Flash iOS app to client's licence?

I have created an app in Flash CC/AIR and previewed it to the client using my own Apple Developers licence. How can I configure and supply the .ipa file so he can then distribute it to his sales team using his company's Enterprise licence?

Apple have two types of programs:
1) Enterprise - it's allows to distribute your app only directly (without uploading to AppStore). Just give IPA to the clients.
2) Developer - allows to distribute only via AppStore.
Booth allow use AdHoc for testing purpose only.
In case 2. - you must request provisioning profile and certifictes exactly for AppStore market distribution. Not development and etc. Than generate as usual your IPA with "AppStore market" compiling option.
For example here it's Final Release http://devgirl.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Screen-shot-2011-06-15-at-12.09.32-PM.png radiobutton.
After you recive final IPA you need (or your client must do this) upload IPA from MacOS using Application Loader to own Developer account for moderator review and wait.
In case 1 - do the same as in case 2 but don't use Application Loader. Just give IPA to your client.
P.S. Also target your iPA with new Adobe Air that was release day ago http://www.adobe.com/devnet/air/air-sdk-download.html so you will be sure it's will not have any ios7 issues.

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    After publishing my Flash iOS App to iTunes I see huge array of languages, even though my game is only in English. In my descriptor, I only provided an English name and description.
    Languages: English, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
    Is there a way to remove these or add other languages that are not on this list?
    I understand its not possible via iTunesConnect its something inside the binary file.

    I am working on window 7 - if rename the binary file to ZIP and open it, removing the XX.lproj folders - would that do the trick?
    I see the "_CodeSignature/CodeResources" file is also related to the XX.lproj folders
    Should i just not tuch it and wait for the fix? 
    Thanks for your advice.

  • Remote control of Mac via Flash iOS app

    Hi all
    I am a very trial-and-error Flash coder but have managed to create a (I think) pretty serviceable VJ system - see http://www.smashedupsoiree.com/magic-wall/
    There are two Flash movies that run concurrently on the same Mac. One is the video content itself which is displayed by a projector; the other is the Controller movie which runs on the mac laptop screen. The two movies communicate by LocalConnection. I have had some success using VNC apps on an ipad which grabs the screen from the Mac and therefore enables this Controller movie to be effectively operated as a touch screen, portable interface. However there are latency issues with VNC - not what you need for a live performance tool!
    I am considering instead developing the controller as a packaged-for-ios app to reduce the latency issues. If I do so, does anyone know how it will be able to control the flash movie running on the mac on the same network? (In the vein of these kinds of apps: http://mashable.com/2010/02/28/iphone-remote-control-apps/ )? I have read that Local Connections do not work in Packaged-for-iOS apps. Would I instead use Apple APIs? How is this done via Flash Actionscript? I would want to either control the Mac-based movie like a LocalConnection or even simulating keypresses would be fine, that I can then detect with the Mac Flash movie.
    As I mentioned before, I'm no professional coder so the whole matter is a bit blurry to me! Any pointers would be much appreciated...

    teamviewer is a pretty big player also works across the Internet

  • How do I submit a Flash iOS App from Windows?

    How do I upload an iOS app to the appstore on Windows? I can't get a mac at this moment, so this would be very useful.

    there is a service that charges 20$ per upload. apple links to it somewhere in his appledeveloper pages.

  • Can a flash ios app be linked into a bigger xcode app?

    We're working on an application that shows a 3d view of the world, but we also want a 2d map to be available to users. The 3d app is being designed and built by objective-c programmers working in xcode. Would it be possible to build the 2d map in flash, export it to ipa, and have that included into the xcode build? We can't really have two separate apps, cause a use would need to exit the 3d app to enter the 2d app. We'd like the 2d map to be a feature of the app.

    Actually I've created the 2d map using svg graphics. Runs good in Safari on iphone. Unfortunately, it sucks when running inside an app, using Webkit. Apparently, Apple decided it was in their best interest to keep javascript extremely slow on apps using webkit. Thats what led management here to decide the map has to be made native to the iphone. Alot of developers are complaining about webkit being crippled, but Apple doesn't seem to be budging on this issue.

