapsing it down to 2 video tracks and 1 audio tracks and exporting an XML.
    Colorist is running the newest build of Resolve 9 on a Mac and tried to open the XML but it doesn't work. It only shows one clip on the timeline and nothing else. I tried exporting an EDL and it loads a ton of stuff in, but the clips are not right and seem to be the whole takes. He has tried to open in FCP to remake the XML, but it won't open there either. I even tried finding and replacing all the .R3D file extensions in the XML to "_M.MOV" to make it use the proxies instead but no dice.
    Is there any way to make this work? I feel like people go from Premiere to Resolve all the time with no hassle. Since we're both using the latest builds I am wondering where the hangup is. I feel like its within Premiere but I don;t know what to mess around with at this point.
    Any assistance is appreciated!

    I wrestled with that for about 20 hours before getting it.
    Here's some of my code:    makeButton("Refresh Table",northP,
        new ActionListener()
          public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
      public void updateTable()
    /////////////////////This worked for me.
    Both these methods occur in the JFrame class that displays the table. I pass the table
    model to the JFrame constructor. In the above code, the model object is an instantiation
    of the class that extends AbstractTableModel, with the methods getElementAt(), getRowCount(), and getColumnCount().
    If you post some of your code,I'll try to help.

  • Problem with exporting PDF from Indesign CS6

    I recently registered & installed CS6 on my computer (Last week!), and I seem to have problems with Indesign, which is the main reason for my buying the product.
    The problem is that whenever I try to save & export a file as PDF from Indesign I get an error message (See attached file).
    The files are saved with 0KB size, and so the Acrobat reader can't open them for preview.
    This really interrupts my work, and backs up the entire comapny schedule.
    I already tried updating, and uninstalling&re-installing the suite - but no luck.
    Any help would be appreciated, and we need it ASAP.
    Thanks in advance,

    Without proper system info and details about what PDF settings you actually used and how and where you save your files, nobody can say anything. You could simply be doing something silly like using PDF/A, but trying to enforce high-res pictures or whatever. In any case, ask in the ID forum.

  • Exporting SWF from InDesign for presentation

    I've exported a swf file for a presentation that uses .flv files. When I open the file in flash it works fine unless I put it in full screen mode. Doing this makes the videos huge/zoomed in. I need to get this done for Monday and I can't work out what I've done wrong. Only a few of the slides have a video on. The others with just a static image work perfectly fine.
    Thanks for you help in advance

    That´s unfortunate indesign "feature" which is quite hard to work-around.
    Check this FAQ, Bugs&Fixes section / FullScreen view does not work properly if videos have been used:
    It´s made for eDocker users but I think you may use it also without eDocker, with SWF files exported from InDesign

  • How do I import custom export presets from PPro CS6 to PPro CC?

    In CS6 I have a big list of custom export settings specific to the various broadcasters that I upload content to; would like to not have to rebuild them all in CC.  How can I transfer them over?  I cannot find where the custom export presets are stored in the system.  Mac OSX 10.7.5

    Here's what I did on a PC.  Should work similarly on a Mac.
    Open Adobe Media Encoder CS6.
    Select your customer preset.
    From the "Preset" menu, select "Export", and choose somewhere to temporarily save the preset file.
    In AME CC, you then need to import these files.

  • No way to export markers from PP CS6?

    Is there no way to export clip or timeline markers as text from Premiere Pro CS6? Is there a workaround of some sort for this critical functionality?
    Long-format documentary editors use markers heavily to log scenes and make notes of significant sections of footage. This is often exported as text and imported into a logging database, sometimes into Excel or Filemaker Pro. (Just as any documentary film company who has produced anything mixing interviews with verité.)
    Avid and Final Cut Pro both have this functionality -- markers are exported by color, timecode in/out, and Name + Description.

