Forms 10g ocp certification

Will there be a new ocp certification for forms 10g ? what about reports ? Can any one point to links on oracle website.

888884 wrote:
really, if it is so, then i think i can even prepare myself, cos i already know much of it, man it is waoooo waooo then
Please tell the OCA certification that is a pre-requiste to OCP, is this training require instructor led training or not?
thank you
Edited by: 888884 on Oct 11, 2011 1:11 PMThere is no mandatory training for the PL/SQL OCA certification (which is the pre-req certification to the forms OCP certification).

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  • 9i to 10g OCP certification

    Dear all,
    I have 9i OCP Certificate and I have done 1Z0-040
    Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators.. , Now what should I do attain the 10g OCP certificate ?.. I understand that
    Hands on course requirement is not needed for this ?.. How can I proceed to get this certification ?

    I understand that Hands on course requirement is not needed for this ?Correct.
    How can I proceed to get this certification ?The testing center will send your exam results to the Oracle Certification Program. All results are processed once a week. Once all the certification requirements within the track you are pursuing have been complete, including submission and approval of the Hands On Course Requirement Form (if required), you should receive your certification success kit within 6-8 weeks. The Success Kit will include a personalized certificate as well as instructions on how to obtain your Oracle Certification logo. If you do not receive your Oracle certification success kit within this amount of time, please send an email to [email protected] and provide your name, Oracle Certification Program credential earned, Prometric ID number, current mailing address, and daytime phone number.
    Receiving Certificate

  • 9i OCA to 10g OCP Certification

    I am an OCA (Oracle 9i). I have passed my first exam on 01st july 2002 of IZO-001 and Fundemantals 1 in 2004. I am planning to move towards 10g and complete my OCP certification. I have few questions related to this.
    1. I have to appear in Admin1 and Admin 2 module of 10G to complete my OCP cerftification for 10g. Is this true?
    2. Do I need to take any course from oracle university in order to get certificate from oracle? As I read from website that there is an exemption for the applicants who have passed their first test before 01st September 2002. Please clear this point as I have passed my first exam before 01st september 2002.
    I shall be really thankful to you for your quick and favorable response.

    Kamran Agayev A. wrote:
    user7718780 wrote:
    I am an OCA (Oracle 9i). I have passed my first exam on 01st july 2002 of IZO-001 and Fundemantals 1 in 2004. I am planning to move towards 10g and complete my OCP certification. I have few questions related to this.
    1. I have to appear in Admin1 and Admin 2 module of 10G to complete my OCP cerftification for 10g. Is this true?You need to take Admin1 and Admin2 exams as you're not OCP9i. If you were OCP 9i, you would have taken only 1 exam (Upgrade exam) for 10gOCP
    2. Do I need to take any course from oracle university in order to get certificate from oracle? As I read from website that there is an exemption for the applicants who have passed their first test before 01st September 2002. Please clear this point as I have passed my first exam before 01st september 2002.I haven't seen such information on Certification page at If anyone have seen, please let me know. AFAIK you need to take one Oracle University course to be OCP
    I shall be really thankful to you for your quick and favorable response.Please visit Oracle Certification page for more information
    With regards to the hands on course exemption ......
    My understanding is ...
    - Is that at least previously people who had taken a (relevant) certification exam prior to 2002 were exempt from the 9i DBA OCP hands on course.
    - (I have now found the relevant page below):
    - However my understanding is they are not exempt from the 10g DBA OCP hands on (so to obtain 10g DBA OCP without a hands on course they would need to go via 9i DBA OCP first).
    - So my understanding is to obtain a 10g DBA OCP (given a success with 1z0-001 prior to 2002) you would either:
    1) Take 1z0-032 and 1z0-033 (and submit a 9i DBA OCP hands on course exemption for exam pass prior to 2002)
    - Then as a 9i DBA OCP take the exams required to be 10g DBA OCP (eg 1z0-040 (or 1z0-042 + 1z0-043) )
    2) Pass 1z0-042 to 10g DBA OCA
    pass 1z0-043 and submit appropriate hands-on-course exemption for 9i DBA OCP.
    The page [] indicates how to submit a hands on course exemption for 9i DBA OCP. I recommend you do this immediately to confirm your position (I cant see any harm in doing this).
    ------ I also recommend you register on Certview to confirm your exmption has been accepted.
    Please note this is my best understanding .... th Certification Forum Moderator may choose to comment or you may wish to confirm with ocpexam_ww. However I my reading of the above reference under the section Candidates who are exempt from the Oracle9i hands-on course requirement because they took their first exam on or before September 1, 2002 seems to be clear enough.
    Rgds - bigdelboy.

