Exporting to Tape cs4

I can't figure out what I am doing wrong (need step by step please)....
sony HDR-HC5E
I can capture...all good.
timeline/sequence...file export to tape..render..
It seems like it is all good to go..
renders great.
camera ready
Screen goes blue on camera... sound recorded on second attempt.
But no footage.
what settings should i change.

to add further info.
In capture window
Capture settings
DV Capture Preview settings
preview Video on desktop box ticked & preview audio on desktop box ticked
During Capture
preview Video on desktop box ticked & preview audio on desktop box ticked
is this whats wrong

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  • Export to tape CS4

    Hello all,
    Trying to export sequence to tape.  I'm able to export to my deck(Sony HVR-M25AU), but the problem is that it doesn't export full screen. The video has a boarder on all 4 sides. I've tried changing the settings but still no luck.  Has anyone else seen this problem?
    Thanks Joe

    Hi, thank you for responding. The problem is that the camera does actually go into record but is showing a blue screen as compared to the project sequence. I thought that I might have overlooked a sequence/project setting perhaps. Also the project needs to go ontu a dvd as NTSC as compared to PAL as it is going to Japan, I dont know of any download or encoder on Adobe or otherwise that will allow me to change the format and let me burn to NTSC, easily..there are a lot on the web but they normally ahve strings attached i.e you must buy something classified as free.Subsequently I am burning the project to the dvd on my pc then trying to get it on the Mac so that I use the Mac's convertor to change and then burn it to NTSC.....with THanks Sam

  • Can't export to tape on Premier Pro CS4 Extended

    When I attempt to export to tape from Premier Pro CS4 Extended, version 4.1.0, to a DV Cam, the tape rolls and records (with device control) but I get no video or audio.
    I have:
    -selected the timeline for the sequence
    -the work area bar is over the entire sequence
    -I’ve made sure the tape is record enabled
    -I have tried two DV cameras, and three fire wire cords
    -I am able to capture video into the computer using all of the above
    -I’ve tried moving my project from my external hard drive to my internal one
    Still no export…….
    Any ideas why?
    -I am using a Dell computer with:
                - Windows XP Professional 2002 Service pack 3
                - Intel[R] Core [TM]2 Quad CPU
                -Q9450 @ 2.66JHz
                -2/66 GHz, 3.25 GB of RAM
                -Physical Address Extension
                -Unfortunately I can not find the name of my video card but this computer was   built specifically to edit video so I am sure it has one.

    Make sure External Device under Export is enabled in the Playback Settings of the Program monitor.
    See the picture below.

  • Cannot export to tape from CS4

    I have PPro CS4 connected by firewire to either a Canon HV 30 MiniDV camera or a Sony GV-D1000 Mini DV deck.  (I've tried both).
    I am trying to export my project to MiniDV tape.  I have succeeded in the past but for some reason now can't do it.
    I select "Export to tape" in PPro and all seem to go smoothly, the device being controlled from the PPro device controller and the tape starting to roll.  It's just that no image appears in the screen on the HV30 or GV-D1000, and nothing is recorded.  I am following the instructions for each device regarding recording via this method.  It just seems no data is being sent from the PC to the device.
    Options in Edit - Preferences - Device Control are set for the approrpriate PAL system and device.
    I can record from the device onto my PC using the same firewire port and cable.
    I'm using Windows 7.
    12Gb RAM
    i7 chip
    ATI Radeon HD5870 graphics card
    Can anyone help, please?

    Thanks again, Ann, but as mentioned in my "Dropping frames during capture" thread, this has already been tried and failed.
    The following things have been tried and have all failed to prevent, roughly every minute or so during capture or export, two or three seconds of interference which results in lots of dropped frames during capture or a blank screen during export:
    Different firewire cables
    Different programs:  PPro CS4; Pr Elements 9, Windows Live Movie Maker
    Capturing to different hard discs
    Capturing to external hard disc
    Closing every non-essential process
    Detaching every non-essential peripheral
    Switching off all other electronic devices in that part of the house, phone included
    Capturing from/exporting to different devices from different makers
    Changing the firewire driver
    I think it's either the firewire driver on Windows 64 bit, (althouhg I've treid changing it) or a problem with the graphics card.
    The firewire slot is not in a card by itself, but part of a panel of many slots and plugholes at the back of my PC - USBs, minijacks, firewire etc  I have no further slots available for a separate firewire card.
    The only solution I can see is to save the project as a huge AVI file, transfer that to my lap top, make a movie out of it with Windows Live Movie Maker, and export from there.

  • Export to tape hassles in CS4, command sorta loops???