  • How do I localize Flash CS5.5 iOS app to one language

    What method or process do I use to set an iOS app to only one language?
    I recently had an iPad app written in Flash CS5.5 approved at the iTunes app store. I noticed at the iTunes store, it indicates that my app is localized in 14 different languages. I never set this up; it seems that there is a process that automatically adds several default language localizations to the ipa binary when the file is published. I tried the strings panel, used a var to set the localID, went into the SDK for flex and flash builder and deleted the locales (could not find anything similar for Flash itself), but none of this seems to prevent Flash from adding the language defaults. I have found many examples on how to localize my app for several languages, but nothing on how to set it to only one.
    Thanks much, Jon

    Well, I followed the iOS language list in iTunes thread   in this forum and was able to get rid of them all. I have to say that not any single reply in the thread was exactly right. It took a combination of Saumitra Bhave's and spinlight's replies and mass of trial and error to get it all to work. Even the App loader utility came up as obsolete! I have uploaded the updated binary to Apple and am awaiting their approval. The biggest issue is the placement of and actual coding in the entitlements plist; spinlight had the right idea, but, at least in my case, was coded out a bit different. Also, it was not exactly apparent that you had to use the teminal untility to recodesign the app after tearing it apart. Thank the heavens I have a least a basic understanding of how things work on the Mac and was able to puzzle it out. If Apple approves the app and all things look good, I will follow up here with what I did. Of course, if Adobe would kill this bug with a giant can of bug spray, this crazy work around wouldn't be needed...
    Thanks much,  Jon

  • Adobe Air + Box2D.swc = TypeError: Error #1009 // New way to handle .swc files in Flash for iOS Apps?

    I need your help please - I have to update one of my iOS Apps. In this App I use Box2d for a simple maze game (it's an app for kids). When I publish & test this game on my Mac it works fine. I can drag my Hero (fish) through this Maze and all collision detections, gravity etc. work perfect.
    When I test it on my iPad it doesn't work. The device debugger shows this error message:
    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
      at global$init()
      at global$init()
      at Box2DAS.Common::b2Base$/initialize()[/Users/jan/Documents/_Projekte/Spielplatz/Universal_ Retina/src/com/Box2DAS/Common/b2Base.as:31]
      at wck::WCK/create()[/Users/jan/Documents/_Projekte/Spielplatz/Universal_Retina/src/com/wck/ WCK.as:26]
      at misc::Entity/ensureCreated()[/Users/jan/Documents/_Projekte/Spielplatz/Universal_Retina/s rc/com/misc/Entity.as:50]
      at misc::Entity/handleAddedToStage()[/Users/jan/Documents/_Projekte/Spielplatz/Universal_Ret ina/src/com/misc/Entity.as:100]
      at misc::Entity/handleAddedToStage()
    Line 31: loader = new CLibInit();
    I guess "CLibInit" should come from the .swc file.
    The thing is:
    I didn't change anything in this maze game - it seems this has to do something with the new Flash and/or Adobe Air version. Box2D.swc file is included:
    It always worked like this - and it works when testing it on my Mac - but it is no longer working on my current system.
    So I started my Mac from an older system (10.9.5 on an external HD) and published the App from Flash CS6 and Adobe Air 13.0 - then it suddenly worked on my iPad as before. I was able to tap an the fish and drag it arround.
    The same project / app published from my current OS X 10.10 + Flash CC 2014 + Adobe Air is not working. I always receive this Error Message - I can not drag the fish - nothing happens. And I have no idea why this happens and what else I could do. I searched the whole day for a solution but didn't find anything.
    So did anything change by the way Flash and/or Air handles .swc files? Is there an other way to include: import cmodule.Box2D.* / CLibInit ?
    Please - if anyone has a clue - please let me know!!
    Best regards

    There is also an Android Version of this App. I just published and tested a new version of it on my kindle fire & Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. On both Tablets the maze works perfect. I'm able to drag the fish around etc.
    Then I published this Android Version for iOS and tested it on my iPad. Again I'm getting the Error message:
    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. 
      at global$init() 
      at global$init() 
      at Box2DAS.Common::b2Base$/initialize()[/Users/jan/Documents/_Projekte/Spielplatz/Universal_ Retina/src/com/Box2DAS/Common/b2Base.as:31] 
      at wck::WCK/create()[/Users/jan/Documents/_Projekte/Spielplatz/Universal_Retina/src/com/wck/ WCK.as:26] 
      at misc::Entity/ensureCreated()[/Users/jan/Documents/_Projekte/Spielplatz/Universal_Retina/s rc/com/misc/Entity.as:50] 
      at misc::Entity/handleAddedToStage()[/Users/jan/Documents/_Projekte/Spielplatz/Universal_Ret ina/src/com/misc/Entity.as:100] 
      at misc::Entity/handleAddedToStage
    ...and the fish is stuck - I can't drag it - nothing happens. So this error only occurs when I publish the App for iOS - as an .ipa. Did anything change in the way Air handles .swc files?
    I'm totally confused
    If anybody has an idea what I could try - PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

