Folio Preview NOT working

Hi - I am running window 7 64bit and adobe could services for all required adobe applications.
InDesign is installed and the "Folio Preview" is not working. I have tried the "Preview", "Preview on Desktop" from "Folio Overlays" and the "Folio Preview" from the "File" menu, but get the same result. I have looked for the content viewer and noticed that it ins not installed. Please help!

Here's my response to a similar issue on another thread:
Are you on Windows or a Mac? I'm going to assume Mac for now:
1) Check and make sure the Adobe Content Viewer shows in your Applications folder. If it does, run it and then try previewing again.
2) If it's installed but preview still doesn't work try fixing up the file type assocation for .folio. See
3) If it isn't installed try installing it from /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Installers/AdobeDigitalPublishingCS6/ContentViewer/Adob eContentViewer.air
If you are on Windows the location for the install in step 3 is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\AdobeDigitalPublishingCS6\ContentViewer\AdobeC ontentViewer.air"

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  • Preview not working in 10.6

    Preview not working in 10.6. Not able to open multiple JPG files. No problem in 10.5.7.
    Any solution?

    I've been following this thread and several others about this same issue with interest. Today I went to Astronomy Picture of the Day to take a look at the pix for August and downloaded eight of them. Whether it matters or not, I made a folder on my Desktop, then dragged the full picture from its "picture only" page into the folder. After I finished I opened the folder, did Command-A and double clicked the group. All eight opened in Preview and I used the down arrow to move from one to the next.
    I did an upgrade install of Snow Leopard on a VERY clean install of Leopard (pretty much no third party anything had been added, certainly no haxies, Contextual Menu items, Input Managers, menu bar extras, and only a limited number of third party applications).
    So unfortunately it looks like I can't investigate this issue since I can't reproduce it. Haven't seen anything in the discussions of the issue so far that lead me any theory about why some people have it and some, including me, don't.

  • Preview not working!!! Blank document appears!

    My Preview stopped working! I downloaded a few PDF documents, thinking that Preview would automatically launch and open the files. Preview did launch, however, all I saw were blank white documents, nothing on them.
    Next thing I did was open my Adobe Reader application and tried to read the PDF documents. Yes, it worked. I was able to see the documents.
    But why is Preview not working correctly? What is happening?

    Hi, Makiko. The version of Preview that came with Panther is old, and some of the features that newer PDF-creation software can build into PDF files may not be supported by it. In other words, your Preview application became static several years ago, while the PDF file format has continued to evolve. Your Preview can probably still open all the other file formats that it opened when it was new, but you may want to set things up so that all PDF files are handled by Adobe Reader instead. To do that, click once on any PDF file in the Finder and choose Get Info from the File menu. In the "Open with" section of the Get Info window, choose Adobe Reader from the drop-down menu, then click the Change All button. Close the Get Info window. Now all PDFs that you double-click will open in Adobe Reader.
    Note that at present, the latest version of Adobe Reader that works in Panther is 7.1.0. If you have an earlier version, you may want to update it.

  • Preview Not Working - pls helpp..

    Hi there,
    I'm running Lion on my Macbook Pro and have a problem with Preview not working.
    It seems to have almost jammed and has a document that I don't think I even have anymore in it's title bar.
    The timeout / loading wheels continues to spin and I have to Force Quit.
    I have tried deleting the - but this hasn't done anything.
    Any ideas & help greatly appreciated.

    To add to this. When I open it (preview) the file that it looks like it's opening is titled 'ai.icns'. I've got no idea what this was but have seen that it's a large graphics folder. I very possibly clicked on it whilst doing some work the other day and went to shut it down quickly and now it looks like it's in a state of opening-up but without actually getting anywhere..

  • DPS video folio overlays not working as prompted

    Hi All,
    Some of the video folio overlays I have selected are not working within my folio, even though they are selected.
    The video is not stopping on last frame and is allowing the pause function even though I have checked the box to disabled it.
    It seems to work on preview through the folio overlay viewer drop down on iPad, but not when I view the folio as a whole.
    I have tested on two iPads (mini and standard), have changed the folio viewer version to several different options (V20 and above), made sure I have updated everything but is still not making a difference.
    I have never had this issue before...
    Urgently needing any ideas, if you have them?