    I have a SONY HVR-M15AU HDV deck which I have captured HDV footage from with no problem. I have an edited timeline sequence which I want to export to tape. I get the "Export to HDV" window OK, but when I hit "render and record" the "transcoding to HDV" window opens for only a split second before reverting back to the "Export To HDV" window. I cannot seem to break this loop. I have tried many settings but nothing seems to work. I can export to Encore and burn a BluRay disc fine. The "Export To Tape" button is NOT grayed out, and I cannot record on the deck manually either as I cannot see any video feeding back to the deck. I REALLY NEED to export back to tape. Any suggestions???

    I have just posted similar problems.
    i can click on Timeline/sequence...
    Export to tape...
    Device control.. says ready and when attempt to do it it says recording, but camera screen is blue..
    It renders my hour film in 3 minutes...looks like it is all go...but blue screen on c
    on my second attempt audio came through but nothing else..
    so not much help to you i guess, but lets hope one of these wonderful people can put us on the right track.

  • AUDIO PROBLEMS when exporting to tape

    a)  Produced my film on timeline and there everything is perfect. Audio and video are fully synchronised.
    However: when I export to tape, playing the exportresult, audio comes about 10 seconds later then the corresponding video! Already from the very first clip!
    I rerenderd audio and Work area a few times and also tried Clip -> Audio Options-> Render and Replace but nothing seems to work out.
    This is the second time I have this problem.
    b)  When there is no solution for this problem ( an awfull idea!!) I think I have to Unlink Video and Audio for all my clips (about a thousand of them) and then shift the audiopart about 10 seconds to the left.
    I found out that "group-unlink" with the help of the ALT knob (an advice I read about here) doesn't function with me !!
    Is there a solution for these problems? Thanks a lot!

    [Moved to CS4 and Earlier.]

  • Exporting to tape and capturing

    I notice that premiere pro cs4 when i am capturing 2 hours video or exporting to tape, freeze often.
    i open my task manager and i saw that memory is always increasing (consuming 3,4 gb, when exporting 1 hour and ten minutes) so i have only 2 gb of ram, when it passes the limit, it stop responding.
    if it is a short clip and dont pass the 2 gb limit, it´s ok. I dont know where is the problem, in PP CS3 no problem...
    I forgot...
    My system is Core duo e 8200
    2 hard drives 7.200 rpm
    windows xp 32 bit

    Actually, I think that it might be the other way around. We understand your post, but I do not think that you understand Harm's. What he has provided are several articles on troubleshooting, that will either fix your situation, or will rule out certain things as the likely causes. At the bottom of the article linked to, you have a list of questions. It is the answers to these, plus what you tried from the troubleshooting guides, and the results, that will help us understand your problem better. It's the "problem," and not the post, that we need an understanding of.
    With 2GB of RAM, and you observing a "ceiling" on RAM use, the first thing that I'd do would be to go to 4GB. RAM is cheap. You will want to match your existing RAM in every aspect, to the new RAM. If this is not possible, because of availability, or how your MoBo's memory slots are configured, then just go with 4GB of new RAM. You will not quite be able to use 100% of that 4GB, but enough that it could make a difference.
    Good luck, and please report back with the answers to the 16 questions, plus what helped, or did not help, from the troubleshooting articles.

  • Exporting to tape PAL problem

    Hi all.
    I am trying to export a timeline to tape from premiere pro CS4 to my Canon XL-2 camera.
    The timeline settings are DV PAL, 25 fps, 16:9 aspect ratio, lower field first. I live in Australia and therefore have a PAL camera.
    These are the settings that I used when using CS3 and exporting to tape was fine. The export process seems to run fine but when I review the tape there is nothing but black.
    Premiere pro can control and capture from my camera fine, but when I try exporting it seems to show that it is working but results in nothing being taped.
    I am running windows vista 64 bit, 4GB ram with a q6600 processor.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    By fiddling with the device control properties the problem was resolved. Though I am not sure which setting corrected the problem, it may have been changing the device type from generic to canon XL1S (which is very similar to the XL-2).

  • Export to tape distortion

    Hi ~
    I'm exporting to tape a standard DV sequence in PPro CS4. At several light to dark edits, the video whips slightly, as if it were losing tracking or sync. But I've only seen this on my CRT editing monitors, not LCDs.
    I'll be sending the videotape to be closed-captioned, and then it will be broadcast locally - so I'm trying to determine if there's actually a problem that will be seen on CRT television, or if it's just a problem with this CRT (I don't have any other CRTs to try out) This glitch is apparent while recording on the videotape, and also when playing the videotape back.
    The video levels are below 100. I tried adding the Broadcast Colors filter just in case, but it didn't help.
    Any suggestions?

    I was thinking there might be something wrong with my video signal - and in searching for answers, I found the Video Limiter filter in PPro - which lets you set a clipper for the min and max chroma levels (-20 and +120 respectivly), and also for the lum levels (0 to 100).
    so now that I'm sure that my video is legal, I feel better about the glitch being caused by the monitor - and not a problem with tracking or illegal black levels messing with the sync.

