Final Cut Pro Indicator Bar Settings

Hey all, i'm wondering if there is a way to change the indicator bar in final cut pro to not play video or audio when i move it. when i move it around it lags something terrible and is driving me nuts. or maybe my laptop needs to get some of its settings changed in order to fix it....any suggestions?? I have also read up the other people have problems with FCP with Leopard.

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  • When exporting to a DVD from Final Cut Pro X, what settings are there to make sure you making the highest quality DVD possible?

    When exporting to a DVD from Final Cut Pro X, what settings are there to make sure you making the highest quality DVD possible?

    There have been a lot of recent reports of difficulties sharing to DVD, but haven't been hearing about unreadable disks. Posibly there was an encoding error. Or it could have been bad media (blank disk).
    Does it play in your Mac?
    What brand of disks are you using?

  • Canon hfs20 1080 50i vs 25PF Final Cut Pro X Project settings

    I apologise in advance if this is a newbie frustrating question....
    But I have been searching and reading....and reading....and just cant seem to work it out.
    I have a Canon hfs 20 legria (PAL version) camera.
    I have purchased Final Cut Pro X.
    The camera highest quality settings are 1080 50i or 1080 25pf.
    Now, I think I understand the difference between interlaced and progressive (did some reading on the net).
    What confuses me, is when I import the footage from the camera...into final cut pro X
    I shot some footage at 1080 50i.   ( it is intended to be used as a music video, eventually)
    When I imported the footage into FCPX i let it set the project properties, taking it from the footage shot.
    Expecting the project would set itself, to 1080i 50i.
    I check the project properties, and they say its 1920 X 1080i 25i ( now from my reading, i assumed if it was gonna set 25 anything, it would have been 25p)
    I then copied the project, and manually set its settings, to 1920 X 1080p 25p
    When I play either project, and look at them in the viewer, I cant see a difference. (Now that is probably attributed to the fact that I am a newbie and dont know what I am looking for in the first place)
    Now, also during my searching, I came across a plethora of people, selling coversion software, for the canon hfs20 to get it into FCP. Now I cant tell if this was prior to FCPX , and now FCPX handles my cameras footage. To be honest, from what I had read, I kinda didnt expect my footage to import, and was pleasantly surprised when it did.
    So, on to my questions, you say...8)
    My cameras highest quality settings, are 1080 50i or 1080 25p
    I wish to get the best footage I can, and have it set so it works well with FCP X.
    I dont shoot, sports, hummingbirds etc...its mainly me, sitting playing the guitar, long walks on the beach, looking longingly into the distance...8)
    Which settings would work best, and what should my project be set at , in FCPX to deal with those settings.
    Final delivery, will be, internet, Beta tape for TV broadcast, possibly DVD but that is a distant 3rd.
    Look, I know this is probably a frustrating question, but I would really love some help. Audio, i get, Video makes my head spin..8)
    thanks in advance

    Hi Tom
    and thank you very much for your reply.
    Okay, I will shoot in 25FP from now on...8).
    I also made the change to the viewer settings, though I cant find anything in the online help manual about what it is or what it does...
    thanks mate

  • Final cut pro audio/video settings

    Hello everyone:
    I'm new to the forums and somewhat new to final cut pro.
    I'm using final cut pro 5.0.4
    Im trying to record to a dvd record using a Sony DVCAM, but I don't know what the settings are for the audio/video settings are.
    What I want to do so play the project from Final cut to the dvd.
    Can anyone help me please
    PS I tried to exported it as a Quicktime movie but it do not work because I have photos (slides) that move.
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    This is the quick and dirty way of doing it. Read the manuals (FCP, Compressor, DVD Studio Pro) for more information.
    Control-click on the sequence name in your Browser in FCP, and select Export > Using Compressor. The sequence name will then show up in Compressor. Select the sequence name that just showed up, and then on the top of the screen select one of the DVD:xxxxxx settings for your project. I would recommend the Best Quality options. You will see 90, 120, 150 minute options. Pick the lowest that you can without it being shorter than your sequence. For example, if your sequence is 92 min, select the 120 min option. You will need an MPEG setting as well as the Dolby setting. Once you have selected your presets, set their destination - use Desktop for now. When you have selected the Settings and Destination for the sequence, Click "Submit" on the lower right of the screen. Batch Monitor will pop up, telling you the progress. When the job has completed, open up DVD Studio Pro.
    Once DVDSP loads, you will see on the left side of the screen two large icons in the Graphical tab window. Select each one, control-click on it, and select Delete. Now click File > Import > Asset and choose each one of the files you encoded to your desktop. You should have an MPEG and a Dolby file. They will then show up in the lower left of your screen in the Assets tab once you have imported them. Select both at the same time, then simply drag them to the open space in the Graphical tab. It will create an icon like the ones you deleted. Control-click on the new icon, and select First Play. Put in a blank DVD, and then go to File > Burn. Once this is done burning you will end up with a DVD that you just put in your player and it will automatically play.
    Like I said, this is quick and dirty. Read the manuals, play with different settings, and get comfortable with each application.