    Recreated my folio again, starting from viewer 27 and seems to of worked.
    Annoying you can't seem to change the viewer (and it work) to an existing folio...

  • Video previews not working in iTunes

    Hi all,
    I've seen this posted a few different ways without any resolution to the problem so I thought I would give it a shot.
    Video previews are not working properly for me. When in the iTunes Store and I click on a "View Trailer" for a movie or preview for a music video, a pop-up window appears in iTunes with a white background. The audio will kick in but the video never starts. I am using iTunes 9.2 (61).
    Has anyone uncovered a solution to this?

    Just to clean this unresolved issue up, seemingly the problem disappeared after upgrading to iTunes 9.2.1 (5).

  • Acrobat Pro X PDF previewing not working in Windows 7 64-bit

    Greetings, all,
    The organization I work for recently purchased a volume license for Acrobat Pro X.  We uninstalled Adobe Reader from all of our machines and installed Acrobat Pro X on them.  After the move, the PDF preview handler stopped working.  People commonly link to the URL below, but it has not worked for us.  It appears it only works for the PDF preview handler packaged with Adobe Reader, not the one packaged with Acrobat Pro.
    Users are unable to preview PDFs in Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.  When attempting to preview in Windows Explorer, the following appears:
       This file can't be previewed.
    What can we do to get the preview handler working in Windows Explorer (Windows 7 64-bit) and Office Outlook 2007?
    Thanks in advance!

    Bill@VT wrote:
     OK. Then do you mean the thumbnails in Windows Explorer? I don't have a solution for that, but there have been several posts about the issue.
    Well, thumbnails in Explorer don't work either, but we're not concerned about it.  The preview pane is what we're worried about.  There is a button in the top-right that turns the pane on.  Previewing in Outlook does not work either.
    Sabian Zildjian wrote:
    Check the value for AppID in this registry key:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Classes\CLSID\{DC6EFB56-9CFA- 464D-8880-44885D7DC193}]
    What do you have?
    DisplayName is set to "@C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\pdfprevhndlr.dll,-101".

  • PDF preview not working in ITS after patch31 - HTTP 404 file not found

    Hi Friends,
    We installed Patch 31 on ITS 620.
    Previousl patch level was 17.
    The functionality to show pdf preview using FM 'SSFCOMP_PDF_PREVIEW' is not working.(Which is working fine when viewed from SAP GUI)
    We are getting 'HTTP 404 - File Not Found' error.
    What could be the reason?
    Any help on this is highly appreciated.
    Edited by: Simha on Oct 30, 2008 3:03 AM

    problem not resolved and we reverted back to older patch.
    Closing this thread

  • Scan to preview not working properly

    Scanning to Preview recently stopped working properly.  Here are the issues:
    When I scan a new document to Preview, it doesn't open in Preview automatically like it once did.  I begin my scan by going to "system preferences" - "print-scan" - "open scanner". 
    When I click on the details section (where it says "no document loaded" above) it will open the preview window, however, the last scans made show up in the same .pdf document. 
    For example: I scan 1 page to Preview, then attach that page to an email and send it.  Done.  NEXT I scan a completely separate 2 page document the same way and when I open it up with Preview, the first (1 page scan previously made) document is added to the Preview document making it a 3 page document in error.  Any suggestions to fix this?
         I've uninstalled and reinstalled the HP officejet 8500 printer, and restarted my computer and it doesn't resolve it.