  • Export to tape stops unexpectedly

    I am trying to Export to Tape from CS4 to a Sony DSR-1500AP deck. It starts fine, but after about 5 minutes (a different point on each occasion) everything just stops.
    This happens in DV and DVCAM projects.
    I would be extremely grateful for any assistance!

    We have the same deck but had a similar issue with our DSR-11 on show site. Our export would stop recording "Export to Tape" at the exact place (as indicated by the CTI) every time. Very frustrating. It turned out in our case that the problem related to an NTSC Widescreen *.avi file that was created on a Mac using Boot Camp. Are there any suspect files in your project? I solved the issue on an earlier version of Premiere (not CS4) by bringing this file (where the tape stopped) into an new project and exporting it as a Microsoft AVI as opposed to a DV AVI. Once I replaced the file on the timeline with my new exported version, the export to tape went without a hitch.

  • "export to tape" is not active

    I have Premiere Pro CS4 on a windows vista system and on a xp system and I have the same problem on the 2 laptops.
    I can't get to export to tape. My sequence is active but the "export to tape" shows up in grey and I can't activate it. Couldn't fine any help online either.
    Hope you can help me !

    One last stupid question: you do have a blank tape, or a tape with adequate room cued up, don't you?
    That's about all that I can think of, but I'm sure that others will have just the info that you need.
    Good luck,

  • Any 3rd Party Application(s) to export to tape?

    Heya guys. Hope production has been treating you all well. I'm kind of in a jam here where for some reason both my sony dv decks have stopped working via firewire. I currently need a third party application(if one exists) that can export a ProRes file to DV Tape. I'm about to go through the pain of reinstalling FCS 7, but I've asked a friend to come by with his cam for me to export a program to tape. I reinstalled my OS as a last ditch effort to see if that was the problem, sadly, it wasn't. So I can only conclude that my decks are... swabed.

    That's strange then Nick. Almost all my timelines are in a different codec setting. I just figured FCP just plays em back through DV signal which is why all these years I've been able to export my ProRes timeline to mini DV tapes. Premier Pro did it as well...H.264 is another story. Been trying to switch over to FCPX lately so I don't wanna have to reinstall FCP 7 if I don't have to... or Premier for that matter. I don't mind converting the clips to DV but the question still remains, do you guys have any apps to export to tape?

  • Can't export to tape !   Help !

    I'm having some trouble exporting an HDV sequence back out to tape from Premiere Pro CC.
    I click on "File > Export > To Tape".
    Then the "render and record" window pops up.
    I click ok, but instead of the render line coming up and then recording, it just jumps to the "Transcoding to HDV" box, and almost instantly just returns to the "Render and record" one without doing anything.
    And when I try to export a DV sequence, the VCR starts recording but received neither picture nor sound from PC.
    Import works normally !
    The problem is the same regardless of the recording device: Camcorder Canon HV20 and XHA1, or VCR Sony M25 .
    Curiously, a few weeks ago, export was ok.
    I don't understand !!! 
    With Premiere Pro CS6, everything is ok, both import AND export. 
    Has anyone experienced something like this before ?
    Thanks in advance for your help !

    Same problem here, double checked on another system with Adobe Premiere CS6 export works fine.
    The same project settings / sequence settings (HDV 1440x1080@50i in Premiere CC and unable to export to Sony HDV deck.  It starts rendering and writing but image stays black.
    Using an other NLE software on the same system exports normally, so the firewirecard / deck and connections are fine.
    Device control is the same as in CS6, disabled mercury engine (problem in the past)
    Any idea would be appriciated

  • Can you have a PDF fit on the viewer's screen automatically when exporting from InDesign CS4?

    Can you have a PDF fit on the viewer's screen automatically when exporting from InDesign CS4?

    If you were to upgrade to InDesign CS5 or CS5.5 and if you exported as Adobe PDF (Interactive), you could set the View settings for Page Layout and Zoom.
    While, as Jongware points out, its possible for individual users to override that option (Preferences > Page Display > Default Layout and Zoom), the number who will actually do that is actually very tiny.

  • Can't export to tape...HELP PLEASE

    I can't seem to export my sequence to tape on my Sony DCR-PC8E PAL camcorder.
    I select select File -> export -> export to tape
    It says it is ready; starts the camera recording automatically; but the camcorder screen remains blue and no signal is recorded.
    The camcorder says 'DV IN' on the screen.
    Sending a sequence to tape from windows movie maker works fine.
    Capturing from tape works fine.
    Anyone got any ideas on how to make this work?
    Thanks D.

    You have to change the playback settings in the sequence settings for each sequence.

Maybe you are looking for