  • Final Cut Pro 5 Virus Settings

    Does anyone know the recommendations for virus scan on a mac running Final Cut Pro? Is there a preferred product?
    Thanks in advance.

    The prefered product is NONE.
    Virus protection software often looks at large video files as the handywork of a virus and will cause all sorts of havoc.
    If you MUST run a virus software (due to the dictates of a corporate IT department or some other cause you have no control over) run Virex 7.5 and then run VIREXHALT.command which is a terminal utility that will turn off virex (kill the app) when needed. I believe Patrick Sheffield has a link to it on his site and it can be found here.
    By killing the Virex processes before you run FCP, they will not interfere with your editing.
    Good luck.

  • Final Cut Pro 2nd monitor not working properly?

    Been here before a long time ago, can't remember how it was resolved.
    Working in a new edit suite, FCP Studio.  Two new Samsung monitors (not my choice).  I want one to be my playback monitor.
    I set:
    Final Cut Pro > Audio/Video Settings
    > Digital Cinema Desktop Full Screen
    > View > External Video > All Frames
    But all I'm getting is a black frame on the 2nd monitor.
    They've also got one of those very flat alluminum keyboards ... where F12 becomes a sound control.  I'd love to know how I can change the function key to work as an FCP action / 2nd monitor toggling on and off.
    That's two questions.  Would be most appreciative of an answer for either.

    Hey Andy,
    I did the first half of your suggestion, but not the second half.  Heading down to the studio this morning ... set up in a tiny white chapel looking out across the silvery North Atlantic ... and will try the second half of your suggestion.  Will also see if there are two graphics cards installed in the Mac Pro.  Will also check out the Window > Arrange in FCP (something I should have checked first off).
    I talked to a filmmaker who previously worked on the system, only to discover he never uses the second monitor as a full screen, but rather as a large 'bin'.  Interesting.
    If worse comes to worse and I can't solve it I suspect I could size the canvas window to super large and drag it over to the second monitor.
    Will post back when I've tried the latest suggestions ...
    Thanks you mucho guys,

  • Codec error from photoshop to final cut pro sequence

    I'm trying to render a video, but i get the error "codec error"
    The clips are actually still layers coming from photoshop cs2.
    I set up the photoshop document with the preset "ntsc dv 720x480 with guides"
    In final cut pro, my sequence settings are: ntsc dv (3:2), compressor settings h.264
    Thank you.

    You're using DV and your sequence is H.264? Why not have your sequence set to DV?

  • Final Cut Pro, doesn't launch after updating to 5.1.4.

    Hello there,
    I tried opening an older project with the version 5.1. but it only gave me an GENERAL ERROR 41. Then I downloaded the update to 5.1.4. and the application doesn't event want to launch anymore!!
    What can I do, what else could've gone wrong. Before the update, I was able to open the program, but now not eve that! The logo jumps on the sidebar, the numbers start running on the opening screen, and then it turns it self off again. I already disconnected and reconnected my scratch disks, restarted the computer several time, etc...what else can I try!

    Trash your preferences.
    You can use a third party tool to do this, such as the venerable <a href="http"//">FCP Rescue or the more feature rich Preferences Manager ... both are free.
    or you can do it yourself
    excepted below:
    Delete the User Preferences
    You can resolve many issues by restoring Final Cut Pro back to its original settings. This will not impact your project files, but you should verify your Scratch Disk location setting after doing this. To reset your Final Cut Pro user preference settings to their original state, do the following:
    In the Finder, go to ~/Library/Preferences—the tilde (~) represents your Home folder.
    Remove the "" file from the Preferences folder.
    Remove the "Final Cut Pro User Data" folder from the Preferences folder.

