Get rid of registration screen for all new users...

I have installed iWork 09 through ARD to the 20 computers in the lab. The issue is that whenever a new user logs in, it continues to ask to register. We have a lot of young students who cannot simply click 'register' later. Is there a way to disable this?

I assumes that this kind of problem must be treated with the Educational department.
As a single user I don't know the way multiple license behave.
Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE mercredi 28 janvier 2009 16:56:41)

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  • I now have a black Desktop Screen for all new users

    Can someone possibly help me to shed some light on a problem I seem to be having with my image?  Here is the scenario:
    I installed Windows 7 x64 SP1 with Office 2013 on a VM-Patched up to date as of the composition of this message.
    I created a "Student" account, all I did was launch office and IE-Nothing really out of the ordinary.
    I then renamed Default to Default.bak and copied the Student profile to Default.
    Joined to the domain.
    Restarted, and logged in and now I have a black desktop, no wall paper or anything.  It is set on Windows Basic, 
    I can go in and select any other theme and it the problem is fixed.  BUT, this will be an issue for all new users.

    What's your propose to modify the default account? To create a mandatory User Profile? If that it is, the method you used is not correct, you can refer to the contents of the link below for more details about how to create a mandatory user profile:
    For your black desktop problem, it is because the default Profile doesn't define any wallpaper. To avoid this problem, you need to customize the default profile by yourself. You can refer to the link below for more details about how to customize the default
    user profile:
    Roger Lu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Deactivating StarOffice 8 Registration Screen for All Future Users

    I have found documentation from Sun on how to deactivate the registration screen for StarOffice 8, however it is assuming the user folders already exist.
    I need a solution for any future user of that PC; the PCs are in a school district, if every K-12 student sees this registration screen, we will have confusion on what steps they need to follow to get past these screens. This summer we are hoping to move away from MSOffice completely, however this is an issue that seems to be in our way.
    Here are the steps from Sun to deactivate if the user folder exists:
    On the step 3 User Name page, leave the user information boxes empty.
    On the step 4 Registration page, select I do not want to register, and then click the Finish button.
    Create an archive file of the StarOffice 8 user directory.
    Unpack the archive into the user directories where you want to deactivate the
    Registration Wizard.
    Our PCs do not have a folder for every possible student that would ever sign onto the PC, that would number into the thousands. Am I overlooking something or not seeing this solution clearly?

    I think this procedure works on WinXP:
    After installation start StarOffice and make your settings (ie file formats, fonts and so on). Close SO8
    Go to C:\documents and settings\your account\Application data\StarOffice8. Delete the file .lock.
    Copy the folder C:\documents and settings\your account\Application data\StarOffice8 to C:\documents and settings\Default user\Application data\(and to ......\All users\application data)
    Make sure there is no file .lock in the copied folders.
    Regards Hakan Nilsson ([email protected])
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  • How can I set the default home page for all new users in Firefox 4

    I'm trying to deploy FF 4.0rc1 in a corporate environment but I can't find a way to set the default home page or any other settings for that matter.
    Is there a way to set the default home page for all new users and lock it so that the users can't change home page?
    Best regards

    In Firefox 4 the template folder for new profiles (C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profile\
    ) doesn't exist. You can create that \defaults\profile\ folder and place a file user.js in it with the prefs that you want to initialize.
    You can also use a mozilla.cfg file to set the default value for prefs.<br />
    defaultPref(); // set new default value
    pref(); // set pref, but allow changes
    lockPref(); // lock pref, disallow changes

  • How to disable registration screen for all users

    Hi, can someone advice how I can disable the registration screen when user first startup Acrobat? I am using Acrobat 9

    I don't know if you can. Try this.
    Make a copy of the registry.
    Make a new copy of the registry after registering.
    Try to find the difference in the files after comparing registries. Then change the registry for all future installations.

  • How do I permanently STOP the Bing Suggested Sites icon from being in the IE 9 toolbar for everyone and make it the default for all new users