  • "no access to the digital certificate" - Trying to export my first iOS app from Flash - Help please

    I'm trying to export my first iOS app from flash to my desktop / on the device (Flash Pro CC, Iphone5)
    I followed the instructions on the adobe website to build an air app for iOS but on the last step it
    doesn't export the app.
    What I've done so far:
    - Apple developer account
    - creating the certificate + convert it to .p12
    - app ID / Name etc.
    - creating the provisioning profile from apple
    - iOS Air app in flash (Only Text "Hello world" with a tween)
    Now i have to load the certificates into Flash & enter a password (is it the password that
    i entered in the certificate or from my developer account/ Apple ID password? Both didn't work at the end)
    When i klick on publish in the last step than it loads a while but then i get the Error:
    "no access to the digital certificate"
    What is wrong? Can you help me please.

    Also, I should say, when I go into my phone on the computer and try to install an app, I get this message:
    Unable to start operation. Installer is already in use.
    Any ideas

  • Need Help testing iOS app created in Flash Pro Cs5.5

    I've followed several instructions on how to develop a simple iOS app. I've managed to go all the way through and Publish + create the .ipa. I'm able to then add the file to my iTunes library, but when I then try to add it to my iPod Touch (2nd Generation) I get the following error:
    The app "XXXXXX" was not installed on the iPod "XXXXX's Ipod" because it is not compatible with this iPod.
    I've even tried it with a simple "Hello World!" app but I get the same error.
    I'm using Flash Pro Cs5.5 on a Windows PC.
    Any suggestions?

    I'm having the exact same problem with my iphone 3G. I tried publishing the exact same simple flash app to my iphone, which I already previously tested succesfully, after having downloaded flash 5.5, and now I get the following message (which, I believe, is identical to yours kinant87) :
    "The app "Main" was not installed on the iPhone "Norgaard" because it is not compatible with this iPhone."
    I was trying to make another small app, when I got this problem, which is why I went back to re-test the app I knew was working!
    I've reinstalled all my apple certificates, and also tried using flash builder 4.5, with the same result.
    I also have not jail broken my phone, and was starting to think perhaps the iPhone 3G was no longer supported?

  • Need help with languages issue in iOS app created in Flash Pro CS5.5

    Hello all,
    I'm using Flash Pro CS5.5 on a Mac running Snow Leopard to create an iOS app by publishing with 'AIR for iOS' from inside Flash Pro. Everything works great except after I submit my app to the Apple App Store and it is approved, the App Store listing claims that the app is available in a ton of different languages including English, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, etc. Since this app is a word game and all the words are in English, this is a pretty significant issue.
    If I view the binary details for the app in iTunes Connect, it shows that localizations are active for all of the different languages. This information is read from the .ipa file that is submitted.
    If I unzip the .ipa file, I can see that folders have been created for all of the localizations (i.e. en.lproj, es.lproj, fr.lproj, etc.). If I delete any of those folders, the .ipa will give me a 'resources modified' error at install.
    I have also tried setting the plist attribute 'CFBundleLocalizations' to 'English' by editing the 'app.xml'. I have verified that the attribute has been changed correctly but it does not solve the issue. All of the localizations are still active.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Can you try workaround given at http://forums.adobe.com/message/3976641 and post back your findings.

  • Flash CC crashes after publishing iOS app + publish settings are not being saved to file

    I have two issues:
    1. Flash CC crashes every time I publish an iOS app
    2. My Publish Settings are not being saved
    1. Flash CC crashes every time I publish an iOS app
    Since yesterday Flash CC keeps crashing right after I publish an iOS app. The app is published correctly though. I tried everything from restarting my MAC, reinstalling Flash, removing the folder "Flash CC 2014" inside Application Support/Adobe. But all this did not work.
    2. My Publish Settings are not being saved
    Since the first day I installed Flash CC, it did not save my publish settings along with the .fla-file. I never had this issue with Flash CS 5.5. This was not a very big issue, but now every time I publish an app and Flash CC crashes I have to fill in all the publish settings manually. Now I'm getting frustrated. Even saving my settings as a preset, storing it inside a folder and importing it again, won't help. Then I will get the message: "Import failed: invalid profile file."
    Can please anyone help me with these issues? It is quite time consuming to continuously enter the settings manually after every crash.

    reset your preferences -
    after effects:  http://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/preferences.html
    dreamweaver:  https://helpx.adobe.com/dreamweaver/kb/restore-preferences-dreamweaver-cs6-cc.html
    flash:  http://helpx.adobe.com/flash/kb/re-create-preferences-flash-professional.html
    illustrator:  http://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/setting-preferences.html
    indesign:  https://forums.adobe.com/thread/526990
    photoshop:  https://forums.adobe.com/thread/375776
    photoshop elements:  http://www.photokaboom.com/photography/learn/Photoshop_Elements/troubleshooting/1_delete_p references_file.htm
    premiere pro: http://www.mediacollege.com/adobe/premiere/pro/troubleshooter/trash-preferences.html

  • Developing iOS apps with Flash Guide.