  • Complete the Course Submission Form for OCP certification

    Hallo!I am an Oracle newbie currently studying for the Oracle 10g Administration OCP exam.
    From my research,I have gathered that for me to obtain my OCP certificate, I must Complete the Course Submission Form where I must confirm attendance in an approved hands-on Course undertaken by an Oracle Accredited Training Institution.
    I am studying privately for the OCP exam.
    How can I get my OCP certificate in this state?

    807913 wrote:
    Hello ,
    I'm new to this site and I'm planning to do OCA and OCP Certificate on oracle 11g.
    I have an 1.5 years of experience on oracle as a DBA role,
    But i don have certificate to prove that,
    So please can u send me OCA and OCP course materails for to my mail id.
    Or else send me the proper link to download the files and please guide me to how to proceed,,
    I ll be waiting for the good and useful reply.
    Thanking You
    [email protected]
    1) Please read ::
    We, well certainly I, really hate it when people publish a link asking ofr information in this way. At best you will most likely get unauthorized learning material or material in breach of copyright.
    And part of the process is learning to seek out hte material for yourself. The DBA needs to do this.
    Hopefully careful study of the above links will put you on the right path.
    Edited by: bigdelboy on 05-Nov-2010 15:37 (Actually this thread hiack is a duplicate post. How I hate duplicate posts too).

  • Oracle 10g OCP Certified(1z0-042+1z0-043 Cleared) ~~~~~~~~

    Dear All,
    Today is Really a Great Day for my carrer and i want to share it with all of i have cleared Oracle 10G OCP certification.
    i took six month for preparing this certification.Oracle sybex books and oracle notes is very useful and Real exp on oracle Really helps me lot.(specially on 10g)
    Overall Score in 10G OCP certification
    Oracle 10g Admin-1 92%.
    Oracle 10g Admin-2 96%.
    Thanks a lot for all of u for ur kind support and help for achieving this goal.and best of luck from my side who are preparing for OCP certification.
    Thanks and Regards
    Kuljeet Pal Singh

    Hi kulijeet,
    I am preparing for 1z0-042 and 1z0-043exam, I read that u have finished that exam,
    So can u please send me a copy of Sybex material , Really appreciated
    My email id is [email protected]
    I am not getting that study guide, it will be nice that if u help me out.
    Thanks in advance

  • Help on OCP certification

    Dear Friends,
    I need some suggestion on writing 10g OCP Certification...
    I had written 10g OCA recently i.e Administration 1 on 29th NOV... I guess I would get OCA certificate from oracle...
    Now I would like to pursue OCP exam..
    I had been to the oracle link which gives list of courses to be taken online or instructor led to get OCP..
    I guess we need to take only one course from the list and would be eligible for OCP exam...?
    Any help is greatly appreciated..

    Chubbyd4d wrote:
    Just want to add information
    It is true to be an OCP we have to attend an Oracle Course in Oracle Universities or Oracle Approved Education Centres (OAEC). But, you don't have to follow the Oracle 10g Database Administration Workshop II for that since that course is consider expensive but useful.
    If you have budget concern, the cheapest one, I believe is Oracle 10g SQL Tuning Workshop, because it's only 3 days course which is much cheaper than Admin Workshop II (5 days).
    I passed my OCP for Oracle 10g DBA without attended any Admin Workshop class.
    cheers.One doesn't need to attend the OCP modules to get OCP. There is no such provision like this or restriction like this. I wouldn't recommend that person who is still prepairing for OCP to attend advanced courses like SQL Tuning just because its a 3 day course. About the course , though its a 3 days course only but its a highly packed course with LOT of info which probably is too much for that candidate who is still struggling to understand what Oracle is and how it works? Don't compare cost of these two courses. They are for different audience and cost being lesser or smaller will be a secondary issue here. If the person won't understand a bit when there will be talks about Join techniques , explain plans, trace files, tkprof, it doesn't matter what was the cost,it will be a wastage of time and resource completely.
    If really money is the only deciding factor than one can simply attend SQL course only.