    The HP software is crap.  If is riddled through with problems and oversights.  But usually you can get things to work with enough perseverence. 
    1.  Per dturner608, you can change the mode from "document feeder" to flatbed.  I did this and found that it did work that way, but I also stumbled onto something: it was working on the document feeder as well, I just didn't know it.  When you close out of the scan (after it completes), go to Finder and look for your scan file (which is usually labeled "scan") and I think you will find it there.  So the scanner is scanning, saving, but not giving you any clue that it's doing so. 
    2.  There is yet another bug, which is the "one document" checkbox (it's not called exactly that), whose purpose is to make a multi-page scan into one document rather than separate pages.  Once you check that, it treats every scan from that point on like they're all one document.  Yes, incredibly that's true.  On my Mac at least, it doesn't reset itself to "zero" with every new multi-page scan.  It thinks the new scan is a continuation of the last one.  The only way I found is to trick it by doing a multi-page scan (as one document), unchecking the box and running a single page scan through that I don't intend to use, and then re-checking the box for the next multi-page scan.  That seems to tell the software that you are starting a brand new multi-page scan.
    3.  Somewhere in the midst of fiddling through the above, the HP driver decided that Preview should work again.  So all of a sudden it's working - go figure.  [But I couldn't "save as".]  Like I said - their software is crap.  I've had nothing but problems with HP printer driver software.  ....Latest thing is it tells me that faxes did not go through and printing out a "fax failed" status, when in fact they did go through.  I didn't discover that until I called the recipient.  ....Spent a good half hour trying to figure out why it wasn't going through - but it was.   Nice.

  • Preview not working in finder

    The mini preview (not sure if that's what it's called) isn't working in finder. This hasn't worked since upgrading to Yosemite.
    Im running finder version 10.10
    on a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 Mac mini (late 2012)
    16 gb memory
    graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB

    When I click on a file the preview to the right telling me dimensions, file size etc isn't there anymore. The other preview works (when I hit spacebar) and the get info still works.

  • Mail preview not working any more - Mountain Lion

    Ever since I upgraded to Mountain Lion - the preview is not working in Mac mail properly. So the first email in the list that I click on shows the preview but when I click down to any of the others in the same mailbox - the preview does not change. The only option I have then to see what the email is all about is to double click the email and look at it in its own window which is really annoying.
    Any ideas anyone? Yes I do have all the software upgrades installed and am on the new Mac Bool Pro Retina display...

    My Mac Mail does not work also.
    I had a problem with Hotmail, which as you know Apple Mail somehow links to when you press "send mail"
    on some Internet sites.
    I had to add a new Hotmail mail address. Now my old address in HGotmail doesn;t exist, but I still receive
    mail through the new one (which is called a default mail address).
    So Apple Mail is still linked to my old non-working Hotmail adress, and will not accept the password for my
    new Hotmail account.
    I canl;t remember my old password for my old Hotmail account.
    Can someone help?
    Please keep the instructions easy to follow, and use  ots of small steps, and aussume I know nothing!
    I don't know what an IPO is, authentication certificate, how to access Mail sofware to add Apple computer language,  I don;t know my Ingternet Procvder address, and so on.....
    One non-woking Apple Mail!

  • 'show icon preview' not working, Icon preview no longer visible

    I have lots of folders full of jpg files. The preview icon do longer appears and all i get is the genetic icon. This happened randomly yesterday and I don't know how to fix it. I have the 'Show Icon Preview' enabled yet I only get the generic icon. Any ideas why? (OS X 10.5.8). I have tried a restart, permissions fix, and reindexed my hard drive with spotlight. No luck. Please help!
    Simply: I don't know how to get the preview back even after selecting the "show icon preview" box on the options. HELP!