  • Editing HDCAM with final cut pro 6?

    Hi all,
    We have been offered some post work on a music video shot in HDCAM, we use Final cut pro 6 and have a HDCAM capture deck (Sony J-H3 (JH3) HDCAM Compact Player), I am in the process of researching this work flow.
    Would any one be able to shed some light on editing HDCAM in final cut Pro 6, the settings, things to look out for, and the overall work flow,
    i very much appreciate your help
    The mac to be used is a Mac Pro, mac os x 10.5.6 with final cut pro 6, duel core intel 2.66 Ghz, 8 GB memory, 2 NVIDIA GeFource 8800GT, with a 3 TB of internal HD Space

    we don't take in HDcam, but we do use it for output archive and transmition.
    the workflow we use is, Shoot in AVCintra 50 onto P2 cards transfer into FCP 6
    edit in Apple Pro Res 1080i50 and output to HDcam via an AJA Kona card sending out as HD-SDI

  • Final Cut Pro 7 initial setup settings (DSLR user) new user

    Hello Guys,
    I just bought Final Cut Pro 7 and installed it. Can anyone give me some tips on how to do an initial setup or how I should set up my Final Cut Pro. Scratch disk, ext.
    How can I optimize it for HD DSLR? I mainly shoot with Canon 5d and Canon7d DSLR with 24frames per second and I will importing and editing and capturing footage from these DSLR, how should I set the preferences and settings be on my final cut pro 7 best optimal use for these cameras.
    I also heard that I should be converting all the videos to pro res 422 before editing, so It can render faster or something like that. Can some please explain that pro res conversion part.
    I am also a new user, I have little knowledge on fcp, so please bare with my newbie questions. Thanks so much.

    Thanks Nick for the links, I'm actually a video guy, been doing corporate av video for concerts, professional sports, broadway theatre, and corporate evens, and also do my own videography on the side. But I am more of a shooter, I have used FCP in the past awhile back but I had a partner that did all of the editing. But I have used it FCP in the past, can't remember much though.
    Does anyone know which apple pro res format is best for DSLR editing. I see there is 422, 422(proxy), 422(HQ), 422(LT) and 4444.

  • How Can I do an export that from Final Cut Pro 7 that is specific to these settings?

    I am current trying to export out a movie from Final Cut Pro 7 but the settings that are required are very specific and I was going to try it through compressor as well but I wasn't sure if that would work either.
    Here are the settings:
    1 Video CODEC                 XDCAMHD50
    2 Wrapper format           QuickTime Self-Contained
    3 Bit rate                              50 Mbit/s Constant Bit Rate (CBR)
    4 GOP                                   Long GOP
                                                 Closed GOP
    5 Time code                       Must include embedded time code. Start-timecode: 10:00:00:00
    6 Movie version               UK Home Video Version
    7 Delivery time                 As per contract. Supplier to specify filename, delivery format and estimated time of arrival via email at least 60 days before                                                           transmission unless otherwise specified in contract. This should be accompanied by an IMDB link.
    1 HD video format           720 line progressively scanned (720p) @ 50Hz (25 FPS)
                                              1080 line interlace scanned (1080i) @ 50Hz (25 FPS)
    2 Resolution                      1280 x 720
                                               1920 x 1080
    3 Aspect ratio                    Content should be 16:9, however 4:3 will be accepted on exception (such as for older movies shot in 4:3)
    4 Graphics                           Must be within 16:9 safe graphics area (EBU R95-2000)
    5 Chroma format              4:2:2
    1 HD audio format           24 bits/sample 48 kHz sampling rate
    2 Track layout                    Track 1 – 2.0 Stereo L mono
                                                Track 2 – 2.0 Stereo R mono
                                                Track 3 – L
                                                Track 4 – R
                                                Track 5 – C
                                                Track 6 - Low frequency effects LFE
                                                Track 7 – L Surround
                                                Track 8 – R Surround

    First of all, what are your sequence settings?  Looks like they want stereo AND dolby 5.1 audio tracks embedded in the quicktime (I've delivered a few films like this).  Do you have a surround sound mix?  
    You will almost always have more options and control in compressor over fcp so that's the way I'd go, but not sure compressor will give you the ability to match these specs. 
    Do you understand about safe zones for graphics?  If not, post back.
    I don't see any option to set the GOP in xdcam in compressor.  This may be built in to the xdcam format.
    I don't see any option for 720 xdcam hd in compressor. 
    There are many other tools available for this kind of work, but they may be out of your price range.  You might want to just find a facility with experience in deliverying this sort of thing.