  • Which 10g OCP book ?

    There seems to be two books available for Oracle 10g OCP study:
    "OCP: Oracle 10g Certification Kit" by Sybex and
    "Oracle Database 10g OCP Certification All-In-One Exam Guide" by Oracle Press.
    Does anyone have any exposure to these books and have recommendations as to which one is better ?

    If you want to add knowledge along passing exam then those books are good. If you are looking for material which covers important topics to pass the exam, I recommend oracle instructor lead material. If no chance of getting this material, use sybex book. Its pretty good to pass the exams.

  • Should I go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP or 11g OCA/OCP Certification?

    Hi all,
    I am lil bit confuse to decide about my oracle core dba certification.
    Please help me to know, as per the present requirements of the business organizations.
    ***Should I go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP or 11g OCA/OCP Certification?***
    Hope u guys answer me earliest.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Most likely, it doesn't matter too much. I doubt that most employers are terribly concerned with what recent version of Oracle you have a certification on.
    That said, if it matters
    - What does your organization use? What are their plans to upgrade? If your company still uses 9.2 primarily and has plans to upgrade to 10.2 this year, you're probably better off with a 10g certification. If your company is already running mostly 11.2, you're probably better off with an 11g certification.
    - What do most employers in your particular part of the world tend to use? What do job postings in your particular part of the world generally list?

  • Forms 10g certification on Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 ??

    Is Forms 10g certified on Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 ??

    I don't think. of sure RHEL 5 is not certified for DB 10gR2 and even for OAS 10g.
    Even if I have made an installation of DB 10gr2 for RHEL 5 with xen and it's work, meanwhile OAS 10 didn't work!
    Anyway,Try to search for certification matrix on Oracle site

  • Regarding  OCP-10g Exams Certification

    Dear Team,
    I am planning for OCP-10g Exams (042/043). I have done OCA 9i (DBA Track) last year.
    With my current Project recommendation, I am going to attend "Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g: Manage Clusterware and ASM Release 2" training by Oracle University on 11-Apr-2011.
    As per compulsory Training Program for OCP-10g, do I need to take any other Training related to Oracle 10g or the above training (11g) will be suffice for OCP-10g Certification (If I complete Exams 042/043)
    Kindly update me, so that I can plan accordingly.

    gohappy wrote:
    Thanks Bigdelboy for you reply..
    So, what do you suggest regarding the certification which one would be better 10g OCP(1z0-042/043) or directly 11g OCP(1zo-052/053)?
    TusarIncreasingly an 11g DBA OCP certification will be preferable to a 10g DBA OCP certification.
    Most sites will be looking to upgrade existing 10g databases to 11g databases over the next couple of years, and relatively few sites will have 10g and not be looking to upgrade.
    I would say the following reasons are why someone would want to go for 10g DBA OCP rather than 11g DBA OCP.
    (1) They have attended training which is a suitable qualifying course for 10g DBA OCP but not for 11g DBA OCP. This can be a very important (big money) reason.
    (2) They are very familiar with 1z0-043 topics that are relevant to 10 DBA OCP but less familiar with 1z0-053 topics.
    (3) They wish to get both certifications via 1z0-042 - 1z0-043 - 1z0-050 for instance (you could also do 1z0-052+1z0-053 instead of 1z0-050). Obvioulsy this takes time and expense.
    In general I suspect study for 1z0-052 might take a number of people a little longer than 1z0-042, and the study for 1z0-053 might take maybe a couple of weeks longer than for 1z0-043.
    Overall the choice is yours.

  • The course I did to gain OCP certification in Oracle Database 11g does not appear on the courses submission list on the website of pearson vue.