    Does anybody know any good guide or tutorial for build iOS apps in flash?
    I had done an application which is in "Waiting for review", but I made it lineal, without packages or clases, because I don't know them, so i used pure ActionScript in a single FLA.
    I don't know what people can say when they mention AIR ... I don't have that? (or I do)?)
    I need to make an app that is basically a book, so I need smooth paging and scrolling technique
    Sorry if it's too much, any help will be apreciatte
    Best Regards

    See Xcode Versions ~ iOS - As of 4.29.12

  • Upgrade an iOS app made in Flash CS5 to Flash CS5.5

    Hi, I developed an App and I published it on the Apple App Store about a month ago, when I was still using Adobe Flash CS5.
    Now I bought the latest version of Adobe Flash, the CS5.5 and I want to upgrade my exiting app with the Retina Display support.
    The problem is that when I try to upload my IPA into Application Loader, it gives me a strange error... it says that I can't upgrade my app because I'm using an higher mininumOSVersion......in fact Flash CS5 has got a 3.0/3.2 minum and the CS5.5 4.0/4.2........How can I change them and upgrade my app???
    Please, help me it's for an important company... 
    bye and thanks

    Here is my understanding of the updating rules for iOS apps. Once you publish an app targeting a specific OS, any further update to that app must target that OS. Since Flash CS5.5 only targets 2.6 and later, which has a dependency on iOS 4 or later, you are as you discovered stuck. I think you solution is to create a new version, "My Awesome App HD" and then publish via CS5.5 to get the performance and Retina support you want.
    Chris Griffith

  • Google Analytics in my Flash CS5.5 iOS app?

    I searched the forums but found nothing.
    I was wondering if it's possible to have tracking inside of my flash built iPhone app. I've done it many times in my flash web content, so I'm just wondering if anybody has implemented any sort of advanced tracking into their iOS apps built in Flash.
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Colin,
    Just an update...  It looks like we finally got this up and running.  Two important notes for anyone following in our footsteps...
    1)  It appears that the Analytics for Flash does not work with a "Mobile App" account, it only seems to work with a "Web site" account.  When creating the new account to track your AIR app created in Flash, create the standard "Web site" account.  When asked for a URL, even though a mobile app isn't a web page, you need to put something in that field, so enter a URL that links to something you've created.  It doesn't seem to need to actually be related to the app you're trying to track, I think they just need to confirm that a URL exists.
    2) It appears that it takes several hours (24 hours perhaps?) after creating the analytics account for data to start showing up.  When I came back to this after the weekend, none of the tests I did within the first few hours of the account's existance ever showed up, not in Real-Time, nor in any of the other views.  But, to my delight, Real-Time data began appearing on Monday, so it must take some time to propegate before the account starts showing activity.
    Colin, I can't thank you enough for your patience and willingness to see me through trying to get this up and running.  It really is a very simple process if you take note of the two points above, but short of knowing that, it was very frustrating.  So thank you ever so much for being such a valuable resource to this community!

  • Can Flash CS5.5 create ios app with in game purchase function?

    Can I use flash CS5.5 to create ios app with in game purchase function and other ios specific functions? Is there any limitation compare to using ios native development environment? Same questions for Android OS.
    Thank you very much.

    First disable autoplay. It gave errors for me. Try to make the movie play with the play() command.
    to embed the movie in your air bundle, just go to publish settings for your flash project. Then in that screen go to the player settings.
    In the first GENERAL tab you'll see a the bottom that you can add files to your project
    Propably there is allready your .swf and an .xml file in there.
    Using the + icon you can add your video.
    Make sure that your video is in the same directory as your . FLA file and you can use it as is (by name)
    If for example your flashfile is in c:\mytest\mytest.fla and the video in c:\mytest\videos\myvideo.flv , then you will have to load your video as "videos/myvideo.flv" with a FORWARD slash, never use \
    Good luck

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