    There probably are some hidden probable causes for this behavior;
    while not knowing if you perform any general maintenance in a
    preventative way for your OS X system, some of the suggestions
    I could provide here may mean little or nothing to some users, or
    to others, who have done them for years as a matter of course, to
    suggest those could be the same as an insult; or a laughing matter.
    You could try rather basic things, a few steps above 'repair disk
    permissions' in Disk Utility. That's been around since OS 10.1.5.
    And it has a place among other steps one can do to help out.
    Sometimes, you can start up into SafeBoot mode; then choose to
    run Disk Utility, and repair disk permissions. When done, quit D.U.
    and restart the computer normally. - Other repairs to the system may
    be performed by booting up from the OS X installer and run Disk
    Utility from the menu drop-down options in the main Installer window.
    You can repair disk, verify disk (SMART verify), repair disk permissions
    and verify disk permissions. Plus other aspects of Disk utility that are
    tools to set up partitions and other things beyond a basic simple fix.
    SafeBoot mode, basic:
    +Hold the Shift key down on start-up, keep holding it until you get a login+
    +screen, enter admin password, then when desktop appears, you can+
    +use GO in menu bar to find Utilities folder, and run Disk Utility's repair+
    +disk permissions. When done, quit the Utility and restart.+
    There probably may be some .plist file controlling the view of image icons
    and since I haven't followed that issue (experienced it in the past, forgot
    what I did to fix it) I am not sure what preference file to suggest trashing.
    But you can be very selective, when knowledgeable, and do that. Then,
    later on, when you restart the computer the default setting would return.
    You could set that to whatever (if not the default) & that may fix the matter.
    {One preference file location that probably would contain your user account's
    .plists would be in the Macintosh HD> User folder> Library> Preferences>
    ...Now, the correct one among these becomes important. There is a desktop
    plist, a finder plist, and others. Since each user in a Mac with their own setup
    account can change these, yours should be in your booted user account.
    However, some time has passed since this kind of issue occurred and I didn't
    need to delete a .plist to resolve it. Yet that may be a short fix.}
    These issues usually have a cause; sometimes it may be due to other items
    not quite right in the user interface and symptoms of that sometimes show up
    in odd places and they may not be directly related. Subtle and dismissed, a
    few of those quirks are not show stoppers in OS X. A 'safeboot' & disk utility
    may resolve some; to find a correct .plist preference file & trash it may, too.
    If the computer's hard disk drive is getting full of content you have added, it
    may be time to archive image libraries and/or music libraries off the Mac's
    internal hard disk drive and then thin out content on the computer. That can
    help a computer run better. Damage to data on the computer drive may be
    a result (or outright is) of over-filling the hard disk drive. Overwriting content
    is sometimes an issue; it could be subtle, too, for awhile. Checked into it?
    For some preventative maintenance chores, I have and use OnyX which is
    a free running utility tool (which I refer to as a utility interface tool) that pulls
    the strings in OS X that some users would not think of the Terminal utility
    ways of making them work; this gives you a GUI format, an application to
    run various sets of items rather easily. If done without concern, these tools
    can do bad things (same as booted Disk Utility, drastic tools are onboard.)
    OnyX is a free-running downloadable app from Titanium Software; and since
    I only use it maybe once every several months (or sooner if bored or if active
    in using one computer more than usual) & have it run in Automation selection
    having chosen all the check-box choices, so it will do those. I also have OnyX
    set in its preferences, to restart the computer after it is done running those.
    This may do more than you need in this selection of Automation. I have never
    had any issues with this; but some preference choices system-wide may need
    to be set back to your choice, as it can be also set to wipe caches or other old
    logs and misc stuff. A few settings won't make much different to default from.
    Usually, I prefer not to shut off or restart my computer until such time as when
    Activity Monitor shows some issue with virtual memory and swap files or space
    on the hard drive being excessively allocated as Virtual Memory. At times, a
    restart may be required. My Mac can run a few months without restart, but it is
    left to sleep or I will put it to sleep. Even so, some basic background OS X items
    may not automatically run as they should. You can force the maintenance cycles.
    If the 'show icon preview' does not work even after performing catch-up maintenace
    and including OnyX, SafeBoot, and others; and if you have at least 30% of the total
    hard disk drive capacity open or free from use, then you may have to consider a few
    other ideas. (Removing the plist file may be the only thing you'd need do.) Another
    idea in a few cases of more severe odd behavior, and if you updated your Leopard
    10.5 to your current/last level through use of the Delta or small update file, would be
    to get the larger Combo (last version) and after repairing disk permissions, install it
    over the similar system in your computer. 10.5.8 over 10.5.8. Then restart and go in
    and repair disk permissions again. Perhaps later on, safeboot and do them.
    That much effort is seldom needed. Preventative maintenance and care to not over-
    fill the hard disk drive, helps to almost never see such a problem in your Mac OS X.
    {In a few cases, people who have upgraded from an earlier OS X version (Tiger-to-
    Leopard, for example) and had a problem, may still have a similar problem later. So
    it is best to fix issues and not hope to upgrade over them. Unless it is a totally new
    bare-bones secure zero-overwritten drive, correct partition map, reformat, new install.
    Then, there should be no doubt if there was an odd problem in the software, only.}
    Hopefully some of this late night rambling may be of some help.
    +Answering a question in these forums can be like replying to a+
    +statement thus, "why won't my car go?" And an answer starts+
    +out by asking dozens of questions about the car itself and the+
    +status of the car, if it has fuel, tires, if it's been in a flood, or if+
    +there is an engine, fuel, battery... At least I know yours runs!+
    Good luck & happy computing!