    The course I did to gain OCP certification in Oracle Database 11g does not appear on the courses submission list on the website of pearson vue, I sent an email to [email protected] from < email address deleted by moderator >, without an answer in 7 days since 01/28/2015, the email is below, the title of my course is in Portuguese.  What should I do in this case ?
    Dear Oracle.
    I am sending this email because recently I passed in the exam 1Z0-053 Oracle Database 11g: Administration II, which is the last examination necessary to acquire the OCP Certification. However, in the path to the certification I need to prove that I participated in an Oracle Official Training.
    Searching for the course on the pearson vue site, I have not found the course name on the list. So I am sending this email with the course information required for certification. I attended to the course in college FIAP (, in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, from March/2010 to March/2011. Accessing the link above is possible to verify that the educational institution is an Oracle Partner. The title that I got was "Graduate in Oracle Database Management".
    In this email I attached a copy of the FIAP Certified Course (front.jpg certificate, certificate back.jpg). I’m also sending the data from my profile in the pearson vue site (Pearson VUE - My profile.pdf), and my scores in the exams for OCP certification (1Z0-051.pdf, 1Z0-052.pdf, 1Z0-053.pdf ).
    If you need any further information just let me know and I will provide.
    Please acknowledge this information and grant me the OCP certification (Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional).
    Italo Moisés dos Santos.
    Oracle Testing ID:  < deleted by moderator >

    Sorry, I expressed myself badly.
    When I access and start submission process  of the course, in the first step “Select the track for which you have completed a certification requirement” I selected the option “Oracle Database 11g Administrator OCP”, in the second step I selected “ILT = Instructor Led Training”,  but when I got on the third step “Which course or requirement did you complete?”  I have to choose the course name that I did, the course name that I did does not appears in that list, so I do not know which one to select, even having at the end of the form the option “Other ...(Course or requirement is not shown above. Please enter title below.)” the course name I did is in Portuguese/Brazil, the name is “MBA em gestão de banco de dados oracle” in Portuguese, which in English would look like "Graduate in Oracle Database Management".
    I sent an email to [email protected] containing the information that I found necessary to obtain certification.
    But if I have to do the process in the pearson vue site, should I put the course name in Portuguese or in English ?
    Only the email I sent is not enough ?
    Thanks for the help, and sorry for my english !

  • Unable to run form 10g in IE too

    Continued from
    Frm-10142: The HTTP Listener is not running on
    I got the problem in IE too.
    Many Thanks & Best Regards,

    . Even if I get the patch from Oracle, next time when I will be with other issues in Win 7 for Form 10g, they will still tell me that Form 10g is not certified with Win 7. Am I right?Not at all...
    as previously mentioned ; If you have access to My Oracle Support, take a look at this document: How to Install Developer Suite on Windows Vista (Doc ID 559067.1) it is the same handling issue as Windows 7
    Pls check the following table for compatibility issues
    Footnote 5 ; Need minimum patch level for IE 8.0 and Firefox3.5. Oracle Application
    Pls folloe the steps mentioned it should be here
    Amatu Allah
    Edited by: Amatu Allah on May 22, 2012 2:49 AM

  • Installation of forms 10G

    Hi all,
    I am struggling to install Forms 10G on Windows server 2008 machine. Can you please help me finding the solution. Its very urgent and nobody in our team or onsite team knows about it.
    Please, its very urgent and really helpful to me.
    Thank you in advance,
    Sanjeev Gattu
    Edited by: user13522443 on Jan 28, 2011 12:44 AM

    Generally speaking, AS 10g (10.1.2) is not certified to be installed on Windows 2008, however it can be done. You might want to consider whether or not you will need assistance from Oracle Support in the future. Uncertified configurations usually will not be supported.
    Information on how to install Developer Suite 10.1.2 on Vista is available in MyOracleSupport Note 559067.1 . This will be basically the same information needed for installing on Win2008. You will also need AS Patch 3 ( in order to expect this to work correctly.
    Disabling IPv6 on the Win2008 machine will be necessary before installation too.