    Non of the other post on this subject were correctly answered and they are now old so here is a new thread for a question that a Microsoft Engineer should have answered a long time ago in one of the other threads.
     I have IE 9 installed.
    I am setting up my default profile which will be used for ALL users to configure their profile when they log on. All profiles are destroyed on system reboot. All PCs are frozen.
    Every time I log in as a new user and open IE 9, the favorites bar shows up as I want it with NO BING Suggested Site crapware in site. Then about .5 secs after IE starts and the Favorites bar is shown, the EVIL "Bing Suggested Sites" button appears.
     I can delete it and it seems to stay away until I delete the users profile folder etc and have them log in again. When the profile is recreated the Favorites folder does not have a "Suggested Sites" option in the c:\users\username\favorites\links"
    folder. (I have deleted the hidden .ini files in the default folder) Nor does one exist in the "c:\users\default\favorites\links" folder from which the newly created user profile folder comes. But as soon as I start IE 9, one is created and placed
    in the users favorites links folder. This MUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is UNACCEPTABLE. AND IT MUST BE STOPPED!!!!! Where in the Windows 7 x64 Enterprise OS is the location of this evil action and how do I PERMANENTLY delete it.
    I don't EVER want to see the EVIL BING Suggested Sites button anywhere on the PC especially in the Favorites Tool bar on IE 9. An I expect/demand that Microsoft tell us how to 100% cannot fail get rid of it for ALL USERS FOREVER NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I
    have spent a lot of time perfecting my default profile making sur that ALL options are decide by me NOT MICROSOFT. I NEVER USE SYSPREP as that will destroy ALL custom defaults every time.
    When a user logs in in to one of my PCs and they start IE 9 they get REAL Google for the default search engine, not the version Microsoft will give you which first sends all search requests to Microsoft so they can spy on what you searched in Google for etc.,
    but real Google, not sent to Microsoft 1st. (I'll bet more than 90% of the readers of this site did not notice how if you let Microsoft set your default search provider to Google, they fix it so that all search requests go to Microsoft 1st, before it gets
    sent to Google. Look at the search string under manage your search providers, in IE 7 & 8. In IE 9 it is hidden, but still there. HOW EVIL OF MICROSOFT)
    With my default profile IE does not ask how you want to set it up, I have already made those decisions. I have made all those decisions for my users. But as of recently I have started installing IE 9 and now this unacceptable BING Suggested Sites junk ware
    keeps showing up. HOW DO I STOP IT. Do I have to put a line in my HOSTS file to send all request for to just to make sure that it can't be used. There by removing all possibility of my users ever being able to use Bing FOREVER.
    I would rather not do that but unless a Microsoft representative will tell me how to keep that useless Bing Suggested Sites button from appearing on the Favorites tool bar I will have to. I would love to let my user decide if they want to use Bing and waist
    their time trying to find good search results, but I will not have it forced on them and I will not allow it to be on the Favorites tool Bar ever. So will a Microsoft Engineer please tell us how to put a permanent end to the "Bing Suggested Sites"
    button for ALL users ALWAYS FOREVER.

    I suggest you try the steps in this thread for test:
    Disable Suggested Sites does not work.
    Vincent Wang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Edit gnome menu globaly (for all new users)?

    Is there some let say clean way to edit default gnome menu entries for new users?
    I know about alacarte, but it edits just users menu.
    What exactly I need, Im preparing a unified arch desktop fot a lot of computers in our office. And I will copy the prepared desktop to all the computers edit things that are host specific and create new user. But 95% users will use 30% of same menu entries, the rest entries are useless for them. I dont want to edit menu for each new single user. But there are let say few users that will use much of the entries, but it is not problem to enable that for few specific users (alse those understand what they are doing so they could do it themselves).
    I was thinking about that like gconf editor for global settings. 
    My workaround will be to copy to every new created user prepared ./.config/menus ./.local/share but I isnt so much elegant:(
    Or maybe there are same files somewhere global but I dont know where (I will replace them with the prepared one)
    Thats why Im asking.

    You could take a look at: /usr/share/applications

  • Disable Imap ,pop , sync ,owa for all new users

    Based on the below
    I apply all the steps but some times it working and sometime not
    shall I apply all steps on all Mailbox servers and CAS server ?
    I applied only on CAS servers .
    Please need help on this matter .

    We don’t need to run this script on all the server. Just once is enough. For the problematic users, you can use Set-CASMailbox –id user |FL to check if the restrictions are applied
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact
    [email protected]
    Simon Wu
    TechNet Community Support

  • I have an ipone how do i get rid of yahoo weather for a new one in the notification swipe down screen, cause i download from apple apps and false advertising i want a weather app that is good with a widget. simple. please let me know of a good one to inst

    is there an weather app that will work on the iphone beside yahoo please in the notification swipe, cause i download apple weather apps and they dont work that not right that money i paid, just want an weather app that will work with the iphone, telus is trying to help as well cause they should work but DON"T.
    please dont erase a message that is true on finding something that might work.

    No matter how many times you ask this question, the answer is going to be the same.
    You can submit feedback to Apple here:

  • HT1349 I can't get past the welcome screen for my new macbook pro. Help!!

    Seriously. My new macbook pro will not let me progress past the welcome screen. It will not let me select australia (or any other) country as its host country!!!!