    Thanks for your post.
    Currently, there's no way to export marker data from Premiere Pro CS6. You can make a feature request here: http://www.adobe.com/go/wish
    More about Premiere Pro CS6 markers: http://helpx.adobe.com/content/help/en/premiere-pro/using/markers.html
    johnw-editor wrote:
    Avid and Final Cut Pro both have this functionality -- markers are exported by color, timecode in/out, and Name + Description.
    To be fair, FCP didn't have markers that moved with ripple trims, ripple delete/extract edits, colored markers, multiple markers in a single location, or a way to export marker data until FCP 7.
    I do like the implementation of Avid markers, always have.
    We know we have improvements to make regarding markers, so that's why a feature request is so important.
    johnw-editor wrote:
    Long-format documentary editors use markers heavily to log scenes and make notes of significant sections of footage. This is often exported as text and imported into a logging database, sometimes into Excel or Filemaker Pro. (Just as any documentary film company who has produced anything mixing interviews with verité.)
    I'd also like to see the ability to export marker data in Premiere Pro.
    Perhaps you can get what you want done using Adobe Story and XMP metadata?
    Adobe Story: http://www.adobe.com/products/story-family.html
    Managing XMP Metadata in Premiere Pro: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premierepro/cs/using/WSE2397406-3FEB-43df-868D-68EB20BBC021.ht ml
    Thanks again for your post.

  • Exporting video from Photoshop CS6 leaves background grey where it should be white.

    On export of an animation from Photoshop, the rendered video has a grey background where it should be white. We have tried multiple settings and documents and nothing we've tried works?
    Does anyone know what might cause this. Using CS6.

    There is no app.
    It is the camera.  Just take video with the camera.
    iPhone User Guide (For iOS 5.1 Software)

  • How to export audio from PPro CS6/CC to AJA KiPro?

    Hello everyone.
    First off, let me state up front that I know all of the specs when creating a ProRes file that will playback on a KiPro.  Our shop just switched from FCP 7 to Adobe PPro, and the exports are not working, BUT I believe it's only because we don't know how to select the correct options for the export.
    We can see Video, so I think we are fine on the picture side, but what I am looking for is a way to be able to get the audio codec to be these settings:
    - Stereo
    - Linear PCM
    - 48kHz
    - 24-bit
    - Little Endian
    I just don't know where to look for the audio settings to insure that this is really what I am exporting...  in the export media window, I have been choosing the following:
    I have also tried exporting the files as "Mono", but the sound continues to either not play at all or playback with what sounds like massive distortion.
    Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

    Well, those settings will give you the first four, but the last is not a user option.  It comes out as it comes out and you can't change it.  I just don't know if it comes out as big or little.

  • Exporting .swfs from photoshop CS3

    In earlier versions of Photoshop, I'd occasionally creative GIFS by jumping from photoshop to Image Ready. Now I just switch to the animation window and do pretty much the same thing to make gifs but once I have the animation I want, I can't export the gif as a shockwav file. Is there any way to do this or do I need to revert to older versions of PS when I want to do this. Any advice would be appreciated. I don't like that they took away Image Ready. They added the flash-like animation option within the animation window and that's nice I guess for people who don't use flash but I'd rather have the old school Image Ready back.

    I did that twice and called them. They are always saying that they can't see what the problem is but they can setup a new order and try again - hello? - try and error ordering. I will not order on the Adobe Store anymore. This was the first and my last time I tried to order on their site or via a sales agent from their sales team. Also, when I see their emails that came back about the cancelation: No Subject line, weird emailaddress and with some really confusing product description and with a standard answer. I first thought it was some spam. I am really disapointed about their service.
    I also found out that the sales guy put in a wrong phone number and I can remember we checked the number three times. I mean, I don't order a pair of socks here - I want a pro sales service for a pro product where I pay a lot of money for.