  • Forms 10g rel 1( 9.0.4 ) vs SUN JVM 1.5

    From SUN site you can read :
    "Changes in 1.5.0_06
    The full internal version number for this update release is 1.5.0_06-b05 (where "b" means "build"). The external version number is 5.0u6.
    Security Enhancements
    Prior to this update, an applet or application could specify the version of the JRE on which it would run. This has changed. All applets are executed with the latest JRE version. Unsigned Java Web Start applications that specify a version other than the latest trigger a warning, requiring explicit user permission before the application will run. Signed Java Web start applications are not affected. "
    Assuming that our customer will use SUN JVM , NOT Oracle JInitiator.
    We have seen that if in a client machine it is installed SUN JVM 1.4.2_10 ( certified ) AND SUN JVM 1.5 or newer.
    there is NO WAY to force Forms 9.0.4 applications to run with SUN JVM 1.4.2_10.
    In spite of doing the following settings at formsweb.cfg
    # Parameter related to the version of the Java Plugin
    when you run forms 9.0.4 applications from a browser in that machine, SUN JVM 1.5 is mandatory used by the browser.
    It seems that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to tell 9.0.4 to use SUN JVM 1.4.2_10 because SUN prevents it according to the above documentation .
    Q1) I thank your comments on this
    Then, when you look for certification info:
    a) you can get this info for Forms 10g R2
    b) you can get this info for Forms 10g R1
    Q2) What are ORACLE plans about certification of SUN JVM 1.5 AND Forms 10g Rel 1 ( 9.0.4 ) ?
    Thanks in advance,
    Fernando Rey

    Hi Guys,
    I am currently testing our portal with a number of JRE version or Jinitiator and the SUN JRE.
    I found some very useful information about changing the registry of the local PC to re-enable specific versioning, see info, below.
    I have tested this and it does work, but you need to be careful with Sun JRE versions to ensure that you are on or higher.
    Another useful link is this discussion over on the sun forums.
    Good Luck
    We have found a conflict with the Sun JRE and version Sun JRE
    To get around this conflict a registry key has to be added onto the users PC and the user needs to remove and install or higher. To make matters worse the auto-update feature in version 1.4, if left enabled, will update the user to even thought the latest release from the sun web site is !
    Therefore can you add this registry key onto the automated install of the Sun setup as per the instructions below.
    Troubleshooting Conflicting JPI Versions on the Desktop:
    Per oracle note 368775.1, JRE 1.5 will not allow static versions. In other words version 1.5
    may override your required version of 1.4.2. They call it a security feature, but it can reek
    havoc with oracle forms. This section addresses a possible workaround.
    If your users either need to run JPI 1.5 for any reason, here is the workaround to force
    BANNER to use ONLY version 1.4.2.
    If you launch forms and in the java console it shows version 1.5.X, perform the following
    1. Make a backup of the windows registry
    2. Edit the registry
    3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\
    4. Create a new directory by highlighting the key above and pressing <RIGHT
    5. Rename the key to [Java Deployment]
    6. Highlight the new key created in step 5 and press <RIGHT CLICK>/<NEW KEY>
    7. Rename this new value to [Policy]
    8. Highlight the new key created in step 7 and press <RIGHT CLICK>/<NEW DWORD>
    9. Rename this DWORD to “EnableSecureStaticVersioning”
    Re-launch forms and verify via the java console that the desktop is returning 1.4.2.

  • Forms 10g crashes while opening an oversize Oracle seeded form

    I am trying to open Oracle R12 seeded form 'PAXPREPR' using forms 10g. I connect to the database before opening the file. The size of the file is 11.8MB.
    But when i open this file, oracle forms crashes without any error message.
    I checked the 11i version of same form, that is of size 6.07 MB, and that opens fine with forms 10g.
    Is it a way i can reduce the size of file, or open it with some way. I just want to have look into some code in the form, and find out any changes done from 11i to R12.
    My form builder version is Forms [32 Bit] Version
    and running on Windows 7.

    Apply the patches mentioned in MOS note 1292919.1 Certification of Oracle Developer Suite 10g (10.1.2) on Windows 7 (32-bit) plus Note 727410.1 Form/Report Builder Crashes When Trying to Open a Form/Report

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