  • Best quicktime export settings - compression - from final cut pro

    i have done this for a while. still don't know.
    to translate an ntsc 24p project onto a dvd, which export settings (compressor)do you use in final cut pro? i use current settings, and once i am done with idvd ("best quality") it just doesn't look high quality. is this an idvd question?
    powermac g5 2.7 ghz dual   Mac OS X (10.4)   2.5 gb ram

    I didn't know iDVD could handle 24fps project. Or is it a 29.97 (23.98 with a pulldown).
    Best quality in iDVD just means that it works on it longer to compress it more to fit more on disk. Have you tried Best Speed version?

  • Every video put into Final Cut Pro exports in horrible quality regardless of format/settings.

    Hello fellow Mac enthusiasts,
    I'm having a problem which may or may not have been plaguing my studio since day one. Every video that we edit in Final Cut Pro exports in MUCH lower quality than it was when it was imported, not only that, the file size of the newly exported video is several times the size of the original. What I end up getting is a file too large for our clients to email around. We recently had a client come into our studio with a flash drive full of 15 second avi's no larger than 900 KB, he wanted a few of them edited together with simple cross fade transitions, and even a few seconds of dead space cut out. He needed them to be the highest quality possible for a powerpoint presentation he may now be unable to give. At first I exported them as Uncompressed avi's, best quality, thousands of colors, and no sound. The resulting file was not only blurrier, but now 260.5 MB!! And that one was with zero edits! The original was 803 KB and crystal clear. So after that I decided to try a few tests. We also produce a bi-weekly hour-long local television show, which looks fine on television but now I'm wondering how much better it could and should look. I've been exporting that out as a Quicktime, Apple ProRes 442 HQ, Interlaced bottom-field-first, zero filters, both compressor native and NTSC 720 X 480. I attempted this method on the client's original 803 KB with zero edits and not only did it export a completely unusable video compared to the original, but it was now 57.1 MB. What is going on here? Is Final Cut conspiring against me? I'm guessing it's something in my settings which I'll shamefully admit I know absolutely nothing about. Could anyone help a struggling video editor do his job?

    Hey guys sorry it took me song long to respond it's been a busy week filled with many things not relating to final cut...
    In response to David's post, the original file is indeed larger than 720X480, though it's dimensions are not available to see in the 'more info' associated with the file itself. By comparison, the apple pro res LT file I exported through final cut of the same avi file is 720X480, and looks significantly worse.
    This was after I created a new project, made the sequence settings into Apple ProRes lt 30p under the audio/video settings in Final Cut, and exported it as the same with 'current' dimensions (it was listed as 850X637, maybe that was the original?) Although I did have to render the original avi itself once it was placed in the timeline. I guess there's no way to know exactly what sort of avi my original file is so I can match my sequence to it? The 'more info' (to be fair im sort of used to 'properties') leaves something to be desired..
    I guess my question is: what else can I change in my settings to leave the quality of the video intact, if anything?
    Thanks everyone.

  • ADVC 300 and Final Cut Pro 7 Settings

    I am capturing analog video into Final Cut Pro 7. Specifically, I am playing the S-VHS tapes in a JVC HR-S5902U vcr.  The vcr is connected to a Canopus ADVC 300.  The ADVC 300 which is connected via firewire to a Mac Pro equipped with a Black Magic Intensity Pro HDMI PCI Express Card. 
    My question is which of the following settings should I choose:
    1) Sequence Preset Setting?
    2) Capture Preset Setting?
    3) Device Control Preset?

    Also, are there any other suggestions or additional settings of which I should be aware in my converting situation? 
    thanks again

  • What are the settings I have to set Final Cut pro to to be able to read my Panasonic AVCCAM when trying to transfer files?

    I am trying to transfer my HD files from my Panasonic AVCCAM to Final Cut Pro X. What are the proper set up settings to get Final Cut to read the camera?

    If using camera or card reader just click File\ click import from camera

Maybe you are looking for