    I just had the exact same problem. You must physically push down on the trackpad and get an audible "click" to activate the continue button on the language screen. The one-touch click function is not yet enabled on your Macbook because you haven't set it up yet. This should work for you. It did for me!

  • Annoying Avatars - How to Get Rid Of Once and for All?

    I thought I had gotten rid of the avatars associated with my mail account. Just realized that the avatar is being attached. Where do I go to make sure that I never have an avatar sent with an email.
    Thanks in advance...

    They are not sent with outgoing messages.
    Rather, they appear at the local level on both messages you generate, based upon the user icon you have selected, and on inbound messages to you, based upon any image which appears in a matching Address Book record.

  • HELP! Acrobat 9 - How to get rid of updater notification for all users without admin rights

    I just bought Acrobat Pro 9 w/ volume licensing because Adobe said this would fix a problem we are having. Every morning we have users that login and get a box that says that do not have sufficient rights to update Adobe. I need this gone. Obviously I can't give them admin rights. We are running on 5 terminal servers running 2003 server. I just need a hack or something I don't really care.

    I just bought Acrobat Pro 9 w/ volume licensing because Adobe said this would fix a problem we are having. Every morning we have users that login and get a box that says that do not have sufficient rights to update Adobe. I need this gone. Obviously I can't give them admin rights. We are running on 5 terminal servers running 2003 server. I just need a hack or something I don't really care.

  • How to get One Selection Screen for all queries?

    Hi Experts,
    I have three queries having selection screens. All the selection screen have the same variables, but the reports are different.
    I have created a workbook having these three queries. Each time when the workbook opens, the three selection screen pops up one after the another. Same values are entered in all the selection screens.
    Now the user wants only one selection screen for all the three reports. Is it possible? I tried but I do not see any way.
    I think there should be some way of getting it done.
    Waiting for your inputs,
    With kind regards,

    If a workbook contains multiple queries that use the same variable, you are prompted to enter the variable values again for each query. To avoid this, set the Display Duplicate Variables Only Once flag.
    Goto Workbook Settings>Under Variables Tab>select Display Duplicate Variables only Once
    Hope this helps,
    Aparna Duvvuri

  • HT1267 Q  I keep getting a repeat screen that says "unable to download" [name of a song] and gives me the choice to "try again" or "done".  I don't want the song and can't get rid of the screen.  Ideas?

    I keep getting a screen that says "Unable to Download"   [song] with two choices - "done" or "try again".   I have tried both and can't get rid of the screen ( and don't want the song which I never ordered to begin with.   Ideas on getting rid of the screen??

    Purplehiddledog wrote:
    I do backup with iCloud.  I can't wait until the new iMac is available so that I can once again have my files in more than 1 location without needing to rely solely on the cloud. 
    I also rely on iTunes and my MacBook and Time Machine as well as backing up to iCloud. I know many users know have gone totally PC free, but I chose to use iCloud merely as my third backup.
    I assume that the restore would result in my ability to open Pages and Numbers and fix the problem with deleting apps, but this would also mean that if my Numbers documents still exist solely within the app and are just not on iCloud for some reason that they would be gone forever.  Is that right?
    In a word, yes. In a little more detail.... When you restore from an iCloud backup, you must erase the device and start all over again. There is no other way to access the backup in iCloud without erasing the device. Consequently, you are starting all over again. Therefore, it would also be my assumption that Pages and Numbers will work again and that the deleting apps issues would be fixed as well.
    If the documents are not in the backup, and you do not have a backup elsewhere, the documents could be gone forever.

  • I have an open case. I can't get a response from Adobe. My computer was hit by lightening and cannot be repaired. It had Photoshop on it. I want to get a copy of Photoshop for my new computer using the serial

    My computer that had Adobe Photoshop CS6 on it was hit by lightening and cannot be repaired. I want to get a copy of Photoshop for my new computer. I have an open case, but I cannot get Adobe to respond to it. I have sent the serial# and a copy of the license. Every time I try the chat function to get help, I get dropped with the message "chat is no longer available." I WANT MY PHOTOSHOP!

    This is a user forum, not a channel to address Adobe. As your fellow users and volunteers, we'll be happy to help you if we can.
    You can download the CS6 trial version just like anybody else.
    Once you download it, you can install it, input your serial number, register it and apply all necessary updates.
    An alternative, if you know how to access your Adobe account, under My Products you'll find your Photoshop CS6 registration, next to which you should find a link to download CS6 if you originally bought it as a download

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    I don't have a drive :J. I have called apple, read all forums and even went to apple support. What is going on? This happenes when i try to load the software that came w/ my Nano.