  • Export ePUB from inDesign CS6 - polish fonts problem

    I have to make ePUB with polish fonts.
    I create a simple one page document in inDesign CS6 and export it to ePUB. All fonts are embedded.
    When I check it in Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) there is problem with polish fonts (ż, ł). ADE doesn't read it correctly. Other readers do it in right way.
    Is it a problem with inDesign or ADE?

    The ADE provides a preview, and nothing more than that. Actual viewers have other, more, or less capabilities -- some don't support embedded fonts, others do but with limitations, etc.
    ComrelPL wrote:
    .. that's why bookstores need ePUB to be compatibile with this ADE.
    E-Pub is still in its infancy. There is no general "e-pub" standard that *all* viewers are compatible with, other than the very lowest common denominator (which may very well mean "plain text").

  • Problem with exported JPGs from InDesign (CS6 and CC): double rows of pixels

    We are using a javasscript  for exporting cropped pictures out of our InDesign Layouts. But there is a problem that comes witch each file. No matter what wie change in the export options, it always appears. It seems like there is one row of pixels two times in the jpgs. Can anyone explain - or even better - provide a solution for this?
    Here is an example image. the two rows can be seen in the middle of the image:

    Well if i do that, the video will raise up GBs larger (and that is really bad).
    Why is it really bad?
    Its a fact of digital  life. High datarate = quality.
    example ...even the Youtube preset is in the 8mpbs area.
    ...and you are exporting 1 hr 35mins of media.

  • Exporting to Flickr from Bridge CS6 Fail

    I'm trying to export photos from Bridge CS6 to my Flickr.com account for the first time in several months, and getting an error message from Bridge that it cannot "authenticate with Flickr".  I've used presets that were successful in the past, as well as going through the usual routine to get new authentication codes from Flickr.com. I recently updated my iMac to OSX 10.x, but visiting Flickr's community site suggests that they adopted a new API that was sent to developers like Adobe and that Adobe has not updated their export protocol. Other contributors to the site suggest that Adobe's position is that Flickr needs to do something.  Are others experiencing this problem? Does Adobe offer no solutions to this problem?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

    I had to rebuild the file from scratch in order to export the pdf, and the hotspots line up accurately to their originally location drawn on fireworks.
    This may have occurred because I began the document with a canvas size of portrait letter, but changed the canvas size later to landscape letter, and although everything looked well and fine, the export was still triggering the old referential data in the file.

  • Too long export to PDF from Indesign CS6

    When I exporting PDF from InDesign CS6 takes too long. For example, a few minutes (5minutes). In InDesign CS3, which I used earlier, the file is exported immediately (few seconds). It is a problem in setting or higher hardware requirements?
    I use laptop 2GB dual processor, 8GB RAM, Windows Vista 32 bit. You have a similar experience?

    It is strange that CS6 supports Windows XP and Windows7 and Vista does not support. I use 8GB RAM because I bought a laptop so. There for me any solution, how to enable CS6 InDesign with the 32 bit system Windows Vista?

  • Exporting to a .swf or .fla from InDesign CS6 - issues with timeline when opened in Flash.

    Looking for help with exporting files for Flash. I have tried both .swf and fla exports from InDesign for the animations I have created. The .swf file will play fine in Flash player but I am having no luck using the .swf or .fla file in Flash. The .fla file will open in Flash but there is no time-line. I can import the .swf file into Flash, but again there is no timeline - all the graphics and elements are visible in the library.
    - Is there a particular way the file(s) have to be exported from InDesign in order for them to appear with a time line in Flash?
    - Are there particular do's and dont's when it comes to creating InDesign files that are going to be used as Flash animation?
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    The page turning animations in an exported swf are accomplished via ActionScript—they are not timeline based tween animations. You might be able to decompile the swf and get to the code, but I've never tried it. Google SWF decompiler.
    When you export to fla the animation ActionScript code is not included, so you lose the page turn animations. Each spread is saved as a MovieClip and the clips appear on sequential keyframes of the root timeline. With an fla it's up to you to write any animation code.

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