  • Deleting Aperture previews not working as expected

    I am trying to reduce the number of pictures from my Apreture library that show up in the Media Browser. As far as I can tell, I need to tell Aperture to stop automatically generating previews and then I can manage them myself.
    This is what I am doing:
    1. Within Aperture Preferences I have unchecked the box that says "New projects automatically generate previews"
    2. Under the option "Share Previews with iLife and iWork" I have selected "When quitting Aperture"
    3. Under the Library Actions menu (little gear icon in the Library bowser pane on the left) I have unchecked "Maintain Previews For Project" for all of my projects
    4. Under the Photos menu I have selected "Delete Previews for Library"
    5. Quit Aperture
    6. Open Mail app and compose an email. Then try to attach a photo from my Aperture library
    This is driving me crazy and I don't know why it's not working. There seem to be a number of users that are successfully managing their previews like this.
    Am I doing something wrong or missing a step?
    Any help is appreciated.

    Hi Frank,
    3. Under the Library Actions menu (little gear icon in the Library bowser pane on the left) I have unchecked "Maintain Previews For Project" for all of my projects
    What did you have selected in the library when you unchecked this?
    I had the particular project that I wanted to exclude selected.
    4. Under the Photos menu I have selected "Delete Previews for Library"
    You selected all your images (or at least the ones you want to delete the previews for) before running this. correct?
    Yes I did.

  • Preview Not Working

    I've got a 30 day demo version of Encore (trying out a few DVD programs) and I'm trying to figure it out as best I can. I've put together a basic DVD of a few 4-minute home movies, but I can't seem to preview it Encore. The preview screen comes up, the video starts up, but no sound, then the picture freezes and the music picks up at the spot where the video froze, then the sound drops out and the video kicks back in, and back and forth.
    The DVD burned well enough (a couple of glitches - a red flash in the middle of two of my videos and the audio on another slowly going out of sync with the picture over the course of the video) but I can't test the flow of the movies (I've tried to make a "Play All" button, but failed miserably). I'd like to preview this to work out the bugs. I'm on an XP system, and I don't have problems with video previews with any other DVD authoring program.
    Any suggestions as to what may be happening?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Laura
    Preview should show small pictures in Finder's column view.
    It should launch if you drag a .jpeg or .pdf onto it.
    However just opening it, and having an empty Desktop is normal as it does not have anything to display.
    Once opened like this, what happens if you go to File, Open and open a file, does it work?
    If you think it is not working as it should, then trash the file found in
    Then see if Preview behaves as it should.
    And just for good measure:
    Run Repair Permissions in the application Disk Utility, which is found in Applications/Utilities.
    regards roam

  • Music previews not working

    I am having a problem with music previews. This just happened suddenly with no error message the song previes just don't play. Any help?

    PatOC wrote:
    Music Channels are not working in Maryland.  They are listed in the guide, but no video or audio in the 1800 channel series...  any ideas why?
    Montgomery County Maryland and working fine here.
    Try to reset your STB or DVR by unpluging it for a couple minutes, and then pluging it back in. Sometimes that may help. But it may be worrking for you now anyway?

Maybe you are looking for